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									Robeco USA, LLC (formally known as Weiss, Peck & Greer, LLC), is looking for a talented Quantitative
Equity Analyst to join our Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management team.

Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience but typically 5 or more in investments. Applicants
should have a PhD in a quantitative discipline (Econometrics, Finance, or Statistics preferred). Excellent
written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work in a fast pace team environment are a must.
Candidate must have strong analytic and programming skills with experience using S-Plus or similar
statistical data analysis tools. Development experience using VB, C++ or similar programming language
preferred but not required.

The right candidate must have experience in the research and development of stock selection models using
quantitative techniques. The candidate will be highly skilled in univariate and multivariate modeling,
multiple regression techniques, and other statistical methods. We seek an idea generator who can also
apply these ideas to enhance our existing models and decision-making process. Candidate may make buy,
sell and hold recommendations and could manage a portion of an account, but will mainly focus on

About Robeco USA
Robeco USA manages $27 billion in client assets and includes Weiss, Peck & Greer Investments, Robeco-
Sage Capital Management, a hedge funds of funds manager, and Boston Partners Asset Management, a
value equity manager.

With an integrated sales force, the goal is to offer institutions and high net worth individuals a
comprehensive product line along with a superior level of client service.

Robeco USA is owned by Robeco Group, a Dutch asset management firm with $95 billion in assets.

Thanks to two acquisitions, the Robeco USA business unit expanded further in 2002. The acquisitions of
Sage Capital Management and of a 60% stake in Boston Partners Asset Management allow Robeco, in
conjunction with Weiss Peck & Greer, to offer a complete range of products for the US institutional
market. The companies' institutional sales activities have also been integrated within Robeco USA. During
2002, the first successes in terms of cross-selling between the companies within Robeco USA were
realized. The product range of Robeco USA will consist of growth- and value-equity investments, fixed-
income investments and alternatives (such as hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, private equity and venture
capital investments). With the current positioning of Robeco USA, a full-service US institutional platform
is available to serve as a basis for future growth.

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Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

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