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					                                Regent on the River

                                           * Newsletter *
               WELCOME                                                     INSIDE......

 Summer is here.............                                               NOTHING BUT GOOD NEWS!!!!

             The             is shining..

         Wimbledon ...22nd June-5th July                               Lift refurbishment on schedule..

         BBC Proms...7th July...12th Sep

 Ashes.8th July.            Glastonbury.26th–28th June                  Train station opening soon..

                CONGRATULATIONS TO:                                     River walkway re opened...
  Mr and Mrs Ho
  on the birth of their son:
                   Arthur Phillip Ho Wei Chong.

 Mr & Mrs Hadden                                                        Public gardens open next
 on the birth of their daughter, Baby HADDEN.                           month..

Mrs Collins

                                                             Meet the... Delamain boy’s....
                                                             ..who meet .......Piers Morgan..
  who recently celebrated her   96th Birthday
 Mrs Mc Carthy                                                   * new in this *

  enjoy your   80th birthday next month. why not
  have a..                                                                  HAVE A GREAT
       Summer Sunset Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

    Mix together equal measures of ORANGE &
CRANBERRY juice, add LEMONADE to taste. Stir
well & pour over crushed ice. Garnish with a wedge
                     of LIME.

                                                                       RIVER WALL REPAIRS...

The lift refurbishment works continue:                               ...have now been completed.

                                                               If you do not have a key to access the
Lift No 4...                                                  Walkway, they are available at reception.
18 – 51 Ferrymans Quay:                                       Please make sure that you lock the gates
                                                                      each time you use them.
is now back in service.
Lift No 14...
52 – 70 Watermans Quay:
is also now back in service.
Lift No 7...
96 – 121 Watermans Quay:
was taken out of service on 22nd June & is
expected to be back in service on or
before the 31st Aug.
  LIFT INTERNAL REFURBISHMENT                                                  COUNCIL

THE INTERNAL FITTINGS HAVE BEEN AGREED BY                   From 1st April this year, Hammersmith & Fulham
    THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOLLOWING                        Council are charging Residents for the removal of
 FURTHER DISCUSSIONS WITH THE INSTALLERS                    items that do not go out with the weekly refuse
& FUTURE WORKS ON LIFTS WILL COORDINATE                     collection.
                                                            Fridges, dishwashers, large pieces of furniture,
                                                            beds, wardrobes, etc, will be removed at a cost of
                                                            £15 for 1-3 items.
Lift No 18...
1 -29 Sailmakers Court:                                            TO HAVE THESE ITEMS REMOVED
Expected to be taken out of service on
7th Sep
The residents of this block will be
notified nearer the time.
                 -------                                    RESIDENTS MUST FIRST CALL THE COUNCIL &
 During these works, there will be NO lift service to       PAY BY CARD OVER THE PHONE , OR SEND A CHEQUE
               the respective blocks.                       BEFORE THE ITEMS ARE COLLECTED .

  There is a temporary member of staff, Thomas,
    available between 9am & 1pm, to help with                           THE TELEPHONE NO IS:
       Shopping, Post, Refuse collection etc.                               020 8753 1100
                      ---------------                       PLEASE DO NOT DUMP ANY UNWANTED ITEMS OUTSIDE
                                                            YOUR APARTMENT OR BY RECEPTION .
   Thank you for your patience during the works.
                                                            ITEMS MAY BE LEFT OUT ON THE ARRANGED DAY OF
                                                            COLLECTION .

               IMPERIAL WHARF                                                   MARINA

                                                           There was a proposal to build a Marina at
                                                                       Imperial Wharf.

               TRAIN STATION                                   The application has been refused by
                                                                 Hammersmith & Fulham Council.


Latest information is that the STATION
will open in SEPTEMBER 09.
The Station will be served by the present
overland     service between    CLAPHAM

   Clapham Junction (Gatwick Airport / Brighton)
   Imperial Wharf
   West Brompton (District Line)
   Kensington Olympia
   Shepherds Bush (Central Line)
   Willesden Junction (Birmingham / North West)

                                                        It was reported in the local paper, Hammersmith & Fulham
                                                        News, that Sainsbury’s has bought the land adjacent to their
                                                        store in Townmead Road. According to the paper...

                                                        “The company intends to demolish the site’s derelict
                                                        buildings, and then expand its existing 35,000 ft²
                                                        supermarket into the 3½ acres of neighbouring land.
                                                        Sainsbury’s are also proposing to build new housing & create
                                                        public spaces and enhanced access to a riverside walkway
                                                        within the development.”

