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8-30-10 Script Resume by qingyunliuliu


									    Jessica Jordan                                             Los Angeles, CA
        Script Supervisor - Digital                            (310) 979-8889
    Commercials – Films                              

  Product-O                           Jonas Bros.               Subaru
  “New Store”                         “Coming to                “Outback Detergent”
  Red Tree                            California”               Hungry Man
  9/1-9/3/10                          Hieroglyphic Pictures     8/12 & 8/14/09
  Disney                                                        Cheerios
  “Wizards October                    Neutrogena                “Senor Sleepy”
  Takeover”                           “Diane Lane,              Hello and Co.
  Creative Asylum                     Jennifer Garner”          7/30/09
  8/30-8/31/10                        Hydraulx
                                      2/26/10                   Fisher Price / Disney
  Flo TV                                                        Hieroglyphic Productions
  “Mascot”                            AT&T                      7/23/09
  Biscuit                             “Dentist”
  8/4/10                              Hungry Man                Verizon Wireless
  AT&T                                                          2/3-2/4/09
  “Blackberry”                        Battered Women                      “PSA”                     State Farm / Disney
  7/30-8/3/10                           “Movie Magic”
  Director: Dave Meyers               2/12/10                   “Good Teacher”
                                      Director: Dave Meyers     Hieroglyphic Productions
  Moxie / Bratz                                                 1/31/09
  “Secret”                            Craftsman
  Wild Canary                         “Tool Guy”                PBS Sprout
  7/13-7/17/10                          Hieroglyphic Productions
                                      2/9-2/12/10               12/10/08
  Ciroq Vodka                         Director: Dave Meyers
  “P Diddy Smooth Off”                                          McDonalds                      Wal-mart                  Smuggler 12/9/08
  4/19-4/23/10                        “Catalogue House”
  Director: Dave Meyers               Chelsea
                                                                Pizza Hut
  Loctite                                                       “Bakery”
  “Anything Glues”                    Twix                      “Blink Fold” “Loft”
  Bandito Brothers                                              Smuggler
  4/16-4/18/10                                                  6/27-7/1/08, 7/10/08
                                      Hungry Man
  Bayer                                                         iPhone
  “Rhino”                             Comcast                   “3G”
  Paranoid Pictures                                             Anonymous Content
                                      “Ginger Boy”
  3/31-4/1/10                                                   5/24-5/25/08
                                      The Director’s Bureau     Director: David Fincher
  Audi                                Director: Mike Maguire
  “Sleepy Hollow”
  Berlandi                            Velveeta                  “Born In Amsterdam”
  3/13/10                                                       BRC Imagination Arts
                                      “Rock Out”
                                      The Director’s Bureau

         Adidas                                                      Hewlett Packard
         “Practice Pop In”                                 “The Wizard”               “Gwen Stefani’s Say” 5/19/08                            Epoch 2/20-2/21/08
         Director: Dave Meyers                             Director: Daniel Kaufman   Director: Dave Meyers

         Time Warner Cable                                 UNICEF                     Verizon Wireless
         Cagle Creative 4/29/08                            “The Life of a Dollar”     “Urban Hunter”
                                                  2/15/08     “Huntress”
         Totinos                                           Director: Dave Meyers
         Rock Fight 4/25/08                                                           Director: Dave Meyers
         IIA College                                       “Traffic Report”           Disney Playhouse
         Bully Pictures                                    “Sniff”                    “MFT&P: Oath”
         Director: John Dahl                               “Unpack” “Doctor”          Hieroglyphic Productions
                                                           Bully Pictures
         ESPN-U                                            2/12-2/13/08               Honda Racing
         “Learning”                                                                   “Starting Up”
         “What’s Important”                                Insight Comm.    
         Smuggler 4/19-4/20/08                             “Biking”
         Director: Aaron Reuhl                             Bogata 2/4-2/5/08          Driver TV
         Boston Market                                                                15 Installments
         Bully Pictures 4/8/08                             Big Lots         
         Director: Daniel Kaufman                          “Factory”
                                                  1/25/08     Jergens
                                                           Director: Dave Meyers      “All Out”
         Biscuit FIlmworks 4/3/08                          Boston Market              Director: Dave Meyers
         Director: Aaron Ruell                             “Tuscan
                                                           Chicken Carver”            FedEx
         Colgate                                           By A Thread 1/31/08        “Moon Office”
         “In The Spotlight”                                                           Traktor                                    Big Lots                   Director: Sam Larsen
                                                           “Merman”                   Producer: Richard Ulfvengren
         Director: Matthew Rolston               
                                                           1/27-1/29/08               Nike NBA
         Miller Genuine Draft                              Director: Dave Meyers      “Lets Go”
         “Genuine Guy”                                                                Cast: Lebron James, Kobe
         Smuggler 3/10-3/14/08                             Volvo
                                                                                      Bryant, Tony Parker,
                                                           “C70”                      Rasheed Wallace
         Ford                                              Epoch 1/15/08              Director: Dave Meyers
                                                           Director: Matt Badger
         “Industrial”                                                               HSBC
                                                           TV Guide LA 411            “Family Member”
         Director: Derek Cianfrance                        “Nine O’Clock”             Traktor
                                                           “Location”                 Director: Sam Larsen

