Landscaping Contract for a School

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    Substantial Completion to be 6 weeks before teachers return
    District Support Service activities have until 2 weeks before teachers return
    Custodial & Landscaping activities have the final 2 weeks before teachers return.
    School staff have 1 week before student’s return.

Department/Entity Area                         Activity                                     Deadlin
School                    Admin                Teachers check adequate materials/supplies   X+1wk
School                    Admin                Signs posted for visitors                    X+1
School                    Admin                Safety Rules posted                          X+1
School                    Admin                Textbooks ready for distribution             X+1
School                    Admin                Supplies/Materials/Equipment received        X+1
School                    Admin                Classrooms checked for appropriate furniture X+1
Contractor                Bldg                 Roof                                         X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Stairs                                       X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Toilets                                      X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 ADA                                          X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Ceiling                                      X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Door & Swings                                X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Hardware                                     X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Window & Fenestration                        X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Carpet                                       X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Tile                                         X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Paint                                        X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Fire Alarm Inspection                        X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Security Inspection                          X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Elevator inspections                         X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Supplies/Spares stored                       X-6
Contractor                Bldg                 Signage interior: room numbers               X-6
Facilities                Bldg                 Occupancy Certification (DHEC, State & Local X-2
                                               Fire Marshalls
                                               OSF, Water, SC Dept of Transportation)
Maintenance               Bldg                 Contract to finish punch list                X-2
Purchasing                Bldg                 Contracts extended to cover new school       X-2
Contractor                Civil                Storm Drains protected                       X-6
Contractor                Civil                Final Grading                                X-6
Contractor                Communications       Telephone                                    X-6
Contractor    Communications   Computers                         X-6
Contractor    Communications   Data                              X-6
Contractor    Communications   TVs                               X-6
Contractor    Communications   Security                          X-6
Contractor    Communications   Public Address                    X-6
Contractor    Communications   Outlet labeling                   X-6
Contractor    Communications   Video Centers                     X-6
Facilities    Communications   External phone in & out           X-2
Facilities    Communications   Bell system phones                X-2
Facilities    Communications   Sprint                            X-2
Facilities    Communications   TVs                               X-2
Facilities    Communications   Media Center Training             X-2
Facilities    Communications   Internal PA systems               X-2
IRM           Communications   Network                           X-2
IRM           Communications   Power                             X-2
IRM           Communications   Equipment                         X-2
IRM           Communications   Testing                           X-2
IRM           Communications   Training                          X-2
IRM           Communications   SASSI                             X-2
Contractor    Custodial        Cleaning (See AIA201 3.5 & 6.3)   X-2
Contractor    Custodial        Powerwashing exterior             X-2
Contractor    Custodial        Protect Clean area                X-2
Contractor    Custodial        No stripping/waxing new floors    X-2
Custodial     Custodial        Contract in place for Cleaning    X-2
Custodial     Custodial        Final cleaning                    X
Custodial     Custodial        Exterminating                     X
Custodial     Custodial        Trash dumpsters on site           X
Custodial     Custodial        2 dumps/week                      X
Custodial     Custodial        Cleaning Supplies                 X
Custodial     Custodial        Training                          X
Custodial     Custodial        Allocations                       X
Custodial     Custodial        Matts                             X
Maintenance   Custodial        Contract to final clean schools   X-2
Contractor    Electrical       Lights                            X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Outlets                           X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Panel Box wiring                  X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Exit lights                       X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Emergency lights                  X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Emergency Generator               X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Switchgear device labeling        X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Device labeling                   X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Training                          X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Check power at all outlets        X-6
Contractor    Electrical       Certify grounding system          X-6
Contractor    Exterior         Signage interior/exterior         X-6
Contractor    Exterior      School sign                                       X-6
Contractor    Exterior      Bus Loop gates                                    X-6
Maintenance   Exterior      Parking signage (No parking/Handicap/Visitors     X-2
                            Parking/Police Jurisdiction)
Contractor    FFE           Furniture                                         X-6
Contractor    FFE           Shelving                                          X-6
Contractor    FFE           Stage Rigging, lighting                           X-6
Contractor    FFE           Bulletin boards                                   X-6
Contractor    FFE           Tack strips                                       X-6
Contractor    FFE           White boards                                      X-6
Contractor    FFE           Athletic Equipment                                X-6
Contractor    FFE           Band Equipment                                    X-6
Contractor    FFE           Classroom bookshelving                            X-6
Contractor    FFE           Classroom coat hangers                            X-6
Contractor    FFE           Flag Pole                                         X-6
Custodial     FFE           Flags                                             X
Custodial     FFE           School sign wording                               X
Facilities    FFE           Video conferencing equipment                      X-2
Finance       FFE           Deliver new equipment                             X-2
Maintenance   FFE           Backboards,      bleachers,  stage      rigging   X-2
School        FFE           Arrange FFE                                       X+1
School        FFE           Copiers                                           X+1
School        FFE           A/V equipment                                     X+1
Warehouse     FFE           Books                                             X-2
Warehouse     FFE           Furniture                                         X-2
Warehouse     FFE           Boxes                                             X-2
Contractor    Fire          Strobe                                            X-6
Contractor    Fire          Pull stations                                     X-6
Contractor    Fire          Horns                                             X-6
Contractor    Fire          Heat sensors                                      X-6
Contractor    Fire          Detectors                                         X-6
Contractor    Fire          Panel                                             X-6
Contractor    Fire          Certification                                     X-6
Maintenance   Fire          Fire extinguishers                                X-2
Security      Fire          Walk through with Fire Marshall Inspections       X-2
Contractor    Landscaping   Fencing                                           X-6
Contractor    Landscaping   Lay Down Area Clean                               X-6
Contractor    Landscaping   Landscaping                                       X-6
