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									Nr 192 - 25 June 2010


Closing of the 6th World Congress on Railway Security in Istanbul: Rail security, a
key issue for the rail sector – a Joint Declaration adopted
Appointment of Moha Khaddour from Moroccan Railways (ONCF), new Chairman of the UIC Security

The successful 6th edition of the World Congress on security
held in Istanbul since 23 June and which ended today
provided the opportunity for railway companies to stress their
desires beyond staying constantly alert to incidents which are

difficult to predict, to develop security strategies which deal
with risks and threats of all kinds, and to make those
strategies a key component of their activities.

For three days, participants benefited from very interesting
technical presentations given by companies and speeches             View of Istanbul from the Bosphorus
given by institutional partners, in particular those given by
representatives of the European Commission, OSCE or the
FRONTEX Agency. These representatives stressed the
value of their partnerships with UIC and presented the current
status of their work, ongoing projects and possible ways of

A Joint declaration adopted

Participants agreed on several points included on a Joint
Declaration. They:

          Stressed that rail security is a responsibility to be
                                                                    From left to right: Jacques Colliard, Head of the UIC
          shared between railway companies, who must                Security Division, Ibrahim Cevik, from Turkish Railways
          protect their activities, national authorities, who are   (TCDD), Moha Khaddour, from Moroccan Railways ONCF,
                                                                    newly appointed Chairman of the UIC Security Platform,
          in charge of the security of people and goods on          Tadeusz Kaczmarek, from Polish Railways PKP-PLK,
          their territories, and international institutions and     former Chairman of the UIC Security Platform and Jerzy
                                                                    Wisniewski, UIC Director Fundamental Values, during the
          bodies which must ensure coherence beyond the             Closing Ceremony held today in Istanbul
          domestic level;
          Took note of the work carried out within the UIC
          Security Platform, particularly by permanent and
          ad hoc working groups, and encourage the
          platform to continue and expand on such work;
          Underlined the importance of having an overall
          perspective on security in a context where the rail
          sector is becoming increasingly liberalised, in
          Europe in particular but also beyond. This is
          multiplying the number of decision-making centres
          and responsible parties, which could in turn make
                                                                    The Congress gave the opportunity to institutional
          it increasingly difficult for all players to complement   partners to present their work, ongoing projects and ways
          each other and act coherently;                            of cooperation. Tadeusz Kaczmarek, from Polish Railways
                                                                    PKP-PLK SA, was the moderator of a session dedicated
          Wished to see other security-related topics taken         to Partnerships and the presentation of the Global
          into account, such as the interaction between             Institutional framework, including presentations of R.
                                                                    Janssens, from the OSCE, R. Novak, from the UNECE, I.
          safety and security or specific issues arising from
                                                                    Sorensen from the European Commission and J. Bali
          the development of high speed rail traffic.               from the FRONTEX Agency

Participants were delighted with progress made in the field
of security in various regions, particularly Asia and the
Middle East, where increasing effort is being made to share
experience and best practices, and set up bodies of experts
and contact persons in charge of leading security activities
at all levels – domestic, regional and worldwide. This
constitutes an initial response to the desires expressed at
the Marrakech congress, held in March 2009 at the kind
invitation of Moroccan Railways.

They wished to see a continuation and strengthening of
existing institutional partnerships in order to enable joint and
long-lasting measures to be taken in the long term. In this
respect, they unanimously adopted the Joint Declaration and
requested that the Security Platform and the Security
Division submit this declaration to the next UIC General
Assembly to be held in Beijing in December 2010 and the
upcoming regional assemblies to ensure they can monitor its
implementation in the best conditions.

Appointment of the new Chairman of the UIC Security

On the occasion of its leadership change, they express their
renewed support to the UIC Security Platform, thank the
Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the work they have carried
out over the past two years with the support of the UIC

Security Division, and congratulate Mr Moha Khaddour on
his nomination as new Chairman of the Security Platform by
the UIC General Assembly in Tokyo on 10 June 2010.

Mr Moha Khaddour, Director for Safety and Control at
Moroccan Railways ONCF, who was Vice Chairman of the
UIC Security Platform, has been nominated Chairman of the
Platform. This appointment was ratified at the recent UIC
General Assembly held in Tokyo on 10 June. He succeeds
Mr Tadeusz Kaczmarek (from Polish Railways PKP-PLK)
who has held this responsibility at UIC since 2008.

