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Untitled - NZ Engineering Excellence Awards


I bring greetings from the members of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations. As the 2007–09
President, I am pleased to be involved with the fourth annual New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards.
Engineering teams play an increasingly significant role in the development of countries throughout the
world. Whether in companies, universities, public service departments or service sectors, the projects and
engineering activities showcased in these excellence awards highlight the role and influence of professional
engineers in New Zealand.
I am sure you will be thrilled by the new technologies, techniques and designs, and the innovation,
creativity and community benefit the entries have to offer.
In my international travels, I hear of the high standing and reputation of New Zealand engineers and
engineering, and I am proud of my close involvement over the last twelve years as an IPENZ Fellow.
I am also particularly interested in the involvement of so many young engineers, either as part of the
winning team or as individual entries. These awards promote engineers and the engineering profession to
New Zealand communities, and I hope such promotion will encourage young people to aspire to become
We all must thank and congratulate the founding partners, contributing organisations, and sponsors, whose
support and energy has brought industry and business together for this superb event.
I congratulate all the award winners and finalists, and I look forward to meeting you all.

Barry J Grear AO HonFIEAust FIPENZ
President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations
                                                    Tonight’s Host

                                                    Frankie Stevens
                                                    Frankie’s professional singing career began at the age of 16 as
                                                    a band member of the Australian group Peter Nelson and the
                                                    Castaways. He became a household name in New Zealand as a solo
                                                    artist with the number one hit single My Elusive Dreams.
                                                    Frankie has toured extensively in New Zealand and overseas and
                                                    has worked with some of the greats of the entertainment industry
                                                    including Olivia Newton-John, Shirley Bassey, Milton Berle, Sammy
                                                    Davis Jnr and Sir Howard Morrison.
                                                    Frankie has appeared in a number of films including the James
                                                    Bond movie Diamonds are Forever and The Matrix Reloaded.
FrankiE is PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By
                                                    In 2005, Frankie was made a Member of the New Zealand Order
                                                    of Merit.
                                                    He continues to entertain both nationally and internationally
                                                    and was recently a senior judge on the television show
                                                    New Zealand Idol.

OnTraCk is the backbone of the new Zealand
railway network. On behalf of the government,
it owns, maintains and manages 4,000
kilometres of rail infrastructure stretching from
Northland to Bluff, and provides New Zealand
rail operators with safe and controlled access to
the national rail network.
                                   individual awards




              NEW ZEAlAND YOuNg ENgINEEr OF THE YEAr     14


                                   HIgHlY COMMENDED      18

                                  INDIvIDuAl FINAlISTS   20

                                        JuDgINg PANEl    21

                                    Category awards


                          BuIlDINg AND CONSTruCTION      26

                               ElECTrICAl AND SYSTEMS    28

                        FOOD, BIOPrOCESS AND CHEMICAl    30


                      MECHANICAl AND MANuFACTurINg       34

                                 rOADS AND TrANSPOrT     36

                  SuSTAINABIlITY AND ClEAN TECHNOlOgY    38

                     uTIlITIES, NETWOrkS AND AMENITIES   40

                                    CATEgOrY FINAlISTS   42

                                        JuDgINg PANEl    45
     Message from the Partners
     Engineers produce innovations, inventions and solutions that continuously improve the way we work, live
     and communicate.
     The New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards are an opportunity to encourage engineers to step into
     the spotlight and be recognised for their outstanding engineering achievements.
     These awards identify, recognise, reward and promote engineering excellence within the profession and
     the New Zealand public. They improve the public’s respect and understanding of engineers and the
     contribution they make to our economic and environmental well-being.
     By showcasing New Zealand’s engineering expertise and talent, we acknowledge the impact the profession
     has on society, highlighting to New Zealand that engineers really do make a difference.

     “An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the
      talent that rubs against it.”
                                                                              – William Bernbach

Brent Meekan                Colin Martin                 Greg skelton                 Ashley Harper                 Bas Walker
President                   Chairman                     President                    President                     President

ACENZ is delighted to       CAENZ plays a special role   The EEA is a proud partner   INgENIuM is the brand         The New Zealand
support the fourth New      in the engineering and       in the fourth New Zealand    name for the Association      Engineering Excellence
Zealand Engineering         technology sectors as a      Engineering Excellence       of local government           Awards continue to
Excellence Awards. Our      champion for innovation.     Awards.                      Engineering New Zealand,      raise public awareness
members make up                                                                       and our 900 members           of why engineers
                            We are proud to be           The awards are a
around 95 per cent of                                                                 work in the field of          and engineering are
                            associated with the New      superb opportunity to
New Zealand’s consulting                                                              public infrastructure         so important to the
                            Zealand Engineering          acknowledge the brilliant
engineers and almost all                                                              across the roles of client,   development and
                            Excellence Awards.           and inspirational work of
of the infrastructure                                                                 consultant and contractor.    enrichment of our
                            New Zealand engineers        our engineers, to profile
design industry.                                                                      This year, INgENIuM           economy and society.
                            continue to create new       the very best in New
ACENZ members aspire                                     Zealand design, and to       and its predecessors          I am overwhelmed by the
                            and innovative solutions
to be trusted advisors to                                recognise and celebrate      have been operating           achievements showcased
                            to address the most
their clients, providing                                 those projects and talents   for 60 years. This time       in the awards. They show
                            difficult of challenges.
solutions that involve                                   of exceptional quality.      has seen vast changes         how creative, smart and
innovation, excellence      The awards are an                                         in public infrastructure,     leading edge engineering
                            important opportunity        My thanks and
and quality. These                                                                    changes underpinned by        is in New Zealand. I offer
                            to acknowledge that          congratulations to this
attributes are among                                                                  engineering innovation.       my congratulations to
                            engineering talent.          years entrants and
those recognised in these                                                                                           all finalists and award
awards tonight.                                                                                                     winners.

Individual Awards

                    Individual Awards
                    Across the five individual award categories there were 27 excellent entries. Clearly, interest in the awards
                    continues to build.
                    The quality of the entries was extremely high, giving the judges the unenviable, but most enjoyable task of
                    selecting finalists and winners. This was particularly true of the Young Engineer and Engineering Journalism
                    Awards, but all awards required considerable discussion and debate. Without doubt, the quality of the
                    entrants indicates that the future of New Zealand engineering in is in good hands.
                    Judging the awards is always a demanding, but fun task and I would like to thank all my fellow judges
                    and particularly our guest judge for the Engineering Journalism Award, Dr grant Hannis, for the effort they
                    have all put in. It is also pertinent to record our thanks to IPENZ for their support throughout the judging
                    process. We all see it as a privilege to have been involved.
                    To all the entrants, finalists and winners, our congratulations and very best wishes for success in your
                    ongoing careers.

