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									                             October 2003                                                       Page 1 of 12
                             Volume 2, Issue 4

                                                        Lions Pride
                          Eyes On The Future-Accent On Youth
                           District 20-O Monthly Newsletter Bill Fitzgerald, District Governor 2003-2004

                                          throughout the year and tend to         Ed Budd and his committee for
                                          meet a lot of new friends. I            heading up this convention.
                                          would like to suggest that when             Just as a reminder, the
                                          you have your fundraisers, please       M.E.R.L. team is having a learning
                                          set up an information station           session on October 18th at
                                          indicating what Lions, Lioness’         BOCES in Goshen, NY. The
                                          and Leo Clubs are all about. This       session will be from 9 am to 3 pm
                                          is a sure way of all of us to invite    and lunch will be provided, so it
                                          a friend or an acquaintance to          is very important that you call in
                                          our great organization. WE need         for your reservation to PDG Ted
Individual Highlights
                                          to remember that the way into           Blair at 845-856-1638 (home) or
DG Bill’s Message          1
                                          the Lions is by Invitation. So I        845-856-5723 (work) no later
VDG Ed’s Message           2
                                          guess what I am saying is start         than October 16th. This is an
The Leo’s Paw              2
                                          asking people to come to a social       invitation to All Lions, Lioness’
Calendar of Events         4
                                          meeting and see what we are all         and Leos. There will be different
We Welcome the New…
                                          about.                                  speakers from our Multiple
   And Say Goodbye         4
                                              I would also like to say a few      District from New York State
Lions’, Lioness’, Leos’
                                          words on our District Convention        and Bermuda. Please take
   Awards                  4
                                          that is coming up rather quickly.       advantage of this great
Sight & Hearing            4
                                          This Convention is for all Lions,       opportunity while the location is
The Lioness Column         5
                                          Lioness’ and Leos to attend. Our        in our backyard!
Comings & Goings           6
                                          Inter-national Director will be             As we know, Lion Craig
District Reports           7
                                          Scott Neely and his wife, Lion          Thompson is our District Leo
“Where is Robert?”         8
                                          Betty and they are from West            Chairman. Lion Craig has been
District 20-O Convention
                                          Virginia. We are planning to have       doing a great job with the Leos.
  Convention Registration  9
                                          some great seminars and they            We need to get all the paper-
  Convention Delegate Form 10
                                          have been mentioned in the              work on file, so please send a
Thank You Collaters        11
                                          September Newsletter from our           copy of the Clubs Officers and
M.E.R.L. Seminar           11
                                          very own District News Editor/          projects/fundraisers that your
Great PR for Hurley        11
                                          Cabinet Secretary Dina Zager.           Leo Clubs have been doing. It is
Who’s Who In District 20-O 12
                                          So please, read all of your             also important that he Leos
Tid-Bits from Your Editor  12
                                          information and attend this             attend the Convention for we will
                                          wonderful District 20-O                 have seminars for them, so
DG Bill’s Message                         Convention for there is                 please if you have sponsored a
Hello Fellow Lions, Lioness’ and Leos:    information that will be handed         Leo Club, make sure you give
   As we look out the windows, we see     out and you can bring it back to        them a call and offer them a
fall has arrived, but that doesn’t stop   your Club. As a reminder, please        ride. I would love to see a great
the great work we as Lions, Lioness’      bring your Club Banner to have          turn out with the Leos in District
and Leos do for our community. There      it displayed at the Convention.         20-O for EYES ON THE
are many clubs that have fundraisers      A special thanks goes out to VDG
 Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth                                         Page 2 of 12

FUTURE – ACCENT ON YOUTH.                  Secretary Dina Zager) of            Ted and PDG Marv Hankinson
   Just a small note that my fax           $28.00, or $30.00 thereafter.       from Rochester, agree to offer
number is 845-856-6933 and that I          Make your reservations now,         this pertinent information.) Also,
            am looking forward to          bring your club banners, and join   IPDG Glynn Meggison is heading
              seeing you all at the        us. You won’t be disappointed.      up an active club extension
                District Convention on     Please also share this              committee in the District, to be
                Sunday, November 2nd       information with your club          meeting in the near future. I
                at the Holiday Inn in      members.                            would only ask that you, and your
                Fishkill, NY. On my            Information and registration    club members, agree to assist
                final note, I would like   forms on the MD-20 Lake Placid      wherever possible as we address
to thank many of you for sending Get       Convention (May 14-16, 2004)        these issues. We will be
Well cards; your thoughts are very         and the Detroit/Windsor,            contacting key Lions for your
much appreciated! Have a fun and safe      Ontario, Canada International       help.
Halloween!                                 Convention (July 5-9, 2004) has        I would also like to personally
                                           also been distributed through       thank District Leo Chair Craig
                                           the NYS and International           Thompson for his enthusiasm
                                           magazines. We would suggest         and activity with the Leos of 20-
                                           early reservations in each          O. Lion Craig cannot handle this
                                           instance, especially for the Lake   task alone – please ask your Leo
                                           Placid site.                        Club Lion Mentors to be in touch
                                               This newsletter marks the       with Lion Craig and offer
                                           start of Quarter #2 for our         assistance. He has many
                                           Lions year. How are we              progressive ideas and projects
                                           progressing in reaching any goals   on board, just needs your, and
                                           set for the year? Club meetings,    your Leos, help to bring them to
                                           Region and Zone meetings, and       fruition. (How about – “take a
From VDG Ed Budd                           County Sight and Hearing            Leo, or Lion, to lunch – to get
   First --- Lion Diane and I are          meetings should all be underway.    them involved?”)
wishing DG Bill a speedy and complete      (I would like to remind Region         As always, thanks for your
recovery from his recent surgery.          and Zone Chairs to advise me of     attention and cooperation.
Hurry back, Bill and be well!              your meetings. If possible, I
   To Lionism: As you read this, our       would like to attend with a         The Leo’s Paw –
District Convention is approximately       message on M.E.R.L. in the
two weeks away, November 2nd to be         District – Thanks!)
precise. A fine continental breakfast;         The challenges of               Editorial by Leo Becky Briller,
short business meeting; twelve first-      membership and retention            Co-Editor
rate seminars; a message from our          remain paramount. We will be           Last month’s column was
esteemed guest, current                    tackling these, with your help,     spectacular – with special thanks to
International Director Scott Neely;        within the next few months with     Leo Rebecca Young, President of
                                           an action in place. Our own PDG     the Greenwood Lake Leo Club, for
an excellent buffet luncheon;
                                           Ted Blair is presenting a           submitting her well-written article
afternoon entertainment; prizes and
                                                                               about the Patriot Pin Fundraiser! In
surprises; much fellowship and             dynamic leadership seminar on
                                                                               order to make each month’s column
camaraderie --- all packed into the 8      October 18th at the Goshen
                                                                               just as spectacular, we need to hear
am to 4:30 pm timeframe and all for        BOCES complex. (Perhaps old         from you with news from your club!
just the pre-October 20th                  news, but still worthy of note:     Even if it’s only a few sentences, we
registration fee (returned to Cabinet      We’re fortunate to have PDG         love to hear about all of your
 Page 3 of 12                                  Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth

activities so that we can help out one         at the Ralph R. Smith                    Warwick Leo Club News
another. By submitting your column for         School on November 21st           at     By; Leo Becky Briller, Vice President
publication, you are helping fulfill this      7 pm. The cost is $4.00 each and will    The Warwick Leo has been working
year’s Leo theme of “Building Better           feature the Display of Magic by P J      fervently, as the new year
Leaders Through Communication”. We can         Walker.                                  commences. One fundraiser that
all hear your stories and become better                                                 proved successful in the spring is
leaders of our clubs and communities with      Town of Wallkill Leo Club News           being            revived for the fall –
knowledge of everyone else’s activities and    By; Leo Lauren Fitzgerald, Leo’s Paw                        the Leo Car Wash
ongoing projects. As always, we can also       Co-Editor, 1st VP, Town of Wallkill                          on October 12th.
post our articles, view other ones and         Leos                                                         The Leo Club was
check out the latest District Leo Club             I would just like to report that                         also yet again
information form DLC Craig Thompson on         the Leos have volunteered two of                             asked to provide
the Leo Page of the District website           their members to be in the chorus                          Thanksgiving
( Looking forward to         on the day of the Fall Convention.       Baskets at the holiday time. Leo
receiving your Leo article for next month’s    They are just awaiting their             Mike Marshall made a moving
publication!                                   paperwork to start practicing. Also      presentation at the October 3rd
                                               the Leos' did the White Cane Day on      meeting for the Warwick Leos to
Florida Leos                                   Sunday October 5, 2003 along with        sponsor and organize a Liberty Day
By; Leo Tiffany Salonich, Secretary            the Town of Wallkill Mid-Orange          within the schools/community for
   The Florida Leo Club is currently           Lions and raised over $288.00. This      March 16th. On this day, the
planning a Blood Drive on October 24 from      money will be sent to a Sight            American Legion and VFW members
3-8:30 at the S.S. Seward Institute. They      Organization.                            could share their stories with
are also working on this year's projects,          The Leos will be having their        students and other community
which may include: sponsoring a few middle     Installation Dinner on Thursday,         members, civic and political leaders
school dances, cleaning up around the          October 23, 2004 at the Town of          could discuss the Constitution and
outdoor lunch area at the school, and          Wallkill Community Center at 6:30        Declaration of Independence and
planting flowers in front of the school.       and PCC John Wargo will be installing    the Leos could provide a college
                                               the new officers. As of today we         scholarship for the best essay
Greenwood Lake Leos                            will be bringing in 4 new Leos into      contest. Not only would this be a day
By; Leo Rebecca Young, President               our club. We also joined the Lions       of reflection and promise, but a day
   As an update to my report in last           with their monthly South Winds           to celebrate the Declaration of
month’s newsletter, I am very happy to         Bingo and had a great time with the      Independence and the Constitution,
say that the grant for which we applied to     folks. We had our Flea Market on         and allow younger members of the
Walmart for our American Pin Flag sale,        Saturday and raised some funds for       school and community to learn about
has been granted and Walmart will be           the community, but besides that the      these important documents and
contributing $1,000; this is in addition to    weather was great and so was the         their significance. The club is proud
the $50 gift card for future supplies that     company!                                 of Mike for his courage to present
they had previously donated.                       We will be walking in the Stride     in front of his peers and encourages
   The latest plans for our club are plans     Walk for cancer on Sunday October        all Leos to be so inspired to bring
for a Halloween party, a                       19th, at the Woodbury Commons to         ideas to their meetings. The extra
Christmas fundraiser in                        show our support.                        effort added to come with
November as well as getting a                      We will have several Leos that       background information and an
newsletter in place.                           will be attending the Fall Convention    enthusiasm for the project truly
                                               on Sunday, November 2, 2003 to           allows the club to understand the
Hyde Park Leos                                 show support to our DG Bill. Lastly,     reason to become involved in a
By; Leo Danielle, President                    we will have a couple of Leos that       particular project. Everyone hopes
   The Hyde Park Leos were busy with the       will be attending the M.E.R.L training   that next meeting we have several
Lions Flea Market October 4/5 to sell          session on Sunday, October 18th at       more industrious presentations!
Kids and Teen books. In November, we will      BOCES in Goshen. This will be a
hold a bake sale as well as participating in   great learning tool for the future.
the Hyde Park Lions Leo Club Magic Show
 Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth                                               Page 4 of 12

