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									                       HQ AFMC

Developing, Fielding, and Sustaining America’s Aerospace Force

             (PDF & PSCM Immersion Training)

                         Lorna Estep
            Deputy Director for Supply Management

     Integrity - Service - Excellence

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 Purpose

 The LCCEP Workforce Strategy

 About PDF

 PSCM Immersion Training

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                        The “People Side”
                        of Transformation
“There is a lot of talk about
transformation out there today…
 It is not just all about technology; it
is about relationships. It is about the
commitment of our people to do
things in new and different ways.”

CSAF Gen John Jumper

     PSCM Immersion               “ We must tailor the force to what the world
  Training is designed to:         needs the Air Force to do, not what we are in
                                                the habit of doing”
 Tailor work force skills &
                                                    CSAF Gen John Jumper
 gain commitment to the
AF Supply Transformation                            Blue Summit, 1 Feb 05

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                                      SMA Balanced Scorecard

                              Sustainment Mission Area (SMA) Balanced Scorecard

                Warfighter                Logistics Process             Resource Planning    Innovation & Learning

            Improve         Improve      Reduce e2e   Integrate the         Cost-Effective     Build a      Develop a
          supply mat’l     Customer      Cycle Time      Supply             Supply Chain      Flexible &   Strategically
           availability   Satisfaction                  Chain e2e            Operations      Empowered       Focused
                                                                                              Workforce     Workforce
Level 1

          Customer          Time          Source                             MSD Cost        Workforce     Workforce

          Wait Time        Definite        Cycle          Data               per Flying      Proficiency   Feedback
                           Delivery        Time         Integrity              Hour                         Scores
          MICAP Hrs


                                                            Active KPI

                                                            Future KPI
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 Purpose

 The LCCEP Workforce Strategy

 About PDF

 PSCM Immersion Training

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                   LCCEP Workforce Strategy

Objective: Construct a strategic workforce plan for the „new‟ supply chain
                            professionals inherent in PSCM
Scope                                                 Approach
 A Development Framework for Supply Chain             Perform a Current Environment Analysis
                                                       Develop an initial Professional Development
     •   Competencies and capabilities                  Framework for Supply Chain Professionals
     •   Certifications                                Perform Workforce and skills/competencies
     •   Progressions                                   gap analysis

 A Workforce Strategy for Supply Chain                Develop a Workforce Strategy and Plan for
  Professionals                                         Supply Chain Professionals and Leaders

     •   People Strategy including career
         path templates and development
     •   Integrated professional education
     •   Leadership Development

                                             Page 6
                                Ideas Behind
                              Workforce Strategy
                               Key Business Drivers Influence
                                 Workforce Requirements

- Significantly changing           Strategy                     - Business oriented approach to
                                                                  Logistics Sustainment Operations
  leadership and career
                                                                - Improving availability and reducing
  development philosophy,
  methodology and training;                                       cost for sustainment operations
                                                                - Building flexible and empowered
- Closely aligning military
  and civilian career                                             workforce
  development methods.                                          - Developing strategically focused
                                                                - Implementing new jobs and roles
                                                                  from FY04 – FY08

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                       Overall Impacts of PSCM

• New PSCM jobs require varied degree of change
   - Some existing skills will adapt to new PSCM processes
   - Some will be distinctively different with new skill and             New Jobs
     capability requirements

• Six (6) Critical Capabilities have been identified from
  PSCM Re-engineering Study & codified in PSCM
  position descriptions                                               Key Capabilities
    - Analysis & Assessment     - Problem Solving
    - Communications            - Decision Making
    - Planning & Evaluating     - Leadership

• New supply chain environment will require:                          Targeted Training
       - New career development processes and tools
       - Targeted training at both skill level and capability level

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                          PSCM Job Impacts
• New jobs defined by PSCM are linked to existing AF job series
• Some jobs will maintain basic skill requirements, but require those skills to
  be applied to new business processes (1102, 2005, 801-895, 897-899)
• Some jobs, even though linked to an existing series, are distinctively
  different and will require new skills and capabilities (2010, 346, 1101, 301)