                                                        Sainsbury’s is likely to submit a planning application to the
                                                        local council within the next 12 months.

                                                                              that offer this and we are very lucky in the things that we get
                                                                              to do. I have been to Rome three times, sung at the Vatican,
Meet the Delamain’s                                                           been on tour to Prague, Krakow and Ireland; sung at the
                                                                              Albert Hall, at Kensington Palace, in salt mines! Sung for
I’m Hugo and I am fifteen. Oh no, another lanky adolescent! If
                                                                              royalty and film stars like Roger Moore and on Tuesday we
you are unlucky enough to live anywhere near us in Ferryman’s
Quay then you have probably learnt that one of us likes to play
                                                                              are going to Abbey Road to record a film sound track. Every
music: guitar and bass. That would be me. However, to your                    week during term time, we sing at 6pm Mass at the London
possible relief, I love reading, sleeping and eating too. Obviously           Oratory, Brompton. I really enjoy being in Schola and the stuff that
being the oldest son I have to set an example to my younger                   we do.
brothers which is getting more interesting now I’m a teenager,
but that’s standard stuff. You might see us playing football,
cricket or having a friendly game of rugby… without the ball.                 Hi! My name is Kit and I am ten years old. I am a boy, the youngest
                                                                              in our family and I was born in Oman where my English parents
It can be a bit of a squeeze living in a flat but I do love living here       were living at the time. I play the trombone and used to play the
because being near the river is great and life is that much easier            drums but that is not a good instrument to practice when living in a
with the fantastic management team. I am in year 10 and go to                 flat! I go to the Oratory Primary School which is in Sydney Street,
school at The London Oratory which is right next to Fulham                    Chelsea and often walk to and from school with my Mum. My
Broadway, meaning it is easy for me to get to school. There I have            favourite subjects at school are ICT, Maths and History. I really
just finished GCSEs a year early in French, English Literature,               enjoy books called 'Horrible Histories’ because they tell you things
English Language, Religion and Maths and feel that those have all             from a long time ago in a useful and interesting way.
gone well – results in August. Already I have started AS levels in
Maths, English and begun GCSE Spanish. Aside from those, next                 My hobbies are cooking, making Lego models, rowing, cricket and
year I will be taking GCSEs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History,          horse riding. I love baking because it is fun and it usually tastes
Latin and Music. I am looking forward to putting the rote learning            lovely. Everyone else enjoys it too! Horse riding is really interesting,
requirements of GCSEs behind me and the lack of colour and                    there is so much to learn. I feel very lucky that we live at Regent on
imagination involved.                                                         the River, the people I know here are so kind, but I am also lucky
                                                                              that I can go to the countryside to stay with my Great Aunt Alex
I adore music and spend much happy time writing songs when I                  during half terms and holidays. We have the best time. She has dogs
should be doing homework, but honestly what’s more important?                 and ducks and chickens and a pony called Symphony who I am
I am also a keen rower which, at the moment, is not benefited by              learning to ride. My Dad knows everything about horses so it is
the fact I live right next to the river, so anyone in favour of a             great that although we live in Fulham, I can learn about horses just
Regent on the River boat club? I am interested in earning money,              like he did and talk to him about it.
too, so if anyone has any decent ideas, I’d love to hear them.
                                                                              I love gardening too and look after the window boxes on our
The times you are most likely to see me is looking bleary-eyed at             balcony. I like to get my hands very dirty! At the moment I have a
ten past eight on a week day morning or sprinting down the road               project going, growing tomatoes which I started from seeds. I like
trying to get home before curfew on a Friday night. I can also be             watching the seeds grow into shoots then into proper plants. I
caught sitting outside on a sunny day with a book or, more likely,            grow herbs too which we use in our cooking. I like to do errands for
my Ipod.                                                                      people when they need help, especially if I will get paid!
                                                                                 Sometimes we have picnics by the river & would like to
                                                                                                   share one of our recipes:
My name is Henry Delamain and I am eleven years old. I was born                                       Lemon Drizzle Cake
in Bahrain and have an older brother Hugo and a younger brother               Ingredients:
called Kit. We have lived at Regent on the River for nearly five
years, since we came back from living in the Middle East.                     175g/6oz butter, softened
                                                                              175g/6oz caster sugar
I like to play sport, especially rowing and I am about to row in my           2 eggs
                                                                              175g/6oz self-raising flour
first regatta. I belong to a rowing club called Barn Elms which is in
                                                                              Grated rind of one lemon
Putney. I play rugby in the winter and am looking for a good                  4 tablespoons milk
cricket club as I’d like to do that in the summer. I’m keen to learn          1 tablespoon lemon juice
tennis, too, but don’t seem to have found the time yet. In the                Glaze
holidays we are lucky that we stay with our Great Aunt who is                 Juice of 1 lemon
teaching us to ride which is a lot of fun. I play the Flute and the           2-tablespoons icing sugar sifted.
piano and am about to do my grade 3 exams in both. I like jazzy               Method
music best.                                                                   1. Preheat the oven to 160°C/325°F/gas3. Grease a 1kg/2lb loaf tin with butter.
                                                                               Line base with greaseproof paper.
I am in the Junior House at The London Oratory School, the same               2. Whack the butter and sugar into a large bowl. Beat with a wooden spoon till
                                                                              creamy, pale and soft.
place as my brother, Hugo. I am just about to move into the
                                                                              3. Beat the eggs lightly. Dribble them into the mix and keep beating. If the mix start
Senior School in September. My favourite subject is Maths                     to curdle, beat in a bit of flour and just keep going. It’ll still taste great.
because I am pretty good at it. Some time ago, the headmaster                 4. Sift the flour over the mix and add the lemon
started giving 7-11 year old children, as well as all the others, a           rind. Fold this into the mix with a metal spoon using large, figure-of-eight scooping
musical education. The school could then provide a full choir                 movements.
(which is called Schola and is a Charity) for the London Oratory              Gently mix in the milk and lemon juice.
church. This is like schools that give choirs to Cathedrals. I                5. Spoon the mix into the tin, spread & bake for 55-60 Mins, without opening
                                                                              door. When cooked, stick skewer into cake, will come out clean.
think we are the only catholic state school in the country                    For Glaze, Mix Lemon juice into icing sugar, pour over cake and put back in
                                                                              oven for 15 Mins. Cool on rack, and enjoy.

