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									                           Refrigeration/HVAC Service Information Worksheet
                                  Submit with every invoice when replacing compressors.
Work Order #                                               Store Number                             Dispatch Date

                                     Compressor replacement information
Documentation on the cost for the compressor, the core credit received and, a copy of this completed Information
 Worksheet must accompany your invoice submittal for payment approval as well as the supplier invoice for the
                                cost of the compressor and core credit applied
                                                  New Compressor                                 Old Compressor
Model #
Serial number

Name of supplier where new compressor was purchased
New Compressor cost from supplier
Core credit before markup
Compressor cost after Core Credit deduction
Allowed Mark up is 15%
Net Compressor cost

                                  COMPRESSOR CHANGEOUT CHECKLIST

Running Amps                                                                 Oil Level
Discharge Pressure                                                           Chk Oil Fail Control
Suction Pressure                                                             Change Contactor
Oil PSI                                                                      Chk Crankcase Htr
Comp Superheat                                                               Acid Test Oil

Included with Invoice:

Copy of Supplier Invoice For Compressor

Copy of Supplier Invoice for Core Credit

Old & New Model & Serial numbers of compressor

                           Service Date

          Mechanic’s name (Please Print)

                     A Copy of this form must be sent to RFSC with your invoice

                                              145d7e4b-3c92-473d-bda6-321b57c05c2f.xls                          Rev. 4/12/07 by RFSC

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