                    Steve Gentry DistFIPENZ
                    individual awards Convenor





                    This award is the most prestigious of the Individual
                                                                                  William Pickering Award
Individual Awards

                    Engineering Excellence awards, recognising an engineer
                    who has acted as a role model and an exceptional leader.      for Engineering Leadership

                                                                                  Kevin Thompson
                                                                                  Chief Executive and Managing director of
                                                                                  Opus International Consultants
                                                                                  kevin is passionate about engineering and has been a vocal
                                                                                  advocate of the profession over a number of years. He has
                                                                                  consistently demonstrated the technical and business skills of a
                    PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                          true engineering leader.
                                                                                  kevin’s natural abilities thrust him into senior management and
                                                                                  leadership roles at an early age, roles that include the Motunui
                                                                                  Synthetic Petrol Plant, roading for the Clutha valley development
                                                                                  and the Maniatoto Irrigation Scheme. His success in leading these
                                                                                  politically pressured, major public works demonstrates his innate
                                                                                  ability to clearly articulate a vision, lead by example and inspire
                    The iPEnZ Foundation is a charitable trust that looks
                                                                                  those around him, be they superiors, staff or clients.
                    after the promotion of the engineering profession and the
                    welfare of iPEnZ members.                                     under his energetic guidance, two major New Zealand
                                                                                  companies – Works Civil Construction and Opus International
                    Specific areas of the IPENZ Foundation’s work are:
                                                                                  Consultants – have enjoyed profitable growth and ongoing
                    •   profile – finding ways to promote the engineering         success in a very competitive global environment. Over the last
                        profession                                                seven years, kevin has managed a growth strategy that has seen
                    •   careers – providing scholarships to encourage secondary   Opus more than double in size with 36 offices throughout New
                        school students to choose careers in professional         Zealand and a further 45 across Australia, Canada and the united
                        engineering                                               kingdom. Opus employs some 2,500 people and has a turnover
                    •   heritage – sponsoring a range of bronze plaques           of $300 million per annum.
                        marking significant engineering projects around           Most recently, kevin played a crucial role in the successful listing
                        new Zealand                                               of Opus on the New Zealand Stock Exchange giving him the
                    •   research – undertaking this when appropriate              opportunity to promote the engineering profession to a wider
                    •   rehabilitation – assisting IPENZ members in               audience.
                        financial difficulty.
                                                                                  kevin is widely regarded as an ethical, fair, decisive and visionary
                    Working alongside iPEnZ, the iPEnZ Foundation has an          engineering leader.
                    independent impact in which all IPENZ members
                    can participate.

                    This award recognises an engineer or partnership
                                                                                   New Zealand Engineering
Individual Awards

                    of engineers who clearly demonstrate a high level
                    of entrepreneurial skill in developing new business            Entrepreneur of the Year

                                                                                   William Studd, Malcolm Fredric,
                                                                                   David Parle and Andrew Buchanan
                                                                                   Windsor Engineering Group

                                                                                   Windsor Engineering group’s timber drying kilns process around
                                                                                   75 per cent of all timber dried in Australasia. This dominant
                                                                                   market position is largely due to the “can do” entrepreneurial
                    PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                           capabilities of the Windsor team.
                                                                                   In 1975, Bill observed the growth in New Zealand’s primary
                                                                                   produce processing requirements and recognised the
                                                                                   opportunities to apply air systems and thermodynamic principles
                                                                                   to these industries. Thus Windsor Engineering group was formed,
                                                                                   and after construction of a manufacturing facility in 1978,
                                                                                   quickly began to design and manufacture air pollution control
                    Gen-i integrates iT and telecommunications services
                                                                                   equipment, and later, high-temperature drying kilns for sawn
                    to provide converged information and communications
                                                                                   plantation softwood.
                    technology solutions for clients across new Zealand and
                    Australia. Those services are supported by people who are      recognising a huge opportunity to kiln-dry wood in a matter
                    proud to be experts at what they do, partners who are truly    of hours rather than days, the Windsor team developed the
                    world class and capabilities that set the benchmarks for the   technology and established successful export markets in
                    industry in their breadth, thoroughness and scale.             Australia, Chile, South Africa, and more recently China and
                                                                                   the united States.
                                                                                   Beginning with a capital base of $2,000 in 1975, Windsor
                                                                                   Engineering group’s sales figures now top $40 million per annum,
                                                                                   and the Windsor team are growing new export business in
                                                                                   process energy, gas combustion and heat exchanger equipment.

                    This award recognises an engineer, an
                                                                                   New Zealand Engineering
Individual Awards

                    engineering technologist, or a team engaged in
                    engineering activities, who have demonstrated a                Innovator of the Year
                    commitment to innovation in engineering.

                                                                                   Don Clucas, Murray Aitken, Len
                                                                                   Damiano and Vinod Kumar
                                                                                   Whisper Tech

                                                                                   Whisper Tech and its micro-combined heat and power product,
                                                                                   Whispergen, are a New Zealand engineering innovation
                                                                                   success story.
                    PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                           The Whispergen concept began with the wobble yoke developed
                                                                                   by Don Clucas during his PhD. studies into the Stirling engine at
                                                                                   the university of Canterbury over 15 years ago. To commercialise
                                                                                   his research, Whisper Tech was established, and the company’s
                                                                                   ongoing programme of technology and manufacturing process
                                                                                   development led to the Whispergen system.
                    Beca is a diverse, multi-disciplinary engineering and          A Whispergen unit generates hot water for home heating and
                    related consultancy services group. Our range of services      domestic use, as well as electricity for the home or to be fed into
                    covers engineering, planning, project management,              the electricity supply grid. The unit is extremely efficient (over
                    architecture, geographic information systems and               90 per cent) and gives a significant reduction in carbon dioxide
                    surveying, cost estimating, asset management and               emissions when compared to conventional technologies.
                    valuations. We have a 90-year history in new Zealand and
                                                                                   underpinning the commercial development, the Whisper Tech
                    our 2,000-plus employees operate out of 19 offices in eight
                                                                                   engineering development team has amassed an impressive list of
                    countries around the world.
                                                                                   patents in 26 countries, convincingly demonstrating its success in
                    Beca has a strong reputation for technical excellence, and     applying new knowledge.
                    we believe that innovation is essential to find the new
                                                                                   Don and the Whisper Tech team have now sold over 1,000
                    products, services, processes and markets on which our
                                                                                   Whispergen units into the European home heating market, and
                    future depends. Beca people are encouraged and challenged
                                                                                   are now preparing for large-scale manufacture.
                    to be innovative in their daily work, thereby making a vital
                    contribution to our sustainability and increasing the value
                    we bring to our clients.