19 June 09

                                                              Did you get into celebrity culture by design or

                                                              Probably, when you edit a newspaper like the Daily
                                                              Mirror like I did for 10 year’s; a lot of the coverage is
                                                              about celebrities. We did also do some serious stuff
                                                              like the Iraq war, but it’s just turned out that to be
                                                              honest with you, you get a big rating on TV and so I like
                                                              to have big ratings, it’s more fun.
If you went on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, what would
your act be?
                                                              I read that you are a keen cricket fan.
Piers:                                                        Do you have any prediction for the Ashes and
Ah, well, if you watch ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’, a         what are your thoughts on the state of English
spin-off show, I actually do my top 10 talents every          cricket at the moment?
year. They are pretty good actually like, playing a
hamster cage with a strumming device (a spoon
actually!), played the nerdy keyboard player with             Piers:
nerdy glasses and tank top and socks. I don’t have            Yes, we are going to win! I spoke to Freddie Flintoff
many talents – I can play the piano a bit and I’m very        today and Kevin Pieterson and they have both assured
good at singing when I’ve been drinking too much              me that we are going to win. I think we’ve got a good
beer.                                                         team. I think we’ve got a very good team now and we
                                                              are beginning to play good cricket so I am much more
                                                              encouraged by our team.
You’ve recently presented a series on television
about visiting different countries, which was your
favourite country and why?
                                                              Do you like any other sports? What did you
Piers:                                                        play at school?
Of the three places, I’d choose to live … well, I love
working in Los Angeles because it’s very exciting             Piers:
there. Every time you get up in the morning and go to         Football, I love football. Arsenal is my favourite team.
have breakfast, there is some huge star sitting just          Which teams do you like? (Hugo – Fulham) Fulham is
across from me in restaurants, that’s pretty cool.            good; Mohammed Al Fayed is a friend of mine. He’s the
Dubai is fascinating – have you ever been? – It’s a bit       owner; he’s been great for Fulham. The manager there
weird there, interesting, fascinating with great              now has done a brilliant job. So, football definitely,
history. But of the three places I went to, Monaco            tennis, golf, table tennis, you name it: I’ll take you on at
probably, because I love the South of France. I love          it! What’s the age range here? (Hugo – 15, 11, 10). My
the weather, the food, so I would say Monaco.                 sons are 15, 12 and 8 so it’s like they’re there! It’s like
                                                              looking in the mirror!