                                             And, We Say Goodbye To                  talking to a newsletter report when
               Calendar of Events            Those No Longer
                                                                                     the seminar was over and here I am
                                                                                     on Friday’s front page! On Thursday
                                             With Us                                 night with dinner, they had a guest
                                             Ellenville Lioness: Hilda               speaker, more seminars on Friday,
Oct 7   DG Visit Tri-Valley Lions            Werner                                  one of which was Mentoring
Oct 9   DG Visit Town of Fallsburg           Middletown: John Masi                   presented by PID Robert Klein The
        Lions                                Tri-Valley: Paul J. Vetter              lead guest speaker was IP Lee who
Oct 11 DG Visit Lumberland Lions                                                     spoke about Innovation, The
Oct 17 DG Visit Monroe Lions                                                         Gateway to Leadership. Other
                                              Lions, Lioness and                     speakers who I attended were Frank
Oct 18 2003-2004 MERL Team Training,
        BOCES, Goshen 9-10 am
                                                 Leo Awards                          Miles, Emory Austin, Dr. Peter
        Registration; 10-3                    Congratulations To                     Lee Powers and Wally Amos, the
        Seminar –Lunch and Snacks                                                    famous Amos Cookie Man. Each
                                             Well Deserving Volunteers               speaker had their own message and
Oct 23 DG Visit Town of Wallkill Leos        This column will feature awards that
Oct 24- 2nd Council Mtg.                                                             story – one was more interesting
                                             have been bestowed upon members         than the next. Frank Miles died in a
25      Binghamton, NY                       throughout the year. Please include
Oct 25 Highland Lions 50th                                                           hang gliding accident and was revived
                                             this information in your Monthly        by doctors and now he uses comics
        Anniversary Dinner                   Activity Report
        Eldred Preserve                                                              to extend laughter and joy to all.
                                             Middletown Lions: Lion PP Charlie       Wally Amos tells of his loss of the
Oct 27 DG Visit Jefferson Lions              Dziengiel who is celebrating his 45th
Oct 28 DG Visit Pawling Lions                                                        cookie industry that he started and
                                             Anniversary in Lionism                  lost only to move forward in life and
Nov 2 District 20-O Convention               New Paltz Lions: Lion Elsie Tolfsen
        Holiday Inn, Fishkill, NY                                                    have 4 books published. So much for
                                             was honored as a Life Member of         the forum. Let’s get on with some
Nov 8 Greenwood Lake Lions Fall              the club. The honoree just
        Festival Buffet/Dance 7-11                                                   20-O Business.
                                             celebrated her 97th birthday at             We are sure that by now you are
        Amer. Legion 1443 $20                Golden Hill in Kingston, NY.
Nov 21 2nd Cabinet Mtg                                                               all set for the 20-O Convention on
        7 pm Gardinertown United                                                     November 2nd at the Holdiay Inn in
        Methodist Church, 1191
                                                        Sight & Hearing              Fishkill. The State Convention this
Union Avenue, Newburgh NY                               What We Do                   year is in Lake Placid on May 14-16.
                                                                                     Please try to attend. By the way, the
Jan 26 DG Visit Hyde Park Lions                         Best                         next USA/Canada Leadership Forum
Feb 20- 3rd Council Mtg.
                                                       A Note From Sight             will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on
21      Syracuse, NY
                                             Chair Lion Frank Bartolotti             or about the same time in Mid-
                                                Still on the road, travelling as     September 2004.
                     We Welcome              your Sight Chair. I attended the            During my visit to the Sight and
                                             USA/Canada Leadership Forum in
                      New Lions                                                      Hearing Meetings, I noticed that
                                             Portland, Oregon on Sept 18-20.         several clubs are showing an increase
                       To Our                Wow! What an experience! So much        in membership. This is wonderful!
                       Clubs…                going on; so much that you want to      Please keep up the good work. The
                      Goshen: Joseph R.      attned, it is unbelievable. On          Orange County Sight & Hearing
Greene, Allison J. Winters, Rich Ardizzone   Thursday afternoon, I attended two      Group was featured in the Times
Kingston: Steven Trast                       seminars, one of which landed me on     Hearald Record (Barbara Bedell’s
Mamakating: Helen Johnson, Rosemary          the front page of Friday’s              column) with Boy Scout Stefan
Romer, Blake Starner                         newsletter. I went to a “First Timers   Nemeth who designed and made
Marlboro-Milton: James Cosgrove              Seminar” late in the afternoon which    eyeglass collection boxes with the
Pine Bush: Grace Meyers                      teaches you how to use the program,     help of his fellow scouts in Troop
Tri-Valley: John Harrop                      but the one that landed me on the       272. Keep up the good work and
Warwick: Christine Stage                     front page was innovative tools for     continue to share and always focus
                                             success. I really didn’t know I was     on the following:
 Page 5 of 12               Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth
 Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth               Page 4 of 12