                    This award recognises an engineer aged 35 years or under
                                                                                  New Zealand Young
Individual Awards

                    who has made an excellent contribution as an engineer
                    and leader through their professional role and community      Engineer of the Year
                    involvement. The overall winner receives $2,000 while
                    each finalist receives a $500 prize.

                                                                                  Toby Collett
                                                                                  Even during his undergraduate degree, Toby was exploring robots
                                                                                  and robotics, achieving international recognition for his work on
                                                                                  the open source Player robotics project, playerstage.
                                                                                  He continued his interest of robotics into his PhD., work which
                                                                                  led directly to the development of Inro Technologies, a company
                    PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                          that retrofits cars, forklifts and other vehicles with robotic control
                                                                                  systems, effectively replacing the driver without redesigning the
                                                                                  vehicle from scratch.
                                                                                  Toby has involved himself in the practical side of running the
                                                                                  start-up business, and he ably mentors new arrivals to the
                                                                                  company, which has grown from six to 20 staff in the last year. He
                                                                                  is clearly suited to his position as Technical Director,
                                                                                  and he demonstrates a great aptitude for explaining highly
                    Rob Law maxrecruitment is one of New Zealand’s leading        complex concepts.
                    specialist technical, professional and industrial staff
                                                                                  While Inro Technologies is still in its early stages, Toby impresses
                    recruitment companies providing effective recruitment
                                                                                  with a wide and long-term view of the opportunities for spin-off
                    solutions at all levels nationwide.
                                                                                  businesses and for widely different uses for robotics technology.
                    Our highly skilled team of recruitment consultants
                    specialise in the sourcing of quality candidates for the
                    engineering, infrastructure and utilities, construction and
                    architectural, manufacturing and process, transportation,
                    building services, print and media, trade and industrial

                    An organisation’s greatest resource is its people – our aim
                    is to exceed your expectations by providing the very best
                    service to help you find those people.

                    This award acknowledges the New Zealand media’s
                                                                                  Award for Excellence in
Individual Awards

                    contribution to the engineering industry. The award
                    and $5,000 is presented to the journalist who has most        Engineering Journalism
                    improved the public’s understanding of engineering.

                                                                                  Simon Collins
                                                                                  For “Raising Standards” and associated articles published in
                                                                                  The New Zealand Herald

                                                                                  Simon’s research investigated claims of falling standards in
                                                                                  structural engineering in New Zealand. rather than taking these
                                                                                  claims at face value, Simon undertook lengthy research to check
                    PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                          out each claim, studying documents and interviewing a wide
                                                                                  range of people in the industry.
                                                                                  The articles explained the commercial pressures engineers are
                                                                                  now under because of the privatisation of the construction
                                                                                  industry – the shift from the dominance of the Ministry of Works
                                                                                  and council design teams to private developers. In each of the
                                                                                  cases quoted, design faults were picked up before construction
                    The iPEnZ Foundation is a charitable trust that looks
                                                                                  was completed, but the implication was that other problems
                    after the promotion of the engineering profession and the
                                                                                  might go unnoticed. The articles concluded that to protect public
                    welfare of iPEnZ members.
                                                                                  safety, councils and central government need to employ more
                    Specific areas of the IPENZ Foundation’s work are:            engineers in building consent work and for random auditing of
                    •   profile – finding ways to promote the                     building consent processes.
                        engineering profession                                    This is an important, albeit controversial, piece of journalism.
                    •   careers – providing scholarships to encourage secondary   Some engineers may dispute the findings, but few could question
                        school students to choose careers in professional         the quality of the research and grit displayed by the writer in
                        engineering                                               bringing this issue to the public’s attention.
                    •   heritage – sponsoring a range of bronze plaques
                        marking significant engineering projects around
                        new Zealand
                    •   research – undertaking this when appropriate
                    •   rehabilitation – assisting IPENZ members in
                        financial difficulty.

                    Working alongside iPEnZ, the iPEnZ Foundation has an
                    independent impact in which all IPENZ members
                    can participate.

                    Although it is unusual, the judges were so impressed with
                                                                                Highly Commended
Individual Awards

                    the entry from Jeremy stringer, david Earl, ian Graham,
                    karthik sharma, Mark searle, Vladimir Minkov and Marc
                    Moons that they felt a Highly Commended Engineering
                    innovator of the year award should be given.

                                                                                Jeremy Stringer, David Earl, Ian
                                                                                Graham, Karthik Sharma, Mark
                                                                                Searle, Vladimir Minkov and
                                                                                Marc Moons
                                                                                Endace Technology

                                                                                The Endace Technology engineering development team are
                                                                                recognised for their role in developing the InfiniBand monitoring
                                                                                The Endace InfiniBand (“infinite bandwidth”) monitoring product
                                                                                is the world’s first solution to accurately monitor and measure
                                                                                the performance of high-speed networks commonly used in
                                                                                distributed supercomputing applications such as automated
                                                                                trading systems. The team’s innovative development allows
                                                                                the monitoring equipment to tap into multi-gigabit data flows
                                                                                without affecting the data flow itself.
                                                                                Starting as a university of Waikato spin-off in 2001, Endace
                                                                                Technology now employs over 100 people with a 50-strong
                                                                                research and development team in New Zealand.

                    Individual Finalists
Individual Awards

                    Brendan Dwyer                                                         Mike White for “Blowing in the Wind” published
                                                                                          in North & South
                    Finalist – New Zealand Young Engineer of the
                    Year Award                                                            Finalist – Award for Excellence in Engineering
                    Brendan was the lead engineer and primary client contact,
                    leading the mechanical and electrical design on the Pacific           This article looks at the issue of wind power, focussing on the
                    Palace project in Jakarta, a uS$250 million shopping complex          career of wind-power entrepreneur and maverick engineer, geoff
                    with three apartment and office towers. Brendan is a strong           Henderson. Although the story, understandably, focuses primarily
                    believer in sustainable design, and is actively involved in the New   on geoff, counter voices are heard, context is provided, and there
                    Zealand green Building Council and is a greenstar Assessor.           is a sense of journalistic detachment.

                    Sue Carter                                                            Paul Enticott, George Murahidy, Rod Vaughan,
                                                                                          and Chris Wilks for the programme “Fuels
                    Finalist – New Zealand Young Engineer of the                          Paradise” broadcast on TV3’s 60 Minutes
                    Year Award
                                                                                          Finalist – Award for Excellence in Engineering
                    Sue has eight years of bridge design experience in the united         Journalism
                    kingdom. Her first role in New Zealand was the structural design
                                                                                          This programme follows three New Zealand entrants in the 2007
                    management of the Auckland Northern Busway project. Sue
                                                                                          World Solar Challenge in Australia, an event that takes solar-
                    leads Connel Wagner’s “culture committee” in Auckland and the
                                                                                          powered vehicles across the continent. This is an interesting,
                    New Zealand-wide “Connell Wagner corporate women”. She
                                                                                          well-told story. The use of narrative tension – which car will
                    is active in mentoring, developing flexible work practices and
                                                                                          come in first, which will not finish – is effective. There was also
                    improving communications.
                                                                                          some telling critique of the event, such as its preponderance of
                                                                                          petrol-guzzling support cars.

