Modeling floor processor AUDIO INTERFACE by ChristMoore


									                 RPx400 x400    New
Modeling floor processor &

 T    hink of it as the
      ultimate modeling floor processor
 with direct XLR speaker-compensated outs to run
 to a PA, and a USB recording interface with all of
 the ins and outs you will ever need.                    6   Bi-directional USB interface
    The RPx400 is the first modeling floor proces-         6   Digitech Recording Software by Cakewalk®
 sor with true two-way computer connectivity and         6   Mic preamp with XLR input and level control
 extra I/O to handle vocals, other instruments and       6   Stereo line level inputs, balanced XLR outputs
 monitoring. It lets you capture tracks on a PC with     6   12 popular amp models
 the included DigiTech multi-track recording soft-       6   6 cabinet models with 4 mic placement choices
 ware by Cakewalk®. Then edit, mix and burn CDs.         6   Single coil and humbucking pick-up modeling
    With everything you need to record (including        6   26 fully programmable effects, 11 at one time
 a kick-ass floor processor), the RPx400 is digital       6   40 from artist presets made for DigiTech by Dan
                                                             Donegan/Disturbed •Acey Slade/Murderdolls
 recording designed by guitarists for guitarists.            • Clint Lowery/Sevendust • Chad Kroeger/Nickelback
    On stage you have the best of both worlds by             • Metal Mike Chlasciak/Pain Museum-Halford
 using the separate 1/4˝ and XLR outputs to send             and other popular artists plus 40 user presets
 your sound to either the amplifier or the PA, us-        6   Built-in drum machine with 30 patterns
 ing DigiTech’s award-winning cabinet modeling.          6   Chromatic tuner
 When you’re ready to record, send all of your           6   3 wide-spaced foot switches & expression pedal
 tones to your PC. You can also record vocals using      6   Learn- A-Lick™ Phrase Trainer
 the mic pre-amp or use the stereo line level inputs     6   24-bit A/D/A and audio streaming
 to record any instrument – just plug and play.          6   Jam-Along™ input
    Now there’s no excuse not to record and create       6   Rugged metal chassis
 your own CDs — the RPx400 is that easy to use. 6        6   Power supply included

 Cool stuff from the guitar fanatics in Salt Lake City
                                                                                USB Port streams 24-bit        USB Port also gives the
                                                                                audio to and from a            RPx400 user foot control
                                                  XLR mic preamp with           recording computer. For        of computer recording
                                                  level control for recording   example, stereo effects,       functions such as Record,
                                                  vocals and acoustic instru-   dry guitar and mic while       track arming, Play and
                                                  ments without having to       listening to a stereo mix      Stop functions .
                                                  add a mixer.                  on the computer.

                                                  Stereo line inputs are        Separate stereo                Dry/Wet recording. Pro-
                                                  standard equipment on the     headphone output.              cessed stereo signal plus
                                                  RPx400. You don’t need        Balanced XLR and 1/4˝          a mono dry signal can be
                DigiTech multi-track              to add an interface box                                      streamed to the computer
                                                                                outputs. XLRs are
                recording and CD burning          or mixer to record other                                     simultaneously. This al-
                software for the PC by            instruments                                                  lows the user to re-process
                                                                                so the RPx400 can drive
                Cakewalk®.                                                                                     the signal on the computer
                                                                                a PA using DigiTech’s
                                                                                award-winning cabinet          after the fact via…
                                                                                modeling — or feed a           Re-Amp feature. Dry
                                                                                recording console without      signals recorded on the
                                                                                conversion box – while         computer can be sent
                                                                                the 1/4" jack drives your      back to the RPx400 for
                                                                                guitar amp.                    processing with any of the
                                                                                                               effects or models.

                                                                                RPx400 Amp Models
                                                                                6 Blackface with 2x12 cab 6 Boutique with vintage 4x12
                                                                                cab 6 Rectifier with vintage 4x12 cab 6 Hot Rod with
                                                                                British 4x12 cab 6 Tweed with 2x12 cab 6 British Combo
                                                                                with 2x12 cab 6 Clean 1 with British 4x12 cab 6 Clean 2
                                                        A complete recording    with British 4x12 cab 6 Crunch with vintage 4x12 cab
                                                        environment…no mixer    6 High Gain Tube with British 4x12 cab 6 Fuzz with British
                                                        required!               4x12 cab 6 Stack based on Marshall JCM900 6 Acoustic
                                                                                Guitar Simulator
                Separate 1/4˝& XLR outputs send sound to both the amp and PA
                                                                                RPx400 Effects (up to 11 at a time)
                                                                                6 Programmable 3-band EQ (bass, mid, treble) 6 Delay
                                                                                – Mono Analog • Mono Digital • Stereo Ping Pong 6 Reverb
                                                                                – Room • Hall • Plate • Church • Arena • Spring 6 Detune
                                                                                6 Pitch Shift 6 Chorus 6 Flanger 6 Phaser 6 Tremolo 6
                                                                                Vibrato 6 Rotary Speaker 6 Silencer Gate 6 AutoSwell 6
                                                                                Compressor 6 Envelope Filter 6 Panner 6 Auto Ya 6 Wah
                                                                                – Cry Wah • Boutique Wah • Full Range Wah 6 Whammy
                                                                                – Whammy Octave Up • Whammy 2 Octave Up •Whammy
               CD player
               feeds                                                            Octave Down •Whammy 2 Octave Down • Harmony Minor 3rd/
               Input                                                            Major 3rd Up • Harmony 2nd/Major 3rd Up • Harmony 3rd/4th
                                                                                Up • Harmony Octave Up • Harmony Octave Down

Made by guitar fanatics hiding in the rock’n’ roll underground of Salt Lake City


                                                                                           7 801.566.8800

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