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									May 2011

Tulip Time
           March 27-april 4, 2012

           Discover picturesque Holland and Belgium in the spring on this
           marvelous river cruise vacation! Admire the colorful tulip carpets and
           flower displays; stroll amidst Kinderdijks’ lush green countryside dotted with
           world-famous windmills; taste the famous local cheeses and learn about
           the traditions of the friendly Dutch and Flemish people. In Belgium, admire
           the great medieval cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Brugges. Pricing begins at
           $3,075 per person and includes roundtrip airfare and airport transfers,
           air taxes, cruise, gratuities, cancellation/interruption insurance and
           more. Call Lois or Chris for a complete itinerary.
                                                                                         Asia & China
                                           Spring is here and how much fun is
                                           it to clean out the closets, drawers      Visit exotic ports and experience the
                                           and computer files. As I cleaned          mysterious cultures of the Orient while
                                           out my files both at the office and       only unpacking once for this sensational
                                           at home I had so many wonderful
                                                                                     voyage aboard the Diamond Princess!
    flashes of memories of all the travel in the past 26 years. It is so amazing
    to see the places we have visited and the friends we have made. Life is          You’ll board the Diamond Princess in
    awesome when you get to share memories with others. As I run errands,            Beijing and sail to Singapore with stops
    I find most everyone you run into has been somewhere or another in the
                                                                                     in 5 countries featuring exciting ports
    world and has great adventures to share. The best part of life is sharing
    with family and friends.                                                         of call in South Korea (Pusan), Japan
                                                                                     (Nagasaki), China (Shanghai & Hong
    We are going to create more wonderful memories with the new trips in
                                                                                     Kong), Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam
    this newsletter. You have asked for more day trips and wait until you see        (Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City). This
    this calendar of events. The Motor coach trips are always fun so we added        action packed itinerary also features an
    the fall foliage in the West Virginia area with one of Classic favorite things   optional overnight land package into the
    to do; riding the rails. Of course staying at the Greenbrier is an experience
                                                                                     ancient temples and palaces of Angor Wat
    in itself. A Slice of the Big Apple in November so that we can spend 5
    days 4 nights experiencing New York just how you always wanted. We               in Cambodia.
    love that so many of you want to travel to Hawaii and to accommodate             This trip is unlike any we’ve ever done into
    everyone we have added a February departure. We have included more
                                                                                     Asia, call for the complete itinerary!
    on this land and cruise vacation and I know you will appreciate that. On
    the front page is our Tulip Time Cruise through Holland and Belgium
    and if you love springtime and gardens this is the trip for you. We are
    looking forward to traveling with you on any of our day or extended
    Classic Tours.

               Charlie and I in St. Peters Basilica
               with the Classic Rome and Amalfi
                     Coast tour in March.

                                                                                        October 7 - 27, 2011

2     Strong Roots. Endless Possibilities.
Do I Still Need A Trust?
Q     : I understand that the federal estate tax exemption is now $5 million. That’s well above my
      wealth level. Do I still need a trust?

A     : Trusts provide for more than simple tax savings.
      When managed by a corporate fiduciary, such as
Central Trust & Investment Company, trusts also come
                                                              Gift & generation-skipping transfer taxes.
                                                              The amount exempt from federal gift tax was $1 million
with professional investment management, tax filings and      in 2010. That figure jumps to $5 million for gifts in 2011.
administrative decision-making. Trusts are fundamentally      The exemption from the generation-skipping transfer tax
about protecting wealth from a wide variety of corrosive      goes to $5 million as well. Just as with the estate tax, these
forces, of which death taxes are but one.                     higher exemptions expire at the end of 2012. After that,
                                                              current law provides for a top gift tax rate of 55%. That
Finally, the new $5 million exemption from the federal        fact, coupled with depressed asset prices, has many estate
estate tax lasts for only two years, 2011 and 2012. Will it   planners suggesting that their clients consider carefully the
be continued after the next Presidential election? Don’t      advantages of an aggressive program of gifting in the next
bet your family’s financial security on it.                   two years, restructuring family wealth on a tax-advantaged
New estate tax uncertainties
                                                              If you have questions regarding estate or investment
Last year’s bipartisan compromise over extending the
                                                              planning, please contact our professionals at Central Trust
“Bush tax cuts” included taxpayer-friendly changes to the
                                                              and Investment Company at (573) 634-1397.
federal estate tax. The amount exempt from this levy was
set at $5 million. It had been $3.5 million in 2009 and
would have gone to just $1 million in 2011, absent the                                           If you’d like a second opinion
compromise. In addition, the top estate tax rate was set at                                      regarding your current investment
35%, down from the 45% rate in 2009 and far less than the                                        or estate plan, please contact Jill
scheduled 55%. The 5% surtax on estates over $10 million                                         Dobbs at Central Trust & Investment
was not renewed.                                                                                 Company (573) 634-1397.

