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									        JUNE                              GROUP EXERCISE                                             Athenian
                                                                                                FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                FOR HEALTHY LIVING
                                                                                                FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
                              We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.
  AM         Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday            Thursday             Friday            Saturday
5:30-      Group Cycling                          Group Cycling                         Group Cycling
6:15        W/Terri Ann                            w/Terri Ann                             w/David

8:30-      Senior Fitness                        Senior Fitness                                            Step Sculpt &
9:25         w/Terri Ann                          w/Terri Ann                                                   Abs
                                                                                                          w/Beth 8:30-9:45
9:00-                                                                   Zumba ®                           Athenian Branch
10:00                                                                    w/Becky                           (18 & older facility)
                                                                                                           650 Chuck Gray
PM          Hatha Yoga        Group Cycling        Hatha Yoga        Group Cycling                                Ct.
              w/Larain           w/Cathy             w/Larain           w/Cathy                             270-684-1495
            11:30-12:30           12:00            11:30-12:30           12:00                                Child Care
4:15                               Abs                                    Abs                                  Hours:
                               w/Terri Ann                             w/Heather                              (6wks-9yrs)
4:30-      Power/Flow         Power Pump          Power/Flow         Power Pump                              M/W 8:30a-
5:25          Yoga             w/Terri Ann           Yoga              w/Heather                                12:45p
              w/Jim                                  w/Jim                                                 T/TH 8a-11:30p
5:30-      Power Pump         Step Sculpt &       Kickboxing         Step Sculpt &        Total Body         F 8a-10:30a
6:25         w/Beth                Abs              w/Laura               Abs             Challenge        Mon-Thu 4p-8p
                                  w/Beth                                 w/Laura          w/Josh 5:15         Sat 8a-11a
6:30-        Total Body      Pilates Matwork       Total Body       Pilates Matwork
7:30         Challenge           w/Allison         Challenge            w/Allison
               w/Josh                                w/Josh

The Owensboro Family YMCA reserves the right to change class times and instructors as needed. The staff of the YMCA and
Athenian YMCA make every effort to see that classes are offered and staffed to the best of our ability and we appreciate your
patience and understanding during times of illness, inclement weather and other unforseen circumstances. Advanced
registration is not required, however Group Cycling has a limit of 11 participants due to equipment availability. For more
information, please call the Athenian. Further questions may be directed to Chad Hart, Fitness Director @ 926-9622
                                                                               Group Exercise
  JUNE 2011                                                                                                                                                                         YMCA
                          Monday                          Tuesday                        Wednesday                           Thursday                           Friday                         Saturday
8:30-                 Boot Camp                                                         Boot Camp                                                          Boot Camp                          Zumba®
9:30                  5:45-6:45am                                                       5:45-6:45am                                                        5:45-6:45am                       w/Stephanie
                    See Registration                                                  See Registration                                                   See Registration
9:00-               Cardio Sculpt                                                     Cardio Sculpt                                                      Cardio Sculpt
10:00                   w/Becky                                                           w/Becky                                                            w/Becky

10:15-                                                                              Silver Sneakers®                                                   Silver Sneakers®
11:00                                                                                Muscular Strength                                       Muscular Strength
                                                                                       w/Terri Ann                                              w/Terri Ann
5:30-                  Zumba®                         Boot Camp                                                        Zumba® w/ Jen        YMCA 270-926-9622
6:25                                                See Registration                                                  Boot Camp         See Child Care Hours (6 wks-9 yrs.)
                                                       6:45-7:45                                                           Registration     M-F 8a-12p / 4p-8p Sat. 8a-10a
Inclement Weather Policy-Tornado policy and procedures will be followed. Staff on duty will show safe places
and advise others to take shelter.
                                                       YMCA Group Fitness Class Descriptions
Abs: 15 challenging minutes focusing on core strength and lower back. Stability balls may be         Pilates Mat: Transform the look of your body! This class will increase muscular endurance and functional core
used to help promote strength and balance for the entire body.                                       strength. Advanced students welcome!

Step/Beginning Step: This class is designed with different skill and fitness levels in mind.         Power Pump: This barbell class is designed to work your whole body using varying weights and highly
This workout will increase stamina and energy level.                                                 motivating music. For toning and defining.

Cardio Sculpt: 1 Hour of cardio floor workout and muscular endurance exercises that                  Senior Fitness: High energy senior fitness class utilizing elastic tubing, hand-weights and stability balls to
incorporate various training modalities to improve upper and lower body strength.                    increase strength and balance

Group Cycling: Burn calories, tone up and increase fitness level with interval drills, hill climbs   SilverSneakers®: Have fun and move to music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular
and speed training. (Class space is limited, so you may want to call the courtesy counter to         strength and range of motion and activity for daily living. Hand weights and elastic tubing will be used to
reserve your bike)                                                                                   enhance a series of chair exercises.

Kickboxing: Power-packed combinations taken from boxing and self defense. Our instructors Total Body Challenge: Total body-training class using stability ball and free-weights to improve overall core
will take you through a well balanced group of exercises designed to target large muscle   and functional strength. Great for men and women.
groups while strengthening agility
                                                                                           Yoga: Stressed out? This class will calm you and enhance your flexibility, strength and balance.
Power/Flow Yoga: A choreographed sequence of postures that flow into one another, building
strength, unwinding tight joints and loosening muscles                                     Zumba®: Latin dance and fitness movements make this class fun and exciting. Be prepared to burn it up! No
                                                                                                     experience necessary.

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