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									               Employee Handbook

Name   President/CEO

Name   Chairman

Name   Operations Manager

Name   Office Manager

Name   Maintenance Supervisor
Name   Maintenance Supervisor

Name   Landscape Construction
Name   Construction Supervisor
Name   Construction Supervisor

ABC Landscaping was founded in 1955 by             equipment are safe, and that workers work
ABC, the father of the current owner, Name.        in compliance
Today, ABC Landscaping is one of the               with established
largest full service landscape contractors in      safe work
the region, and is a member of Landscape           practices and
Ontario and the Professional Lawn Care             procedures.
Association as well as many other                  Foreman must
professional associations.                         ensure that
                                                   employees receive
The success of ABC Landscaping can be              adequate training
attributed to a strong commitment to quality       in their specific
work and superior customer service. This           work tasks to protect their health and
can only be accomplished by employees that         safety. Any injury that occurs must be
share in this commitment.                          reported to your supervisor. If you require
                                                   medical attention, notify the office
Just as we are committed to the best               immediately.
customer service, we strive to treat all our
employees in a professional manner. If you         Injuries that are not reported immediately
have any concerns or suggestions, your             and accurately may jeopardize any
supervisor will be glad to listen. As a            Workers Compensation Claim.
member of our team, you are expected to
provide the quality workmanship that ABC           Employees must wear all appropriate
Landscaping prides itself in. We expect that       safety gear, including steel toe boots /
you treat all customers and fellow                 shoes, eye protection, hearing protection
employees with utmost respect, and                 and if conditions warrant dust masks and
perform the duties you are assigned to the         hard hats. The company will provide, at no
best of your abilities - at a high level of both   cost, all safety equipment except foot ware.
quality and efficiency.                            If employees are found to be abusing the
                                                   equipment they will be responsible to
Health & Safety Policy                             replace it at their own cost.

Safety is a priority - whether you are at the      WHMIS information and Material Safety
shop, driving to the job site, or on the job       Data Sheets are kept in Name office. The
site itself. Together, we must make our work       Material Safety Data Sheets feature first aid
environment as safe as possible. If you            measures that should be taken if contact
observe any unsafe equipment or hazardous          with certain hazardous materials occurs.
practices, please inform your foreman or           Total disclosure of all or any known
supervisor of your concerns.                       hazards or potential hazards of any
                                                   materials we use are listed in this binder.
Foremen will be held accountable for the
health and safety of workers under their
supervision. It is the foreman’s
responsibility to ensure the machinery and

Hours of Work                                    to hear a message about plans for the day.
                                                 This message will be placed by 6:15 am. If
Full time & seasonal full time employment is     there are no instructions in the message all
from the beginning of April through to the       employees are to come in for work at the
end of November. During these months, we         regular start time. If it looks like the
start the day at 7:00 a.m., and usually finish   weather will not improve, employees may
around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. The length of the       be sent home, and will remain on call until
working day may vary depending on the            12:30 p.m. - at which time the day will be
work load and weather.                           called off.
During the spring months of April, May and
part of June, as well as November, the work      All workers are entitled to two fifteen
week will run from Monday through to and         minute breaks and a half hour lunch break
including Saturday.                              each day. The times at which these breaks
                                                 will be had is at the discretion of the
During the summer months, the work week          foreman.
will run from Monday through to and
including Friday. Saturdays, as well as          Pay
statutory holidays may need to be worked
in order to catch up on missed work due to       Employees’ rate of pay will be determined
inclement weather, or in order to meet           based on their job description and their
deadlines.                                       ability to perform the duties assigned to
All workers must be at the shop prior to 7:00    them.
am. Because we work together in teams,
tardiness will not be accepted. Any time you     Each new employee is on an initial one
are at the yard after 7:00am you are going to    week probationary period in order to
be docked ½ an hour since when you are           assess their abilities.
late, you are preventing the rest of your
crew from producing. Any subsequent              Employees’ are paid every other
tardiness may increase the time you will be      week (one week delay).
docked.                                          Seasonal employees will be paid
                                                 for their hours worked over the
If for some reason you are going to be late      previous two weeks. Full time
for work, you must notify the office prior to    employees will be paid at a rate
7:00 am, by calling into the employee            of 40 hours per week, with their
mailbox at ###### extension ## and leaving a     extra hours being banked and
message, or it will be considered an             paid out at the end of the year.
unexcused absence.
                                                 A printout detailing each employee’s hours
All foremen must be at the shop by 6:45 am       worked and paid will be included with
to prepare for the day ahead.                    each pay stub. By law, ABC Landscaping is
                                                 required to deduct income tax,
In the event of foul weather, all employees      unemployment insurance premiums,
must call the office at ####### extension ##

Canada pension plan premiums, and any            If a customer asks a question that you are
garnishments from your pay.                      unable or unsure of how to answer, refer
                                                 the customer to the on-site foreman. If the
All pay is done by direct deposit and can be     foreman is unable to answer the question,
directed to multiple accounts if so desired. A   he will refer the customer to his supervisor.
valid bank account is required for pay to be
deposited.                                       The job site must be kept neat and orderly -
                                                 all tools are to be put away where they
Holidays                                         belong when you are finished with them.