Contractor    Landscaping   Sprinkler                                         X-6
Contractor    Landscaping   Cut grass                                         X-6
Contractor    Landscaping   Athletic Field cut/lines                          X-6
Maintenance   Landscaping   Inspect playground                                X
Maintenance   Landscaping   Contract to clean grounds                         X
Maintenance   Landscaping   Playground inspections                            X
School        Landscaping          Watering Sod as necessary                          X
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Security system                                    X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Clear&Safe Pathways                                X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Fire sprinkler systems certified                   X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Fire suppression systems certified (kitchen        X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Key controls                                       X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Door designations                                  X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Fire Alarm system                                  X-2
Facilities    Life Safety Issues   Approved Occupancy letter to Principal             X-2
Maintenance   Maintenance          Contracts extended to cover new school             X-2
Contractor    Mechanical           Thermostats                                        X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Vents                                              X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Bathroom exhaust fans                              X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Boiler                                             X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Chiller                                            X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Air Handlers                                       X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           DX units                                           X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           VAVs                                               X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Controls (local/EMS)                               X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Pumps                                              X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Equipment labeling                                 X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Controls Training                                  X-6
Contractor    Mechanical           Replace filters after construction                 X-6
Maintenance   Mechanical           Walk through                                       X-2
Maintenance   Mechanical           Supplies (filters, etc)                            X-2
Maintenance   Mechanical           Pipe insulation                                    X-2
Contractor    Painting             Fire Lane painting                                 X-6
Contractor    Painting             Curb painting                                      X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Lavatory                                           X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Commodes/Urinals                                   X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Water Heater                                       X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Leaks                                              X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Janitor sinks                                      X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Drinking fountains                                 X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Wall hydrants                                      X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Eye Wash/ shower                                   X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Floor Drains                                       X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Hose bibs & key                                    X-6
Contractor    Plumbing             Back-flow preventers inspected                     X-6
Maintenance   Plumbing             Walk through                                       X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing             Check all fixtures for water supply and pressure   X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing             Check all fixtures for draining and flushing       X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing             Fixtures secured                                   X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing             Flush valves work                                  X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Flush valves secured                       X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Hot water proper temperature               X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Hanicap fixtures accessible with proper    X-2
                         handles/drains covered
Maintenance   Plumbing   Faucets tight on fixtures w/aerators       X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Water coolers working, draining, cooling   X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Fixtures caulked                           X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Traps/Supply lines have wall plates        X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Showers operate/drain                      X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Floor drains work/have trap primers        X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Water heaters work/drain pans/drain        X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Fixtures centered in stalls                X-2
Maintenance   Plumbing   Bathroom partitions secure                 X-2
Contractor    Security   Doors                                      X-6
Contractor    Security   Panel                                      X-6
Contractor    Security   Motion Sensors                             X-6
Contractor    Security   Communication w/Base                       X-6
Contractor    Security   Training                                   X-6
Security      Security   Locks and Keys                             X-2
Security      Security   Access Codes                               X-2
Security      Security   Emergency Management Training              X-2
Security      Security   Emergency Evacuation Plan Posted           X-2
Security      Security   Issue keys                                 X-2
Security      Security   Training of school personnel               X-2
Security      Security   Bell settings                              X-2
Security      Security   Fire Drill                                 X-2
Security      Security   Emergency Evacuation Drill                 X-2
Contractor    SNS        Utensil Dispensers                         X-6
Contractor    SNS        Hot food units                             X-6
Contractor    SNS        Cold Food units                            X-6
Contractor    SNS        Milk Cooler                                X-6
Contractor    SNS        Cashier Stand                              X-6
Contractor    SNS        Displays                                   X-6
Contractor    SNS        Buffet sneeze guards                       X-6
Contractor    SNS        Tray dispensers                            X-6
Contractor    SNS        Heated Food Carts                          X-6
Contractor    SNS        Convection Oven                            X-6
Contractor    SNS        Hand sink and soap                         X-6
Contractor    SNS        Refrigerators                              X-6
Contractor    SNS        Coolers                                    X-6
Contractor    SNS        Ice Machines                               X-6
Contractor    SNS        Freezer                                    X-6
Contractor    SNS        Lockers                                    X-6
Contractor    SNS        Soiled Tray carts                          X-6
Contractor    SNS        Scrapping Tables                           X-6
Contractor   SNS   Storage Shelving                         X-6
Contractor   SNS   Chemical Shelving                        X-6
Contractor   SNS   Exhaust hoods                            X-6
Contractor   SNS   Training                                 X-6
SNS          SNS   Supplies                                 X-2
SNS          SNS   Test run of equipment                    X-2
SNS          SNS   Contracts extended to cover new school   X-2
SNS          SNS   Cashier & Manager Training               X-2
SNS          SNS   Update Inventory Books                   X-2
SNS          SNS   Food inventory                           X-2
SNS          SNS   Supply inventory                         X-2
SNS          SNS   Office inventory                         X-2
SNS          SNS   Keys                                     X-2
SNS          SNS   Pagers                                   X-2
SNS          SNS   Change fund                              X-2
SNS          SNS   Attendance factors                       X-2
SNS          SNS   ID cards                                 X-2
SNS          SNS   Vending Machines                         X-2

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