         Audi                                              Stun Creative
         “Green Light”                                                                Cingular                                    Oscar Meyer                “Supermarket”
         2/25-2/26/08                                      “Grab Lunch”     
                                                           “Lunch Break”              Director: Dave Meyers
                                                                                      Producer: Scott Cunningham
         Sprint                                            “Wall to Wall”
         “Two-to-Text”                                     M-80
                                                                                      Quaker State
         Epoch 2/22/08                                                                “Entrance Ramp”
         Director: Matt Badger                             Porsche
                                                           “Call of the Wild”

Jessica Jordan, Script Supervisor Resume Cont’d (310) 979-8889                                                       2
         Pepsi                                             Fantastic Sams                 Annie’s Point
         “Pinball”                                         “Ripped Off”                   Larry Levinson
         “Hug”                                             The Mine                       Productions /
         Traktor                                                                          Hallmark Channel
         Director: Pontus Lowenhielm                       1800Dentist                    Director: Michael Switzer
                                                                                          Cast: Betty White, Richard
                                                           Terminal Bliss Pictures        Thomas, Amy Davidson
         Lincoln Navigator
         “New Way”                                         K’Nex                          The Sisters
         “Come A Long Way”                                 “Basilisk”                     CSC Productions
         “Soul Mates”                                      The Mine                       Cast: Chris O’Donnell, Mary                                                                   Stuart Masterson, Maria Bello,
                                                                                          Eric McCormack, Rip Torn
                                                           1800 USA Eyes
         Mercedes                                          Terminal Bliss Pictures
                                                                                          The Trail
         “Accident Freeze
                                                                                          to Hope Rose
         Frame”                                            Penta Water
                         nd                                                               Larry Levinson
         Smuggler – 2         Unit                         Terminal Bliss Pictures
                                                                                          Productions / Hallmark
         GMC Denali                                        Mechwarrior 4                  Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Lou
         “Luxury Box”                                      Station X Studios              Diamond Phillips, Lee Majors
         “The Stadium”                                    Berlitz Language               Poolhall Junkies
                                                           Schools                        Newman-Tooley Films
                                                                                          Cast: Rod Steiger, Chazz
         Kelly Clarkson / Ford                             Farenheit Films
                                                                                          Palminteri, Christopher Walken,
         “Go”                                                                             Rick Shroder
         Frank the Plummer                                 Digital Underground
                                                           “Wind Me Up”                   Vegas C.O.D.
         State Farm                                        Urban Warrior Films            Fountainhead Filmworks
         “88 Cars”                                    Master P                       Whassup ???
                                                           “Six In The Mornin’”           Greenroom Productions
         Merril Lynch                                      “Ghetto D”
         “Constant”                                        Shooting Star Pictures         Love and Support
                                                           Director: Dave Meyers          Hi-Tide Productions
         “Out There”
                                                                                          Durango Kids
         Hyundai Azera                              Features                              Good Friends Productions
         “Really New”
         “Shockwave”                                       Nagin                          Three Days of Rain                                    Split Personality Pics         Maximone Pictures
                                                           Cast: Irfan Khan               Cast: Jason Patric, Blythe
         Toon Disney                                                                      Danner, Lyle Lovett,
                                                           Halloween Romance              Don Cheadle
         Hieroglyphic Productions
                                                           Larry Levinson
         McDonalds                                         Productions /                  Now Chinatown
                                                           Hallmark Channel               Darque Pictures
         “Dream Swipe”
         Stone Core Films                                  Director: Armand Mastroianni
                                                                                          Thriller: Caron
         Wal-mart                                          Ordinary Miracles              Dare Films
         “Caring”                                          Larry Levinson
                                                           Productions /                  Fruit of the Vine
         Stone Core Films
                                                           Hallmark Channel               Noble House Films
                                                           Director: Michael Switzer
         Cardio-Aero                                       Cast: Jaclyn Smith, C Thomas   Whatever It Takes
         Infomercial                                       Howell, Corbin Bernsen
                                                                                          Buffalo Film Group
         CST Productions