    a)   Membership and Involvement           Place:   Beacon High School              Competition in New York City, won
    b)   Mmbership and Share                           Theater, 101 Mattewan Rd.,      the prestigious Leschetizky Piano
         Information                                   Beacon, NY                      Prize and was voted "Best Young
    c)   Membership and Membership            The new, state-of-the-art theater        Pianist" by Hudson Valley Magazine.
                                              at Beacon High School is recognized      Ms Tobey is the daughter of Saint
Some Interesting Facts From                   as one of the finest performing arts     Francis Hospital Emergency
Hearing Chair Lion Joyce Maier                venues of its kind in the United         Department physician, Richard
    In 1971, Hearing and Speech Action        States.                                  Tobey, MD and Katherine Tobey, MD
and Work with the Deaf became an              Tickets: Adults-$25 ($14 tax
official program of Lions Clubs               deductible) Sponsorships, student        The Lioness Column
International. The mission statement of       and group discounts available.
                                              Helping Saint Francis Hospital
                                                                                       By The Lioness Clubs Of
the program is:
    To demonstrate concern and respect        Expand its Services to Special           District 20-O
for the dignity and independence of people    Needs Children                           This Month’s Column By:
who have hearing or speech challenges,                              The concert is a   Lioness Darlene Eggler,
with the goal of improving their quality of                         benefit for        Pres.,Ellenville
life.                                                               Saint Francis
                                                                                       Lioness Club
    Individual Lions and Lions Clubs should                         Hospital and its
                                                                                           The Ellenville
be become famliar with the issues                                   new Center for
                                                                                       Lioness Club has
affecting the hearing impaired and learn                            Commun-ication
                                                                                       been busy making
about the medical and technological           and Learning to serve
                                                                                       sleeping bags for
advancesd in hearing and speech.              special needs children diagnosed
                                                                                       the homeless. We
    The following are some of the ways        with Autism, Speech Delays,
                                                                                       complete the
Lions can make a difference:                  Developmental Disabilities, Cerebral
                                                                                       project making 14
    *Become educated. Arrange for             Palsy and
                                                                                       bags; they will be distributed in
speakers at club meetings                     Down Syndrome. The $1.3 million
                                                                                       November. The bags will come with a
    *Arrange hearing awareness projects       Beacon facility-which will also
                                                                                       post card # stamped and addressed
including hearing screenings at health        include a Communication Disorders
                                                                                       back to the Club. We hop to hear
fairs or community events                     site to serve adults with
                                                                                       from some of the recipients, along
    *Collect used hearing aids to be          speech, hearing and swallowing
                                                                                       with the bag a few stamped holiday
refurbished and recycled. Provide             disorders-is scheduled to open in
                                                                                       cards will be included. Our goal is to
communication aids for persons who are        2005
                                                                                       reach family and friends of the
deaf and hard of hearaing                     About Cynthia Tobey
                                                                                       homeless and connect the families.
    *Support the county Lions Speech and      Cynthia Tobey is an accomplished
                                                                                           The club is now working on our
Hearing Conservation Committees and           musician who has performed in some
                                                                                       Penny Social to be held November 1st
their efforst with the Lend an Ear            of the most prestigious concert halls
                                                                                       at St. Mary/St. Andrew Hall in
Program and educational projects              in the country and as a soloist with
                                                                                       Ellenville. This is our main fundraiser
    *Support Camp Badger with your time       The New York Pops Orchestra,
                                                                                       of the year, hoping to see you all
and finances                                  Camerata New York Orchestra,
                                              Juilliard Symphony Orchestra, The
                                                                                           Sorrow to the family of Hilda
Benefit Concert                               Hudson Valley Philharmonic, and the
                                                                                       Werner and our club. Hilda was an
to support the building of the New Center     United States Military Academy
                                                                                       active member in our club who
for Communication and Learning at Saint       Band. A high-honors student at
                                                                                       suddenly passed away this week. She
Frances Hospital featuring Cynthia Tobey      Rhinebeck High School, she is also a
                                                                                       will be missed by all. Our club has
performing selections from composers          student at the world-renowned
                                                                                       also lost a few other members who
including Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and        Juilliard School, Pre-College Division
                                                                                       moved away for various reasons. The
Liszt.                                        where she has been studying for six
                                                                                       club wishes Toby, Jean, Pat and
Date: Sunday, October 26,                     years and recently won The Juilliard
                                                                                       Anne the very best.
Time: 2:00PM                                  Pre-College Concerto Competition.
                                              Ms Tobey also won first place in the
                                              Gifted Young Pianists Concerto
  Lions of 12               Lions – Accent On Youth              Page 6 of 12
 Page 5Pride – Eyes On The FuturePride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth

Comings & Goings                               Hurley Lions Picnic Meeting was a       Lumberland Lions will hold their
                                               great success with 34 Lions and         Pancake Breakfast at the
Around The District                            guests in attendance. The club’s        Lumberland Senior Club on October
By The Secretaries of District 20-O As         Daily 3 Digit Number Tickets will       19th and a Flu Clinic at the Senior
Provided in the Monthly Activity Reports       have drawings held in November          Center on October 27th. The
City of Newburgh Lions conducted their         2003 and May 2004. Lion Tom             Lumberland Seniors covered Dish
3rd Annual Newburgh Lions Fair/Carnival        Bruck attended an Eagle Cermeony in     for Thanksgiving will be held on
Apple Festival; although the weather was       September with the new Eagle Scout      November 20th.
against them, they still managed a modes       Shane Daily. Hurley has been the        Mamakating Lions awarded a
profit with first estimates at $4,000+.        sponsor of Troop 20-Hurley for          Certificate of Appreciation to Tracy
The club is running 15% ahead in their         decades and present each Eagle          Baxter of Cable 6 for his support
Lotto event and predictions are estimated      Scout with an engraved plaque           over the years. The club is finalizing
at $3,500.                                     documenting his achieving the           plans for the annual health fair in
Cornwall Lions donated $250 to the             highest rank in Scouting. This year,    November. The plans for the
Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Annual            the club has had 5 scouts reach         Halloween festivities at the Chase
Golf Tournament and $1000 to the Guiding       Eagle this year.                        School are underway and the
Eyes for the Blind. The club will hold their                    Hyde Park Lions        members are now selling annual
Annual Halloween Art Contest on October                          participated with     raffle tickets.
25th.                                                            Hyde Park             Marlboro-Milton Lions are forming
Goshen Lions welcome Lions Steve                            Community Day with the     a Lions Club Band to represent their
Search as their new club president and is      usual hot dog wagon, soda and baked     club. The club will hold their Holiday
now boasting 34 members. In September,         goods and the Annual Pig Roast in       Party on December 7th at the Ship
the club held its 2nd Annual Lions Picnic      September. In early October, the        Lantern Inn.
sat the VFW Pavilion in Goshen. The club       club participated in the Lions Flea     Middletown Lions conducted their
realized $670 from their raffle which will     Market with the assistance of the       citywide bottle and can drive and
help with future community projects. The       Hyde Park Leos. Music in the Parks      were assisted by 38 members of the
Goshen Club hosted the Zone Meeting for        over the summer months held good        Middletown High School JROTC.
Region 7 Zone 2 at the Orange Inn with         programs but the weather was            Approximately 21,000 cans and
Warwick, Florida and Goshen sharing            uncooperative with only 5 of 13 being   bottles were collected and resulted
ideas.                                         held outside. The Lions and their       in $1063 for the club’s scholarship
Greenville-Waywayanda Lions served hot         families bake, cook and attend for      program. In early September, the
dogs, hamburgers and beverages at the          this event.                             lcub honored their past presidents
Town of Greenville’s Sesquicentennial          Kingston Lions Foundation donated a     at an evening dinner. The club held a
Celebration for almost 10 hours at an          $500 grant to the Hudson Valley         Pancake Breakfast in October and
event which was extremely successful for       Youth Chorale as well as $2,100         plans are underway for a Tricky Tray
both the club and the town.                    to the Flying Fiddlers for a            on November 8th. The club donated
Greenwood Lake Lions are holding their         children’s mentoring program.           $300 to the Juvenile Diabetes
Annual Appreciation Dinner on October          The Foundation is exploring             Assoc. Walk-athon and $100 to the
15th. A donation of $100 was made to           assistance through the                  Hospice of Orange and Sullivan
purchase calendars from the Sigh Society       Foundation and Club for the             Counties, and $175 to the Assoc. for
of Northeastern NY Lions Eye Bank. The         importance of having a system           Visually Impaired. The club approved
club is working towards a Tractor Race for     installed in the UPAC theatre so        the purchase of Video Eye which was
the Spring of 2004. The club will hold         that the hearing impaired can enjoy     donated to the Southwinds
their Fall Festival Buffet and Dance on        the UPAC Programs. The club will        Rtirement Home.
November 8th at the American Legion Post       hold a Holiday Party in December at     Millerton Lions made a donation to
1443 at 7 pm for $20 per person with a         Hillside Manor rather than holding a    the Millerton Fire Department.
cash bar and DJ. The event will benefit        Halloween Party. PDG Ted Zager          Some of the members attended the
the proposed Youth Community Center and        was thanked by LCIF for the club’s      Pine Plains Lions Club 50th
Orange County AHRC. Tickets are                participation and support of the        Anniversary.
available from Lion Helen Kelley at 845-       Habitat project.                        Monroe Lions made $1,036 selling
477-2101.                                                                              cheesecakes at Monroe’s Annual
Page 7 of 12                                    Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth

Cheese Festival. Club members assisted          schools and local chures in preparing   Show in late September. 64 animals
with the annual Monroe Crop Walk in             food baskets for the holidays in        wer treated at a rabies clinic and
September.                                      November and December.                  the club received $313 in donations.
              New Paltz Lions assisted at       Pleasant Valley Lions made a            $500 was donated to a local family
               the Elting Library Fair this     donation of $150 to Visions of North    in need.
               summer by dispensing three       Salem, NY.                              Warwick Lions are assisting with
              buckets of ice cream in four      Port Jervis Lions collected 41 pairs    gathering clothing to soldiers in
           hours with the benefactor the        of glasses and sold hot dogs and        Germany who have been injured and
        Library. Members will hold their        sauerkraut at the Port Jervis Fall      once ready to leave the hospital are
White Cane Drive at Shop Rite in New            Foliage.                                in need of clothing to get home in.
Paltz on October 17 and 18. October is          Rip Van Winkle Lions turned in 196      District Reports
also busy with the prepping for the                     pairs of eyeglasses; the club   From District Diabetes Chair Lion
Annual Halloween Parade and are                            donated $100 to the Lions    Carole Lybolt
procuring candy and apples to be given                     Eye Bank and $150 the            The Juvenile Diabetes
out on Halloween night at 6 pm.                           Hunter Tannersville 7th       Association raised $244 with the 3
Refurbishing and repairing the Lions Road             Grade for a special trip.         walks in our area. Special thanks to
Signs at the New Paltz entry has been           Stanford Lions collected 6 pairs of     Lion Ernie Stoetzner from the
scheduled as the club’s springtime project.     glasses. Members marched in the         Amenia Lions Club, who organized a
Nine Partners Lions staffed a booth at          Stanford Community Day Parade and       walk in his area, recruited 38
the Clinton Community Day to advertise          ran the food booth which made a         walkers and raised over $3,000.
what the Lions are and to recruit new           profit of $722.94. Wood and fuel        Other clubs donating were the
members. For fundraisers, lthe club sold        raffle chances were sold through        Kingston Lions Club, Middletown
sausage and peppers at the Clinton              the beginning of October. The club      Lions Club, Wallkill Lions Club and
Community Day and are holding the annual        made donations to the Alzheimer’s       Millerton Lions Club. Lions donated
Clinton Community Raffle and Community          Foundation, and theFFA Fall Festival    a total of $4,505. Please the
Calendar which will be completed the end        in Pine Plains.                         association in mind as you prepare
of October. The club continues to collect       Town of Ulster Lions collected 206      nex year’s budget.
food at every meeting to supply a local         pairs of eyeglasses.                          Upcoming events are: October
food pantry with canned goods. The club is      Town of Wallkill Mid-Orange Lions       19th, walk for the American Diabetes
providing a $500 semester Scholarship to        held a family BBQ/Board meeting in      Association at Rye Playland in
                    Dutchess Community          late August; the 20 week drawing        Wetchester County. For more info,
                    College for one student     provided PDG Glynn with a $500          call 1-888-diabetes ext 3407.
                   and are donating monies to   prize. The club sold over 45 tickets    Diabetes Expo – the largest expo
               a fund to fully endow the        to the Renegade Game as a Day of        dedicated to people with diabetes
              scholarship.                      Fun in September. The club’s            will be held on Saturday, November
Northern Columbia Lions held a picnic in        fundraiser in September was the         15th at the Jacob Javits Center in
August to organize for their Lions year.        sale of Yankee candles and membes       NYC, for more info, call 1-888-
Local churches were sent letters to see if      are working on their annual Tricky      diabetes ext 3428.
there are local needs that needed               Tray on November 15th. The club
assistance.                                     made donations to YMCA, Juvenile
Pine Bush Lions took in new member              Diabetes, Otterkill and the Leos.
Grace Meyers who made the sausage and           Members are currently working on a
peppers for the Harvest Festival; the club      Membership Drive, a Coat Drive,
raised over $3000; the wheelbarrow of           Holiday Fundraiser and the Food
cheer was raffled, won by Linda Kessler,        Pantry. 372 pairs of eyeglasses and
and made $900. As the result of a phone         two hearing aides were collected.
call from a local woman, the club is                            Tri-Valley Lions ran
covering $700 for two hearing aides for                         a soda booth at the
the woman’s son. The club is tentatively                        Sportsman Youth Day
planning for the flu shot clinic on October                     in September and the
18th; and will be coordinating with the                         Antique Machiner
Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth                                                         Page 8 of 12

