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					Wish I hadn’t said that
           Statement #1
   Flight by machines heavier than air is
    impractical and insignificant, if not
    utterly impossible.
    – Simon Newcomb, an astronomer of some
      note, 1902
           Statement #2
   It is an idle dream to imagine that …
    automobiles will take the place of
    railways in the long distance movement
    … of passengers.
    – American Railroad Congress, 1913
           Statement #3
   There is no likelihood that man can ever
    tap the power of the atom.
    – Robert Millikan, Nobel prize winner in
      physics, 1920
           Statement #4
   There is no reason for any individual to
    have a computer in their home.
    – Ken Olson, President of DEC, 1977
           Statement #5
 Radio has no future
 Heavier-than-air flying machines are
 X-rays will prove to be a hoax
    – Lord Kelvin, English scientist (1824-1907)
           Statement #6
   Space travel is utter bilge
    – Sir Richard van der Riet Wooley, the
      Astronomer Royal, 1956
           Statement #7
   Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?
    – Harry Warner, Founder, Warner Bothers
      Studio, 1927
           Statement #8
   Rail travel at high speeds is not possible
    because passengers, unable to breathe,
    would die of asphyxia
    – Dionysius Lardner, English scientist (1793-
           Statement #9
   While theoretically and technically
    television may be feasible, commercially
    and financially I consider it an
    – Lee De Forest, Inventor (1873-1961)
          Statement #10
   You ain’t going nowhere son - you
    ought to go back to drivin’ a truck
    – Jim Denny, Manager
    – Grand Ole Opry
    – Upon firing Elvis Presley after one
      performance on September 25, 1954
          Statement #11
   You’d better learn secretarial work or
    else get married
    – Emmeline Snively, Director
    – Blue Book Modeling Agency
    – Advice to would-be model Marilyn Monroe
      in 1944
          Statement #12
   People will soon get tired of a staring at
    a plywood box every night
    – Darryl F. Zanuck in 1944 commenting on
      the future of television
          Statement #13
   Everything that can be invented has
    been invented
    – Charles H. Duell, US Commissioner of
      Patents, 1899
          Statement #14
   Computers in the future may … perhaps
    weigh only 1.5 tons
    – Popular Mechanics, forecasting the
      development of computer technology,
          Statement #15
   We don’t like their sound. Groups of
    guitars are on the way out.
    – Decca Records, rejecting the Beatles, 1962
          Statement #16
   …for the majority of people, the use of
    tobacco has a beneficial effect
    – Dr. Ian G. MacDonald, Los Angeles
     Surgeon, quoted in Newsweek, November
     18, 1963
My prediction of a statement that
 will be added in about 10 years
    “By the end of 2000, the time period
     that we looked at, e-commerce was too
     small to have much of an impact (on
     the US economy)”
     – Lenny Mendonca, Chairman, McKinsey
       Global Institute
More evidence of large growth
    Total e-tailing sales are expected to top
     US$39 billion for 2002, up from US$30
     billion in 2001
     – Source: Jupiter Media Metrix Inc.
More evidence of large growth
    Online sales were 1.8% of retail sales in
     the USA in 2001, but expected to be
     5% within four years
     – Source: Anthony Noto, Internet analyst at
       Goldman, Sachs & Co.