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									                                               NSAC Governance Transition Project WBS                                                              Page 1 of 4

                        WBS Level
ID    WBS Code        1    2     3                               WBS Description                                                Deliverables
1       TP       TP                       Transitional Plan
2       TP1              TP1                     Transitional Plan                                        Crown Corp Transitional Plan
3      TP1.1                    TP1.1                     Transitional Plan(s) & Schedule                 Crown Corp Transitional Activities & Schedule
4      TP1.2                    TP1.2                     Crown Corp Approval Process                     Crown Corp Approval Process - Proclaimation
5      TP1.3                    TP1.3                     NSAC Regulations (?)                            Regulations ?
6       TP2              TP2                     Initial Financial Statements & Plans                     Initial Financial Statements & Plans
7      TP2.1                    TP2.1                     Physical Inventory & Valuations                 Physical Inventory
8      TP2.2                    TP2.2                     Initial FY Financial Statements                 Initial FY Financial Statements
9      TP2.3                    TP2.3                     Initial FY Operating & Capital Budgets          Initial FY Operating & Capital Budgets
10     TP2.4                    TP2.4                     Preliminary 3-Year Operating Plan               Preliminary 3-Year Operating Plan
11     TP2.5                    TP2.5                     Preliminary 5-Year Capital Plan                 Preliminary 5-Year Capital Plan
12      TP3              TP3                     BoG Governance & Operations                              BoG Governance & Operations Manual
                                                                                                          BoG Committees Structures, Roles & Resp: Policy;
13     TP3.1                    TP3.1                   BoG Committees Structures, Roles & Resp.          Finance, Operating & Capital Budget; Audit & Risk Mgt.;
                                                                                                          Admin. & Corp. Services; and, Other BoG Committees
                                                                                                          Corporate Relationships with Other Entities (e.g. AgraPoint,
14     TP3.2                    TP3.2                   Corporate Relationships with Other Entities
                                                                                                          AgriTech, Foundation, etc.)
15     TP3.3                    TP3.3                  Corporate, BoG & Senate By-laws                    Corporate, BoG & Senate By-laws
16     TP3.4                    TP3.4                  Wind-up Trans. Bd.                                 Transitional Board Phased Out, BoG Implemented
17      TP4              TP4                    Recruit President                                         New President
18     TP4.1                    TP4.1                  Requirements                                       President Requirements
19     TP4.2                    TP4.2                  Recruitment Plan                                   Recruitment Plan
20     TP4.3                    TP4.3                  Evaluation and Selection                           New President
21      TP5              TP5                    Academic Senate                                           Academic Senate
22     TP5.1                    TP5.1                  Senate Governance & Operations                     Senate Governance & Operations Manual
23     TP5.2                    TP5.2                  Wind-up Faculty Council                            Faculty Council Phased Out
24      Org      Org                      Organizational Design
25     Org1              Org1                   NSAC Governance & Operations                              NSAC Organizational Design, Roles & Resp.
26    Org1.1                    Org1.1                 Vision - Crown Corporation and Beyond              Vision - Crown Corporation and Beyond
27    Org1.2                    Org1.2                 Executive                                          NSAC Executive & Officers
28    Org1.3                    Org1.3                 Sr. Management Team                                Sr. Management Team
29    Org1.4                    Org1.4                 Departments & Other Entities                       Departments & Other Entities
30     Org2              Org2                   NSAC Business Plans & Reporting Processes                 NSAC Business Plans & Reporting Processes
31    Org2.1                    Org2.1                 Annual Report                                      Annual Report
32    Org2.2                    Org2.2                 Strategic Plan                                     Strategic Plan
33    Org2.3                    Org2.3                 Business Continuity Plans                          Business Continuity Plans
34    Org2.4                    Org2.4                 KPIs & Balanced Scorecard                          Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & Balanced Scorecard
