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					                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

1. Family name:        VACCA

2. First names:        Vito

3. Date of birth:      11 November 1958

4. Nationality:        Italian

5. Civil status:       Divorced (no children)

6. Education:
Institution                                       Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
(Date from - Date to)
University of Pisa (Italy), Law School            First-class Honours Degree in Law,
(11/1977 - 04/1985)                               with maximum vote cum laude
FORMEZ - Italian State Training and Study         Master in Management Consulting
Centre, Rome and Naples (09/90 - 06/91)
Florida International University - Miami,         Business English Programme
U.S.A. (07/1990 - 08/1990)
University of California at Berkeley and          Orientation in American Law
Davis (07/1991 - 08/1991)

7.   Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 5 to 1 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic):
                Language            Reading       Speaking          Writing
                  Italian                       Mother tongue
                 English                1             1                 1
                Romanian                4             4                 4
                  Polish                5             5                 5

8. Membership of professional bodies:
-    Vice President (2001 - 2003) and National Council Member (1997 - 2006) of
     the Italian Training Association (Associazione Italiana Formatori), Milan;
-    Vice President (1993 - 1996) of the National Young Adult Consultants of
     CONFINDUSTRIA (General Confederation of Italian Industries) / AICOD
     (Italian Association of Management Consultants), Rome;
-    Italian Lawyers Association (1989 - on going).

