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									                         WORK REQUEST
                     SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS

To submit a Work Request, follow these steps:

       1. Click the Submit Work Request link in the Site Menu. This link opens the
          Select Facility dialog.

        2. Select your facility name from the drop down menu, or enter a valid phone
           number and click the adjacent Next button .

       3. Select your Building name in the Select Building dialog, and click the
          Next button.

       4. Type information in the required fields on the Request Form window. A red
          asterisk ( * ) indicates the required fields. Information must be supplied in
          these fields before the request will be accepted.

          For Area: Enter your room number. If your room number is not listed,
          you may choose the BLDG-Entire Building option.
           If you choose this option, please be very specific in the Request section to
           avoid delays in your work request being assigned.

           For Account number: Enter department FAU account number for moving
           items, events or projects. No FAU number required for routine building
           support (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pest control).

         For Tag Type, please leave this field as Area. Choosing another item from the
         drop down menu will require you to enter a Tag # and will prohibit you from
         submitting the work request.

         In the Request box, please provide detailed information that will enable
         Facilities to tend to your request promptly and efficiently including, who, what
         you need, when (dates/times), for how long, and precise location, etc.

       5. Click the Submit button on the window to send the request.

After the request is sent, a Request Number is issued to you. When the request is
accepted, a Work Order number will be sent to you to keep for future inquiries or
changes that you would like to make. You again will be sent a notice that your Work
Order has been completed.
If you have any questions or concerns about your completed Work Order, please have
your Work Order number available and can contact fmhelp@ucmerced.edu or (209)228-
2986. You may also go on the FMHelp website and query your Work Order.

If you are having a Special Event over 50 people, please fill out an Event Support
Request Form.

Choosing this option allows you to obtain a list of accepted and rejected requests.

       1. Click Query Request.

       2. Enter details (Building, Dates, and Repair Center) in the dialog that follows.

       3. Click the Next button.

This will generate a report that you can view on-line. The report can be printed like any
other web page.

You can click the assigned number in the Request column which will bring up a screen
that will show the Work Order number.

You can click the assigned Work Order number which will bring you to a screen that
provides you with the Status (if any) and, if the Work Order is closed, and will provide
you with the date that it was closed.

                           QUERY WORK ORDER

Work Orders can be queried by department.

       1. Click Query Work Order.

       2. Enter details to filter the query (Building, Department, Dates, desired status,
          and Repair Center) in the dialog that follows.

       3. Click the Next button.

This will generate a report that you can view on-line. The report can be printed.
                        SEARCHING ORDERS
                     AND REQUESTS BY NUMBER

If you need information about a specific Work Request or Work Order, you can query
the database on the left margin of the fmhelp website.

       1. Click the drop down menu under Search by Number and select your choice.

        2. Type the assigned number and include the 2 letter prefix in the next field and
click the Next button.

Information such as the status, the date it was converted to a work order, and the new
work order number is reported. If the request was rejected, it will show the date and
reason for rejection.

From the request results page, you can click the Work Order number and drill down to
the assigned work order.

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