For many taxpayers, these changes could mean that
softening the impact of the federal estate tax is no longer
a significant factor in estate planning. In fact, it’s been
estimated that there will be fewer than 3,000 federally          Central Trust & Investment Company Staff
taxable estates in each of the next two years.

On the other hand, what happens in 2013? The debate
over lifting the exempt amount was contentious, and
deficits are not projected to be lower in two years. As
the law stands today, we will return to the $1 million
exemption and 55% top estate tax rate after 2012 unless
Congress acts. Estate planning needs to be done with a
longer time horizon.                                              Left to Right: Debbie VanLoo, Andrea Howerton, Michelle Meyer, Bill Max, Gloria Johnson, Jill Dobbs, Matt
                                                                             Tolksdorf, Mike Prenger, Amber Hall, Brian Dent, Amparo Thomas, Lisa VanVranken

                                                                                            www.centralbank.net                           573-634-1110                        3
“Is it time to look at Missouri Municipal Bonds?”
                                             We’ve all seen and heard the headlines:
                                             • “WARNINGS FROM S&P ON MUNIS” WSJ 1/24/11;
                                             • “THE FUTURE OF MUNIS” CNBC interview with Suzanne Shank;
                                             • “MUNI MARKET FREEZE SCREAMS DANGER AHEAD” John Carnie,
                                                Senior Editor CNBC.com 3/9/11.

So what is a conservative municipal (muni) bond investor       Does this mean that all Missouri muni
to do? Be paralyzed by “headline fear” and held hostage by
news outlets or look for value in the Missouri municipal
                                                               bond issues are created equal?
bond market?                                                   Unfortunately, not every municipal bond issued in the
                                                               state basks in Missouri’s AAA glow or is even a rated
                                                               issue. This does not mean that the issues are unfavorable.
Missouri Muni Bond Advantages                                  Smaller municipalities, many times, don’t want to incur
Perhaps the most striking benefit of Missouri munis is         the additional expense to have a bond rated or insured.
that earnings are exempt from both federal and state           To determine the more desirable bonds available, talk
income taxes (to Missouri residents). However, for             to your financial advisor about the strength of the
certain investors, earnings may be subject to local taxes      underlying issuer.
or the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax. Missouri               Revenue bonds pay interest payments only from the
munis allow attractive tax-equivalent income. To provide       revenues of specific projects, i.e., a water treatment
comparable taxable income, one in the 35% tax bracket          facility or a water and sewer project. Municipalities
would have to find a taxable bond yielding 7.69% to equal      utilize revenue bonds to avoid reaching debt limits set by
a 5% tax free yield.                                           legislation.
                                                               General obligation bonds are backed by the taxing ability
                                                               of the issuer, for example, a city, county, state.
The AAA Advantage
Missouri recently received the highest credit rating a state
 can receive from Standard & Poor’s, AAA. According            In closing:
 to the Kansas City Star, Missouri owns a “triple-triple”      With dramatic headlines, the entire muni market reacts
– “the highest mark from the three big rating agencies:        affecting the AAA rated issues along with the non-rated
 S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.” Higher credit ratings for states     ones, the well-managed states along with the fiscally
 mean the same as they do for individuals – lower rates        challenged. Until state budget-setting processes are
 and better terms on borrowed funds. Missouri’s highways,      completed, expect negative headlines and continued
 bridges, and other state projects can be financed at          volatility. Watch for increased tax revenues as state
 more favorable rates meaning it costs the state (and its      economies continue to improve and spending cutbacks go
 residents) less. It also means that Missouri’s politicians    into effect.
 and state officials have managed state coffers effectively.
                                                               By way of due diligence and investigation of non-rated
Other states have not fared so well and consequently
                                                               Missouri issues and the comfort of AAA rated Missouri
 suffer rating cuts and more expensive costs.
                                                               municipal bonds, your muni bond portfolio can continue
Missouri is one of 8 states enjoying the AAA rating.           to provide consistent, tax-exempt income.
4     Strong Roots. Endless Possibilities.
                                                                                                     November 10-14, 2011