Jessica Jordan, Script Supervisor Resume Cont’d (310) 979-8889                                                             3
         Yakuza Vengeance                                  Off Side                       The Movie Hero
         Simon Tse Productions                             Anomaly Productions            Elevation Properties LLC
                                                           Producer: Michael Bolton       Cast: Jeremy Sisto
         Decoy Productions                                 The Audition                   New Suit
                                                           Montgomery/Cobb Films          New Suit Productions LLC
                                                           Director: Chad Lowe            Cast: Heather Donahue,
         Shafted!                                          Cast: Hilary Swank,            Jordan Bridges
         Seven Guns                                        Brittany Murphy
         Entertainment                                                                    Eastside
                                                           Bit Players                    King Size Entertainment
         Shock Television                                  Weary World Productions
         Shock Productions                                 Director: Andy Berman
         Cast: Freddy Rodriguez                            Cast: Verne Troyer
                                                                                          King of the Ants
                                                                                          Ants Productions
         Bloodthirsty                                      Inspirations
         Quality Filmed Ent.                               Lugenbuehl                     Search for a
                                                           Entertainment                  Homeless Man
         Mi Abuela                                                                        Homeless Man LLC
                                                                                          Cast: John Schneider
         Freshman Pictures                                 Might As                       Director: Stephen Traxler
                                                           Well Be Swing
         Bliss                                             Bonfire Films of America
         Meyer Productions                                                            Consulting Projects
         Paradise Lane                                     Bonfire Films of America
         Surrender Cinema                                                                 Joan of Arcadia
                                                           The Deformation                Sony Entertainment /
                                                           of Myrna Brown                 Phil Squyres
                                                           Trone Pictures                 On-set training and
TV Series                                                                                 software instruction
                                                           Jack and Jill
         Love’s                                            Chick Pee Productions          President / Developer
         Enduring Joy ‘06                                                                 Win Studios
         Larry Levinson                                    Brainspotting                  Continuity Software for
         Productions /                                     Music & Media Int’l            Script Supervisors
         Hallmark Channel
         Director: Michael Landon Jr.                      Yellow Badge                   Instructor
                                                           of Courage                     Win Studios
         Jane Doe Episodes                                 Lightstorm Entertainment       Seminars in Burbank, CA,
         1 - 7 ’04-‘05                                     / Wet Paint Productions        Vancouver BC,
         Larry Levinson                                    Director: Dave Cameron         London England
         Productions /
         Hallmark Channel
         Directors: Armand Mastroianni,
                                                  Dayplayer                           Education
         Lea Thompson
                                                           The Bike Squad 2               Commercial
         Born Free ’97-‘98                                 MRG Entertainment              Script Supervision
         Santa Ventura Studios                             Director: Rob Spera            Kristine Greco, 2001
         Directors: Rick Hill,
         Wayne Ewing                                       A Midsummer                    Feature Film
                                                           Night’s Rave                   Script Supervision
                                                           Cates Entertainment            Hollywood
Shorts                                                     Cast: Carrie Fisher            Technical Institute 1997

         Peepshow                                          Would I Lie To You ?           B.A. in Dramatic Art
         Quality Filmed                                    Industrial Entertainment       Directing Emphasis
         Entertainment                                                                    University of CA at
         Director: Charlie Call                                                           Santa Barbara, 1995

Jessica Jordan, Script Supervisor Resume Cont’d (310) 979-8889                                                        4

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