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									       January 2000                                                                                   doc.: IEEE 802.15-00/020r0
  Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

Submission Title: [LB1 Results]
Date Submitted: [January 12, 2000]
Source: [Robert F. Heile] Company [GTE]
Address [40 Sylvan Road, Waltham, MA 02451]
Voice:[781-466-2057], FAX: [781-466-2575], E-Mail:[bheile@bbn.com]
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Abstract: [Letter Ballot 1 Results.]
Purpose: [Disseminate Results.]
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       Submission                                                    Slide 1                                          Robert F. Heile, GTE
January 2000                                      doc.: IEEE 802.15-00/020r0

             802.15 Letter Ballot 1 Results
 • Ballot closed at 11pm EST, Dec 23, 1999 after running for 43
 • Comment resolution will begin at the Interim meeting in January
 • Letter Ballot 1 MOTION: To submit the contents of document
   IEEE P802-15/D0.6 to Sponsor Ballot [default recirculation

      Motion failed with 18/15/2 (P802-15/D0.6)

Submission                        Slide 2                    Robert F. Heile, GTE
January 2000                                       doc.: IEEE 802.15-00/020r0

             802.15 Letter Ballot 1 Results
 • Detail:
 • Gross Vote:
                   Number        Percentage
      Yea          18            54.5%
      Nea          15            45.5%
      Abstain      2
      Did not vote 7
      == ====
      TOTAL        42
      No non-voters submitted comments on this ballot--

      Total Comments: 1013 (~125 Technical)

Submission                        Slide 3                     Robert F. Heile, GTE

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