Judging Panel

Steve Gentry               Warwick Bishop             Gretchen Kivell           Laurence                  Dr Grant Hannis
DistFIPENZ (Convenor)      FIPENZ                     DistFIPENZ                Zwimpfer FIPENZ
Steve is a retired         Warwick is a self-         gretchen worked as        laurence specialises in   Specialist Judge – Award for
                                                                                                          Excellence in Engineering
consulting engineer.       employed director,         a chemical engineer       the use of information
Steve is a former          consultant and mentor.     in New Zealand and        and communications
                           He has a background        England for 18 years      technologies in           grant heads the
Director of Energy
                           in electrical (radio)      before moving into        education.                journalism programme
Direct, ECNZ, Meridian
                           engineering and            senior management                                   at Massey university in
Energy, Whisper Tech,                                                           He is a Trustee of the
                           extensive experience       at uNITEC in Auckland.                              Wellington. He spent
Building research and                                                           2020 Communications
                           on both sides of the       She is currently head                               14 years at Consumer
BrANZ.                                                                          Trust, the Computer
                           Tasman, including          of Abbey College, a                                 magazine, primarily
He was New Zealand’s                                                            Access New Zealand
                           positions at IPENZ, the    residential college for                             as the senior financial
first and only President                                                        Trust and The
                           New Zealand Meat           postgraduate students                               writer and latterly as the
of the International                                                            Wellington loop
                           Producers Board, Works     at the university of                                manager of the writing
Federation of Consulting                                                        Trust. He is also
                           Corporation and AWA in     Otago.                                              staff. He currently
Engineers (FIDIC) – the                                                         Deputy Chair of the
                           both New Zealand and                                                           teaches journalism
international body                                    gretchen was President    National Commission
                           Australia.                                                                     at Massey university,
representing the                                      of IPENZ in 1998, and     for uNESCO in New
                                                                                                          is the immediate
consulting engineering     Warwick maintains          she has been a Director   Zealand and chairs the
                                                                                                          Past President of the
community.                 strong links to the        of Telarc/Accreditation   Communications Sub
                                                                                                          Journalism Education
                           engineering profession     New Zealand, Worley       Commission.
He is a member of the                                                                                     Association of New
                           as the Executive Officer   Consultants and the       In 2006, laurence was
Chartered Professional                                                                                    Zealand, and is a
                           to the Chartered           land Transport Safety     awarded the William
Engineers Council, and                                                                                    member of the New
                           Professional Engineers     Authority. gretchen is    Pickering Award for
a Trustee of the IPENZ                                                                                    Zealand Journalists
                           Council and as a           currently a Trustee of    Engineering leadership.
Foundation, the red                                                                                       Training Organisation’s
                           Trustee of the IPENZ       the IPENZ Foundation.
Cross Foundation and                                                                                      Council.
the katherine Mansfield
Fellowship Trust.

Category Awards

                  Category Awards
                  Many of this year’s category award submissions are, in the words of the young, awesome – such as the
                  night picture of the complex unity of the university of Auckland Business School, or the choreographed
                  robots of Fonterra’s lights-out packing system.
                  Wellington’s inner-city bypass snuggled smoothly into the community, moving old houses into place almost
                  as if constructing a theatrical set, while digital terrestrial television dared to be different, gambling (as we
                  saw it) on new technology to bring high-definition television to our homes.
                  There was drama too, in the bleakness and short summers of the Straits of Magellan as the Carnes Agromar
                  lamb processing plant was brought into being – twenty-first century technology in an ancient landscape.
                  And there was a wonderful ingenuity in the sustainability of Dunedin International Airport’s climate
                  control and of the Burwood landfill’s use of waste generated methane.
                  The one emotion missing this year was frustration. In the past this had mainly been our reaction to poor
                  presentations, but this year we were happy to see that the standard was much higher. We were told and
                  shown precisely how the projects met the criteria. Engineers had obviously vetted the submissions, and we
                  were delighted.

                  David Elms DistFIPENZ
                  Category awards Convenor


                          BuIlDINg AND CONSTruCTION

                               ElECTrICAl AND SYSTEMS

                       FOOD, BIOPrOCESS AND CHEMICAl


                      MECHANICAl AND MANuFACTurINg

                                 rOADS AND TrANSPOrT


                     uTIlITIES, NETWOrkS AND AMENITIES
                  The judges compare the winners of each of the category
                                                                                Supreme Award for New
Category Awards

                  awards to choose the recipient of the Supreme Award for
                  New Zealand Engineering Excellence – the project that has     Zealand Engineering
                  the “zing” factor and clearly stands out from the others in
                  terms of its contribution and standing.                       Excellence

                                                                                Arapuni Dam Foundation
                                                                                Remediation Project
                                                                                Arapuni Alliance – Brian Perry Civil, Damwatch Services,
                                                                                Mighty River Power and Trevi S.p.A.

                                                                                The rock foundations of the Arapuni Dam had major clay-filled
                                                                                fissure zones with the potential to erode out. This could result in
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                          an expensive loss of water and foundation pressures high enough
                                                                                to destroy the 64-metre-high dam with disastrous consequences.
                                                                                The four zones of fractured rock were sealed with curtain walls
                                                                                formed by drilling overlapping (secant) holes right down through
                                                                                the dam and backfilling them with concrete while keeping the
                                                                                power station fully operational.
                                                                                The Arapuni Dam foundation remediation project wins the
                                                                                Supreme Award for New Zealand Engineering Excellence because
                  As New Zealand’s leading standards developer, Standards       of its high degree of technical difficulty, the originality of the
                  new Zealand is driven by one overriding goal – to             solution, its contribution to the reputation of New Zealand
                  contribute to the overall public good of New Zealanders.      engineering internationally, and the beneficial effects to New
                  it aims to ensure new Zealanders are safer, healthier and     Zealand of keeping this dam operational.
                  more prosperous and that their lives are more convenient.
                                                                                The project is a major international first, and the engineering
                  Standards help by making life simpler and safer, and
                                                                                team made great efforts to ensure that the construction work did
                  increasing the effectiveness and reliability of many goods
                                                                                not harm the structural or operational functionality of the dam,
                  and services used every day.
                                                                                and that the responses of the foundation to the construction did
                  Standards New Zealand’s core strengths are project            not portend a dangerous or critical situation. The professionalism
                  management, facilitation and consensus-building skills.       shown throughout by the dedication of the Arapuni Alliance to
                  Partnership is fundamental to developing standards and        quality was outstanding.
                  Standards New Zealand works with a range of public- and
                  private-sector organisations, professional associations
                  and industry groups to develop effective standards and
                  standards-based solutions.

