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									                                                           Strengthening Lives for Purpose, Service, and Leadership

Spring 2011
                                                Rising tide
                                       planned giving OppOrtunitieS    fOr   pepperdine friendS             and   alumni

               The               Dear Pepperdine friends and alumni,

   PePPerdine Plan                 I  t is time to conclude another school year at Pepperdine and in
                                      a few weeks we will officially launch the Campaign for
                                 Pepperdine at the Pepperdine Live event on May 14 at Los Angeles’
                                 L.A. Live. I hope you plan on attending Pepperdine Live and
                                 celebrating with us as we launch Pepperdine’s next campaign. The
                                 evening, hosted by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, promises to
                                 be a delightful event.
                                   Another big news item on campus is the announcement of new
                                 men’s basketball head coach, Marty Wilson. Marty is a former
                                 Pepperdine basketball player and Seaver graduate. He previously
                                 served as the assistant coach under Tom Asbury, Pepperdine’s most
                                 winning coach. We look forward to Coach Wilson and his team
                                 creating their own records and returning Pepperdine’s men’s
                                 basketball to its glory days.
                                   Part of growing and maintaining successful athletic teams includes
                                 the ability to recruit top high school athletes. Recruiting the top
                                 players requires the awarding of scholarships to such players. In this
Inside                           edition of the Rising Tide you will read about Jim and Judy Zierick
  e Daphanie kennedy
  Th                             and how their desire to support the women’s basketball team lead to
  endowed Scholarship            the creation of the Daphanie Kennedy Endowed Scholarship named
  you looking for sources
  are                            in honor of one of the team’s top players and students.
  of income for now or future      Once again I want to thank you for your support as we at
  retirement?                    Pepperdine educate students for lives of purpose, service, and
 assets that transfer            leadership.
 to a Gift annuity                                                   Sincerely,
 ow to create a charitable
  Gift annuity                                                        StephanIe c. buckley
                                                                      Center for Estate and Gift Planning

         seaver college • school of law • graziadio school of business and management
            graduate school of education and psychology • school of public policy
                                Visit us at:

The daPhanie Kennedy endowed ScholarShiP
                                       Over time a friendship developed     looking up to me.” She said she
                                     between the ziericks and               hopes       the     recipients    of
                                     kennedy. kennedy has since             the kennedy Scholarship are
                                     graduated and the ziericks miss        dedicated to working hard on and
                                     seeing her lead the team not only in   off the court. “I just hope they are
                                     scoring, but also in breaking the      overall good people and kind-
Judy and Jim ZieRick                 steal record. with rousseau as         hearted,” she said. “It should be
                                     the head coach, however, they          someone who puts a lot of effort

O     n coach Julie Rousseau’s
      first day at pepperdine
university, Julie attended a
                                     enjoy watching other players follow
                                     in the all-conference player’s
                                                                            out on the court and does double
                                                                            time in the classroom.”
                                                                              Judy, who had very successful
luncheon where she and her             to help continue the success of      careers at both eSpn and the
mother sat at the same table as      the women’s basketball team and        nfl network, is familiar with the
Jim and Judy zierick.         The    to recognize their admiration for      benefits organized sports have on
ziericks, malibu residents and       Kennedy, the ziericks have             young people. Sports help them to
fans of waves athletics, asked the   established        an      endowed     learn leadership, teamwork and
coach what they could do to help     scholarship in kennedy’s name.         commitment. “Those three things
the women’s basketball program.      when asked why it was created in       are critical to succeeding in the
“come to the games,” coach           kennedy’s name, Judy replied, “It      business world,” she said. “with
Rousseau answered.                   could have been easy to just make      sports you can get all those
  Since that time, the ziericks      a general scholarship for women’s      experiences.”
have never missed a home game        basketball, but naming it after her      for Judy the scholarship is not
and have even traveled to several    gives her an opportunity to have       about her and her husband. “It’s
away games to support the waves.     footprints.”                           about inspiring student-athletes,”
It was during those games that         kennedy, who graduated with a        she said. “I want to make sure
guard Daphanie kennedy caught        b.a. in integrated marketing           there’s a legacy.”
the ziericks attention. Judy was     communication, is the first person       The       Daphanie       kennedy
not only impressed by kennedy’s      in her family to attend and graduate   endowed         Scholarship      for
demonstration of “such tenacity      college. She accomplished this feat    women’s basketball is awarded
and drive on the court,” but she     in four years, an achievement Judy     based on need to a female
was also impressed by kennedy’s      highly admires. “I can’t imagine       basketball player who is either a
drive in the classroom. Judy had     being a Division I athlete,            first generation college graduate or
the opportunity to be a guest        traveling, practicing, classes and     a student who has overcome a
speaker in one of kennedy’s          graduating in four years,” Judy        hardship to attend pepperdine. It
classes and also participated in a   said.                                  can also provide funding to support
class project where she was            for kennedy, graduating from         general needs of the women’s
interviewed by kennedy.              pepperdine made her “feel good to      basketball program.
                                     have my little sister and cousin
   chaRitable gift annuity (cga)

