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I usually do the satin hands 1st at the sink. That way the hands are soft :)
Lotion is the #1 selling lotion in the US

Then I go to table where I have:
1.) mirror set up with the Styrofoam little tray in
2.) profile sheet – contact information
3.) Color card – if doing color.
4.) Bowl with water, a facial cloth & wash cloth. (YOU CAN USE THE SINK FOR EVERYTHING if you like)

**Eye make-up remover -- shake the bottle –IF taking off eye make-up-- apply to cotton square. I always tell
them to let the eye make-up remover sit on there eye lashes for a moment to soak in….-prevents having to rub harder. Also -- tell
them eye make-up remover should be oil free. Ours conditions the eyelid also. Kills critters. Safe for contacts. Ophthalmologist

** I ask them what the 5 steps to proper skin care are ? --- (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize and protect)
Then I do the Cleanser all over the face (the bottle with the pink swirl is for normal to dry, the purple swirl is for
combination to oily). Telling them that this has the 1st three steps rolled into one product.

**Microdermabrasion – eyes down….not on forehead…. so you they can feel the difference.
           Super exfoliate – contains the same professional-grade exfoliating crystals, aluminum oxide, used by dermatologists.
           These micro fine crystals polish & gently remove the upper, dead layer of dull & lifeless skin cells
           to immediately energize skin and reveal more radiant, healthy looking skin.
           Micro-fine crystals (Aluminum Oxide) work as a scrubbing agent.
           Reduces the appearance of pores by effectively removing the dead skin cells that naturally form
           inside and around the outer edge of every pore.
          Feeds and nourishes the skin from below through increased microcirculation. This brings oxygen to the
          top of the skin to stimulate circulation creating a healthy, more radiant glow.

Next -- put step 2 of the Microdermabrasion – eyes down --the step 2 – nourishing serum -replenishes and balances
skin with triple tea complex which works as an anti-irritant and antioxidant. Vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants nourish skin
and help protect against the environment. Vitamin C and E also work as antioxidants.
  When used together as a set:
           85% saw an improvement in skin texture
           73% saw a reduction in fine lines
           71% pores were smaller

**Satin lip scrub – keep on about 1 min – then wipe off
I ask them how many less layers do you think your lips have than your cheek ?
    Your lips have 3 less layers of skin that your face – so 1 out of 9 women have tingling on there lips after
the scrub. Caused by the blood vessels pumping blood to that area.
** Satin lip balm – apply to lips

**Moisturizer all over (the bottle with the pink swirl is for normal to dry, the purple swirl is for combination to oily).
      DO THE GRAPE & RAISIN EXAMPLE – Ask what is the difference in a grape & a raisin ? Let them answer…all
shriveled up…dehydrated. Then tell them….what do you want to look like at 60…a grape or a raisin.
*contains coligen and elastin fibers – contains renoids which smooth out wrinkles and help prevent
* moisturizers reduces fine lines and wrinkles by accelerating the skin’s natural renewal process.
Next talk about the dynamic Duo of age reversal – Batman & Robyn
**I put the night solution on the back of one hand and talk about it…that when you pump it out…the bead
pop and release the vitamins.
     The microcapsules keep the vitamins fresh until you apply. Face works differently during the day and the night.
     What does your face do at night?....Rest
     The night solution renews and rebuilds the skin at night when you sleep. If you can repair the bottom layer…then in about 4
     weeks when you shed your skin…the bottom layer is not the new top layer and should look healthier.
     Break-through collagen-enhancing peptides that activate the skin to rebuild from within.
     Vitamin A - help smooth skin, Vitamin C - lightens dark areas, Vitamin E - provides antioxidant
     protection -- plus vitamin K.
     Elastin Fibers to give skin elasticity. Retnoids – serum for wrinkles

**Then day solution – ask if allergic to spf…before you give to them to apply.
    What is the cause of wrinkles ? ….sun
     I talk about the importance of spf. Ours has 25 that is uva and uvb protective. I used it all summer
     last year and never burned. The day solution is important to protect our skin. It also have light
     diffusers to make our wrinkles appear less noticeable. It has vitamins and botanicals to nourish the
     skin and protect against free radicals and environmental irritants (which helps build skins natural
     resistance to aging.). Also calming peptides to help relax expression lines(another term for
     wrinkles) so they are not as noticeable.

**Foundation – What gets on the windshield of the car ? --Let them answer …bugs, dirt, grim, --- Image when you are out and
about ….your face is like a windshield…all that junk is getting into the pores. Our foundation is water based – so it will not clog
your pores. When you wash the foundation off….all the junk goes down the drain with it.

Match the color using the medium coverage foundation. Just a little will go along way…..let it dry and see if you can see it. Then
you can always use the conversion chart if they would like the tinted moisturizer, mineral foundation, cream to powder, day
radiance, etc. Medium coverage is for normal to oily skin. The full coverage has same coverage but is for dry skin.

**Blush, eye color (eye-scicles), mascara and lip color. If the customer asks to try another color….tell her at her follow-up or 2nd
appointment we will get more in detail with color…when we have more individual time to spend. Also you can point some out in
the catalog and suggest try that. Little by little you will add some samples to your collection. But try to limit samples in the
beginning until you start making more $.