                                                                                         We are offering a perfect way to see the Big Apple on this 5 day/4
                                                                                         night tour. It includes deluxe lodging, a fantastic Broadway show,
                                                                                         landmark sightseeing tours, and some free time to use New York’s
                                                                                         famous Double-Decker buses to help you find the city’s hidden
                                                                                         gems, whether you want to shop on 5th Avenue, stroll Central
Left to right: Bill Graves, Joanne Scheperle, Linda Jansen, Jeff Boessen
                                                                                         Park or take in all the awe-inspiring views. Included in this tour
Stop by for a muni bond review. Your financial advisor                                   will be 4 nights hotel stay, 4 breakfasts, 2 dinners, guided tour of
can help you identify strong, quality government issues.                                 Manhattan Island, visit to 9/11 Memorial, Phantom of the Opera
Information contained in this material has been                                          show on Broadway, and the 24 hour double-decker narrated
obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but not
                                                                                         sightseeing tour and hop-on/off city pass, roundtrip airport
guaranteed to be accurate or complete. All expressions
of opinion are not necessarily the opinions at INVEST                                    transfers in New York, round trip transfers to St. Louis Lambert
Financial Corporation.                                                                   airport, gratuities, taxes and fees on included items, baggage
                                                                                         handling and trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance. All this
INVEST is not affiliated with InvestorServices or the bank and does
                                                                                         for only $1650 per person. Deposit of $250 will reserve your
not offer tax advice
                                                                                                    space, so call for the complete itinerary.

 INVEST Financial Corporation is not affiliated with InvestorServices or Central Bank.
 Securities and insurance products offered through INVEST Financial Corporation,
 member FINRA, SIPC, a registered Broker Dealer and its affiliated insurance
 agencies are not FDIC insured; not deposits of or other obligation or, guaranteed
 by any bank; not insured by any federal government agency; and subject to risks,
 including the possible loss of principal amount invested.

                                                                                                          www.centralbank.net          573-634-1110             5
    West Virginia,
    rails, Music &
    The Greenbrier
    October is the perfect month to explore the
    breathtaking scenery and witness Mother Nature’s
    true beauty. As you relax at the five-star Greenbrier
    Resort for a two-night stay, you will be welcomed
    into a world of grandeur and renowned hospitality.
    You will enjoy the magnificent grounds, tour the          January 26 - February 5, 2012 (SOLD OUT)
    former top secret Cold War era Bunker or take a               February 16-25 (Space Available)
    relaxed visit to the luxurious spa. For more than 230
    years, The Greenbrier has welcomed travelers to its
                                                              This exclusive tour will include a pre-cruise stay in
    lush, 6,500-acre estate. Visitors still come to marvel
    at the classic architecture, exquisite interior design,   famous Waikiki Beach with a trip to the USS Arizona
    carefully sculpted landscape, impeccable service and      Memorial and a Honolulu City Tour plus all transfers,
    outstanding amenities. On this tour, you will enjoy       airfare, taxes, onboard gratuities and even three
    shows like “Bluegrass with a Twist,” “American            shore excursions during the cruise!
    Music through the Ages” and a variety show at the
    American Mountain Theater. You will ride the New          We’ve packaged up the ultimate Hawaii tour allowing
    Cheat Mountain Salamander to the High Falls of            ample time at all four islands on the itinerary (Hawaii,
    the Cheat River, then continue 21 miles across the        Maui, Kauai & Oahu) including overnight stays in
    top of Cheat Mountain. You will enjoy an afternoon        Maui and Kauai and two ports of call on the Big
    ride on the Durbin Rocket, one of the rarest              Island! Waimea Canyon & Fern Grotto, Haleakala,
    steam locomotives in existence. Then, stop at the         Volcanoes National Park & Hot Lava Orchids are
    Cranberry Glades, a 750 acre park created by glacial
                                                              just a few of the things you will see on the included
    action over 10,000 years ago. Here, you’ll experience
    a very different eco system. This is a unique trip, and   tours!
    if you are interested                                     Featuring 14 restaurants and 9 bars and lounges,
    you can call Classic                                      the Pride of America is a destination unto itself. This
    today for a complete
                                                              tour has many highlights, but there aren’t many times
                                                              you can see the sights of Hawaii in such a leisurely
                                                                         setting with the added bonus of unpacking
                                                                            only once as you cruise the warm waters
                                                                             of the Pacific Ocean.
                                                                           If you ever wanted to see the best of
                                                                          Hawaii, this is your chance! Join your
                                                                        Classic friends for this unique, customized
                                                                   tour featuring the best of Hawaii and the
                                                                  splendor of the Pride of America.

