Exercise for Module 2

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					Preventing Stormwater Pollution at Your Public Works Facility

                              Exercise for Module 3

                             Preparing against spills

The purpose of this exercise is to incorporate spill prevention and
response into the staff’s day-to-day activities.

Materials needed:
  o List of outdoor activities from previous exercise
  o Fresh flip chart paper
  o Markers
  o Rough map of the facility with sticky notes from previous
  o Scrap paper
  o Pens or pencils
  o Copies of SWPPP sections on spill response and/or facility’s Spill
      Response Plan
  o List of “significant materials” stored or handled on site
      (petroleum products, hazardous substances, fertilizers,
      pesticides) and/or MSDS sheets
  o Handouts of the module presentation slides #10-21

Step 1) Post the activity list and map with sticky notes on a wall.
Label an empty flip chart page “BE EXTRA CAREFUL”. Label a second
page “BE VERY CAREFUL”, and label a third “BE CAREFUL”.
Explain that the group will be categorizing the activities identified in
the last exercise, starting with those that have a dot, meaning they
occur near a major flow path.
   o “BE EXTRA CAREFUL” means the activity involves petroleum
      products or hazardous materials
   o “BE VERY CAREFUL” means the activity involves other
      “significant materials” like fertilizers, pesticides, or salt
   o “BE CAREFUL” means the activity involves only relatively “inert”
      materials like sand or wood

Step 2) Ask a participant to come up and read off the first activity with
a dot next to it, then ask the group which flip chart that activity should
be listed on. If needed, the list reader can refer to the sticky note on
the map for a reminder of materials used/what’s left behind. Have the
“significant materials” list and/or MSDS sheets available for reference.
(As an alternative, have each individual participant create their own 3
lists, and then have them read them off in turn, checking with the

Module 3: Spill Prevention and Response
Exercise                                                              1
Preventing Stormwater Pollution at Your Public Works Facility

group for agreement.) Once the group agrees on where the activity
goes, list it or its identifier on the agreed-upon paper.

Step 3) After all of the activities near a flow path have been
categorized, draw a heavy line across each sheet, and continue with
the remaining activities if there is time.

Step 4) Return the focus to the “BE EXTRA CAREFUL” activities that
occur near a flow path. Ask the group to refer to the module handout
(starting with slide 10) and think about the first activity listed on the
flip chart. Can use be reduced or safer alternatives used? Will
potential leaks be confined? Can the activity be moved? Continue
through the handout and the activities, encouraging discussion and
noting suggestions on a new sheet of flip chart paper. Provide copies
of the Spill Response Plan for reference and comparison with
suggestions made.

Step 5) If the discussion goes well and good suggestions are captured
on the flip chart, make sure to thank the staff for their input. Then
review how their suggestions could be incorporated into a revised

Module 3: Spill Prevention and Response
Exercise                                                              2