Notice Of Settlement Form by AOUSC

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									                           UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                            FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO
                               Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth E. Brown

In re:                                 )
@                                      ) Bankruptcy Case No. @ @
@                                      ) Chapter @
Debtor.                                )
______________________________________ )
@,                                     )
Plaintiff@,                            )
v.                                     ) Adversary Proceeding No. @ EEB
@,                                     )
Defendant@.                            )

                           NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT

        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the movant named below has moved for approval of a
settlement agreement that involves claims made against the Defendant(s) under 11 U.S.C. § 727.
Attached to this Notice of Settlement is a copy of the Complaint and Motion to Approve Settlement.

        If you desire to oppose the Motion for Approval you must file a written objection and request
for a hearing with the Court on or before _____________________, and serve a copy thereof on the
undersigned attorney. Objections and requests for hearing shall clearly specify the grounds upon which
they are based.

         In the absence of a timely and substantiated objection and request for hearing by an interested
party, the court may approve or grant the Motion to Approve Settlement without any further notice to
affected parties.

                                                         Signature of Attorney for Movant
                                                         Attorney’s Address
                                                         Attorney’s Phone Number
Attorney’s E-Mail

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