                  This award acknowledges outstanding activities associated
                                                                                 Building and Construction
Category Awards

                  with the design and construction of buildings and

                                                                                 University of Auckland
                                                                                 Business School
                                                                                 Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner

                                                                                 The university of Auckland Business School construction project
                                                                                 showed originality, attention to sustainability and high-quality
                                                                                 project management.
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By
                                                                                 The project was challenging because of its scale and the
                                                                                 many conflicting requirements. There were also issues around
                                                                                 ensuring the geotechnical stability of the site, and the need to
                                                                                 accommodate large teaching spaces, a 37,000-square-metre
                                                                                 car park, offices, computer suites and the circulation paths for
                                                                                 up to 6,000 students per hour. These conflicting requirements
                                                                                 contributed to the unusual and irregular geometry of the
                  The Department of Building and Housing seeks to ensure         complex, which in turn meant that there were major challenges
                  that New Zealanders have access to quality homes and           for the geotechnical, structural and services engineers.
                  buildings that meet their needs and reflect the New            The structural engineering solutions were very high quality, and
                  Zealand environment. It takes a big picture approach,          the judges were particularly impressed by Beca Carter Hollings
                  covering all aspects of buildings and their use, from design   & Ferner’s integrated approach to each requirement and the
                  and construction through to living and renting.                attention given to sustainable solutions whilst achieving a cost-
                  The Department’s responsibilities include ensuring laws        effective design.
                  relating to the building and housing sector are effective
                  and are complied with, providing a wide range of building-
                  related information and guidance, assisting with dispute
                  resolution, weather-tightness or tenancy issues, working
                  with the sector to improve professional standards, skills
                  and behaviour, and providing policy advice to
                  the government.

                  This award recognises excellence associated with the
                                                                                 Electrical and Systems
Category Awards

                  development or implementation of electrical and systems
                  products or services, including networks, industrial or
                  system automation, protection and control technology.

                                                                                 Dunedin International Airport
                                                                                 Groundwater Heat Pump
                                                                                 Energy System
                                                                                 MWH new Zealand

                                                                                 MWH New Zealand’s groundwater heat pump energy system has
                                                                                 significantly reduced Dunedin International Airport’s operating
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By
                                                                                 costs, and enhanced the environmental comfort of those working
                                                                                 in and using the airport’s refurbished and extended terminal
                                                                                 This project is an excellent example of using known technologies
                                                                                 and off-the-shelf equipment in innovative ways to create a highly
                                                                                 successful and integrated system design.
                  Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy          The groundwater heat pump system operates in challenging
                  management. It offers integrated solutions making energy       climatic conditions, where external temperatures can range
                  safer, more reliable, efficient and productive in the energy   from about -9°C in winter to about 30°C in summer. However,
                  and infrastructure, industry, data centres and networks,       interlinking various control systems gives high energy efficiency
                  buildings and residential markets.                             and ensures the airport’s environmental comfort levels remain
                  With sales of €17.3 billion in 2007, Schneider Electric’s
                  120,000 employees in 102 countries help individuals and        The airport also reports operating cost savings of $70,000 per year,
                  organisations make the most of their energy.                   savings that it expects will be ongoing.
                                                                                 The judges were impressed with the way MWH New Zealand’s
                                                                                 project team developed a thorough understanding of the
                                                                                 building’s energy usage and were able to use standard
                                                                                 equipment to tailor an integrated control system to achieve the
                                                                                 required solution.

                  The award acknowledges exceptional activities associated
                                                                              Food, Bioprocess
Category Awards

                  with developing improved or new food, bioprocess or
                  chemical materials, processes, products or services.        and Chemical

                                                                              Carnes Agromar Lamb
                                                                              Processing Plant

                                                                              While not large by New Zealand standards, the Carnes Agromar
                                                                              lamb processing plant in Chile is a world-class facility that
                                                                              incorporates leading-edge process flow and hygiene concepts,
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                        and makes use of the latest scientific findings on meat
                                                                              conditioning to ensure optimum quality. At a cost of uS$12
                                                                              million, the plant employs 70 process workers and can process
                                                                              1,000 lambs per day.
                                                                              gHD’s Food and Agribusiness team designed each of the plant’s
                                                                              working areas to function as a “hygienic operating envelope”
                                                                              and are supported by sophisticated heating, ventilation and air
                                                                              conditioning systems that draw aerosols away from the product.
                  The new Zealand Engineering Excellence awards
                                                                              Drainage and carcass waste removal systems carry wastes
                  partners would like to acknowledge the support of the New
                                                                              immediately away from the slaughter area and the selected
                  Zealand National Committee of the International
                                                                              building materials provide an easy to clean, non-slip work
                  Institute of Refrigeration for the Food, Bioprocess and
                  Chemical category award.
                                                                              The judges felt that the project exemplified the application
                  This year also marks the centenary of the international
                                                                              of leading-edge New Zealand design techniques and meat
                  institute of refrigeration and several national
                                                                              processing technologies to improve food safety standards in
                  refrigeration associations, and the awards partners
                                                                              export-quality chilled lamb products.
                  would like extend their congratulations to these
                  organisations for reaching this remarkable milestone.

                  This award recognises outstanding achievement in
                                                                                 Information and
Category Awards

                  developing new or improved communications, hardware,
                  or software products or services.                              Communications

                                                                                 Digital Terrestrial Television

                                                                                 kordia’s digital terrestrial television project provides New Zealand
                                                                                 with a terrestrial digital broadcasting service in addition to the
                                                                                 satellite digital broadcasting service that is already in place.
                                                                                 Changing from analogue to digital television allows more
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                           channels to use the existing spectrum and enables high-definition
                                                                                 television broadcasts.
                                                                                 kordia’s innovative solution to introduce efficient MPEg-4
                                                                                 video compression established New Zealand as one of the first
                                                                                 developed countries to adopt the technology for terrestrial
                                                                                 Spanning seven regions, the $30 million project used google
                                                                                 Earth terrain mapping software to optimise antenna placement
                  The IET is one of the world’s leading professional societies
                                                                                 and signal coverage, resulting in the most efficient arrangement
                  for the engineering and technology community. it has
                                                                                 of 54 transmitters around New Zealand.
                  more than 150,000 members in 127 countries and offices in
                  Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.                        Working within tight constraints and a demanding specification,
                                                                                 the kordia engineering team accomplished a major improvement
                  The IET is a leading publisher of technical information        to important national infrastructure, work which will potentially
                  and provides a global knowledge network to facilitate the      have a positive impact on millions of New Zealanders.
                  exchange of ideas and promote the positive role of science,
                  engineering and technology in the world.

