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					                                    Application for Business Tax Certificate                                                                    FOR OFFICE USE                                     Initials _______
                                               City of St. Petersburg, Florida Business Tax Division                                                                                     Counter
                                              Web site:                                           CTRL #__________
                                            325 Central Avenue, PO Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731                                           DATE ___________                         Mail
                                           Phone: 727-893-7241                       FAX: 727-893-4121

        Business address _______________________________ zip code_________                                             Business phone                _______________________________________
        Business name _________________________________                               If this address is your          Website URL:                   _______________________________________
                                                                                      residence, signing this
        ______________________________________________                                application certifies that, if
                                                                                      a rental or a condominium,       You are subject to a 25% penalty if you started this business activity before paying this
        Federal Employer ID# ___________________________                              the condo association or         tax. This is a state law.
                                                                                      owner of the property
                   (If using social security #, put it on the back of this form.)                                      State the date you began or will begin this business activity from this
                                                                                      approves of this use. For
                                                                                      residence, check one:            location:
        Mailing Name: _________________________________                               ___ home occupation
                                                                                      ___ address of convenience
        Mailing Address:________________________________

        Description of your business activities: Please circle all that apply. (Note, all independent contractors require their own business tax)
        carpet cleaning, carpet & vinyl floor installation, hauling, janitorial service, window cleaning, lawn service, landscaping & tree service, pressure
        cleaning, wall covering, change light bulbs, patching wall cracks, general labor working under the guidance of a licensed contractor, install A/C
        (package units only - maximum 3 tons or less, 36,000 BTU’s)

        Type of ownership:          ___ Individual     ____Partnership        ___ Corporation                          ___ LLC         ___Other (indicate)_______________
        List names and addresses of all owners, partners and, if a corporation, all officers:
        Name__________________________Residence Address _________________________________________________Title___________________
        Name__________________________Residence Address _________________________________________________Title___________________

                                                                                 Statement of Exemption from the Fictitious Name Act: Exemptions are limited to these reasons, per Florida Statute
Applicant Info:                                                                  865.09. This statement is a requirement of Florida Statute 205.023(2) as a prerequisite to receiving an business tax
                                                                                 certificate. If you do not qualify for one of these four exemptions, you must have or obtain a current fictitious name
Applicant's Name ________________________________________                        registration issued by the Florida Div. of Corporations.

Title                ________________________________________                     Checking the appropriate exemption certifies that compliance with the Fictitious Name Act IS NOT REQUIRED because:
                                                                                 ___      I am using only my own name
Home Address         ________________________________________                    ___      I am certified with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to practice this activity
                                                                                 ___      The application is for a corporation which has a certificate of authority to transact business in the state of Florida
Home phone           ________________________________________                             pursuant to chapter 607, the "Florida Business Corporation Act," or chapter 617, the "Florida Not for Profit
                                                                                          Corporation Act"
Business E-M ail ________________________________________

Exemptions: Depending on the business conducted, you may be entitled to a tax exemption. Please indicate below if you are one of the following: legally blind, disabled and unable to perform manual
labor, disabled veteran with a disability rating of 10 percent or greater, 65 years of age or over, or the widow of a disabled veteran who has not remarried. Exemptions apply only to individuals. Indicate
possible category:
                                                                                                                                     PLEASE COM PLETE BOTH SIDES OF THIS APPLICATION
                                                                                                FOR OFFICE USE                                                                    FEIN/SSN?____
      Except as otherwise provided by law, information submitted to us is public record.        ____home occupation        ____commercial location:                                Fict name?____
      Information on this application may be provided to government agencies such as            ____PO Box                 ____co/waiver received                                  comments?____
                                                                                                                           ____HOLD FOR CO                                     CO questions?____
      the St. Petersburg Police Department, and the Florida Department of Revenue.
                                                                                                                           ____no CO required/no change of use               notices program?____
                                                                                                Other                                                                                   certif?____

Home Occupation City of St. Petersburg City Code – Chapter 16, Land Development Regulations: Establishment: Home occupation is a business which is an accessory use to a single or multi-family dwelling unit where a residence is the principal use of the
property and which has obtained a business tax receipt. Use Restrictions:
 A.    Areas used for home occupations shall be contained within fully enclosed principal or      F.    Home occupations which create noise not usual to a residential district or which
       accessory buildings. No outdoor areas shall be used for a home occupation.                       involve the use of power tools are prohibited between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and
                                                                                                        9:00 a.m. Doors and windows of the principal or accessory structure shall be closed
                                                                                                        when such noise is created or power tools are in use.
 B.    Areas within principal structures dedicated to home occupations shall not exceed           G.    One (1) employee that is not a resident of the dwelling unit shall be permitted to be at
       more than 50% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit. This standard shall not              the property. Employees that perform services or work off-site (e.g. landscaping,
       apply to a home occupation within a detached accessory building, which may occupy                painting, etc.), employees shall not come to the property for any reason, including
       the entire structure.                                                                            but not limited to, assembling to receive work assignments, obtain supplies, deliver
                                                                                                        paperwork, collect paychecks.
 C.    Home occupations shall not be permitted to occupy or prevent access to areas of            H.    Shipping, receiving, storage, processing, fabrication, manufacturing, and distribution
       buildings necessary to provide the required number of off-street parking spaces                  are prohibited.
       without an approved site plan for replacement of those spaces on the property.

 D.    No customers or clients shall be allowed to come to the property except where the          I.    No more than one (1) business vehicle shall be permitted to park on the property,
       home occupation provides individual educational instruction (e.g. music teachers).               regardless the number of home occupations approved for the property. Vehicles shall
                                                                                                        comply with the restrictions for the parking of domestic and commercial equipment
                                                                                                        in residential zoning districts.
 E.       Display of merchandise shall be prohibited.

           Social Security #___________________________(do not fill in if FEIN is provided on the front or first page of this application)

 Affidavit: The information on this application is correct. Further, if this application is for a home occupation, I have read, I understand, and will comply with the conditions listed above. I
understand that St. Petersburg City Code makes it unlawful to apply for an business tax certificate based on false information. Any person who provides false information in the application
process may be prosecuted for an ordinance violation, and is subject to the penalties provided in Section 1-8, St. Petersburg City Code.

STATE OF FLORIDA, COUNTY OF PINELLAS. The forgoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _______________by ___________________________________ who produced
___________________________________ as identification, and who did not take an oath, and who appeared before me at the time of notarization.

                                      Notary Public:                                                                     Signature of Applicant:

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