Each employee is entitled to one week of         Company
holidays in the summer and full time             Vehicles
employees also get one week off in the
                              winter. The        Company
                              time at which      vehicles
                              the employee       must be kept
                              wishes to take     clean and in good repair. If a truck is
                              their holidays     damaged in any way, or is in need of
                              must be            repair, please inform your supervisor as
                              arranged in        soon as possible. Oil change intervals are
                              advance with       posted on the windshield and must be
                              their              observed.
supervisor. Employees will receive their
vacation pay at the time of their vacation.      Employees possessing a valid driver’s
                                                 license and a reputable driving record may
On-site Behavior                                 be asked to drive a company vehicle. Any
                                                 tickets, citations or fines related to the
A professional appearance and a positive         operation of a company vehicle will be the
demeanor are necessary aspects of                responsibility of the driver.
providing the best customer service. To that
end all employees must wear the company          If you are involved in an accident with a
uniform on the job site at all times and must    company vehicle immediately mark down
maintain a neat and clean appearance, i.e. no    the license of any other vehicle involved.
torn or badly stained uniforms.                  Report any incident to your supervisor
                                                 immediately. Always remain at the scene of
Another aspect of professionalism is the         the accident until the police have arrived
language and tone of voice that is used for      and an accident report has been completed.
employees to talk to each other either           Do not exchange vehicle insurance
during work activity but also during breaks.     information with the other party unless you
Remember that if you shout loudly over the       have been authorized by your supervisor.
noise of running machinery you will be
heard clearly by anyone in listening range.

Uniforms                                        Company Events

Employees can purchase uniforms from our        Employee BBQ
store every morning before starting their       These will be held on the last Monday of
work day. Each employee has an annual           the each month from April through to and
budgeted limit to purchase clothing at 50%      including October.
of actual cost. Once employees have
reached their limit, any future purchases       Come back to the yard at the end of the day
within that year will be at 100% of actual      to a delicious barbequed dinner! Burgers
cost. Limits are determined by employment       are on the grill by the time the crews return
type:                                           and Nathan makes sure that everyone has
Fulltime              $300                      enough to fill them up before they go home
Part time             $200                      for the day.
Seasonal              $150
Each employee is required to wear the           Summer Event
uniform clothing, in season, as needed.         Each summer, there will be a
➮      Company hats are provided free of        golf or a Bocce Ball
       charge.                                  tournament organized by
➮      Gloves are available at cost from        ABC Landscaping for all
       supply room.                             employees and their spouses
➮      Maintenance workers are required to      with games and entertainment for the
       have pruners and pouch. Felco 2 and      children.
       pouch are available at cost from the
       supply room.                             Christmas Dinner
If an employee leaves before the end            Early December, a formal company
(agreed on) of season the employee is           Christmas dinner will be held for
responsible for total cost of clothing.         employees and their
Snow Clearing
                                                Employee Benefits
Employees who work
clearing snow are on call                       Health Plan
at all times, and                               Full-time employees (2000 hrs)will be
therefore must always be                        eligible for company benefits after 12
available.                                      consecutive months of full-time
                                                employment. The employee will then be
If you want to go away                          able to enroll in our custom Flexible Health
at any time during the winter months, you       Program. Each employees needs are
must request permission from the                different and you will be able to customize
supervisor so that he can properly assess the   your own individual plan.
weather and the need for you to be available
for those days.

Full-time employees (2000 hrs)will be
enrolled in an RRSP after 5 consecutive full
time years. Company and employee will
each contribute 3% of gross earnings.

Profit Sharing
Current full-time employees (2000 hrs) will       Reasons For Immediate Dismissal
be eligible for profit sharing after 24          1. Repeated unexcused absence.
consecutive months of employment.                2. Use of alcohol or drugs during working
Following the end of the next fiscal year,           hours -       with the exception of
after being eligible, current full-time              prescribed medication
employees will receive a prorated portion of     3. Side jobs done on company time, using
                                                     company tools, equipment or vehicles
the allotted profit.
                                                 4. Use of company tools, equipment or
                                                     vehicles beyond working hours without
                                                     permission from management
Staff Training                                   5. Stealing from fellow employees or the
ABC Landscaping is committed to Staff            6. Failure to wear proper safety
Training and has many opportunities for its          equipment
employees.                                       7. Driving a company vehicle without a
                                                     valid license
If an employee wishes to                         8. Unsafe or reckless use of equipment or
upgrade     their   skills   by                      vehicles
attending a seminar or course                    9. Unnecessary damage to equipment or
                                                     customers property
(approved   by ABC), ABC
                                                 10. Offensive words or gestures towards
Landscaping will pay for the
                                                     fellow employees or customers
seminar or course, up to 2 seminars or
courses per year. However, you will not
receive wages to attend. Specialized or
university courses will be considered on an
individual basis.

Employees that have entered the Apprentice
Program at Humber College are required to
pay the costs involved ($400.00 for the first
year, $600.00 for the second year). However, a
loan to cover these cost can be arranged, and
will be considered on an individual basis.

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