                                                               see anything below you and you can’t see anything
What trauma happened to you during your                        above you. Block of all the sides and it is your own
childhood, that you came to support Arsenal?
                                                               little world. However busy the world is, the water is
Piers:                                                         really peaceful don’t you think? The water is never
My Dad’s a Spurs fan. He took his eye off the ball in 71       boring, there are always things floating down it, don’t
when I was six. My Dad was a Spurs fan but Arsenal             you notice that? All these things floating around
won the cup that year with a guy called Charlie
George who is our striker and we won everything and
my Dad was too busy working to watch all of this and           What newspaper do you read the most?
didn’t notice I had slowly become an Arsenal fan.
That was 38 years ago and I have been an Arsenal fan           Piers:
ever since. Right now, it’s pretty miserable being an          I get six every day and I get eleven at the weekend but
Arsenal fan! Not good at all. As least you are a               that’s because I’m a bit of a newspaper addict because
Fulham fan, they are on the way up. But it’s always            I used to be the editor of a newspaper. I still get the
worse to be a Spurs fan!                                       Mirror, the Sun, the Times, the Telegraph and a
                                                               different other one, depending on the day. At the
                                                               weekend I get them all and it takes me an hour and a
I see you are the youngest of four children,                   half to read them.
has it affected your outlook in any way?

Piers:                                                         Do you enjoy cooking and, if so, what?
I’m the oldest actually, that’s from Wikipedia! My son
keeps getting them to try and change it but Wikipedia          Piers:
keep changing it back. I’m not the youngest; I am the          I am a terrible cook but I can do a few tiny things very
oldest of four children! I’m the boss so I’m in his            well. Spaghetti Bolognese, I’m very good at that, I do a
position (pointing at Hugo!). It’s much better being           brilliant hangover cure: marmite, fresh limes and
the oldest, its better, its cool!                              tomatoes on toast with lots of pepper. Makes your
                                                               headache go away! That’s about it I’m afraid. I’m a
                                                               terrible cook.
In music, are their any particular bands you are into
at the moment?                                                 Is there anything you like to eat?

Piers:                                                         Piers:
Now, what’s their name! Amanda Holden wanted to                Yes, at least once a week I get a curry from a company
take me to them – one band I really like                       called Deliverance, they make it all for you, it’s
                                                               delicious. Spaghetti Bolognese. Grilled fish the rest of
                                                               the time to try and make myself look like the Burger
Do you like any classical music?                               King ads.

I am quite partial to a bit of Mozart, there’s nothing I       We are very impressed by your new advert for
like more on a Sunday morning. I get all the papers,           Burger King, how easy was it for you to get your
spread them out, Daniel will tell you, a huge pile of          kit off?
papers arrive and I think listening to Mozart on a
Sunday morning whilst reading them is pretty cool.             Piers:
                                                               Very easy because it wasn’t really my body! It was a
                                                               male model body double called Grant who posed for
What is it you like about living on the river and here         the pictures then they stuck my head on. The real
particularly?                                                  thing is just as good but I didn’t want to take any
I love the water. I like being on the first floor here
because you look straight out to the water, you can’t                      Britain’s youngster’s have got talent.

please, please.....                                      please, please......

                                                         Have consideration for your
Throw your cigarette butts over the                      neighbours...especially having a party etc,
balconies. As mentioned in previous                      please keep the noise at an acceptable level.
Newsletters, this is very dangerous, as
again these butts are landing in other
residents balconies.....                                 Do
                                                         Keep your CAR SPACE.......

                                                                              clear of tyres,oil/petrol
                                                         cans. furniture.rubbish etc...
...................which would look better
without Bicycles,BBQs & Clothes...

                                                         Keep control of your pets

                                                         and not let them roam around.. messing up the
      Plants & Flowers look good!!!                      gardens.

A small reminder......                                                     TAKE NOTE:
while you are sitting in your car,waiting for the
garage gates to open,please remember the
residents above, especially if your radio is loud,
thank you.                                                  In our last newsletter, we gave information on
                                                            abandoned bicycles in the garage. Now we are
                                                         planning to dispose of any unclaimed bicycles: so if
                                                          you have a bicycle, please can you make sure that
                                                          you contact reception before the end of June to
                                                          identify it, if you haven’t already done so. If you
                                                          have anything you wish to discuss regarding this,
                                                                        please contact Reception.
     Feel free to use one of the various Dry
  cleaning/Laundry companies, that collect from

WHAT TO DO IF............

