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									Regional Housing Policy and
        An Overview
          Phil Toal
       Housing Manager
  A coherent National Focus?
• Government policy
- Planning Policy Statement 3 : Housing
- Housing Green Paper “ Homes for the Future”
- Institutional /organisation arrangements
- Comprehensive spending review 2007
• Economic movements
• Interest rates and borrowing
• Price/Value dominated headlines – affordability
  and exclusion
• Dynamic markets: changes are rapid – defining
  and understanding
• US and international global effects
• demographic change and economy: financial
  sector, distribution pattern of income stronger?
     A complex national and sub national
• PSA Framework – Balance markets and provide
  decent homes
• Barker Reviews - Housing supply and Land Use
• Hills Review of future of social housing
• Cave review of regulation
• New Homes Agency
• NHPAU advice on affordability
• CLG research and guidance
• Welfare reform green paper
Complex National Framework

  • Pan regional – Northern way “ Quality of
  • Regional, Sub-regional, local strategic and
    delivery roles
  • Functioning markets not administrative
    boundaries- City regions
  • Inspection and accountability-
    comprehensive area assessments
  • Multi and local Area Agreements
  • Tenant and community empowerment
Sub National Review

  • Economic Development and Regeneration
  • Cross cutting review prior to CSR 07
  • Economic and housing market interrelations
  Key implications :
  • Strengthening Local Authorities –and align local
    funding streams
  • Sub regions on a statutory basis? MAAs
  • Cross boundary development frameworks
Sub National Review (cont.)

  Reducing regional clutter
  • Single Regional Strategy – CLG and DBERR
  • Regional Assemblies cease in current form
  • RDAs – regional planning body , regional strategy
    lead - new outcome framework
  • LAs to agree strategy with RDA and scrutinise
  • Regional Funding Allocations – 2nd round + expanded
  • Further consultation planned
  • New Regional ministers already appointed
  • Regional select committees
  • Regional Housing Boards and housing’s voice?
Housing Green Paper July 2007
  • Increasing the number and rate of house building
    - 3m by 2020;
  • Improving the planning system;
  • Making public sector land available for house
  • Recycling existing land and buildings;
  • Providing appropriate infrastructure;
  • Improving the design and quality of new homes;
  • Greening and reducing the environmental impact
    of new homes;
  • Providing more social housing and help for first
    time buyers;
  • Improving the way the mortgage market works;
  • Improving skills and capacity in the building
Housing green paper – some thoughts

  • more housing welcomed -contribution to the national 3
      million homes by 2020 ? Quality more than a simple increase in
  •   growth points and eco-towns- is supported – current
      RSS/RHS must not be compromised.
  •   use more public sector land – in the best locations
  •   dealing with low demand is supported- and is
      currently recognised in both RSS and RHS;- helps with
  •   setting of affordable rural housing targets by
      housing market areas.
  •   Planning and housing delivery grant -in some areas
      delivery targets should not be exceeded.
Green paper ( cont.)

  • Delivering affordable housing- supports the findings of
    recent regional studies
  • reuse of previously developed land and buildings
    is supported -consistent with RSS and RHS.
  • Better design and greener homes supports
    sustainable development- but energy use in the
    existing stock?
  • Mortgage markets- more than just government.
  • Skills and capacity of the construction sector
  • Mini-review of RSS - reviewing housing provision will
    have implications for other aspects
An emerging Single Integrated Regional
• Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS)– new
  housing provision, condition and location
• Regional Housing Strategy – stock renewal,
  quality and community needs
• Regional Economic Strategy – type, quality
  and aspiration
• Sustainability and Integrated Regional
• New regional level “architecture”
Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) 2004 -
•   More than numbers – location and focus
•   Total dwelling construction
•   Improving the housing stock
•   Strategic Housing Market Assessments
•   Dwelling provision net additions plans
•   LDF requirements and conformity
•   Mini review – contribution to 240,000 per
    year by 2016
Regional Housing Strategy 2007

  1. To rejuvenate the housing stock
  2. To ensure the supply, type and mix of
     new housing meets social and economic
     needs and provides choice…
  3. To secure the improvement and
     maintenance of existing housing …
  4. To promote good management and
     targeted housing investment to address
     specific community and social needs ….
Regional Housing Strategy 2007

  Cross cutting issues:
    • Sustainable development and
      climate change
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Design quality
    • Innovation
    • Community cohesion and respect
•   Addressing market exclusion
•   Quality of place
•   Urban and rural complex interaction
•   Keeping pace with economic growth
•   Getting the mix right
•   Community Land trusts
•   Intermediate housing products
•   Choice based lettings
Improving existing homes

  •   Decent homes and beyond
  •   Loans and grants in the private sector
  •   Energy use and insulation
  •   Respect and tackling antisocial
Supported housing and community

  •   Supporting people
  •   Accessible Homes Grants/ adaptations
  •   Housing for an ageing society
  •   Extra care provision
  •   Homelessness
  •   Ex offenders
  •   People with particular problems
  •   BME requirements
  •   Gypsies and Travellers
Spatial levels of working

  • Sub regional working- four sub regional
    strategies – city regions ?
  • Functional housing market
  • Prioritisation through partnership
  • Funding streams – expect more
    realignment – more leverage and more
    efficiencies from investments?
      North East region

Affordability as part of market
North East Quarterly Sales and Ave House Prices 1996-2006
2005   Age
Tackling market exclusion

  • Not all about new supply – only 15% of sales
  • Housing as a personal investment- borrowing on
    value – 264Bn
  • Buyer subsidy effects
  • Buy to let and buy to leave – now over 11 % of
    new mortgages
  • Empty properties and second homes
  • Land supply and house prices relationship
  • Building society lending policies
  • Housing Benefit rules and regulations – Local
    Housing Allowances?
Some final thoughts

  • Shifting regional picture - fundamentals
  • Local Government reform
  • Cross boundary working
  • Strategy and delivery
  • So much more than just numbers – but
    supply focus increased
  • CSR 07 and further consultation
  • Costumers and consumers, citizens and

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