9. Other skills:                 Full Computer Literacy

10. Present position:            Senior Consultant and Trainer

11. Years within the firm:             21

February 2007
                                       Curriculum vitae

 12. Key qualifications:
 -   Expert in European Union Structural Funds programmes management;
 -   Deep knowledge of EU SFs legislation, process and implementation;
 -   Expert of EU SFs management and implementation in Objective 1 regional
     administrations and Expert in Institution Building;
 -   Deep knowledge of public structures and systems related to large investments;
 -   Expert on Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation of OPs also under IPA;
 -   Public Sector Expert of “Common Twinning Manual”, Twinning Procedures and
     Twinning Fiches, including elaboration of Work Plan and Twinning Budget;
 -   Expert on Project finance and Innovative financing instruments;
 -   Expert in Project management and Project Cycle Management (PCM);
 -   Expert in regional development policies and territorial marketing;
 -   Expert in regional advantage and local economic innovation;
 -   Expert in business incubators and transfer of innovations;
 -   Strong experience in business development of micro and small enterprises;
 -   Experience in public administration and private enterprises support projects,
     including public - private partnership (PPP);
 -   Business training and advisor to micro and small-medium enterprise (SMEs)
     on new business creation and entrepreneurship;
 -   Strong experience in training and transfer of innovative knowledge;
 -   Leadership experience, managerial organisational skills, strong communication
     and negotiation skills, extensive work team experience, developing positive
     working relations, problem solving approach to find solutions and positive
 13. Specific foreign experience:
  Country                                       Description
England            Legal Advice to Williams Grand Prix Engineering Ltd. Formula 1 Team
Poland             Legal Advice to ANIMEX Polska S.A. - State Import / Export Co.
                   Joint Venture TACIS Programme, Facility 2: UAZ Avtomobilnyi
Russia             (Ulyanovsk) and Martorelli (Rome) - Joint Venture Agreement about
                   Cars Business between Russia and Italy
Turkey             Senior Expert in the Twinning Project: Support to the Turkish Republic
                   Prime Minister Office - Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization
Albania            CEI - 9th SEF - Official Speaker on “Competitiveness through
                   Innovation: R&D and Risk Capital in Silicon Valley and Route 128”
Romania            Key Expert 2 - Training Coordinator of the EuropeAid Project for
                   developing and delivering the European Social Fund (ESF) in Romania
Romania            Director of Romanian activities of the “Partnership Project Sicily -
                   Romania”, financed by Regione Sicilia with ERDF Founds
Turkey             Team Leader and Key Expert 1 on E.Aid regarding HRD OP under IPA
Romania            CEI - 12th SEF - Chairman of the Session 3.3 on SMEs and Clusters
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14. Professional experience:
   Date      Location           Company             Position                                       Description
  from -
  Date to
 1990 -                                           Senior          SMEs and Public Sector Consulting and Training. Technical assistance for
 on going    Italy      Studio Vacca Consulting   Partner         economic development and transfer of innovations, grant instruments,
                                                                  project finance, risk capital, new business creation and entrepreneurship.
                        Central European          Session         Central European Initiative (18 Countries) – 12th Summit Economic Forum -
 2009        Romania    Initiative and EBRD       Moderator       Chairman of the Session 3.3 on “SMEs and Sustainable Business
                                                                  Environment: Focus on Financing, Growth and Competitiveness” (Bucharest)
                        European Commission                       Team Leader and Key Expert 1 on Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation
 2008 -                 Technical Assistance -                    in EuropeAid: “Providing Technical Assistance to Increase the Administrative
 2009        Turkey                               Team Leader     Capacity of the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security for the
                        EuropeAid for the                         implementation phase of the Human Resources Development Operational
                        Turkish Government                        Programme under Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)”.
                        European Commission                       Appointment as Public Sector / Twinning Expert in the Framework Contract
 2008        Georgia    Technical Assistance -    Senior Expert   (FWC): “Harmonization with EU norms of the Legislation and Standards of
                        Institutional Twinning                    Georgia in the field of Civil Aviation”.
                                                  Director of     Director of all the activities in Romania of the “Partnership Project Sicily –
 2007 -      Romania    Sicily Region (Italy)     the Project     Romania”, organizing institutional (Culture, Environment and Tourism) and
 2008                                             in Romania      entrepreneurial (Logistic, Agroindustry, Plastic and Wood) Missions in
                                                                  Romania. Project of the Sicily Operational Programme co-financed by ERDF.
                        European Commission                        Key Expert 2 in the Technical Assistance EuropeAid Project:
 2006 -      Romania    Technical Assistance -    Key Expert -     “Support to the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family to prepare as
 2007                                             Training         Managing Authority for Sectoral Operational Programme for Human
                        EuropeAid for the         Coordinator      Resources Development in Romania”.
                        Romanian Government                        Training Coordinator of the TA Project for developing and delivering the
                                                                   European Social Fund (ESF) in Romania.
                        Italian Ministry of                       Senior Expert in the Twinning Phare Project: “Support to the Turkish
 2006                   Economy and Finance -                     Republic Prime Minister Office - Undersecretariat of State Planning
             Turkey                               Senior Expert   Organisation (SPO)”. Reinforcing institutional and administrative capacity of
                        Sviluppo Italia                           SPO - General Directorate for Regional Development in managing national,
                        (Italian State Economic                   international, European financing instruments.
                        Development Agency)                       Transferring of methodologies concerning Regional Innovative Policies.
                                                                  Specific trainings in Regional Competitiveness and Feasibility Studies.
                        Central European          Official        Central European Initiative (18 Countries) – 9th Summit Economic Forum -
 2006        Albania    Initiative and EBRD       Speaker         Official Speaker on “Competitiveness through Innovation: R&D and Risk
                                                                  Capital in Silicon Valley and Route 128” (Tirana).

 February 2007
                                                                    Curriculum vitae