                   1102 Procurement Specialist
                                                      2010 Item Manager / SCM
                   2005 Supply Technician
                                                      346 Logistics Mgmt Specialist
                   801 Engineer / Tech
                                                 Degree of Change
         560 Budget Analyst
         1670 Equipment Specialist                               1101 General Business
         1515 Operations Research                                301 Program Support
         896 Industrial & Operations

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         Developing Our Workforce To Meet
            the Changing Environment

 Professionalize our logistics workforce… enhance the
  skill level and capabilities of logistics professionals
 Provide clear career path roadmaps for success in our
 Provide a tool for management assessment for an
  individual and provide each individual with a planning
  tool for career development
 Respond to employee desire for credentialing

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 Purpose

 The LCCEP Workforce Strategy

 About PDF

 PSCM Immersion Training

                            Page 11
                  The Professional
               Development Framework

 PDF is a career development tool used to track and support
        efforts to professionalize the Logistics workforce

 PDF will be used to:

   •   Enable managers to more deliberately assist employees in
       planning their careers

   •   Enable individuals to proactively plan their professional
       development in line with the AF overall mission, goals and

   •   Establish credentialing processes and criteria for logistics

                                  Page 12
              Professional Development
 PDF is NOT used for:

  •   Promotions or job selection

  •   Ranking of candidates

  •   Replacement of the Whole Person Score (WPS)

  •   Multi-Skilling

  •   An annual exercise

  •   A civilian personnel managed process
                               Page 13
                         Professional Development
                             Framework (PDF)
                                                            Logistics Profession
                                                            Logistics Profession
                                                                      Tactical   Operational       Strategic
Developed across                   Leadership Mission
                                   AF Vision /
four ranges of                     Relationship                                                                   AF Enduring
capability in the      Core        Business
following areas: Competencies      Decision Making
 - Leadership
 - Relationship                    Leadership
                                   AF Vision / Mission
 - Decision Making                                                                                             Dimension
 - Communications                                                                                              Capabilities
 - AF Vision / Mission     LEVEL       1                2      3         4       5             6
 - Business                        Logistics Readiness
                                                                                                               across six levels of
                                   Maintenance                                                                 capability for:
                                   Transportation (Civilian)
                                   Supply (Civilian)
                                    Program Management
                                                                                                               - Logistics Readiness
                                   Transportation (Civilian)
                                   Product Support
                                                                                                               - Maintenance
                                   Logistics Planning
                                                                                                               - Supply (C)
                                   Logistics Planning (Civilian)                                               - Transportation (C)
                                   Contracting (Sustainment)                                                   - Logistics Planning (C)
                                   Product Support / Industrial                                                - Contracting
                                   Program Management / Acquisition                                            - Program Mgt / Industrial
                                                                                                               - Product Support /
Records employee                   Weapons Systems
skills used for          Skills    Process
maintaining and
enhancing skills in                Tools & Methods
their current position             Enablement
                                                                   Page 14
                         Development Process

                                             A Proven & Repeatable Process
                                             • Other Logistics Specialties
                                             • Other Functional Areas

  Supply                                                                     Other Professions
Dimension                                                                     Via their Career
 (PSCM)                                                                          Councils
     Dimension                                                              Transportation
       (PSCM)      Logistics                                    Program
                                                                 Program      Dimension
                                                   Product                    Dimension
                    Planning   Maintenance                    Management
                                                   Support     Dimension
                   Dimension    Dimension                       Dimension

                                             Page 15
           Materiel Support Division
               FY05 Work Force
      301 Program
                            5xx, 91          3xx, 138
      Support, 218
                                                   Other, 312
   346 Logistics
  Mgt Specialists,                                                   3,221 Total
       365                                                          MSD Funded

8xx, 290

                                                                2010 Item Mgrs,

 1101 Production                                              1670 Equip
  Mgt Specs, 247                                            Specialists, 404

               1102 -1105                    1515 Ops
             Contracting, 393              Research Spec,

