North_Carolina by chenmeixiu


									North Carolina
  The Tar Heel State
 Raleigh / Charlotte / Durham
(part of the “research triangle”)
The Biltmore: built as the biggest personal home
   in the United States – today is a museaum
Cape Hatteras
Mt. Mitchell – highest in east
Smokey Mountains (west)
Cherokee, North Carolina
Leads nation in tobacco production
Big producer of furniture
              North Carolina is known for
                its decades of furniture
              design and manufacturing.
               Over 60% of all furniture
              manufactured in the U.S. is
                made within a 200 mile
                 radius of central North
                   Carolina. Each year
               thousands of visitors tour
                the numerous discount
              stores, galleries, and home
                   furnishings centers
Kitty Hawk – Site of the Wright
       brothers first flight
Blackbeard: pirate who hid:
    in the “outer banks
Roanoke Island (The “Lost Colony”)
U.N.C.: Oldest U.S. State University
    Called the “Tar Heel State” because:

   Some Civil War soldiers
    took off and ran instead
    of fight. It was said they
    forgot to “tar their heels”
    so they’d stick to the

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