If I am doing a party (3 or more) I offer hostess benefits that are in the brochure. If parties are slow…I might offer the hostess $100
for only 45…..or if the sales are high (over 300) and 2 booking then $100 of free MK to book the party.

When I do a party I do the same steps as above----- for a Color party.

For a skin care class/party – I skip the eyes….have them leave eye make-up on.

For a spa party – no make-up – they leave with no make-up on. I same steps as above….but I include more of the supplements –
like the line reducing pen, firming eye cream, soothing eye gel, intense moisturizing cream, visibly fit body lotion. I include satin
feet at the end with the mint bliss lotion(directions below).
Satin Feet --- I give each person a quirt of the emollient and the scrub together in one hand. I have them rub it all over there foot
and up ankle – then I microware the towels (I get shop towels from wal-mart..cheap) – get the towels really hot and then hand
them out to wrap there foot up in. I tell them to massage it and then wrap it up in a Mary Kay bag and twist it tight. Then when
cool take it off and wipe off any scrub left – when dry I go around and squirt the mint bliss into there hand for them to rub on there
foot. I try to only do one foot so they can see the difference – but if they ask….I of course let them do the other.
While the towel is drying is a great time for a game.

Typical Party –
Get there 30 min. prior and set up. Mirrors and all out like steps above on the placemats. Products out for display.
Ask the hostess if there is anyone coming that might be interested in what I do….ask her to watch me tonight and see if she anyone
she knows would enjoy doing what I do – just for fun or to earn some extra money.

Have everyone come in and have a seat….fill out profile cards.

I introduce myself. Ask guests to introduce themselves and how do they know the hostess.
I then tell how I got into Mary Kay and what I like the most about it. I always mention I started for my discount and for a tax break.
I mention that I loved having the items delivered to my door without paying shipping – got tired of the mall, loved the fact I could
try products before I bought them and everything was clean ! Loved being able to return it if it didn’t work out for me.

Then I talk alittle about Mary Kay – been around 45 years, based on God 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd – also based on the golden
rule – there are no territories – no fighting over customers. Treat people like you would like to be treated.
Then I always mention how my little hobby turned into a business and earned me the use of a free car and have been able to
substantially contribute to the family income. It is not a get rich quick business…with no secrets…Mention that Mary Kay always
said there was a new beauty consultant at every party….if anyone is interested in learning more then we will talk more about it one
on one at the end.

Then start with steps above.

*** You can incorporate games into the parties if you would like.
              The purse game is a fun one….
              An easy one is the ticket game. Have the guests ask you questions about the business, the products, about why you do
it…etc. For every question they ask you…give them a ticket…then draw the winning ticket at the end. If you don’t have tickets….I
used to cut up little paper squares and pass out ahead of time….have them put there names on them and when they ask you a
question they put into the bowl and then you draw one. For the prize….anything you would like…2 or 3 sample size hand creams
in a cute little bag.
The one question I always make sure to answer….even if I have to say “well…no one asked the million dollar question and that is
usually the 1st one asked” - they will say what is it….. How much is it to get started…..

At the very end :
Look around the room – look at everyones skin and give each person a compliment.

Have everyone close there eyes….imagine your husband/boyfriend called and is taking you to a formal event at
the Ritz Carlton tonight. You go home or to Bloomingdales to pick out what you will wear. Include the dress,
shoes, accessories, hair, nails, shoes, etc. How much do you think you would spend for that one event.
     They will call out answers…..and how many times do you think you will wear it ? How much do you think your face
is worth ? we wear it everyday. It is the one thing we have a hard time covering up.
 Mention we have one chance to make a 1st impression -- so would you agree with me that your face is your
best investment ?

Show Roll-Up bag.

___optional close_________________________________________________________________________________
Sooooo imagine this bag was filled with Lancome products – how much do you think it would cost ?.....
they call out answers…..$1200 yes….
If it was clinque – how much do you think?.................just the product not the bag…$850…yes
If it was Estee Lauder - how much do you think?.................just the product not the bag….$1000….yes

Sooooo if you know Lancome is $1200, Clique is $850 and Estee is $1000 – now listen to the question ladies…
      How much should it cost with us, KNOWING we are #1 ???
So why doesn’t ours cost as much eventhough we are the top ?
       **no overhead        **No rent **No employees **No advertisements ,,,,,etc.

So how much do you think ours really will cost ? Go ahead and turn over the placemat.
Actually this bag is $452 but tonight only you can take all 6 sets for $299 and get the roll-up bag for free.
as you are looking at the sets…I know you love the way your face feels from set #3..but I want you to remember :
        and Ill explain it this way * I hope you don’t go to the dentist & get your teeth whitened if you don’t brush
Set #1 is like brushing your teeth everyday
Set #2 is flossing
Set #3 is whitening
Thank you all for coming and I greatly appreciate your time and I hope you learned a lot. We are going to do the
individual consultations now – does anyone need to early 1st?

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