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									What Is Automatic Investing?

For many, the idea of investing in mutual funds, stocks and bonds is appealing,
but it all seems too complicated. Too much jargon, too much danger, too much
hassle. Thankfully, the companies that run mutual funds know this and have come
up with a way for new investors who may not have a big wad of cash to invest
right off the bat.

It’s called automatic investing and it is highly recommended for those new to
mutual funds and for those that want to invest but don’t have a lot of up-front

Automatic investing is done through a mutual fund company, and what happens
is, you sign up to purchase a set amount of funds either every month or every few
months (usually quarterly). You buy a bit at a time, whatever you feel you can
afford, and your shares are managed by the mutual fund company. It is a great
way to watch a nest egg form from money you didn’t even know you had.

A great part about automatic investing is that most mutual fund companies are so
excited to get new investors in, they will waive most if not all transaction and
investment fees for those that are signing up for automatic investing. They
understand you may not have a lot of extra cash to throw away on fees and they
want you to get your feet wet with mutual funds.

Maybe the best part about automatic investing is that it is a very disciplined form
of investing. Instead of opening up an E-Trade account and investing from your
home computer, an investment expert at the mutual fund company that you
invest in will handle your shares and in this case, it is probably best to let the
experts handle it. It’s extremely tempting to chase mutual funds when investing
yourself. You hear the latest news about funds that may be surging and its
tempting to take your money and jump on the hottest fund, but disciplined,
long-term investing is a much more beneficial way to go.

Whichever company you choose to use for automatic investing will supply you
with a prospectus that will outline all of the fees that may or may not be
associated with your account. This is key since you’ll need to know what any
possible cost might be for things like early withdrawals.

For many, automatic investing takes the guesswork and the fear out of mutual
fund investing by allowing a large amount of money to build up over time. Contact
a mutual fund company to see if automatic investing is right for you!
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