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					                                                        NOTICE TO LANDLORDS
                                                            December 2010
                                                         READ THIS SIDE FIRST
Since Xenia City ordinances require property owners to be responsible for unpaid utility bills whether the bill is in the name of the
property owner or a tenant, the City of Xenia Utility Division provides landlords with the following services related to their properties:
    1) You have the right to mark the utility accounts for your properties as “NO EXTENSIONS”. If an account is marked “NO
         EXTENSIONS”, the Utility Billing Division will not provide an extension for time to pay a delinquent bill without your permission.
         If you wish to establish a “password” for your account so we can verify that the person calling is the property owner,
         enter the desired password on the other side of this form.
    2) You may request that duplicates of tenant delinquent notices are mailed to you.
    3) You may request online access to the utility accounts for your properties.
To request any or all of these services, please complete the form on the reverse. The Utility Billing Division will be verifying
ownership with the Greene County Auditor’s website. If someone other than the property owner is completing this form (for
example, a property manager), a letter from the owner of record giving you authorization to complete this form and receive
information about the owner’s properties must be included when the form is returned.

Landlord online access to tenant’s utility accounts is provided strictly to allow landlords to track billing, consumption and payments for
their properties. By signing up for online access, you are agreeing to use this information strictly for these purposes and that the City of
Xenia is not responsible for any legal consequences of providing this information.

Online access can only be set-up by the Utility Billing Division upon written request from the owner of record (as listed on the Greene
County Auditor’s website ). Property managers must have written authorization from the owner of record to setup online access.
When your online access has been established, you will receive an email with your User ID and password information (online
access cannot be setup without an email address). You will be able to change your User ID and password once you have
signed on to the online access for the first time.

Currently, online access is set-up by account number not service address. Your online access will be created with the most current
account number for your property. Since the account number changes whenever the current tenant moves out, owners are
responsible for notifying the Utility Billing Division that there is an account number on your online account that needs to be
updated by sending an email to requesting an account number update.

As the owner of a property receiving utility services from the City of Xenia, you should be aware of the following:
     1) You are ultimately responsible for all utility bills for your properties.
     2) Collection of delinquent utility bills may be pursued via service disconnection, and/or refusal of service to a new tenant at a
          property with a delinquent City of Xenia utility bill, and/or a debt collection agency, and/or action by the Xenia Law Department,
          and/or property tax assessment.
     3) If you plan to sell your property, you should notify the potential buyer of any unpaid Xenia utility bills since these bills remain
          with the property.
     4) Service is not subject to disconnection until after the tenant is 30 days past due and has received a written notice that includes
          a disconnection date.
     5) Rental properties within the City of Xenia are considered a business within the City of Xenia and a Xenia City Income Tax
          return is required whether there are taxes due or not. Our Income Tax Rules and Regulations also require the submission of a
          Roster of Tenants every 6 months.
     6) For more information please visit our website at and look for the Info for Landlords page under the Utility
          Billing Division.
Changes to the Utility Billing Rules and Regulations within the last year:
Effective December 9, 2010 -- In order to enforce payment of utility bills, the City must be able to disconnect services when properties
have delinquent bills. However, in the case of properties with multiple buildings being serviced by a single water line (and curb stop) or
properties with multiple inside meters (and a single curb stop), the City is unable to effectively and efficiently disconnect service for
delinquency. Therefore, effective July 1, 2011, all utility services for services for properties that meet either of these criteria will only be
provided in the name of the property owner.

Effective February 1, 2010 -- There is a $50 new account initiation fee which will appear on the first month’s utility bill. This fee is
charged whenever a new account is created on the Utility Billing System (via the addition of a new service location or the finaling out of
an existing account). If the service is currently in a tenant’s name and the owner wishes to place the service permanently in their
name with no finaling out of the account between tenants, there is a one-time waiver of the account initiation fee (upon request from the
owner). Since there is a fee for new account initiation, service will not be placed in the owner’s name when a tenant moves out without
the owner’s specific authorization.
                                                    NOTICE TO LANDLORDS 
                                                 December 2010 
Owner or Property Manager Information (property managers must include signed authorization from owner of record). PLEASE 
NAME:                               _____________________________________________________________________ 

MAILING ADDRESS:                    _____________________________________________________________________ 


MAILING CITY, STATE, ZIP:           _____________________________________________________________________ 

PHONE*:                             _____________________________________________________________________ 

PASSWORD (OPTIONAL – will           _____________________________________________________________________ 
be used to verify your identity      
during phone calls). 
EMAIL*:                             _____________________________________________________________________ 

*Note  ‐‐ all information provided (including phone numbers and email addresses) is considered subject to public 
records requests. An email address is required for online access to be established. 

Service Addresses  for your properties            No Extensions to      Duplicate          Set‐up                For Office Use Only 
                                                    Pay without       Shutoff Notice      Landlord 
                                                      landlord         to Landlord      Online Access 

Completed forms may be: 
      Scanned and emailed to 
      Mailed to the Utility Billing Division at 101 N Detroit St, Xenia, OH  45385                        
      Faxed to 937‐376‐8914 

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