35     Org3              Org3                   Budget Processes - Operating & Capital                    Budget Processes - Operating & Capital
36    Org3.1                    Org3.1                 Budget Requirements & Policy(ies)                  Budget Requirements & Policy(ies)
37    Org3.2                    Org3.2                 Budget Processes                                   Budget Processes
38    Org3.3                    Org3.3                 Budget Committee (Structure, R&R, Staffing)        Budget Committee (Structure, R&R, Staffing)
39    Org3.4                    Org3.4                 Budget Overview & Training Package                 Budget Overview & Training Package
40     Org4              Org4                   NSAC Business Processes & Policies                        NSAC Business Processes & Policies
41    Org4.1                    Org4.1                 FOI/POP                                            FOI/POP
42    Org4.2                    Org4.2                 Kaizen Improvement Strategy                        Kaizen Improvement Strategy
43    Org4.3                    Org4.3                 Master Data Function                               Master Data Function
44    Org4.4                    Org4.4                 Occupational Health & Safety                       Occupational Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
45    Org4.5                    Org4.5                 Pubic Tender & Procurement                         Pubic Tender & Procurement Policies & Processes
46    Org4.6                    Org4.6                 Publications of Programs, Admission Requirements   Publications
47    Org4.7                    Org4.7                 Records Management System & Alienation             Records Management System, NSAC Records Alienation
48    Org4.8                    Org4.8                 Special Organizational & Operational Reviews       ID Special Reviews
49    Org4.9                    Org4.9                 Travel & Expense Authorization                     Travel & Expense Policy, Authorization Process
50    Org4.10                   Org4.10                Other NSAC Business Processes                      Other NSAC Business Processes & Policies
51     Org5              Org5                   Organizational Change Management                          Org. Change Management Plan
52      MA       MA                       PNS Master Agreement Governance
53     MA1               MA1                    MA Development                                            Master Agreement & Schedules
54     MA2               MA2                    MA Programs                                               PNS-NSAC Programs for MA
55     MA3               MA3                    MA Governance, Management & Responsibilities              MA Governance, Management & Admin.
56    MA3.1                     MA3.1                  MA Leadership Committee                            MA Leadership Committee
57    MA3.2                     MA3.2                  MA Executive Committee                             MA Executive Committee
58    MA3.3                     MA3.3                  MA Secretariat Function                            MA Secretariat Function
59    MA3.4                     MA3.4                  MA Program Management Committees                   MA Program Management Committees

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                                                 NSAC Governance Transition Project WBS                                                                 Page 2 of 4

                           WBS Level
 ID    WBS Code        1      2     3                            WBS Description                                                     Deliverables
60      MA3.5                      MA3.5                 MA Joint IP Committee                                  MA Joint IP Committee
61       MA4                MA4                    MA Legal Provisions, Use, Operations, Maintenance            MA Legal Provisions, Use, Operations, Maintenance
62       MA5                MA5                    MA Finance & Administration                                  MA Finance & Administration
63       MA6                MA6                    MA Schedules & Details                                       MA Schedules & Details
64      MA6.1                      MA6.1                 A - Overall Collaboration Outcome Schedule             A - Overall Collaboration Outcome Schedule
65      MA6.2                      MA6.2                 B - Research Program                                   B - Research Program
66      MA6.3                      MA6.3                 C - AgraPoint Program                                  C - AgraPoint Program
67      MA6.4                      MA6.4                 D - AgriTech Program                                   D - AgriTech Program
68      MA6.5                      MA6.5                 E - Business Continuity, Emergency, Surge Capacity     E - Business Continuity, Emergency, Surge Capacity
69      MA6.6                      MA6.6                 F - Human Resources                                    F - Human Resources
70      MA6.7                      MA6.7                 G - Records Management                                 G - Records Management