                  In New Zealand, the IET has about 1,000 members and
                  local networks based in auckland, Christchurch and
                  Wellington. Each network fosters close links with industry
                  and universities, and holds regular local meetings.

                  This award honours excellence in new or improved
                                                                               Mechanical and
Category Awards

                  products, processes or services using mechanical
                  engineering or arising in the manufacturing sector.          Manufacturing

                                                                               “Lights Out” Packing
                                                                               Avalon Engineering, Fonterra Co-operative Group
                                                                               and JMP Engineering

                                                                               The “lights out” packing system is a fully-integrated automated
                                                                               materials processing system. It starts with bulk milk powder
                                                                               and empty bags, and ends with shrink wrapped pallets of full,
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                         labelled bags in warehouse storage, ready for dispatch.
                                                                               Human input is not required anywhere in the process, and the
                                                                               increased reliability and accuracy of the packing system means
                                                                               the lights can be turned off on the operations, hence the
                                                                               project’s name.
                                                                               The system comprises four main components – a bag packer,
                  Industrial Research provides research, science and           robotic palletiser and stretch wrapper, automatic guided vehicle
                  advanced technology support to industry to enhance           system, and the integration and automation information services
                  performance and add value to the New Zealand economy.        system. In isolation, each component is effective – automatically
                  Core to the company is innovation based on world-class       loading, filling, stacking, wrapping, labelling, transporting and
                  science and engineering.                                     storing – but what is particularly impressive is the integration
                  Our research serves a range of sectors with an emphasis on   of the various components into a single well-balanced and
                  the manufacturing, processing, biopharmaceutical, medical    smoothly operating materials handling and packaging system.
                  and energy industries.                                       Fonterra has installed the innovative packing system at five sites,
                  Industrial Research’s services include research and          covering the production of 2,000 tonnes of milk powder per day,
                  development, pilot-scale production, consultancy,            and Fonterra believes there is export potential for the control
                  commercialisation of technology, testing and calibration,    and materials handling technologies.
                  and sales and licensing. its clientele ranges from
                  small companies with bright ideas to some of the largest
                  New Zealand companies needing research and
                  development support to succeed in the highly competitive
                  international marketplace.

                    This award recognises exceptional activities associated
                                                                                  Roads and Transport
Category Awards

                    with the development or operation of any form of land, sea
                    or air transport including vehicles, infrastructural assets
                    or services used by vehicles.

                                                                                  Wellington Inner-city Bypass
                                                                                  Fulton Hogan, the NZ Transport Agency, Opus International
                                                                                  Consultants and Wellington City Council

                                                                                  The $55 million Wellington inner-city bypass project is
                                                                                  Wellington’s largest road construction project in a decade.
                                                                                  Constrained by limited construction space, the proximity of
                                                                                  live traffic, nearby residences and commercial properties, the
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By
                                                                                  project faced a number of serious technical challenges and the
                                                                                  engineering design team had to contend with high earthquake
                                                                                  loads, poor ground quality and various groundwater issues.
                                                                                  A comprehensive archaeological survey took place prior to
                                                                                  moving a number of heritage buildings in the area, and the
                                                                                  sensitive relocation and refurbishment of displaced heritage
                                                                                  buildings with buildings of a similar age and style in separate
                  The road Controlling authorities Forum was initiated
                                                                                  precincts has enhanced the community benefits.
                  in 1996 as a closed, non-political voluntary group, which
                  meets to share information, act as a sounding board on          The completed Wellington inner-city bypass project has greatly
                  potential issues, and offer peer support and networking         enhanced Wellington’s motorist, pedestrian and cyclist facilities,
                  opportunities to the industry.                                  and has reduced the impact of city traffic on nearby residents
                                                                                  and businesses.
                  The Forum has representatives from the 73 territorial
                  local authorities, the Department of Conservation, the NZ       The need to address the impact upon the adjacent environment
                  Transport Agency and Local Government New Zealand.              has been met comprehensively with noise suppression panel
                  The Forum’s goals are to be the acknowledged source of          on the structures as well as the road pavement utilising a noise
                  industry research and development of guidelines relating        reducing surfacing (WhispA).
                  to asset ownership, and to achieve a nationally consistent
                  and robust method of performance measurement to drive
                  industry investment decisions.

                  This award acknowledges excellence in new or improved
                                                                                  Sustainability and Clean
Category Awards

                  clean technologies, lowering resource consumption, or
                  improving environmental sustainability.                         Technology

                                                                                  Burwood Landfill Gas Scheme
                                                                                  Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner and Christchurch City Council

                                                                                  A typical landfill generates significant quantities of methane, a
                                                                                  greenhouse gas that would traditionally be controlled by flaring
                                                                                  to the atmosphere.
                                                                                  However in the case of Burwood landfill, Beca Carter Hollings &
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                            Ferner and Christchurch City Council derived a complex scheme
                                                                                  to collect the gas, process and compress it, and transport it via a
                                                                                  dedicated pipeline to the QEII sports complex where it is burnt in
                                                                                  the existing (though modified) boilers to generate electricity and
                                                                                  hot water.
                                                                                  The scheme is the first of its type in New Zealand and has
                                                                                  significantly reduced carbon emissions, earning over $3 million
                  Auckland Airport is one of New Zealand’s most important         dollars in kyoto Protocol carbon credits in its first five years. It
                  infrastructural assets – it provides thousands of jobs for      has also saved the Christchurch City Council over $1 million in
                  the region, is the country’s second-largest cargo port by       fossil fuel costs. With an expected lifespan of 15–20 years,
                  value and contributes around $14 billion annually to            the scheme is set to become a significant contributor to the
                  the economy.                                                    local economy.
                  Each year, over 12 million travellers are welcomed to           The judges considered the Burwood landfill scheme a win-
                  New Zealand or say farewell through Auckland Airport.           win project. Not only does it achieve a positive environmental
                  Because of this, we are very mindful of our environmental       outcome by converting a waste product and damaging
                  responsibility and we continually look at how we can            greenhouse gas into a viable resource, but it does so at a net
                  be more sustainable. Earlier this year we opened a new          cost saving to the community, and with an innovative use of
                  arrivals area that boasts several green initiatives including   technology in the treatment and transportation of the gas. A
                  New Zealand’s largest photovoltaic solar display.               worthy winner in this category.

                  This award recognises excellence in activities associated
                                                                                 Utilities, Networks
Category Awards

                  with reliable service supply to communities, or the
                  distribution of water, waste, energy (including electricity,   and Amenities
                  gas, oil or coal), communications or community amenities.