  are you looking for secure         to pepperdine in return for pep-      how to establish
sources of fixed income for now      perdine’s promise to pay a fixed      a chaRitable gift
or retirement? If you are like       amount to you during your life-       annuity
many individuals who own             time. an annuity can also be paid
appreciated securities and real      for two lives. The payout rate is       Several types of assets may be
estate, you may be tired of living   determined based on your age          gifted in exchange for a charitable
at the mercy of the fluctuating      at the time of the gift and when      gift annuity.
stock and real estate markets.       payments are to begin. The older
you recognize that if you sold       the beneficiary, the higher the       Cash
your appreciated assets you          rate.                                   a cash gift is an excellent way to
would face a high capital-gains                                            fund a gift annuity. a large portion
tax. also, you want to make          What are the benefits?                of the annuity income will be tax-
investments that are secure today      There are many benefits to          free.
and in the future.                   establishing a charitable Gift
  There is a solution, a plan that   annuity. In addition to fixed         Appreciated Securities
provides you with fixed income       income for life, you will receive       capital-gains tax may be
for life, avoids capital-gains tax   a charitable income tax deduc-        bypassed on a gift of appreciated
and leaves a lasting gift to our     tion to reduce your taxes in the      securities to fund a gift annuity.
organization. This plan is a         year you make your gift. If you       payouts can be high depending on
charitable gift annuity.             make a gift of appreciated prop-      age. a portion of the income
                                     erty such as stock or real estate,    stream will be taxed at the lower
What is a Charitable Gift you may also avoid paying some                   capital-gains rate and another
Annuity?                             of the capital-gains tax that you     portion may be tax-free.
  The charitable Gift annuity would normally pay on the sale
(cGa) is a simple agreement of your property.
between you and pepperdine
                                                                           Real Estate
                                                                             Real estate may be gifted to
that provides you with guaran- How is my Gift Annuity
                                                                           bypass capital-gains tax and
teed income for life. you donate taxed?
                                                                           provide fixed income for life.
cash, stock, or real estate directly   a gift annuity produces
                                                                           Income may include capital gain
                                     ordinary income that will be
                                                                           and tax-free amounts.
                                     taxed at your normal income
         assets that                 tax rate. however, if your gift is
         tRansfeR to a               appreciated property, a portion
         gift annuity                of your income will be taxed at      Please see the enclosed reply card to
                                     the lower capital-gains tax rate          request more information.
      l Cash
                                     and a portion of your income
      l Publicly traded stocks       could even be tax-free. If you
                                     make a gift of cash an even larger
      l Real estate
                                     portion of your payment will be
The Pepperdine Plan                                                                            Charitable Gift annuity

                                    easy steps to
                                    income security and Legacy.
                                    The Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a simple agreement between you and
                                    Pepperdine and provides you with fixed income for life. You donate cash, stock,
                                    or real estate directly to Pepperdine in return for Pepperdine’s promise to pay a
                                    fixed amount to you during your lifetime. The payout rate is determined based
                                    on your age at the time of the gift and when payments begin. The older the
                                    beneficiary, the higher the rate.

          GiFt to                                           Payment FoR LiFe
        PePPeRdine                                                                                      RemaindeR to
                                                            Guaranteed income for life
  Stock, cash, or real estate                               to one or two individuals                    PePPeRdine

   Annuity rates based on                                   Immediate tax deduction                          After lifetime,
       age of donor                                                                                        remainder benefits
                                                             Bypass capital-gain taxes                    Pepperdine students
         Higher rates for                                                                                     and faculty
          older donors                                          Portion of income
                                                                    is tax-free

                                                                                                   For more information about estate
                                                                                                   gifts, charitable remainder trusts,
                                                                                                   and charitable gift annuities, or for a
                                                                                                   confidential personalized proposal,
                                                                                                   please contact:

                                                                                                   center for estate and gift planning
                                                                                                   24255 Pacific Coast Highway
                                                                                                   Malibu, CA 90263-4893

                                              ^ Stephanie C. Buckley   ^ Curt A. Portzel (‘92)     Phone: 310.506.4893
                                                 Director                 Associate Director
^ Thomas F. Caldwell (JD ‘05, MBA ‘05)                                                   
   Planned Giving Officer and Legal Counsel

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