Born in 1954, Mr Khaddour is a State Engineer, having
graduated from the Ecole Mohammedia of Rabat. After
holding various positions within the Moroccan railways,
including that of Track Director or Maintenance of Fixed
Installations Manager, he has been Head of Security and
Control Division since July 2009.                                  From right to left: Mr Moha Khaddour, Director for Safety
                                                                   and Control at Moroccan Railways ONCF, who was Vice
UIC would like to warmly thank the Turkish authorities and         Chairman of the UIC Security Platform, has been
                                                                   nominated Chairman of the Platform. This appointment
Turkish Railways (TCDD) for their welcome and for officially       was ratified at the recent UIC General Assembly held in
opening proceedings.                                               Tokyo on 10 June. He succeeds Mr Tadeusz Kaczmarek
                                                                   (from Polish Railways PKP-PLK) who has held this
                                                                   responsibility at UIC since 2008
All presentations will be put online in the near future, as well

          the opening speech of the Congress made by Mr Bilali Yildrim, Turkish Minister of Transport,
          the opening speech made by Mr Süleyman Karaman, President and CEO of Turkish Railways
          the video message from Mr Yoshio Ishida, UIC Chairman,
          the opening speech made by Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General.

        For more information please contact the UIC Security Division: colliard@uic.org, bonneau@uic.org or


Railway Infrastructure
Marmaray Tunnel construction under the Bosphorus
Technical visit of the 6th UIC World Congress on Rail Security to the Marmaray Tunnel construction

Participants at the 6th UIC World Congress on Rail Security
had the opportunity yesterday to visit Marmaray Tunnel, the
undersea rail tunnel being constructed to link the European
and Asian sections of Istanbul, running under the Bosphorus
Strait. The idea of linking the two sides of Istanbul
underwater was first dreamt of by Sultan Abdul Mecit 150
years ago.

When completed, it will be the world’s deepest undersea
immersed tube tunnel dedicated to passenger traffic, and
most probably freight traffic (the tunnel’s administrators hired
consultants to study the options for allowing the tunnel to
carry freight traffic). The name Marmaray (Marmarail) comes
from combining the name of the Sea of Marmara, which lies
just south of the project site, with ray, the Turkish word for rail.

The project includes a 13.6 km Bosphorus crossing and the
upgrading of 63 km of suburban train lines to create a 76.3
km high-capacity line between Gebze and Halkali. The
Bosphorus (Istanbul Strait) will be crossed by a 1.4 km-long
earthquake-proof immersed tube. Construction of the
Marmaray project started in May 2004. The Marmaray tunnel
was completed on 23 September 2008 with a formal
ceremony to mark the completion of the tunnel on 13
October. Completion of the entire project has been
repeatedly delayed, and as of December 2009, was
expected to occur in October 2013. After completion,
Istanbul’s rail transportation usage is predicted to rise from
3.6% to 27.7%, which would see Istanbul’s percentage rate
of rail transportation use as the third highest in the world,
behind Tokyo (60%) and New York City (31%).

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the
European Investment Bank have provided major financing
towards the project. Since April 2006, JICA has lent 111
billion yen and EIB 1.05 billion euros. The Japanese partners
are involved in the civil engineering and many international
companies are dealing with equipment and engineering.

The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately
2.5 billion dollars. From late 2009, costs were expected to
increase by approximately 500 million dollars due to the
archaeological delays.

More information on this project will be published in a later
edition of UIC eNews.

Next meetings scheduled

  26-27 July 2010: SET 15 (Paris UIC HQ)

  27-28 July 2010: Contact strip -wire interaction of Materials (LINZ (A))

  25 August 2010: Aspects organisationnels et humains de la sécurité au franchissement des frontières (Paris)

  6 September 2010: INESS Steering Board (Rome)

  7 September 2010: Freight Steering Committee (Paris)

  7-8 September 2010: Workshop on Assessment of Existing Bridges (Paris, UIC)


  9 September 2010: OHSG

  10 September 2010: Innovative measures for prevention and mitigation of freight train derailments (Paris,UIC)

  10 September 2010: GSM-R Prequalification Meeting #7 (UIC HQ, Paris)

  13 September 2010: Rail System Forum Steering Board (UIC, Headquarters)

  14 September 2010: Commercial group (Paris)

  14 September 2010: RSF Sector Meeting "Rolling Stock" - 3rd Meeting (UIC16, rue Jean ReyF-75015 Paris)


    15 September 2010: Joint meeting CG/TG + Technical Group (Paris)

    15-16 September 2010: COLPOFER - 53nd Conference (Lisbonne)

    15 September 2010: Workshop - Winter and Railways (Paris UIC Headquarters )

    16 September 2010: Steering Committee Passenger Forum (preparation) (Paris)

    16 September 2010: Workshop on Railway Acoustics (UIC, Paris)

UIC e-News Editor: Marie Plaud
UIC Communications Department, Paris, 25 June 2010

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