                                                                                 Arapuni Dam Foundation
                                                                                 Remediation Project
                                                                                 Arapuni Alliance – Brian Perry Civil, Damwatch Services,
                                                                                 Mighty River Power and Trevi S.p.A.

                                                                                 Arapuni was a large dam with serious problems. Its rock
                                                                                 foundations had major clay-filled fissure zones with the potential
                  PrOudly sPOnsOrEd By                                           to erode out, which could result in an expensive loss of water
                                                                                 and foundation pressures high enough to destroy the dam.
                                                                                 Engineers working in the Arapuni Alliance took a careful and
                     Roadshare                                                   effective approach to resolve these issues. First, exploratory
                                                                                 drilling mapped the problems and discovered four zones of
                                                                                 fractured rock.
                                  working together
                                                                                 The engineers proposed to seal the zones with curtain walls
                                                                                 formed by drilling overlapping (secant) holes right down through
                  The New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group is a joint
                                                                                 the dam and backfilling them with concrete while keeping
                  consultative group of road owners and utility companies
                                                                                 the power station operational. The geotechnical work had
                  working together to create outcomes to benefit all road
                                                                                 unexpected challenges and the impact of a wrong action was
                  users and communities.
                                                                                 potentially disastrous.
                  The Group formed to consider issues relating to utilities in
                                                                                 In addition, the solution was completely untried on this scale (in
                  the road corridor, but has now produced several national
                                                                                 weak rock, down to a 90-metre depth) anywhere in the world.
                  best-practice guidelines and tools for all aspects of road
                  corridor management.                                           It was truly groundbreaking work.

                  In 2007–08, New Zealand Utilities Advisory
                  Group managed the development, consultation and
                  implementation of a national code covering all aspects of
                  working in road and rail corridors, including working in
                  partnership, planning and corridor management, working
                  underground and above ground, and safety requirements.

                  Category Finalists
Category Awards

                  Conservation House Whare Kaupapa Atawhai                             Sovereign House
                  Sinclair Knight Merz                                                 Buller George Turkington, Holmes Fire and safety,
                                                                                       and Lincolne Scott
                  Finalist – Electrical and Systems
                  Finalist – Sustainability and Clean Technology                       Finalist – Building and Construction
                                                                                       Finalist – Electrical and Systems
                  Conservation House’s fully integrated and largely automatic
                  building management system monitors and adjusts the internal         Sovereign House is a large office building made up of three
                  environment taking into account internal occupancy and external      separate limited ductile frame structures within a common
                  weather and lighting.                                                envelope connected by steel members, and slender bridges and
                                                                                       stairs spanning the five-storey atrium space. The main problems
                  The complex monitoring devices and control networks are part
                                                                                       were to understand and design for the forces in the connecting
                  of a system that creates a safe, healthy, and comfortable building
                                                                                       members and to ensure the human-induced vibrations in the
                  and that is environmentally friendly.
                                                                                       bridges and stairs were within acceptable bounds.

                  Aviemore Dam Seismic Safety Upgrade                                  Burwood Landfill Gas Scheme
                  Meridian Energy, Opus International Consultants                      Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
                  and urs new Zealand                                                  and Christchurch City Conncil
                  Finalist – Utilities, Networks and Amenities                         Finalist – Utilities, Networks and Amenities
                  The Aviemore Dam straddles the Waitangi fault, a region known        The Burwood landfill gas scheme makes innovative use of
                  to generate magnitude 7.0 to 8.0 earthquakes. The project team       technology to collect methane gas, process and compress it, and
                  developed a methodology to meet the dam’s unique safety needs        transport it via a pipeline to the QEII sports complex where it is
                  and satisfy international peer review. The project demonstrates      burnt in the existing boilers to generate electricity.
                  sound engineering knowledge applied to infrastructure and is
                  an excellent example of innovative methods overcoming an
                  unusual problem.

Carnes Agromar Lamb Processing Plant                                Dunedin Airport Groundwater Heat Pump
GHd                                                                 MWH new Zealand
Finalist – Mechanical and Manufacturing                             Finalist – Sustainability and Clean Technology
The lamb processing plant in southern Chile is a highly automated   MWH New Zealand’s groundwater heat pump energy system has
plant designed to assist process flow and maintain hygiene. The     significantly reduced Dunedin International Airport’s operating
project used sophisticated engineering and manufacturing            costs, and enhanced the environmental comfort of those working
technologies, and was executed in demanding conditions. It has      in and using the airport’s refurbished and extended terminal
made substantial contributions to the quality-of-life of workers.   building.

Izona Cook Surface                                                  Johnson Street Stage 1 Sewage Plant
Fisher & Paykel Appliances                                          MWH new Zealand
Finalist – Mechanical and Manufacturing                             Finalist – Utilities, Networks and Amenities
The Izona cook surface is a smooth, modern domestic gas hob         The Johnson Street sewage plant design needed to cope with
that obtains a simmering condition using a single, low-down,        very large fluctuations in flow and effluent quality, placing
fan-boosted flame beneath a spreader plate, unlike the multiple     considerable demands on the equipment. This project showcases
flames of conventional burners. Both burners and pan supports       the appropriate use of technology to achieve an affordable,
retract down into a smooth continuous ceramic surface using a       immediate improvement for the community, while a long-term
sophisticated cam mechanism with interlocking controls.             solution can be affordably implemented.

“Lights Out” Packing                                                Northport Berth Three
Avalon Engineering, Fonterra Co-operative Group                     Beca Infrastructure and the Fletcher Construction Company
and JMP Engineering
                                                                    Finalist – Roads and Transport
Finalist – Food, Bioprocess and Chemical
                                                                    The design to extend Northport’s general cargo wharf by 180
The “lights out” packing system has reduced the requirement for     metres used high-modulus H-sections supporting conventional
manual intervention and repetitive handling while increasing        Z-shaped sheet piles. At 32 metres, these piles were some of the
reliability and accuracy packaged weight. Each day, the             largest sheet piles installed in the southern hemisphere.
automated system packs over 80,000 25-kilogram bags of milk
powder in a low-oxygen environment to increase shelf life.
Category Awards

                  Ritz Carlton Jakarta – M&E Engineering                                 Singapore Republic Polytechnic – Air Conditioning
                  Beca international                                                     Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
                  Finalist – Building and Construction                                   Finalist – Building and Construction
                  The design work undertaken on the ritz Carlton building                The innovative use of large thermal energy stores coupled with
                  included electrical reticulation and on-site generation, water and     a clever building management system created a high-quality
                  wastewater treatment. This coupled with the clients’ desire to use     internal climate at reduced operating costs. Sophisticated
                  local equipment and labour intensive construction created a cost-      simulation of the cooling load indicates that a $6 million
                  effective solution with significant energy savings.                    operating saving can be expected over 20 years.

