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					        The Watch Dog News
                     Livermore Police Department
                         Crime Prevention Unit
Chief of Police: Ron Scott                                             January 2002
Editor: Keith McKelvey
Crime Prevention: 925-371-4797                 Non-Emergency: 925-371-4987                 Crime Tip Hotline: 925-371-4790

                   Community Emergency Response Team Training
The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, with the cooperation of Livermore Adult Community Education (LACE),
and Amador Valley Adult Education in Pleasanton, offers Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training, a
course designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster.
The purpose of the CERT Course is to provide private citizens with the basic skills they will need to respond to their own
and to their community’s immediate needs in the aftermath of a major disaster, when emergency services are not
available. By working together, CERTs can assist in saving lives and property using the basic techniques in this course.

The course is organized into six sessions:

(1) Disaster Preparedness - emphasizing preparation for and mitigation of home and workplace hazards in the event of a
major earthquake;

(2) Utilities, Hazardous Materials, and Fire Suppression - wherein students learn how to store home hazardous materials,
when and how to shut off utilities, and basic fire extinguisher use;

(3) Disaster Medicine - an explanation of basic disaster medical problems, triage, and how disaster medical response
differs from First Aid and CPR;

(4) Search and Rescue - an overview of structural damage, search and rescue techniques, including using rescue tools;

(5) Team Organization and Management - a description of CERT command structure, an explanation of CERT disaster
forms and the importance of documentation, and an overview of disaster psychology;

(6) Disaster Drill - where students employ the concepts they have learned in a simulated multi-station exercise supervised
by Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department personnel.

Today, terrorism may hold our attention, but the probability of it occurring here is difficult to determine. However, the
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has concluded that “there is a 70% probability of at least one magnitude 7.0 or greater
quake, capable of causing widespread damage, striking the San Francisco Bay region (including the Tri-Valley) before
2030.” As we have seen time and again, Fire and Police services will be stretched to their limits responding to large-scale
incidents during a major disaster, and citizens will have to provide for themselves for at least three days (considerably
longer in the event of a major earthquake). We may not know when the next disaster will come, but the CERT training
will give you the fundamental education and training to prepare for and respond to it when it does.

By Chris Lima
Firefighter/Paramedic, LPFD

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                             HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAKE IT A SAFE YEAR

ATTENTION Neighborhood Watch Groups:                                 This is a cooperative effort between the LPD, Pleasanton
The following message was distributed by one of our                  Police Department, Dublin Police Department and the
detectives on November 26, 2001. Please alert all                    California Highway Patrol. Once a month, the team
persons in your groups to keep an eye out for anyone                 members deploy in a particular city. Each agency will
coming into your neighborhoods matching the                          host two months annually.
description given. If you have older people in the
neighborhood please inform them of the alert.                        These agencies are focused on improving traffic safety
                                                                     conditions within their cities by increasing hazardous
There is a gypsy scam against the elderly occurring in               violation enforcement and the education of the public in
the Tri-Valley area that is related to scams in the Las              all traffic safety issues. Motorists traveling through the
Vegas area as well.                                                  Valley are reminded of the importance of driving
Two adult males contact elderly homeowners and
pretend to be roof inspectors or roof repairmen. While               The Livermore Traffic Unit welcomes your comments
one of the males talks to the elderly person(s) the other            and suggestions on improving traffic conditions in our
enters their home and steals money from wallets or                   community. Please contact the Livermore Traffic Unit
purses, jewelry, or small electronic devices.                        on     the     police     department      web     site:
                                                            or call 371-4850 or 371-4900.
The gypsies have been using the cover of “ABC
Roofing.” They have had magnetic signs on their trucks               What to do if your pet is lost:
with “ABC Roofing” on the signs and have been                        Contact Animal Control at the Police Department and
wearing hats with “ABC Roofing” printed on them.                     the East County Animal Shelter immediately. The
                                                                     police department has a lost and found listing To help
The connection to Livermore is that in mid October, two              locate your lost pet:
males scammed an elderly couple living on Estates
Street out of their 1976 Ford Courier (license                       1) Post Flyers.
#1F08842). After hearing the gypsies sob story, the                  2) Check the newspaper’s lost and found.
elderly couple gave the gypsies the truck for free. The              3) Go door to door. called “Interpaw” that is available
truck was then identified as a suspect vehicle in several            24 hours a day. If Animal Control is out of the office,
of these phony roofer scams in Las Vegas.                            police department employees will take your lost pet’s
                                                                     information. It is important to have identification on
San Ramon PD had one reported scam occurring where                   your pet. Most important is your telephone number and
the gypsies also identified themselves as working for                address. If your pet is only wearing a
ABC Roofing. The elderly female caught one of the                    veterinarian tag, your information is not available after
men looking through her purse, and the gypsies fled in a             their office has closed.
light blue Chevrolet Suburban.
                                                                     Livermore City dog license information is also available
By Officer Keith McKelvey                                            24 hours a day through the Police Department.
Livermore Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit
Traffic Safety:
The following information is from the Traffic Safety
Leadership Group Meeting.
The Livermore Police Department (LPD) implemented a
new program, Combined Intensive Traffic Enforcement
(CITE) Team, in July. The purpose of this Team is to
provide additional personnel to effectively combat
problem traffic areas requiring saturation type
enforcement.    The funding for this program was
provided by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety
through the Business, Transportation and Housing