                                                                                                                H - Licenses, Occupancy, Inventory, Operations,
71      MA6.8                      MA6.8                 H - Licenses, Occupancy, Inventory, Ops., Maint.
72      MA6.9                      MA6.9                  I - Intellectual Property                             I - Intellectual Property
73       MA7                MA7                   MA Approval & Implementation                                  MA Approval
74       HR       HR                        HR, Payroll, and Support Services
75       HR1                HR1                   Evaluation of HR Options                                      Evaluation & Recommendation of HR Options
76       HR2                HR2                   HR Organizational Design (Structure, R&R, Staffing)           HR Organization & Management
77       HR3                HR3                   HR Policies & Business Processes                              HR Policies & Business Processes
78      HR3.1                      HR3.1                  Accessibility                                         Accessibility Policy
79      HR3.2                      HR3.2                  Fair Hiring Policy                                    Fair Hiring Policy
80      HR3.3                      HR3.3                  Non-Harassment & Non-Discrimination Policy            Non-Harassment & Non-Discrimination Policy
81      HR3.4                      HR3.4                  Employee Performance Evaluation System                Employee Performance Evaluation System
82      HR3.5                      HR3.5                  Other HR Policies & Business Processes                Other HR Policies & Business Processes
83       HR4                HR4                   HR & Payroll Workflow Management                              HR & Payroll Workflow Management
84       HR5                HR5                   Conversion to NSAC Employee                                   Conversion to NSAC Employee
85      HR5.1                      HR5.1                  Designation & Transfer Process                        Designation & Transfer Process
86      HR5.2                      HR5.2                  Pension Plan                                          Pension Plan
                                                                                                                Benefit Plans: Health, LTD (WCB-PNS); Life Ins.;
87      HR5.3                      HR5.3                 Benefit Plans
                                                                                                                Supplementary Retirement
 88     HR5.4                      HR5.4                   Classification & Pay                                 Classification & Pay Plans
 89       HR6               HR6                     HR CSU MOU & SLA                                            HR CSU MOU & SLA
 90     HR6.1                      HR6.1                   PSC Support                                          PSC Support
 91     HR6.2                      HR6.2                   SAP Conversion, Training & Operations                SAP Conversion, Training & Operations
 92       HR7               HR7                     Collective Bargaining - NSGEU                               Collective Bargaining Processes, Administration
 93       HR8               HR8                     HR Change Management                                        HR Change Management Plan
 94        IT     IT                        IS, Telecom, IT & Support Services (ICT)
 95       IT1               IT1                     Evaluation of IT Options                                       Evaluation & Recommendation of IT Options
 96       IT2               IT2                     IS, ICT Organizational Design (Structure, R&R, Staffing)       IS, Telecom, & IT Organization & Management
 97       IT3               IT3                     PNS-IT CSU MOU & SLA                                           PNS-IT CSU MOU & SLA
 98       IT4               IT4                     Datatel Conversions & Training                                 Datatel Conversions & Training
 99       IT5               IT5                     Other Systems (ACCPAC, Spreadsheets)                           Other Systems (ACCPAC, Spreadsheets)
100       IT6               IT6                     SAP Conversions & Training                                     SAP Conversions & Training
101      IT6.1                     IT6.1                   HR                                                      HR
102      IT6.2                     IT6.2                   Payroll                                                 Payroll
103      IT6.3                     IT6.3                   Benefits                                                Benefits
104      IT6.4                     IT6.4                   Finance & Budgeting                                     Finance & Budgeting
105      IT6.5                     IT6.5                   Materials Management & Inventory?                       Materials Management & Inventory?
106      IT6.6                     IT6.6                   Reporting                                               Reporting
107       IT7               IT7                     ICT Infrastructure Conversions & Support                       ICT Infrastructure Conversions & Support
108       IT8               IT8                     ICT Processes and Workflow Management                          ICT Processes and Workflow Management
109       IT9               IT9                     ICT Change Management                                          ICT Change Management Plan
110       FIN     FIN                       Finance and Support Services
111      FIN1               FIN1                    Evaluation of FIN Options                                      Evaluation & Recommendation of FIN Options
112      FIN2               FIN2                    FIN Organizational Design (Structure, R&R, Staffing, Processes)FIN Organization Design
113     FIN2.1                     FIN2.1                  Financial Organizational Design & Staffing              Financial Organizational Design & Staffing
                                                                                                                   NSAC, PNS, and other Financial Reporting Requirements
114     FIN2.2                     FIN2.2                  Financial Reporting
                                                                                                                   (e.g. GAAP, PSAP, IFRS)
115     FIN2.3                     FIN2.3                  Accounting (G/L, A/P, A/R, Fixed Assets)                Accounting Processes
116     FIN2.4                     FIN2.4                  HST Accounting Process & System                         HST Accounting Process
117     FIN2.5                     FIN2.5                  Inventory & Materials Management, Physical Inventory Inventory Management

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                                               NSAC Governance Transition Project WBS                                                                   Page 3 of 4

                     WBS Level
 ID    WBS Code    1    2     3                                  WBS Description                                                     Deliverables
                                                                                                                Bank Accounts, Reconciliation Process, other
118     FIN2.6                  FIN2.6                 Banking
119     FIN2.7                  FIN2.7                 Taxation & HST                                           Taxation & HST processes
