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					                 E-business Development
In this E era, everything is connected with computer and the Internet. Instead of going
shopping in the street, many people choose to shop online or watch TV sales
programs. Instead of sending paper mails, many letters and mails have been
transformed into E-mails and sent via the Internet. Instead of gathering hundreds or
even thousands of people to have a meeting, many companies simply have online
electronic conferences. In this era, if a business group does not follow the trend of
electronic business, its efforts, though impressive and full of perspective, will prove in

MH Industry Co., Ltd is a traditional clothing adjuvant developing and manufacturing
company in China. Founded in 1999, it is located in a busy costal city in eastern
China, Ningbo. It has been following every rule of traditional company’s
development, and has gradually become a leading force in Chinese textile industry.
The floor space of MH Industry Co., Ltd office area and factories kept enlarging, and
the number of its employees has increased sharply. Up till the year 2009, more than
300 employees from MH Industry’s drawnwork department, clothing adjuvant
department and other managing departments all moved into a new office building,
which has a total area of 7490 square meters.

When you open the website of MH Industry Co., Ltd and see its developing history,
you will definitely be impressed by the fast developing speed of the company, and the
numerous rewards that have been given to the company and its products. MH Industry
Co.,       Ltd        has      even         won       10       national       patents.

However, facing the new electronic business era, MH Industry Co., Ltd is making
plans for its future development. Large office buildings and fascinating rewards are
not so helpful in further developing. Therefore, MH Industry Co., Ltd has joined the
trend of electronic business and opened its own website, Customers
can find all kinds of MH Industry’s products on with very reasonable

These products are clearly classified into different categories, such as ribbons, sewing
threads, buttons, trimmings, and so on, giving customers great convenience locating
what they really need. New products have a special column on, where
customers can view the new designs of MH Industry. Customers can also write
feedbacks or see company information on, too. is a new milestone for MH Industry’s development. It can lead MH
Industry to every corner in the world, and introduce MH Industry to more overseas
customers. Its existence is going to bring MH Industry a second blooming.
With the development of science and technology, now we are all in a fast and high-
effective society. In addition, this society is full of competition because of the fast
developing social environment. As we all know, shopping is one of the very important
parts in our daily lives. However, a lot of people are too busy to go out for shopping.
In        this       case,       the       online        stores      are        created.

It is said that now we are in the world of electronic commerce. There are all kinds of
online stores on the Internet now. More and more people would like to buy their
wanted goods on the Internet. Since it is very difficult to succeed in this society, the
industries should try their best to gain their own reputation in the world. It is a good
way       for     them    to     try    the     way     of    electronic     commerce.

Let’s take the MH Industry Co. Ltd as an example. This industry has its own
designers, its own factories and its own web now. We can say that it is a very
successful industry in China. And at the same time, it enjoys the high reputation in the
world as an accessory producer.

However, it was a small industry at first. Its workers try their best all the time, so they
get the final success. At first, the industry always attended the Canton Fair which is a
very famous and popular fair in China. In the Canton Fair, there are a lot of people
who come from the whole world. Though the MH Industry was not known by most
people at that time, it still attracted some customers by their strong will and good
service and their good products. Years later, more and more people know about this
brand in China and in some foreign countries. The MH Industry finally has its own

Next, they want to try the electronic commerce at the same time. In this case, the mh- was created. At that time, they tried their best to make up and improve the
web all the time. Now, more and more people will see this web and place their orders
in this web. Business becomes easier now. With the help of this web, more and more
can know more about the MH Industry. In addition, people in other places can place
their orders at once without going to the industry.

Now, we can see that a lot of industries get their second success by the help of
electronic commerce. It is really a good way to make our life become easier than ever.
In my point of view, if a industry wants to succeed, it needs to have its own special
way and try its best.