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                               The Language Resources Room
                                      for students of
                                            Room G58
                           Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 9pm
                                      Saturday 9.30am to 4pm

                                      Materials available
  ► Audio materials for listening and speaking practice at all levels, including: Alif Baa, Al Kitaab,
    Mastering Arabic, Breakthrough Arabic, Let’s Chat in Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Ahlan wa Sahlan,
    Standard Arabic, The Arab News.

  ► Video materials to accompany course books, including Alif Baa and Al Kitaab.

  ► CD-ROMs for language learning, including: Talk Now (vocabulary - beginners), World Talk
    (vocabulary - intermediate), Learn Arabic Now! (all levels and skills).

  ► Selected materials for reading & writing skills, vocabulary learning, and various reference titles.

  ► Films, cartoons & documentaries for cultural background and enjoyment. Selected titles available for

  ► Live satellite TV and radio for listening practice and cultural immersion, including: Al Jazeera, Al
    Masriyah, Nile TV, Syria, Morocco, BBC Arabic.

  ► Daily video recordings of Arabic News, with accompanying worksheets for practising listening skills.

  ►Arabic dialect materials, including Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, Saudi, and Qur’anic Arabic.

                                       Further assistance
                                      ► Student record-and-playback
Our audio players feature student record-and-playback so that you can practise sounds, phrases and dialogues
        using the teaching material as a model. You can download the player software for home use.

                             ► Language Centre Learning Advisor services
       For further assistance with language learning contact David Hanlon, our Learning Advisor, at
 d.hanlon@soas.ac.uk. Assistance comes in various forms, e.g. answering queries regarding the Resources
    Room and the materials available, individual sessions to discuss language learning issues, and group
                             workshops on specific areas of language learning.

                                     ► Resources Room web page
 Check our page of web sources for Arabic language and culture www.soas.ac.uk/languagecentre/learners
      ☺ Add any other interesting sites you know of by e-mailing us at resourcesroom@soas.ac.uk
                                   ► CETL LWW web pages
         Visit the CETL LWW web pages for more learner support resources www.lww-cetl.ac.uk
                                                                      Information updated on 31 Mar 09

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