                  Southern RESA at Wellington Airport                                    St Patrick’s Cathedral
                  Airways Corporation of New Zealand, Beca Carter Hollings &             Connell Wagner
                  Ferner, Brian Perry Civil and Wellington International Airport
                                                                                         Finalist – Building and Construction
                  Finalist – Roads and Transport
                                                                                         The aim of the St Patrick’s Cathedral conservation and restoration
                  The 90-metre extension to the runway end safety area (rESA)            project was to fulfil modern needs especially in terms of meeting
                  at Wellington Airport involved constructing a 180-metre traffic        construction and safety standards while restoring the building
                  underpass adjacent to the southern seawall, and relocating             to its original character. All this while operating in a very cost
                  and protecting significant buried services. Strict site restrictions   conscious environment where all the restoration work was funded
                  permitted construction for only five hours per day                     by donations.

                  Tainui Bridge                                                          Wellington Inner-city Bypass
                  Connell Wagner                                                         Fulton Hogan, the NZ Transport Agency, Opus International
                                                                                         Consultants and Wellington City Council
                  Finalist – Roads and Transport
                                                                                         Finalist – Building and Construction
                  Strengthening the 327-metre Tainui Bridge in Huntly increased
                  the bridge’s capacity to a 520-tonne gross transport load, well        The Wellington inner-city bypass was a complex construction
                  above its previous limit. The innovative design approach meant         project with limited space, high earthquake loads, and poor
                  the new steel fabricated arches could be constructed without           ground quality. The design team created a range of innovative
                  affecting the existing arches or closing the bridge to traffic.        solutions that overcame these challenges and delivered the
                                                                                         project ahead of time with minimum negative impact.

Judging Panel

David Elms DistFIPENZ           Allan Leahy MIPENZ                Kevin Mackey FIPENZ                 Paul Sampson MIPENZ
(Convenor)                                                                                            CPEng IntPE(NZ)

David is Emeritus Professor     Allan is a Director of Harrison   kevin worked as an                  Paul has an engineering
of Civil Engineering at the     grierson Consultants, and         electric power engineer for         background in roading
university of Canterbury        leads the company’s Water         Transpower New Zealand              and small wastewater
and a Fellow of the             resources Management              and its predecessors on             tertiary treatment plants.
royal Society of New            Division. He has worked in        various aspects of the high-        He retired after a career in
Zealand. He is currently        the stormwater industry in        voltage transmission system.        local government as District
a consultant, specialising      Australasia for over 20 years,    Prior to his retirement             Engineer for rotorua District
in risk management and          and has presented a number        from Transpower, he was             Council and County Engineer
issues related to complex       of papers at conferences in       the general Manager –               for Taupo County Council.
systems. This often involves    this field.                       Operations for a number
                                                                                                      Paul has been an executive
unusual and unique              Allen is a founding committee     of years.
                                                                                                      member of INgENIuM for
problems as well as more        member of the New                 kevin served as President           many years and is a life
well-trodden areas such         Zealand Water and Wastes          of the Electricity Engineers        member of the organisation.
as lifelines, transportation,   Association’s Stormwater          Association of New Zealand
environmental impact and                                                                               He has been involved
                                Special Interest group.           for eight years and was Chair
geotechnical engineering.                                                                             in a number of advisory
                                He is also a past Board           of both the New Zealand
                                                                                                      committees interacting
David was involved in the       member of the Association         Electrotechnical Standards
                                                                                                      with Transit New Zealand,
Prime Minister’s Special        of Consulting Engineers           Committee and the New
                                                                                                      Transfund and the Fire
Committee on the Safety of      New Zealand, has served           Zealand National Committee
                                                                                                      Services Commission.
Nuclear Powered Ships, the      on the Association’s Awards       of the IEC, also for eight years.
Board of Inquiry into the                                         Currently, he is Chair of the       He was also Chair of the Fire
                                of Excellence judging panel
Taranaki Combined Cycle                                           Electricity Supply Industry         and rescue Services Industry
                                for a number of years, and
Power Station and the team                                        Safety Committee and is             Training Organisation.
                                is currently the convenor of
inquiring into the Police       judges on that panel.             the electrical representative
INCIS project.                                                    on the IPENZ Engineering
                                                                  Practice Board.

     Contributing Organisations

     The Institute of refrigeration, Heating & Air   The Institution of Engineering and Technology is one of the
     Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand           world’s leading professional societies for the engineering
                                                     and technology community. It has more than 150,000
                                                     members in 127 countries and offices in Europe, North
     The New Zealand Computer Society
                                                     America and Asia-Pacific.
                                                     The IET is a leading publisher of technical information
     The New Zealand National Committee of the       and provides a global knowledge network to facilitate the
     International Institute of refrigeration        exchange of ideas and promote the positive role of science,
                                                     engineering and technology in the world.

     The New Zealand Society on large Dams           In New Zealand, the IET has about 1,000 members and
                                                     local networks based in Auckland, Christchurch and
                                                     Wellington. Each network fosters close links with industry
     The New Zealand Timber Design Society           and universities, and holds regular local meetings.
     The New Zealand Water & Wastes Association
                                                     The IET also sponsors the Information and Communication
                                                     Technology Award.
     The Waste Management Institute of New Zealand

The IPENZ Transportation group is a Technical Interest group       The IPENZ Foundation Charitable trust promotes the engineering
of IPENZ. Its objective is to advance the knowledge of the         profession and looks after the welfare of IPENZ members.
art, science and practice of road traffic and transportation       Specific areas of the IPENZ Foundation’s work include finding
engineering and planning. Currently, it has over 900 members.      ways to promote the engineering profession, providing
The main activities of the Transportation group are arranging      scholarships to encourage secondary school students to choose
continuing professional development opportunities for members,     careers in professional engineering, sponsoring bronze plaques
publishing its quarterly newsletter Roundabout, liaising with      marking significant engineering projects around New Zealand,
New Zealand and overseas organisations with similar objectives,    research when appropriate, and assisting IPENZ members in
promoting technical education and research, assisting with the     financial difficulty
preparation of standard specifications and good practice guides,   Working alongside IPENZ, the IPENZ Foundation has an
and providing advice to government and other organisations on      independent impact in which all IPENZ members can participate.
issues relating to transportation.

                                                                   The IPENZ Foundation also sponsors the William Pickering Award
                                                                   for Engineering Leadership and the Award for Excellence in
                                                                   Engineering Journalism.
The New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards partners would like to thank the following for their support.


We would also like to acknowledge the judges who gave so generously of their time
and the staff and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make these awards possible.
   Te PaPa
26 November

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