                                                                                                                Treasury, Investments & Cash Mgt. Policies & Business
120     FIN2.8                  FIN2.8                 Treasury, Investments & Cash Flow Mgt.
121    FIN2.9                   FIN2.9                 Internal, External & Special Audit Functions             Internal, External & Special Audit Functions
122    FIN2.10                  FIN2.10                Research Grants & Contracts                              Research Grants & Contract Accounting Processes
123     FIN3            FIN3                     Financial Workflow Management                                  Workflow & Master Data Management
124     FIN4            FIN4                     Financial Systems
125    FIN4.1                   FIN4.1                 Finance COA & Structure                                  Chart of Accounts and other Financial Structural Changes
126    FIN4.2                   FIN4.2                 Reporting, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing      SAP Reporting, BI/DW Functions?
127    FIN4.3                   FIN4.3                 Inventory and/or Fixed Assets Systems                    Inventory and/or Fixed Assets Systems
                                                                                                                NSAC, Foundation, AgraPoint, etc. Financial Systems
128     FIN4.4                  FIN4.4                 Other Financial Systems
                                                                                                                changes and/or interfaces
129     FIN4.5                  FIN4.5                  Finance Training & Conversion                           Finance Training and Conversion (e.g. SAP, etc.)
130      FIN5           FIN5                     PNS-FIN MOU & SLA                                              PNS-FIN MOU & SLA
131      FIN6           FIN6                     FIN Change Management                                          FIN Change Management Plan
132      ADM      ADM                     General Administration & Support Services
133     ADM1            ADM1                     Evaluation of Gen. Admin. Options                              Evaluation & Recommendation of ADM Options
134     ADM2            ADM2                     Gen. Admin. Organizational Design (Structure, R&R, Staffing)   ADM Organization & Management
135     ADM3            ADM3                     Buildings & Property                                           Buildings & Property Plan
136    ADM3.1                   ADM3.1                  Access and use MOUs                                     (part of Master Agreement?)
137    ADM3.2                   ADM3.2                  Maintenance                                             (part of Master Agreement?)
138    ADM3.3                   ADM3.3                  Special Maintenance                                     (part of Master Agreement?)
139    ADM3.4                   ADM3.4                  Space Management                                        Space Policies, Processes, System (?)
140     ADM4            ADM4                     NSAC Equipment                                                 NSAC Equipment
141    ADM4.1                   ADM4.1                  Access and use MOUs                                     Access and use MOUs
142    ADM4.2                   ADM4.2                  Maintenance                                             Maintenance
143    ADM4.3                   ADM4.3                  ID & Transfer of Assets                                 ID & Transfer of Assets
144     ADM5            ADM5                     Other NSAC Entities                                            Other NSAC Entities
145    ADM5.1                   ADM5.1                  AgriTech Park                                           AgriTech Park
146    ADM5.2                   ADM5.2                  AgraPoint                                               AgraPoint
147    ADM5.3                   ADM5.3                  Foundation                                              Foundation
148     ADM6            ADM6                     Other Universities-Colleges-Associations-Entities              Other Universities-Colleges-Associations-Entities
149    ADM6.1                   ADM6.1                  Dalhousie                                               Dalhousie
150    ADM6.2                   ADM6.2                  CAUBO                                                   CAUBO
151    ADM6.3                   ADM6.3                  CIDA                                                    CIDA
152    ADM6.4                   ADM6.4                  Research and Other Relationships                        Research and Other Relationships
153     ADM7            ADM7                     Insurance                                                      Insurance
154    ADM7.1                   ADM7.1                  BoG, Officers Insurance                                 BoG, Officers Insurance
155    ADM7.2                   ADM7.2                  General Liability                                       General Liability
156    ADM7.3                   ADM7.3                  International Travel (e.g. Faculty, Staff, Students)    International Travel
157     ADM8            ADM8                     Other Policies                                                 Other Policies
158    ADM8.1                   ADM8.1                  Student Associations & Clubs                            Student Associations & Clubs
159    ADM8.2                   ADM8.2                  Tuition Policy & Schedule of Fees                       Tuition Policy & Schedule of Fees
160     ADM9            ADM9                     Legal                                                          Legal
161    ADM9.1                   ADM9.1                  NSAC Intellectual Property                              NSAC Intellectual Property Policy
162    ADM9.2                   ADM9.2                  PNS-Justice MOU & SLAs                                  PNS-Justice MOU & SLAs
163    ADM9.3                   ADM9.3                  Independent Legal Counsel                               Independent Legal Counsel
164    ADM9.4                   ADM9.4                  NSAC Research Contract Assignments                      NSAC Research Contract Assigned to NSAC from Prov.