From District Lenscrafters Liaison Lion       From PCC John Wargo –                        11-01. Christine is the recipient of a
Jim Calaizaikis                               September 11th Camp                          Certificate of Appreciation from U.S.
   LensCrafters Foundation, in                       The following excerpt is some         Secretary of Defense Donald H.
                                              information on the Double H Camp             Rumsfeld. She has received letters of
partnership with Lions Clubs International
                                              workshop held in late August. Christine      thanks from NASA. Christine
sponsors missions to developing countries.                                                 Dernederlanden continues to put her
                                              Dernederlanden donated 10 skids of
In 1991, we held our first mission to Costa                                                talents to work dealing with sensitive
                                              “Where’s Robert” Grief kits last year to
Rica, helping 8,600 people. Currently the     assist in our Sept. 11th relieve efforts.    subjects for TV and teaching. Christine
mission program has grown to 11 missions      She recently agreed to conduct a             is continuing her studies in the field of
each year, helping 15,000 people during       workshop to the Lions at no cost at the      bereavement at Niagara University. She
each two-week clinic.                         Double H Camp in late August.                resides with her husband and two
   In developing countries, local Lions           Dear Friends I have compiled some        children.
                                              thoughts about the grief camp and my Background
clubs host mission teams, set up clinic
                                              experiences with some of the                     On the last weekend in August 2003
sites, deliver recipients and ensure                                                       something very special happened at the
                                              participants. I hope this helps you see
smooth shipping of equipment.                                                              Double H Hole in the Woods Camp resort
                                              the need and benefit of the project. I do
   Luxottica Retail Associates and            know personally it was a very rewarding      in Lake Luzerne. Through a collaborative
affiliated doctors have the opportunity to    experience. Many networks have been          effort, the Lions Clubs of New York and
apply for mission teams. Once chosen,         made in the United States and Canada         Ontario have sponsored the Friendship
these volunteers travel to developing         within the Lions Clubs, other                Ambassadors and Christine
countries for two weeks, providing eye        professionals and organizations. I have      Derndederlanden, (author of the “Where
                                              been invited back to the Double H Hole in    is Robert” grief kit), to help provide a
exams and recycled glasses to thousands
                                              the Woods camp to participate in their       weekend get-away designed for those
of people.                                                                                 whose lives have been handicapped by
                                              bereavement camp taking place October
   In addition, Luxottica Retail vendors                                                   grief. The camps are intended for
                                              3 to 5. I plan from here on to continue to
who sponsor missions have the opportunity     work with individuals and organizations to   families that have lost a loved one, a job
to experience missions as team members.       promote the camps along with the grief       or face other difficulties due to the
Provided by LensCrafters Foundation           crusade. I witnessed first hand the value    September 11th tragedy. These programs
International Missions 2003.                  of the “Where is Robert?” grief kit, it      are free of charge; some are specifically
From District Leo Chair Lion Craig            created an environment that allowed the      designed for children, while others at the
                                              children to share their grief. Not only      weekend get-away are designed for all
                                              did the children benefit but the             family members. The Lions Clubs have
Just a reminder. Please confirm that you                                                   always been known as “Knights of the
                                              teenagers and adults requested to be
have received information for the District                                                 Blind” and as supporters of those with
                                              part of the grief workshop and receive
Convention Leo Workshop and Leo Chorus        the “Where is Robert?” grief kit. This       physical restrictions, however it was
and have passed it on to your Leo             was the first time a grief workshop had      clear that the children were proving to
Members. Information on both of these         been incorporated into the grief camp        be the heroes. They were all sharing
two activities can be found on the Leo        and it was received very well.               their stories and helping one another deal
Page of our website,            If you need any other information or     with their grief. We are hoping through
                                              more details please do not hesitate to       this pilot project tat Lions clubs around
I would be delighted to hear back from
                                              contact me         the world will join in the crusade against
the Leo Advisors. I know some of you must                                                  grief.
                                              If you have any suggestions or can help in
have an idea or two that you would like to
                                              the Lions Grief Crusade Project please
share. Perhaps you are having a particular    visit the web sight or contact Hank Van
difficulty with your club that I or other     Moorsel at Hank is the
advisors maybe could help with. I am here     recipient of a certificate of appreciation
for you but need to hear from you in order    from the Lions International for his
to be of service to our District Leo Clubs.   years of dedication and starting the
Let’s stay in touch and work together         grief kit project.
“Building Better Leaders Through              Biography of Christine Dernederlanden
                                                  At the age of 14, Christine’s only
                                              brother Robert fell to his death over the
                                              Niagara Falls Gorge in 1986. Six months
                                              later Christine was suspected of having
                                              bone cancer. Christine is the author of
                                              “Where is Robert?”, the grief kit that
                                              aided over 6000 families affected by 9-
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                                               Lions District 20-O
                                        Fall Convention Reservation Form
Who:                    All Lions, Lioness’ and Leos
What:                   Seminars – Luncheon – Fellowship – Fun – Sharing Ideas
Where:                  Holiday Inn Conference Center
                        542 Route 9, Fishkill, NY 12524
                        Phone: (845) 896-5410
When:                   Sunday, November 2, 2003
Registration Opens: 8:00 am
Plenary Session:        9:15 am
Seminars:               All Day
Ending By:              4:30 pm
Cost:                   Registration, Continental Breakfast and Luncheon $30.00 each
Save:                   Early Bird Discount (before October 21)            $28.00 each
Please list the following members who will be attending this year’s Fall Convention:
Club Name:      _______________________________________________________________
President:      _______________________________________________________________
Secretary:      _______________________________________________________________
Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:   _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes     □No

Registrant’s Name:     _______________________________Phone #:__________________□Yes   □No
Make check payable to: District 20-O
Mail to:               Dina Zager, Cabinet Secretary
                       PO Box 430, Port Ewen, NY 12466
Return before:         October 21, 2003 (to take advantage of Early Bird Discount)
Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth                                            Page 10 of 12

 Lions District 20-O
 Fall Convention Delegate From
 November 2, 2003
 Holiday Inn, 542 Route 9, Fishkill, NY

 Please list your voting delegates by name on this form. Return to Lion Dina Zager, Cabinet Secretary, PO Box 430,
 Port Ewen, NY before OCTOBER 25, 2003.

 Members will be asked to vote on the site for the Fall 2004 Convention.

 Name of Club:          _________________________________________                Number of Club Members:
 Name of President:     _________________________________________

 Names of Voting Delegates: (please print)                      Alternates: (please print)
    1.     ___________________________________                  1.      __________________________________

    2.      ___________________________________                 2.         __________________________________

    3.      ___________________________________                 3.         __________________________________

    4.      ___________________________________                 4.         __________________________________

    5.      ___________________________________                 5.         __________________________________

    6.      ___________________________________

    7.      ___________________________________

    8.      ___________________________________

    9.      ___________________________________

    10.     ___________________________________

 Delegates will be asked to vote on the Site for 2004 District 20-O Convention. The choices are:
         Holiday Inn, Fishkill, NY                       BOCES Vo-Tec, Goshen, NY
         Ramada Inn, Newburgh, NY                        Ramada Inn, Poughkeepsie, NY
  Page 11 of 12                                Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth

And A Thank You From the                       with lunch provided.                     told the board the entire project
Newsletter Editor Dina Zager                      Our MERL presenters will              would be funded by the Lions Club as
Please join me in thanking the following       be Multiple District (NYS &              well as maintained by them with the
Leos for their help with assembling            Bermuda) leaders PDG Ted Blair,          assistance of several groups the
(folding, affixing stamps and mailing seals)   and PDG Marv Hankinson who will          Club sponsors including the Boy
of the District Newsletter (Convention         be coming from the Rochester area        Scouts, Girl Scouts an Cub Scouts.
Issue-Sept. 2003) on September 19th at         to be with us.                              Although looking to include the
the BOCES in Goshen.                              PDG Marv will be presenting           Garden Club and other community
                                               sessions about Lions Membership          organizations, the financial burden
                                               and Retention and PDG Ted will be        of the project and its subsequent
Warwick Leos: President Tim Getz, VP
                                               speaking on Lions Leadership.            maintenance would be borne by the
Becky Briller, IPP Emily Thompson,
                                               There will also be a power point         Lions Club Robinson said. Robinson
Treasurer Melissa Fischetti, Director
                                               presentation on Lions Extension.         estimated the dollar value of the
Erin Cassidy, Leo Alex Schmeider
                                                  Please note that the session is       project which includes the gazebo,
                                               open to all Lions and we are asking      landscaping and flowers to be
                                               that all Lion and Lioness clubs in       between $165,000 and $20,000.
                                               20-0 send a representative to the            “We see this as a place for a
                                               session, if at all possible.             grandfather and grandson to sit
                                                  PDG's Ted and Marv will be            back and relax at after taking a
                                               offering a dynamic, interactive          walk,” Robinson said.
                                               series on the challenges facing Lions       The Hurley Lions Club which was
                                               clubs in the MERL areas and              established over 49 years ago is
                                               methods that clubs may incorporate       associated with the Lions
                                               to overcome these challenges.            International. The group is noted for
Florida Leos: President Malika Aiyer, VP       Please bring your suggestions as well    their donations of eyeglasses to
Mary Lee Shorr, Secretary Tiffany              to share with the other Lions in         those in need as well as providing
Salonich and Leo Matthew Keleman               attendance.                              assistance to the blind or visually
                                                  Again, all Lions are invited to       challenged. According to Robinson,
                                               participate, club MERL Chairs and        the Hurley Lions generosity over the
                                               general membership together!             years has reached into the hundreds
                                                  Please contact PDG Ted Blair at       of thousands of dollars.
                                               845-856-1638 (H) or 845-856-5723            Robinson requested town board
                                               (B) by Thursday, 10/16, to confirm a     support for the aesthetically
                                               reservation (to allow time for the       pleasing-to-the-eye proposal as well
                                               lunch orders).                           as their input which begins with the
                                               From the Daily Freeman –                 focus of a site selection. Robinson
And, last but not least, a special thanks to   Great PR for Hurley Lions Club           encouraged a call for total
VDG Ed and Lion Diane Budd for their            The Hurley Lions Club presented         community involvement with choosing
help that evening, and last but not least to   town officials with an offer to          the site and was unaware of any
my husband, PDG Ted Zager for the many         provide residents with a visual as       available plots at the moment. Exact
hours he spent with stapling and address       well as relaxing spot for all to enjoy   details of the size and any
labeling, my sincerest thanks!                 during this week’s town board            landscaping plans would be
                                               meeting.                                 dependent on the site, Robinson
                                                  Lion Club President Dennis            noted. IN addition, Robinson offered
Membership, Extension,                                                                  residents the opportunity to write
                                               Robinson said his organization was
Retention, and Leadership                                                               the Lions with any site options. Their
                                               responding to a call for suggestions
District 20-0 session will take place on                                                address is Hurley Lions Club, PO Box
                                               posed to residents in the town’s
Saturday, October 18th, at the Goshen                                                   261, Hurley, NY 12443
                                               March newsletter regarding the idea
BOCES complex on Gibson Road in the                                                     By Donna Cafaldo, Correspondent,
                                               of a town center.
Town of Goshen. The session will be from                                                Daily Freeman, September 24,
                                                  Armed with a photo of the
9 AM to 3 PM                                                                            2003
                                               proposed gazebo, Robinson continued
   Lions Pride – Eyes On The Future – Accent On Youth                                     Page 12 of 12

                                             Cabinet Secretary Dina Zager
                                             (PDG Ted)
                                             (845) 339-1738
                                             Speech & Hearing Chair Joyce
                                             Maier (Lion David)                              From Your
                                              (845) 876-6390
                                               Newsletter Editor
                                             Cabinet Treasurer Bruce B. Rohner   By Cabinet Secretary
                                             (Cathy)                             Dina Zager
                                             (845) 477-2725
                                                                                 Information to be included in
   Who’s Who In District 20-O       or
                                                                                 the State Magazine is due into
   DG Bill Fitzgerald (Lion Maryann)         District Chaplain Rev. John E.      me no later than October 23rd.
   (845) 858-8557                            Capen (Beatrice) (845) 564-0654     Please send me your photos or or                        fundraising stories by email                                                          (, by fax
   PDG Glynn Meggison (Lion Helene Roeder)
                                                                                 (845-339-3040) or by mail,
   (845) 856-3455
                                                       We’re on the Web!         Dina Zager, PO Box 430, Port
                                                                                 Ewen, NY 12466
   VDG Ed Budd (Lion Diane)                                See us at:
   (845) 343-5837                      
   Sight Chair Frank Bartolotti (Lion Ann)
   (845) 677-6064

Lion Dina Zager
Newsletter Editor/Cabinet Secretary
PO Box 430
Port Ewen, NY 12466

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