           October 23-29, 2011
6      Strong Roots. Endless Possibilities.
CLASSIC Memories

       Great Times with Classic!
              www.centralbank.net   573-634-1110   7
Central Bank Insurance Agency
Your single source for Automobile, Home, Renters, Umbrella, Health, Life, Long-Term Care,
Commercial, Bonds and Medical Supplement Insurance.

I bet you think insurance is boring. Well it’s not all of the time. Over the past few years, we have been
sharing safety tips for your home and vehicles. We have shared many bits of insurance information. So
now, let’s have some fun!

                                         aTlas GiVeaWay!

                                We have five large atlases to give away. They will go to the first five
                                who complete this crossword puzzle correctly and provide us with the
                                information that we need to quote your personal insurance.

When you have your information together, you may contact us at Central Bank Insurance Agency. 111 E Miller St., Jefferson City, MO. We are
conveniently located on the first floor of the Central Bank Financial Center. Or call us at 573-634-1141 or 573-634-1144, our fax number is 634-1159.
You may e-mail us at insurance@centralbank.net.
8      Strong Roots. Endless Possibilities.
Down                                                             Across
1) Keep the sidewalks and entrances to your home free            3) Insurance is NOT just about _________.
_________snow and ice.
                                                                 6) When you renew your vehicle plates you are required to
2) Does my homeowners policy cover damage caused if a tree       show ________of insurance.
on my property fell on my car? ____                              8) Insurance is not a one size fits all product. Don’t wait
4) ________Cost Value is the estimated amount needed             until you have a _______ to find out that you don’t have
to replace/rebuild your home with the same like kind and         what you think you have.
quality as before your claim.                                    9) Under your vehicle insurance, most companies will
5) One tip for being prepared for winter driving is to keep at   extend coverage to a rental ________.
least half a tank of _________in your car at all times.          10) A Personal _________ Liability policy complements
7) For your ________, no-obligation review and quote of          the coverage you currently have on your automobile, home
your insurance, simply call Central Bank Insurance Agency        and other primary policies.
at 634-1141.                                                     12) Tickets and accidents strongly influence your vehicle
8) Lititz Mutual is the only company that we write               insurance rate. You may want to increase your deductible
homeowners coverage with that does not consider                  for comprehensive and _____________.
________ as a rating factor.                                     13) We provide insurance to protect your entire family.
10) If someone does not have insurance they are uninsured.       From a young driver to a business in the ________.
A driver who has inadequate liability coverage is ________       17) When driving in bad weather, you have more control
insured.                                                         of the wheel if your hands are at the _________and four
11) The best time to start getting quotes for your insurance     o’clock positions.
is as soon as your receive your ________.                        18) Contents belonging to you and family members of your
14) _______-Owners Insurance Company offer discounts             home are called personal _________.
to Central Bancomany employees.                                  19) Give central Bank Insurance Agency a ________for a
15) If your child is a full time student under the ______        free, no-obligation review and quote of your insurance.
of 21 and has a GPA of a ‘B’ or higher, they could receive a
discount on their car insurance.
16) State Auto Insurance Companies Corporate
headquarters is in Columbus ______.

                                                                    Your Central Bank Insurance representatives are (from left
                                                                    to right): Darlene Hurst, Debbie Backes, Larry Mertens and
                                                                    Brenda White. We are all fully licensed and we offer over 100
                                                                    years of combined experience.