  Date       Location           Company               Position                                      Description
 from -
 Date to
2005 -                  CUOA Foundation             Senior          Master on Entrepreneurial Innovation – Senior Trainer and Coordinator of the
2006         Italy      Vicenza                     Trainer         Module on “Territorial Innovation and Project Finance” focusing on business
                                                                    incubators, transfer of innovations, project finance and venture capital.
                                                                    TRAGUARDI Project for Region Basilicata, managed by FORMEZ.
2005 -       Italy      FORMEZ Italian State        Senior Expert   Senior Consultant for the operative implementation of E.U. Structural Funds
2006                    Public Sector Training                      in the Basilicata Region. Advice and Consulting on ESF for the General
                        Organisation and                            Director of the “Training and Labour Department” of the Basilicata Region.
                                                                    Technical assistance for funds management of the European Social Fund
                        Basilicata Region (Italy)                   measures. Reprogramming of 13 ESF Measures of the Basilicata
                        ESF Management                              Programming Documents. Definition of instruments and procedures to
                        Authority (Objective 1)                     implement ESF Measures in the regional territory. Technical Assistance to
                                                                    the preparation of Public Tenders regarding ESF Measures.
                        Basilicata Region (Italy)   President of    President of the Assessment Commission of Projects regarding the Training
2006         Italy      Training and Labour         Assessment      of Human Resource Development (HRD) in the Local Tourist Systems of the
                        Department                  Commission      Basilicata Region.
                        Italian Ministry of                         Two Feasibility Studies on Regional Competitiveness and Local Innovation of
2005         Italy      Economy and Finance -       Senior Expert   the mountain area of “Pollino Lucano” in the Basilicata Region.
                        Sviluppo Italia
                                                                    TRAGUARDI Project for Calabria Region (Objective 1) - Technical
2004         Italy      FORMEZ Italian State        Senior          assistance for funds management to 50 Regional Operational Programme
                        Public Sector Training      Trainer         (ROP) Measures Managers in various sectors financed under ERDF and
                        Organisation and                            ESF. Also TA for the preparation of calls for proposals, systems and
                                                                    procedures for delivery of the Operational Programme, responsibilities of the
                        Calabria Region (Italy)                     Measure Coordinators, public tenders of Works, Services and Supplies.
                        Italian State High          Senior          Needs assessment, developing of training modules and training sessions for
2004         Italy      Studies of Local Public     Trainer         General Secretaries of Municipalities and Provinces of Puglia Region
                        Administration (SSPAL)                      (Objective 1) on: European Union Structural Funds with specific focus on
                                                                    ESF and ERDF
                        Italian Ministry of                         Training Course for Innovation Managers. Training on: 1) ICT transfer and
2003         Italy      Research and                Senior          dissemination; 2) Technological transfer processes; 3) Local economic
                        Tecnopolis - Innovative     Trainer         development and innovation.
                        Technological Park
2001 -       Italy      Italian Training            National        National Coordinator of the ITA Training Team on “Regional Economic
2006                    Association (ITA)           Coordinator     Development, Productive Clusters and SMEs organization”.
2001 -       Italy      Italian Ministry of         Senior          Department for Development and Cohesion Policies of IMEF. Training on:
2002                    Economy and Finance         Trainer         1) Structural Funds; 2) Negotiated Programming; 3) Innovative Territorial
                        (IMEF)                                      Development; in three training courses managed by SUDGEST.

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                                                                   Curriculum vitae

 Date        Location           Company              Position                                       Description
from -
Date to
                        Italian Training           Director        Director and Coordinator of the Training Course for Trainers, organized by
2001         Italy      Association (ITA)          and             ITA with COAF (Consortium for the Advanced Training) and Svimservice
                                                   Coordinator     Management School.
2000 -                                                             Technical assistance and funds management concerning EU “Urban”
2001         Italy      Municipality of Bari       Senior Expert   Initiative and EU Structural Funds. Management of large city projects co-
                                                                   financed by ERDF.
                        Basentech - Innovative     Senior          Training Course for Innovation Managers. Training on: 1) Financial tools for
2000         Italy      Technological Park of      Trainer         innovation; 2) Technological transfer processes; 3) Local economic
                        Basilicata Region                          development and innovation.
1992 -       Poland     ANIMEX Polska S. A. -      Senior Expert   Legal Advice on International Commercial Law and Regulations to ANIMEX
2000                    Poland State Company                       Polska S. A. - Poland State Import-Export Company.
                        Territorial Pact of Enna                   Technical assistance for the delivery of new Local Development Agency
1999 -       Italy      (Sicily) and               Senior Expert   (CE.SI.S s.p.a.) in the Centre of Sicily. Advice and training to project
2003                    CE.SI.S s.p.a. - Local                     promoters and public officers concerning the following themes: 1) Creation
                        Development Agency                         and support to new enterprises; 2) Territorial development and innovation; 3)
                                                                   Managing national, international and EU financing instruments.
1997 -       Italy      FORMEZ Italian State                       Project “Euro Pass 2” – Senior Expert in supporting public bodies of 8
1999                    Public Sector Training     Senior Expert   Territorial Pacts (Objective 1 – Southern Regions). Sector of activity: Set-up
                        Organisation                               and support to “Single Desk” for SMEs assistance.
1999         Italy      Municipality of Bari       Assessment      EU “Urban” Initiative: Evaluation of Training Projects to be co-financed within
                                                   Expert          Measure 2.
                                                                   Coordination of needs analysis, planning and implementation of training
1998 -       Italy      National Training          Senior          programmes for different companies and entities, namely: Europrogetti &
2005                    Agencies, Business         Trainer         Finanza, LUISS Management, SOGES Group, De Lorenzo Formazione,
                        Schools, Industrial        and             FORMAPER (Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan), ANCITEL
                        and Research Parks,        Senior          (National Agency of Italian Municipalities), Asmez, Svimservice Management
                        Training Companies         Expert          School, Tecnopolis CSATA Technology Park, Basentech Industrial Park.
                        and Public Entities                        The courses were financed within „EURO - PASS” Programme and were
                                                                   addressed to managers and project promoters of the local public entities of
                                                                   Regions of Southern Italy (Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Sicily -
                                                                   Objective 1 Regions).
                                                                   The training activities were concentrated on the following fields:
                                                                   EU Structural Funds and other financial instruments for Economic and Social
                                                                   Cohesion; Managing Public - Private Partnerships (PPP); Project Finance
                                                                   and Project Development; State Aid for Southern Italy; new SFs 2000 / 2006;
                                                                   the implementation of SFs in Italy and SFs Reform and Agenda 2000.