                                 Page 16
                   Assessment Process

                                               reviews and
               Assessor                         approves
             reviews and                         package
              approves –                                                 Employee
            sends to panel                                              submits PDF
                             Process for                                                                Foundation
                                                                                                                     Logistics Profession
                                                                                                                            Experienced   Advanced       Executive

                                PDF                                      Core



                                                                               LEVEL            1            2         3         4        5          6


                                                                                       Contracting (Sustainment)
                                                                                       Program Management

                                                                                       Product Support

                                                                                       Logistics Planning

                                                      results to
                                                                             OVERALL LEVEL
                                                                                                 1            2         3         4       5          6

Standing             Panel                                             Functional
                                                                                       Weapons Systems


                                                                                       Tools & Methods

panel for          evaluates                                                           Enablement

first two         package and                                            Core &
  years             assigns                    Results given           Dimension
                   capability                   to Manager             Capability
                     levels                                              Levels
                                                                   Mirrors Proposed
                                                                    CDP Process!

                                     Page 17
                 Professional Credentialing
                Requirements (LCCEP Pilot)
Immersion Training Contains 100 % of the required Supply        Experience at
 Dimension Training for Journeyman and Senior Logistician      Multiple Locations
                                                               Advanced Level
                                   Experienced Level
      Immersion Training Contains 80% of the required Supply Dimension Training
                                                           Core Competencies
                                  Core Competencies
      For Master Logistician                                    Including
                                    including Required
           Foundation Level                                    Required Training
          Core Competencies Training Contains 40% of the required Core
                                     Level 4 in One PDF        Level 5 in One PDF
                  Competency training for Journeyman and Senior Logistician
                                    Dimension Including       Dimension Including
           Required Training                                    Required Training
                                     Required Training
           Level 3 in One PDF                                         PLUS
               Dimension                    PLUS
                                        Level 3 in a             Level 3 in TWO
                Including                                       other Dimensions
            Required Training        Second Dimension

                                     Bachelors Degree          Masters Degree
          24 Hours of Business

               20 Hours of              20 Hours of                20 Hours of
          Continuing Education     Continuing Education       Continuing Education
              Supervisor                Supervisor                 Supervisor
             Endorsement               Endorsement                Endorsement

          Journeyman                    Senior                     Master
          Logistician                 Logistician                Logistician
                                      Page 18
                             PDF Benefits

                                                            • Workforce skills and
                                                              capabilities aligned with
                                                              Command goals and
                             • Training priorities at the
                               unit level                   • Workforce with depth and
                                                              breadth of capabilities
• Provide a clear, career    • Management
  path roadmap for success     involvement in career
• Career development and
  assessment tool            • Common language
                               across the unit
• Understand how he/she
  “fits in” to the overall
  logistics business

Individual perspective       Unit perspective               Workforce perspective

                                       Page 19
               Key Points of the PDF

• Professionalizing the logistics career is critical to
  achievement of our future mission
• Civilian Force Development and Logistics Competencies
  linked to the PDF
• Leadership is accountable for development and part of
  the balanced score card measures

                    Employee participation is

                              Page 20

 Purpose

 The LCCEP Workforce Strategy

 About PDF

 PSCM Immersion Training

                          Page 21
            PSCM Immersion Training:
              What Does It Mean?

 Broad understanding of PSCM Transformation
  •   Part of the workforce transition support strategy
 Aid in Professionalizing the logistics career
 Help to satisfy training associated with Core
  Supply Capabilities in the Professional
  Development Framework

                           Page 22
              Benefits of Immersion
 Better understanding of transformation and future of
 Enhanced skills in both Dimensional Capabilities and Core
 Long term - better able to manage new roles in PSCM
 9 week schedule ensures employees ability to complete
  the training in a compressed time
 Employees receive large portion of training required for
 Employees do not have to take classes a la cart

                            Page 23
           PSCM Immersion Training

Content: 22 Core & Supply dimension courses
Audience: 3,350 MSD funded employees (all functions)
Where: Each ALC and HQ, AFMC (no TDY required)
When: 1st Quarter FY06 – FY09
Schedule: 75 people/qtr per ALC – 3 concurrent classes of 25
Length: 9 week session
Mission Impact: Mitigated via contract backfills
Instruction: Professional contract instructors
                                          Immersion Training for
                                        AFMC/LG will be completed
                                                by 2006