                                                                                    www.centralbank.net       573-634-1110          9
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - June 18                                      of down home country humor, true
The Little Theatre – Miller Performing Arts Center
                                                                       emotion, and even some audience
Book by Jeffrey Lane. Music & Lyrics by David Yazbek.                  participation and includes many of
Directed by Gara Loskill.                                              Patsy's unforgettable hits such as
Don’t miss this hilarious Broadway musical, based on the film by       Crazy, I Fall to Pieces, Sweet Dreams
the same name, in which two fraudsters, Lawrence Jameson and           and Waking After Midnight…27 songs
Freddy Benson, are living in a town not quite big enough for their     in all. You'd be "Crazy" to miss this
scheming ways. They decide to set up a challenge, and agree that       Lyceum favorite! Departure is set for
the first person to steal $50,000 from Christine Colgate will get to   8:00 a.m. from Walmart Stadium Drive
stay in town. 6:00 p.m. cocktails at Motor Bank (poolside weather      near Central Bank ATM and it’s off to
permitting) and show time is 7:00 p.m. Cost of $15.                    Isle of Capri in Boonville for lunch and
                                                                       then the afternoon matinee at Arrowrock Lyceum Theatre. Cost is
Joseph and the Amazing                                                 $45.

Technicolor Dreamcoat - July 6
at the New Theatre Restaurant                                          Move Over Mrs. Markham
By Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice.                           October 26          New Theatre in Overland Park Kansas
Based on the “Coat of Many Colors” story from the                      Two time Emmy winner Loretta Swit, best known for eleven
Bible’s book of Genesis, this upbeat musical is set                    years she spent playing Major Houlihan on M*A*S*H, stars in
to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from                      this chaotic comedy. On display are the trials, tribulations, and
country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and                      romantic misadventures of two book publishers, their wives, an
rock ‘n’ roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both                    interior designer, a maid, a children’s book author, a management
timely and timeless. With its family-friendly storyline,               consultant, and a telephone operator, as they all converge on the
universal themes, and catchy music, it is a musical                    same elegant apartment on the same warm summer evening. Join
theatre event not to be missed. From the composer                      your Classic friends as we laugh our way through the day. Cost for
of Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Cats. Cost is                       the day including lunch is only $65 and we depart at 8:00 a.m.
$65 and includes lunch, motorcoach and theatre
tickets. Bus departs at 8:00 a.m.                                      Tuna, Christmas- November 16
Sound of Music - July 13
                                                                       In Arrowrock at the Lyceum Theatre
                                                                       Get your holiday season off to a hilarious start with A Tuna
At Arrowrock Lyceum Theatre (2 Buses SOLD OUT)                         Christmas, the hilarious sequel to the hit comedy, Greater Tuna.
                                                                       Come spend the holidays with all your old favorite citizens of
Always - September 14                                                  Tuna, Texas, and make some new friends while you're there. Two
Patsy Cline in Arrowrock at the Lyceum Theatre                         Lyceum favorites, along with some split-second costume changes,
The Lyceum Theatre transforms into the Grand Old Opry as the           portray all 24 citizens of Texas' third smallest town, where the
woman who epitomized country music in the late 50s and 60s takes       Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies. This time,
to the stage. A song filled evening and an intimate and uplifting      it's 24 hours before Christmas and all comic hell is about to break
look at the life of country music's most beloved singer, Always…       loose as the delightfully eccentric characters attempt to cope with
Patsy Cline focuses on the unusual friendship Patsy shared with        seasonal traumas such as a disaster prone little theatre production
star-struck housewife, Louise Seger. This true story is chock full     of A Christmas Carol, and a yard decorating contest that is being

10     Strong Roots. Endless Possibilities.

sabotaged by a mysterious Christmas
phantom! Departure is set for 8:00
a.m. at Walmart Stadium Drive near
Central Bank ATM and it’s off to the
Isle of Capri in Boonville for lunch
prior to the afternoon matinee. Cost is
only $45.

Game Show                                                              Bristol - August 25 – 29, 2011
November 30                                                         The bristol Night race has long been on the
At the New Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas                         bucket list of many NASCAr fans, and there is
Starring John O’Hurley from Seinfeld, Family Feud and Dancing       no better time to mark it off than this summer as
with the Stars. GAME SHOW is set during a “live broadcast”          Classic returns to “The World’s Fastest Half mile”
of a fictional, long-running TV game show. It places the theater
                                                                    for two days of tailgating and exciting short-track
audience in the role of the TV station audience in which members
                                                                    racing during the 50th anniversary of bristol motor
are picked as the contestants to play the trivia-based game and
win actual prizes. In addition to watching and playing during
“broadcast” where anything can and does happen – the audience       $995 per person includes tickets to the Food City
also witnesses all the backstage back-stabbing antics “behind       250 Nationwide Series race on Friday night and
the scenes” that go on during the “commercial breaks” of GAME       the Saturday Irwin Tools Night race, 4 nights hotel,
SHOW. This is going to be a great day of laughter. Cost is $65      roundtrip transportation, 9 meals and a lot of
and includes buffet lunch, show tickets and charter bus and has a
                                                                    tailgating fun at the track with your Classic friends.
departure of 8:00 a.m.
                                                                    Next year we will be off to another exciting