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                                                                    Curriculum vitae

 Date        Location           Company               Position                                       Description
from -
Date to
                        Italian Ministry of                         Advice to the creation of new jobs through micro, small businesses start-ups
1998         Italy      Industry and Italia         Senior Expert   for the socio-economic regeneration of textile area of “Torrese-Stabiese” in
                        Lavoro (Italian State                       Campania Region.
                        Labour Agency)
                        Municipality of San Vito    Senior Expert   Technical assistance for the implementation of “Europe Desk” and Training
1998         Italy      dei Normanni (Province      and Senior      concerning Community Initiatives and EU Structural Funds. Thematic
                        of Brindisi)                Trainer         deepening concerning the use and the implementation of ERDF and ESF.
1998         Italy      CERICA - Research           Senior Expert   Advice and Training Course on Company Information Systems. Training on:
                        Consortium of Sicily        and Trainer     1) Financial tools for innovation; 2) Technological transfer processes.
                        Euro “Business and                          Technical assistance for the delivery of new “BIC” in South Sicily. Advice and
1997 -       Italy      Innovation Centre” (BIC)    Senior Expert   training to project promoters and public officers concerning the following
1999                    of South Sicily             and Senior      themes: 1) Creation and support of new enterprises; 2) Entrepreneurial
                                                    Trainer         training; 3) Managing national, international, European financial instruments.
                        Sviluppo Italia and         Senior Expert
                                                                    Multiregional Training Course for Enterprises Creation Experts. Advice and
1997         Italy      Chamber of Commerce         and Senior
                                                                    training on enterprises creation tools and innovative financial instruments.
                        of Milan (Formaper)         Trainer
                        University of Lecce         Professor       Post-graduate Courses. Subjects: Programming and strategies to absorb EU
1996 -       Italy      (1996 / 1998) and           and Trainer     Structural Funds; ERDF management and functions; Employment and labour
2003                    University of Bari                          market policy according to EU requirements; ROP Puglia and Programme
                        (1999 / 2003)                               Complement; EU Financing instruments for SMEs; the EU single market.
                                                                    Drafting of 24 Business Plans and technical assistance for new
1996 -       Italy      24 Micro and Small          Consultant      entrepreneurial projects, financing with Italian Law 488 and Italian Law 44,
1999                    Enterprises of Puglia       and Expert      co-financed with European grants, in the sectors of precision machinery
                        and Sicily Regions                          industry, electric and electronic system, ceramics industry, agro-industry,
                                                                    textile industry, footwear and clothing industry.
                        Province of Ragusa          Senior          Expert and trainer for public officers and directors of Ragusa Province
1997         Italy      (Sicily)                    Trainer and     (Sicily). Organize and coordinate training projects on: EU Structural Funds;
                                                    Senior Expert   ERDF and ESF projects submission; Set up of „Europe Desk”.
                        UAZ Avtomobilnyi                            Joint Venture TACIS Programme, Facility 2: UAZ Avtomobilnyi (Ulyanovsk)
1996         Russia     (Ulyanovsk) and             Senior Expert   and Martorelli (Rome) - Joint Venture Agreement about Cars Business
                        Martorelli (Rome)                           between Russia and Italy.
1994 -                  Daunia Sviluppo             Director and    Design and delivery of the Consortium (PPP) among 30 partners (23 private
1995         Italy      Consortium Company          Advisor         companies and 7 public entities) for the socio-economic regeneration of the
                        (Public Private Partner.)                   mountain and rural area of the “Daunia” in the Province of Foggia.

