Multimedia Storyboard Template Volunteers of America by chenmeixiu


									                                                Volunteers of America
                                                Greenwood Food Bank
                                                        Video Storyboard

PITCH: Oct 8th (v3)
TITLE of Project: Food Bank Overview Orientation
Date Created: Fall 2010

  Rough sketch of       Narration, voiceover script, dialogue,   Narration, voiceover script, dialogue, sound effects, music, etc.
  the shot. Stick       sound effects, music, etc.
  figures acceptable.
  1. Shot of generic    Picture of volunteers of America’s       You have made the first step to solving hunger in your
  food bank building    Greenwood Food Bank outside              neighbourhood. Currently 1 in 8 individual in the country
                        with clients wrapping around             receive food assistance. Food banks distribute needed food and
                        building. With voice over                none of this would be possible without your help. Your
                                                                 contribution as a volunteer is greatly appreciated and needed.
                                                                 (15 seconds)
    2. Interview with    Testimonial from 4 or 5 customers        Interviewer:
    clients.             The interviewer asks the questions off   What does the food bank mean to you? What do you
                         camera and only the clients‟ answers     appreciate about the food bank? What difference is the food
                         are recorded. Responses are edited       bank making in your life?
                         together to form a brief composite of    (60 seconds)
                         clients responding to what the food
                         bank means to them.
    3. Interview with    Interview 4 or 5 volunteers.             Interviewer:
    volunteers           Same concept as in previous scene,       Why do you volunteer here? Tell us what you appreciate about
                         but with volunteers.                     being a volunteer. What have you learned from your experience
                                                                  as a volunteer?
                                                                  (45 seconds)
    4. Inside the food   How a food bank operates.                Food banks are typically organized in a way to efficiently serve
    bank view of the     different shots of:                      their customers. Six common groupings for food distribution
    stations for         Brief (5 second) shots of food in the    are:
    distributing food    food bank organized into their typical   1) Dairy
                         categories.                              2) Protein, Eggs and Meat
                                                                  3) Produce
                                                                  4) Baked Goods
                                                                  5) Canned or Dried Goods
                                                                  6) Infant & Baby Formula
                                                                  (30 seconds)

    5. Show a text page TEXT Show the purpose of the               The purpose of this video is to maximize your understanding of
    indicating the three video and have three areas appear as      how the food bank process works and the vital role you play.
    areas the training   text as mentioned in the voice over       At the end of this video you will have a general understanding
    will cover                                                     of the following:
                                                                       1) Food Bank Work Flow
                                                                       2) Food Safety and Handling
                                                                       3) Personal Safety
                                                                   (15 seconds)
    6. Chart indicating   Text Voice over and have the work        In order to ensure the food bank experience is positive for the
    5 steps of work       flow steps appear in a flow chart as the volunteers and the clients, it is important that the activities of
    flow                  steps are mentioned in the voice over    the food bank work in an effective, consistent, and well-
                                                                   organized manner. We call this process work flow. Work flow
                                                                   can be broken into five areas:
                                                                       1) Acquire
                                                                       2) Receive
                                                                       3) Sort
                                                                       4) Inventory
                                                                       5) Distribute
                                                                   (20 seconds)
    7.                    ACQUIRE                                  The first part of the work flow process is acquiring. Acquiring
                          Shot of food barrels unloaded from       simply means to receive food donations from local food vendor
                          truck. With voice over text              organizations or individual contributors.
                                                                   (15 seconds)
    8.                    RECEIVING                                The second step of the work flow process is receiving. When
                          Bigger Truck unloading food on dock receiving food donations, as a volunteer, you will unload the
                          NWH or FLL shot. With voice over         food, weigh it, evaluate it and put it away.
                          text                                     (15 seconds)

    9.    SORTING                               In the sorting part of the work flow, each food donation item is
          Show person sorting canned goods      sorted into its appropriate category based on the food bank‟s
          and putting into appropriate category.process in order to make it easier to distribute.
          With voice over text                  (15 seconds)
    10.   INVENTORY                             Once food is sorted, the food is then stored at a specific, pre-
          Shot of food being inventoried        determined location, which makes it easier to locate the food
          With voice over text                  when it is time to distribute the food.
                                                (15 seconds)
    11.   DISTRIBUTION                          The final part of the work flow process is distribution. You
          Food Being pulled from inventory and will pull food from inventory and stage in food bank for
          put up into the food bank and being   distribution to customer. (15 seconds)
          shelved. With voice over text
    12    PAUSE PART I of VIDEO                 Trainer will interact with group. Any questions? This is what
                                                we‟ve talked about. Overall work flow. Let‟s review.
                                                (300 seconds)
    13.   Picture of someone cleaning food      The second part of the video will cover safety, both 1) food and
          bank. With voice over text            2) personal safety.
                                                (15 seconds)
    14.   TEXT “Food Safety is Job One in a     Food safety and quality is a very important concern of all food
          food bank”. Have the five items flow banks. Food safety encompasses the following areas.
          into text page as voice over read the     1) Cleanliness
          text.                                     2) Food handling
                                                    3) Evaluating
                                                    4) Repackaging
                                                    5) Storage
                                                (30 seconds)