165    ADM9.5                   ADM9.5                  Contingent Liabilities (59C)                            Policy, Process for Contingent Liabilities (59C)
166    ADM10            ADM10                    Gen. Admin. Change Management                                  Gen. Admin. Change Management Plan
167      PMO      PMO                     Project Mgt. Office, Bus. Case, CCT, ESC, Start-up
168     PMO1            PMO1                     Project Governance & Leadership                                Project Governance & Leadership
169    PMO1.1                   PMO1.1                  Project Governance                                      Project Governance Plan
170    PMO1.2                   PMO1.2                  HR & Team Development                                   Project HR Plan
171    PMO1.3                   PMO1.3                  Start-up & Learning Curve
172     PMO2            PMO2                     Planning, Progress & Status Reporting                          Planning, Progress & Status Reporting
173    PMO2.1                   PMO2.1                  Planning & Scheduling                                   Project Plans, Schedule
174    PMO2.2                   PMO2.2                  Time & Progress Reporting                               Time & Variance Reporting
175    PMO2.3                   PMO2.3                  Status Reporting                                        Dashboard & Detailed Status
176     PMO3            PMO3                     Business Case                                                  Business Case

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                                     NSAC Governance Transition Project WBS                                                         Page 4 of 4

                    WBS Level
 ID    WBS Code   1    2     3                      WBS Description                                                Deliverables
177    PMO3.1               PMO3.1          Dynamic Status Quo Baseline                        Baseline
178    PMO3.2               PMO3.2          Before/After Analysis of KPIs                      Before/After Analysis of KPIs
179    PMO3.3               PMO3.3          Evaluation of Options Methodology                  Evaluation of Options Methodology Plan
180    PMO3.4               PMO3.4          Business & Financial Analysis Support              KPIs & Financial Analysis
181    PMO3.5               PMO3.5          Project Budget & Accounting                        Project Budget & Accounting
182     PMO4         PMO4             Administration, Logistics & Support                      Administration, Logistics & Support
183    PMO4.1               PMO4.1          Facilities, Office Equipment & Supplies            Facilities, Office Equipment & Supplies
184    PMO4.2               PMO4.2          Computer Hardware, Software & Tech Support         Computer Hardware, Software & Tech Support
185    PMO4.3               PMO4.3          Project Procurement & Contract Administration      Project Procurement & Contract Administration
186    PMO4.4               PMO4.4          Document Management & Support                      Document Management Plan
187    PMO4.5               PMO4.5          Meetings & Travel Logistics                        Meetings & Travel Logistics
188     PMO5         PMO5             Org. Change Mgt., Communications & Training (CCT)        Org. Change Mgt., Communications & Training (CCT)
189    PMO5.1               PMO5.1          CCT Methods & Tools                                CCT Methods & Tools
190    PMO5.2               PMO5.2          Organizational Change Management Support           CCT Plan
191    PMO5.3               PMO5.3          NSAC Training Support                              NSAC Training Plan - One Time, Ongoing
192    PMO5.4               PMO5.4          Communications & PR                                Communications Plan, Tables, Website, etc.
193     PMO6         PMO6             Issues, Risks, Opportunities & Scope Change Management   Issues, Risks, Opportunities & Scope Change Management
194    PMO6.1               PMO6.1          Risk & Quality Management                          Risk & Quality Management Plan, Risk Matrix
195    PMO6.2               PMO6.2          Issues & Opportunities Management                  I&O Management Plan
196    PMO6.3               PMO6.3          Scope Change Management                            Scope Change Management Plan
197     PMO7         PMO7             Unanticipated Work                                       (added as approved such as Change Requests)
198    PMO7.1               PMO7.1          To Be Determined (TBD)                             TBD

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