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Crime Alert !!! Auto Burglaries and Thefts
from Unlocked Autos.                                                         THE 5–STEP TEST FOR CHILD SAFETY
Since September the entire Tri-Valley has experienced a
significant spike in thefts from autos. Compared to the same                 Did you know most children between ages 4 - 8 years need
time last year there has been a 70% increase. The thefts                     boosters? If your child is not riding in a booster, try this 5–
generally are occurring in the late night and early morning                  Step Test:
hours. There is no consistent area where the thefts are
occurring. Most of the thefts are of personal items left in                  1.) Does the child sit all the way back against the auto seat?
vehicles. Items such as cell phones, purses, book bags, CD                   2.) Do the child’s knees bend comfortably at the edge of the
cases, etc. These items are left in plain view from the outside              auto seat?
of the vehicle. The Livermore Police Department is asking                    3.) Is the lap belt on the tops of the thighs?
everyone to please take your personal items with you when                    4.) Is the shoulder belt centered on the shoulder and chest?
you leave your car, particularly over night. Also double-                    5.) Can the child stay seated like this for the whole trip?
check the doors on your vehicle to make sure they are locked.
These two simple steps can help reduce the likelihood of auto                If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your child
burglary occurring to your car.                                              needs a booster seat to ride safely in the car. Riding in a
                                                                             booster is more comfortable, too!
The Livermore Police Department is working with
neighboring police agencies to combat this problem. These                               “BOOSTERS ARE FOR BIG KIDS!”
crimes literally take just seconds to occur. Thieves will hit
several cars and are in and out of your neighborhood in
minutes. If you see suspicious persons or activity do not
hesitate to call. (911 for in-progress crimes, and 371-4987 for
other police related calls.) If you have specific knowledge of
a crime or suspect and wish to remain anonymous, you can
leave a message on the Crime Tip Hotline (371-4790).

Effective January 1, 2002, a new California Law will require
children under the age of 6 or weighing less than 60 pounds
be properly secured in a properly installed child safety seat or
booster seat.

In California, traffic collisions are the leading cause of death
for children from 4 to 16 years old. Child safety seats –                    Flag Etiquette
including booster seats – are very effective in saving
children’s lives during vehicle collisions.
                                                                             Due to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 we
A child in a child safety seat or booster seat should not be                 have been displaying the American Flag from our
placed in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with an active                homes, cars and lapel pins. While we want to show
passenger air bag system. When the child outgrows the child                  our patriotism, let us not forget some of the correct
safety seat, at about 40 pounds, they should be restrained in a
booster seat until they can fit in an adult lap and shoulder belt            ways to display our flag. In order to learn more
(4’9” and 80 lbs).                                                           about how to display the American Flag, log on to
Parents should have their child safety seats and booster seats
inspected by a trained and certified technician. For more
information concerning the new California Law and about an
inspection, contact Officer Traci Rebiejo at 371-4850.

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Livermore Police Activities League (PAL)

PAL is an after school program for 6–8th graders at Mendenhall, Junction, East Avenue and Christensen Middle Schools.
The main function of this program is to provide a safe place for students to complete their homework, participate in a
variety of sport activities, and an opportunity to interact with other students and police officers; students are asked to
perform community service as well.

In the PAL program, the students are required to complete all of their homework, have good behavior at school and at
PAL, have positive attitudes, and must show improvement and progress in school. When this happens, the site
coordinators will provide special activities for the students. Some of the activities include receiving ice cream, movie
selections, and quite often, going on field trips.

All four middle schools: Monday-Friday, 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The program is closed on teacher release days, winter
recess, spring break and summer vacation EXCEPT at Christensen and Mendenhall, which will be open from 7:00 AM to
6:00 PM.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

DARE began in 1983 in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the Los Angeles Unified
School District, at the request of the former LAPD Police Chief, Daryl Gates.

The DARE program has been in operation at Livermore Police Department since January 1994. Currently, the DARE
unit is staffed by three officers, one full-time (Officer Mony Nop) and two part-time officers (Officers Jim Vestri and
Richie Hill).

DARE is an extensive 17–week researched drug prevention program. This program is written by educators and presented
by uniformed police officers. Since the inception of this program, DARE’s curriculum has been continuously evaluated
and changed nine times to meet the needs of the students. In order for this program to be successful, it depends on three
components: the school, the police, and most importantly, the parents.

DARE is taught to all fifth graders in the city of Livermore. DARE is about choices. It teaches students about life’s
strategies and social skills, helping the students to make good sound decisions. Ultimately, the students will be able to
resist the use of drugs, alcohol, and avoid the use of violence.

Officer Mony Nop is the PAL and the DARE Programs Coordinator. Any questions regarding information or donations
to the PAL or DARE programs, please contact Officer Mony Nop at (925) 371-4784.

How to Keep That New Bike You Got For Christmas From Riding Off Without You:

If you were lucky enough to get a new bicycle this Holiday, make sure it is registered. Many stores where the purchase
was made register them. Registering bicycles helps to provide the police with information needed in case a bike is ever
lost or stolen. The Livermore Police Department receives many calls regarding bicycle thefts.

Keep records/receipts for bicycles, including the brand name, frame (serial) number, and complete description, including
options. Keep your bike locked. The majority of bicycle thefts occur from open garages. Get in the habit of locking your
bicycle at home. Keep your garage door closed.

If your bike is stolen, file a theft report with the Livermore Police Department. Be prepared to provide the above listed

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