   the      Best           of     Branson
                                                                    NASCAr destination, so don’t miss your chance to
                                                                    see what Car and Driver magazine recently called
                                                                    “one of the 10 events to see before you die”. There
                  November 9th & 10th
                                                                    are a very limited number of tickets available for
     3 of the best shows in Branson:                                this tour as this newsletter goes to print. If you are
                                                                    interested, give us a call to reserve your spot!

                  Daniel O’Donnell
                   George Dyer

               Includes two meals and
                                                                              Don't wait!
      one night accommodation at the Radisson.                       Tickets are limited and sell out quickly!
            Call today for full itinerary!.

                                                                                 www.centralbank.net    573-634-1110         11
                                                                                                                     Pre-SOrT STANdArd
  Post Office Box 779                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGe
  Jefferson City, MO 65102                                                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                                    Jefferson City, MO 65101
                                                                                                                           Permit #337

                                                   CaLenDar                                           thanK YoU
MAy 8              St. Mary’s dancing with the Stars                   2:00 p.m.            $20       for making us one of the
MAy 12             Jersey Boys at Fabulous Fox                         sold out            $125       top Banks in the Country
MAy 21-22          Iowa NASCAr Weekend                                                      TBA    (recognition like this isn't possible
                                                                                                      without customers like you.)
JuNe 5-11          Best of Michigan                                    8:00 a.m.          $1075
JuNe 18            dirty rotten Scoundrels at Miller Performing Arts   6:00 p.m.            $15
JuNe 29-July 6     Queen Mary 2                                        varies per cabin
July 6             Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dreamcoat        8:00 a.m.            $65
July 13            Sound of Music at Arrowrock                         sold out             $45
July 25-AuG 6      Alaskan CruiseTour                                  sold out
SePt 10-22         Alaska discovery Land and Cruise                    sold out
                                                                                                   For the second year in a row, the prestigious
AuG 25-29          Bristol NASCAr Weekend                              8:00 a.m.           $995    business publication, Forbes Magazine, has
SePt 14            Always. . . Patsy Cline at Arrowrock                8:00 a.m.            $45    recognized Central Bank's holding Company,
                                                                                                   Central Bancompany, as one of America's
SePt 21            Classic Picnic at duckhead                                               TBA    Best Bank in its annual review of the nation's
OCt 7-27           Southeast Asia and China                            varies per cabin            200 largest financial institutions. Central
                                                                                                   Bancompany, a Missouri-based bank holding
OCt 23-29          West Virginia rails, Music & Greenbrier             TBA                $1350    company, ranked sixteenth among the top
OCt 26             Move Over Mrs. Markham at New Theatre               8:00 a.m.            $65    one hundred in the Forbes 2011 survey.
                                                                                                   Again this year, Forbes partnered with SNL
NOV 9-10           The Best of Branson                                 varies               TBA    Financial to determine the rankings, based on
NOV 10-14          A Slice of the Big Apple                            TBA                $1650    eight criteria: return on average equity; net
                                                                                                   interest margin; non-performing loans; non-
NOV 16             A Tuna Christmas at Arrowrock                       8:00 a.m.            $45    performing assets; reserves; a leverage ratio;
NOV 30             Game Show at New Theatre                            8:00 a.m.            $65    and two capital ratios.
JAN 26-FeB 5       Hawaiian Holiday/Land and Cruise                    varies per cabin
FeB 16-26          Hawaiian Holiday/Land and Cruise
MARCh 27-APRIl 4   Holland Tulip river Cruise                          varies per cabin     TBA
July 8-17          Irish Scottish & British delight                                       $3299
AuG 21-31          Alaska Inside Passage roundtrip
                                                                                                  CENTRALBANK.NET    | 634.111 | MEMBER FDIC
                   San Francisco                                                           TBA
Classic living is its own reward. Call 634-1110 to claim your share!

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