                             Page 24
                  PSCM Training Execution

    FY06        FY07        FY08      FY09
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3
25    25     25    25    25

25    75    75    75    75     75     75      75        75     75     75     75     75     75   75

25    75    75    75    75      75    75      75        75     75     75     75     75     75 75

25    75    75    75    75     75     75      75        75     75     75      75     75    75 75
TINKER AFB                              Total Trained

100   350   600   850   1100   1325   1550   1775       2000   2225   2450   2675   2900   3125 3350

                                       Page 25
Notional 9-week Training Schedule

                                    Columbus Day

                                    Veteran’s Day

                                        (2 days)

                                    New Years Day

                                       MLK Day

                                    President’s Day

                                     Memorial Day

                                Independence Day
                                        (2 days)

                                      Labor Day
                     Course Curriculum
                (Note: courses underlined are tested)

         Core Capabilities                          Dimension Capabilities
 You and the Air Force Mission
                                               Supply Chain and the System
 Logistics in the 21st Century                Root Cause Analysis
   •eLog21 & PSCM Overview
                                               Inventory Analysis
 Process Improvement Overview                 Forecasting / Demand Planning
 Change Management Basics                     Market Research
 Analysis Techniques                          Contracting for Supply
 Fundamentals of Relationship Mgmt            SRM

 Focus on the Customer                        Strategic Sourcing
                                                  •Commodity   Councils & PBL
 Problem Solving/Decision Making
                                               CRM
 Metrics and the Balanced Score
  Card                                         Maintenance for Supply
                                               Case Study
 Understanding Financial
 Data as a Strategic Resource      Page 27
                  Immersion Training:
                  Rules of Engagement

 It is very important to choose the most convenient 9 week
  time slot for yourself
 Attendance:
  • Emergency Leave is granted through normal process
      Scheduling is critical – limited flexibility to complete
       training for 3,350 people
  • If absent from class because of emergency– the employee is
    responsible for catching up and preparing for the test

                Classroom participation is required

                               Page 28
                    Immersion Training:
                    Rules of Engagement
 Tests will be conducted for critical class modules
   •   70% score is passing
         Ensures students grasp key concepts needed for performance
         Validates training materials and delivery
             Employees have access to graded test for review

   •   Supervisors will only be notified if a student scores less
       than 70%
         Employee will retake failed module until he/she passes
             Schedule retake with supervisors
                 Supervisors will be encouraged to be supportive
         No impact on job retention or performance appraisal

                                Page 29

 PSCM Immersion Training addresses transformation needs
 Consistent with AFMC/AF Work Force Development goals
 Provides employees with new skills
 Satisfies 80% of the training associated with Supply
  Dimension in Professional Credentialing
 Satisfies 40% of the training associated with Core
  Competencies in Professional Credentialing
 Unprecedented investment in developing our workforce

                            Page 30
  Page 32
                       Core Competency Detail
   Leadership            Relationship       Decision Making       AF Mission /
                                                                     Vision       Business
Core Competencies      Core Competencies   Core Competencies
   Inspire Trust       Influence through    Exercise Sound         Mission &        Risk
                            Win/Win           Judgment              Vision       Management
Lead Courageously           Solutions
Drive Performance                          Adapt and Perform      Organization    Contracting
                       Mentor/Coach for     Under Pressure        & Structure      Concepts
     Promote              Growth &
  Collaboration &         Success             Assess Self          Air Force       Financial
       Trust                                         Leadership    Doctrine        Analysis
 Shape Institution        Partner to
Strategy & Direction   Maximize Results                           Core Values      Personnel
 Command Org. &                             Communication
 Mission Success                            Core Competency                       Leveraging
 Embrace & Lead                                                                   Technology
    Change                                  Foster Effective
  Drive Execution                                                                   Cost
 Attract, Retain &
  Develop Talent

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