    15.   CLEANLINESS                         Cleanliness consists of hand washing and wearing gloves.
          Picture of someone washing their    Proper hand washing is one of the most important ways to
          hands and wearing gloves as they    prevent illness from foods. It‟s very important you wash your
          approach an area to sort produce.   hands the right away to prevent the spread of germs. Wash
          With voice over for text            your hands with warm, soapy water for 20 seconds,.
                                              Secondly, always wear gloves when repackaging bulk foods
                                              like rice, beans and oats.
                                              And last but not least, if you‟re not feeling well please stay at
                                              home to prevent the spread of germs.
                                              (30 seconds)
    16.   FOOD HANDLING                       When handling food, take the time to evaluate the food, tossing
          Picture of unusable foods. With a   any food that has the following attributes:
          voice over.                         Severely Dented – small dents are OK if not on rim or seams.
                                              Out of date
                                               (15 seconds)

          EVALUATING                              Evaluating is the process of determining the freshness of all
    17.   Picture of volunteers evaluation food   donated foods, including
          with voice over describing the food     Dairy
          categories in the text box              Produce
                                                  Protein, Eggs and Meat
                                                  Baking Goods Products
                                                  Canned or Dry Goods
                                                  Infant Formula & Food

                                                  This is something that you will get more familiar once you‟ve
                                                  had more experience in the food bank. Refer to your food
                                                  banks food safety evaluation guideline if you have questions
                                                  regarding the safety of the food you‟re working with. When in
                                                  doubt, throw it out is the biggest rule of food banking safety.
                                                  (30 seconds)
    18.   Final Thought on evaluating             As a final thought, something to keep in mind when thinking
          Shot of foods lined up in order of      about food safety is time sensitivity . Some foods expire more
          expiration dates. From left to right    quickly than others; produce and dairy have the shortest life
                                                  span. Canned goods have the longest life span. Whenever
                                                  you‟re handling foods, it‟s important to check the expiration
                                                  date, whether it‟s when you‟re receiving the food, sorting it or
                                                  distributing it. Never distribute out-dates baby food, each item
                                                  needs to be inspected (15 seconds)

    19.   RE-PACKAGING                            One of the important tasks of the food bank volunteers is to re-
          Shot of volunteers working in the       re-package bulk food donation into smaller quantities for
          repackaging area. With voice over for   distribution. Bulk items range from rice, oats, beans, lentils
          text                                    animal foods to diapers
                                                  (15 seconds)

    20.   STORAGE                                 When storing food, it‟s important to remember to move the
          Show volunteer walking into the         food from evaluation into the refrigerator, freezer, or specified
          refrigerator, check at temperature      inventory process.
          gauge, making an entry on the           (15 seconds)
          temperature. With voice over for text

    21.   VOLUNTEER SAFETY                        Another component to a successful volunteer experience.
          Text stating „Volunteer Safety‟         Volunteer safety is important to insure a healthy and positive
          Flow in below items during voice over   experience for the volunteers. Volunteer safety includes the
             1) Bending & Lifting                 following areas:
             2) Stacking                          (15 seconds)
             3) Warehouse safety (moving &
             4) Emergency procedures
    22.   LIFTING                                 Lift with your legs not your back. When possible setup sorting
          Picture of person correctly lifting     area so they are waist high to prevent excess bending & lifting.
          With voice over text                    If it‟s too heavy don‟t pick it up work with another volunteer to
                                                  move items.
                                                  (15 seconds

    23.   STACKING                                 Stack boxes only to chest/shoulder height.
          Picture of appropriately stacked items   Make sure crates are firmly station on palette.
          in warehouse. With voice over            Think safety
                                                   (15 seconds)

    24.   WAREHOUSE SAFETY                         It is important to be aware of other volunteers while moving
          Picture of volunteer safely moving       pallets. Return dollies to storage location when not in use.
          palettes in warehouse                    Remove miscellaneous items from isles. Clean up any spills
          With voice over                          immediately. Wear closed toed shoes in the food bank.

                                                   Report any safety concerns to the lead or director
                                                   (15 seconds)

    25.   EMERGENCY PROCEDURES                     It is very important to know the emergency procedures of the
          Picture of exit route and fire           food bank. Such as exits, fire extinguishers, disaster plan and
          extinguishers.                           customer disturbance plans
                                                   (15 seconds)

    26.   OVERVIEW                                The goal of the video was to provide you a sense of how a food
          Reuse text shot from item 5             bank functions and feeling of the tasks you as a volunteer might
                                                  be asked to support your local food bank. Individual food bank
             1) flow of food bank (five different processes will vary but they are all concerned with work flow,
                areas                             food safety and volunteer safety. The individual food banks
             2) Food Safety                       will have additional information and training we have
             3) Personal Safety                   discussed in the video.
                                                  (30 Seconds)

    27.   Picture of happy volunteer       This is a volunteer that knows what they‟re doing, they‟re safe,
                                           know what process is.

                                           Volunteer testimonial: Enjoy doing this and have a chance to
                                           do something they‟ve never done before. Illustrate positive
                                           experience for volunteer benefiting people. Doing something
                                           for community.
                                           (30 seconds)
    28.   Clients being happily served     Happy volunteers = happy clients
                                           (10 seconds)

    29.   Full Circle                      Volunteers are doing something for their community. Good
          Pan out to outside of building   karma and work with people that have good energy and
          People out on dock waving        enthused.
                                           Empowered individuals are donating their time and skills to
          Happy volunteers out on dock     better their community and help those in need…that‟s
                                           definition of volunteering 
                                           (10 seconds)


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