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									Lesson Plan - Oral English: Group Discussion

Topic:     Decide which part(s) of Hong Kong you think tourists would find most
           interesting and enjoyable to visit.

Target: S4

Location: MMLC

Enable students to talk in groups with an assigned topic.
Encourage students to obtain information from the internet, other educational software

Previous knowledge:
Ss have learnt some useful expressions when they are having discussion, like the
expressions of showing agreement and disagreement, initiating the discussion and
inviting others’ opinion and etc.

Time     Teaching steps                        Aims                    Materials
5’       -T shows an e-mail message to ss. Arouse ss interest and     an e-mail
                                           provide a learning context message
5’       -T asks questions based on the e-     Focus ss learning
          mail message.
         -T highlights the topic of the e-
          mail message, i.e. plan a visit in
          HK for a foreigner.

25’      -T provides some useful web sites Promote self-access         Web sites:
          and asks ss to surf on the internet learning                 Powerpoint
          to search relevant information                               demonstration
          for the discussion.
         -T distributes draft paper to ss and
          let them jot down some notes
          while they are surfing on the
15’   -T invites ss to present their     Sharing & class discussion

5’    -T shows the useful expressions on Focus ss learning            Powerpoint
       the screen.                                                    presentation

15’   -Ss conduct their group discussion Practice
      -T walks around and evaluate ss’   Feedback and evaluation
       performance.                      with groups.

5’    -T rounds up the lesson            Encourage self learning

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