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                                                                    Curriculum vitae

   Date       Location           Company               Position                                      Description
  from -
  Date to
 1993 -                  5 Local Consortia (PPP)     Team Leader    Team Leader and Advisor of five projects concerning Public Private
 1996         Italy      in Province of Bari and     and Advisor    Partnership. Responsible for organisation, staff managing, structure,
                         Province of Foggia                         coordination (Consortia among private enterprises and public entities).
 1993 -       Italy      Industries Association of   Consultant     Technical assistance and “Information Desk” for the entrepreneurs of the
 1995                    Province of Foggia          and Expert     Province on EU funds and State grants for the delivery of new projects.
 1989         England    Williams Grand Prix         Associate      Legal Advice on Business Sponsorship in Italy to Williams Grand Prix
                         Engineering Limited         Lawyer         Engineering Limited (Formula 1 Racing Team).
 1985 -       Italy      Law Firm with offices in    Associate      Law Firm of Full Professor Sabino Fortunato: Legal Advisor on Contracts,
 1989                    Rome and Bari               Lawyer         Commercial and Company Law for Public Administrations and SMEs.

15. Other relevant information: Publications
- In 2002, for Franco Angeli Editore (Milan), he has edited the Italian Edition of the book “Regional Advantage: Culture and Competition in Silicon
Valley and Route 128” written by AnnaLee Saxenian, Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, published in U.S.A. by Harvard
University Press;
- “Innovative Regional Economies around the World: the Rules of Success”, in “L‟Impresa - Italian Review of Management”, n. 6 / 2004, Libri
Scheiwiller - Il Sole 24 Ore Group, Milan, Italy;
- More than twenty articles in specialised press.

15a. Other relevant information: Conferences and Workshops
- Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, Faculty of Business Administration, Master in Business Administration, Workshop (2010) on
“Knowledge, Culture and Economic Development in Silicon Valley and in Route 128” and Workshop (2010) on “Chaos Theory in the
Organizations”, Bucharest, Romania;
- Ecological University of Bucharest, Faculty of Economic Science, Master in Financial Management, Workshop (2010) on “Research &
Development (R&D) and Risk Capital: Macroeconomic Effects on Territorial Development”, Bucharest, Romania;
- Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and Italian Federation of Furniture and Wood Companies (FederLegnoArredo), speaker at the Workshop (2009)
on “Structural Funds in Romania (2007-2013): Modalities of Functioning”, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania;
- Romanian Entrepreneurs‟ Association for Research and Design (P.R.C.P.), key note speaker at the National Workshop (2007) on “Research,
Development and Territorial Innovation: the Best Practices around the World”, Bucharest, Romania;
- CUOA Foundation (consisting of all the Universities, all the Chambers of Commerce and all the Industries Associations of Veneto Region),
official speaker at National Conference (2005) on “SMEs, Industrial Clusters and Innovative Regional Economies in the Age of Globalization”,
Vicenza, Italy;

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                                                                   Curriculum vitae

- Sant‟Anna School of Advanced Studies (Scuola Superiore Sant‟Anna di Pisa), official speaker at the Workshop (2003) on “Industrial Clusters and
SME‟s Advice”, Pisa, Italy;
- CARIPLO Bank Foundation, official speaker at National Conference (2003) on “Management Training and Local Economic Development”, Milan;
- National Congress of the Italian Training Association (Associazione Italiana Formatori), official speaker at the 14th (Rome 1998) on “SMEs and
Entrepreneurial Training”, 15th (Rimini 1999) on “Organizational Changes in Public Administrations”, 16th (Milan 2000) on “Training, Universities
and Private Companies”, 17th (Trieste 2004) on “Leadership and the Culture of Innovation”;
- Speaker to more than one hundred congresses, workshops and seminars.

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