 Your electricity goes off.....

 Residents of Ferryman’s & Waterman’s:

The FUSE BOX is situated in the ceiling
OUTSIDE your Apartment’s front door.                        (Makes 6 individual tarts for a starter or one large tart to have with
                                                            a green salad and slices or Parma ham for a light lunch)
                                                            1 Packet ready rolled puff pastry
                                                            4 -5 large good quality tomatoes
Push the ceiling panel to one side, & check if any          1 Small bunch basil
of the SWITCHES/BREAKERS in the fuse box                    200 grs. Gruyere Cheese – Coarsely grated or in small thin slices.
                                                            Dijon Mustard
are in the down position.
                                                            1 Egg beaten
If yes, PUSH the offending switch UP and this               Salt, sugar and freshly ground pepper
should return your power.
                                                            Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C

Residents of Sailmaker’s Court:                             Cut 6 circles (about 15 cms in diameter), or divide the pastry into 6
                                                            squares. If making a large one use the full size of the pastry sheet
The FUSE BOX is INSIDE the apartment.                       for a rectangular tart.

                                                            With a sharp knife gently score an inner circle (or an inner
                                                            rectangle), taking care not to go through to the bottom; leaving a 1
                                                            cm rim (2 cms if a large tart).

                                                            Spread Dijon mustard on the inner circle (rectangle)

                                                            Slice tomatoes and layer slices on top of the mustard, then sprinkle
                                                            the tomatoes with a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper to taste.
Your Water Pump keeps running.....                          Roughly tear two or three basil leaves per tart and place on top of
                                                            the tomatoes and top with the cheese.
Each time you turn on a tap/start the washing
                                                            Paint the outer rim with beaten egg (if no brush, finger will do).
machine/ dishwashing machine, the WATER PUMP
comes into action. This pumps water around the                  Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until pastry is golden brown.
apartment. When no water is being used, the pump
should be silent. If you do hear the pump running
when not using the taps, then you have a problem,
either the pump is broken, or there is a leak.                                        Thank you....

  PLEASE INFORM RECEPTION IF THE ABOVE                      Kit, Henry & Hugo for interviewing...........
                                                            Piers Morgan………. for giving your time.
The STOPCOCKS to turn off the water feeding all
apartments are situated in the ceiling panel outside        Mrs Ridgway for the recipe……..delicious.
your front door.
                                                            Sarah Simmons for the recorder...saved a lot of
If you leave your Apartment vacant for any length of        writing !!!!!.
    time, please switch off the pump. The switch is
 located on the Right, inside the cupboard containing
                  the Water Cylinder.



Faraday Property Management                                        Jacobsen & Co. Solicitors
Third Floor West                                                   4 Stephendale Yard
High Holborn House                                                 Stephendale Road
52-54 High Holborn                                                 London
London                                                             SW6 2LR
                                                                   Contact: Mrs H Jacobsen
Tel: 020 3206 0066
Fax: 020 3206 0077                                                 Tel: 020 7736 6277
                                                                   Fax: 020 7751 0357 DX 83803 Fulham Broadway

Mr Ian Gilbert...          Property Manager
Mr Graeme Elkington...     Surveyor
                                                                                         Your reception,
                                                                                          Open 24 Hrs.

                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                               Tel/Fax 020 7371 5164
                 REGENT ON THE RIVER LTD

                         Chairman:                                 Estate manager.........Daniel O’Connell

                      Mr. C Goodchild                              Day Staff............Tony Haynes / Paula Lanigan
                                                                                          Frank Carr / Olly Fahy
                                                                   Night Staff.......... Farko Selman /Terry Bell
                 Mr. H Pelly • Mrs. J Hallmark
            Mr N Bishop • Mr. P Buchanan-Barrow
                       Mrs. D Ridgway

                    Company Secretary:

                      Mrs. H Jacobsen

                                                                                          Please feel free to use
  If you would like to contact the Directors, please leave a       the Notice board in Reception.
               letter at Reception or post to:                     The legal bit... The management take no responsibility
                           Directors                               for anything placed on the board, & anything Regent on
                         ℅ Reception                               the River consider inappropriate will be removed.
                     Regent on the River
                     William Morris Way
                           SW6 2UU
                                                                                       visit us on line @
PLEASE CONTACT ME AT RECEPTION. DANIEL