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									                 Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

      Roe Lee Park
Management Plan - 2010/11

                                                Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Introduction by Leader of the Council Councillor Michael Lee. Foreword
by Executive member for Leisure and Culture Councillor Michael Law
Riding.                                                                Page 6

10    Introduction                                                     Page 8
1.1   Location
1.2   Map of Location of Roe Lee Park in Blackburn
1.3   Maps of Roe Lee Park
1.4   Access
1.5   Size
1.6   Habitats
1.7   Provision of facilities and features

20    History and Heritage                                             Page 12
2.1   History of site
2.2   Heritage features
2.3   Site Usage
2.4   Current Site Issues

3.0   Management Plan                                                  Page 16
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Purpose of the plan
3.3   Plan Format
3.4   Policy Context: Community Plan
3.5   Local Agenda
      3.5.1    Core Values
      3.5.2    Corporate Priorities
      3.5.3    Environmental Stewardship
      3.5.4    Performance Indicator
3.6   Strategic Context
      3.6.1 Strategic Priorities
      3.6.2 Additional Plans

                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

      3.6.3 Parks and Open Space Strategy

40    Accessibility                                                      Page 25
4.1   Introduction
4.2   Signage
4.3   Physical access
4.4   Social Access

50    Health and Safety                                                  Page 26
5.1   Introduction
5.2   Public Safety
      5.2.1 Risk Assessments
      5.2.2 Generic Risk Assessments
      5.2.3 Site Specific Risk Assessments
      5.2.4 Public Risk Assessments
      5.2.5 Safety Audits and Other Inspections
      5.2.6 Summary of Reporting and Emergency Procedures
      5.2.7 Summary of Insurance Details
5.3   Compliance with Health and Safety at Work
      5.3.1 Risk Assessments
      5.3.2 Site and Work Inspections
      5.3.3 COSHH Assessment
      5.3.4 Training and Equipment
      5.3.5 Reporting and Monitoring Procedures
5.4   Review of Health and Safety Mechanisms
5.5   Security

6.0   Clean and Well Maintained                                          Page 32
6.1   Introduction
6.2   Grounds Maintenance
      6.2.1 Litter and Waste Management
      6.2.2 Graffiti
      6.2.3 Damage & Vandalism

                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

       6.2.4 Dog Fouling
6.3    Normal Operating Procedures
6.4    Maintenance of equipment
6.5    Maintenance of buildings

7.0    Sustainability                                                    Page 37
7.1    Introduction
7.2    Energy and resource conservation
7.3    Recycling
7.4    Pesticides
7.5    Peat use
7.6    Waste minimisation
7.7    Arboriculture and woodland management

8.0    Nature Conservation and Heritage                                  Page 39
8.1    Introduction
8.2    Flora
8.3    Conservation of landscape features and buildings
9.0    Community Involvement                                             Page 41
9.1    Introduction
9.2    Friends Group
9.3    Events and Activities
9.4    Appropriate provision for the community
9.5    Educational Provision
9.6    Information on other user groups

10.0   Marketing and promotion                                           Page 47
10.1   Introduction
10.2   Leaflets
10.3   Websites
10.4   Press articles
10.5   Park publicity
10.6   Signage

                                               Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

11.0   Management                                                     Page 48
11.1   Introduction
11.2   Staffing & staffing structure
11.3   Implementation of the management plan
11.4   Review of the management plan

12.0   Action Plan                                                    Page 51
12.1   Introduction
12.2   Development and Action Plan
12.3   Response to Judges Comments from 2008

13.0   Appendices                                                     Page 61

                                                         Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Introduction by the leader of the council Councillor Michael Lee on
behalf of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

The North West of England has a long and close association with parks and gardens
dating back to the days of the industrial revolution of the mid-nineteenth century.
Some of the finest examples of public parks in the country can be found in the North

Blackburn with Darwen has a fine legacy of historic parks. Four parks have grade II
listed status on English Heritage's Historic Parks and Gardens Register, Sunnyhurst
Wood, Corporation Park, Queens Park and Bold Venture Park.

The parks and open spaces of Blackburn with Darwen play a major role within
peoples everyday lives. They offer passive and active recreational facilities and make
a positive contribution to urban regeneration, health, social cohesion, education and
life long learning, environmental sustainability and are important heritage and
cultural assets for the borough.

The council recognises the importance of parks and open spaces to the “liveability” of
the borough and is working very hard to ensure that all the parks are protected,
maintained and enhanced for future generations to use and enjoy.

Foreword by Councillor Michael Law-Riding - Executive Member
for Leisure and Culture

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council recognises that the provision of high
quality open space benefits the local community, the environment, local residents and
visitors of the Borough.

Providing a high quality public open space is the key to providing safer, cleaner
greener neighbourhoods. They are able to make a community more desirable and
sustainable, reduce the risk and perception of crime and increase biodiversity and
learning opportunities within the local community.

Each piece of open space within the Borough is paramount in meeting community
needs and has various stakeholders connected to it. The Council would like to
acknowledge these partnerships and hard work and would like to see them continue
into the future

Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                                                   Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

1.0   Introduction

1.1   Location
Blackburn with Darwen Borough is located in the North-West of England very
close to the motorway network. It is 10 miles North of Preston and 30 miles
from Manchester. Blackburn is known historically for being a cotton town.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council at present deal with ten major parks
and open spaces, including play areas, Neighbourhood Greens and is in
partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust who manage the Local Nature

Roe Lee Park is located in a residential area to the North of Blackburn, within
the Borough of Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire. It is located 3 miles from
the town centre. It is surrounded on all sides by residential areas. North of
the area is agricultural land and to the south is a mix of old industrial areas
and residential dwellings. Bordering on the boundary of the site is a green
space and stream. The map and grid reference is located as SD687 308.

1.2    Map of Location of Roe Lee Park in Blackburn

                                                                                 Roe Lee Park

                                               Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

1.3   Map of Roe Lee Park

Roe Lee Park Boundary – Including ‘The Dell’

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

1.4      Access
The park is easily accessible by car and public transport and is only 2 miles
from the M65 motorway Junction 6.

Regular bus services run from Blackburn town centre to the local area and
pass Emerald Avenue which is only a short walk to the main entrance to the
park. Pedestrian access is available from two other locations around the park
to the North and to the East.

There is access by vehicles to the park on Roe Lee Park Road, which is a
circular road which runs all round the park. There is no official car park,
however, cars can be parked on Roe Lee Park Road which is adjacent to the

1.5      Size
The Park is owned by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. The park
covers 17 acres, which in effect makes it the 7th largest publicly owned park
in the borough.

1.6      Habitats
In Roe Lee Park four broad habitats types exist. Woodland and broadleaved
plantation; Parkland and scattered trees; introduced scrub and amenity

1.7      Provision of facilities and features
Roe Lee Park is an urban fringe park situated on the North East of the town.
Roe      Lee    Park   boasts   many   facilities   including     bowling        greens,
bowling/community pavilion, kick about areas, youth shelter, children’s
playground, skate park and a large number of formal and informal bedded
areas.    The dell area of the park has been transformed in 2009 with funding
from the governments play pathfinder scheme.           The area now boasts 3
pieces of natural play equipment which promotes in children, creativity,
physical activity and raising self confidence.

                                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Roe Lee Park dell – ‘Before’ play pathfinder   Roe Lee Park dell – ‘After’ play pathfinder

The Park boasts a modern community/bowling pavilion, which is utilised by
many groups including the ‘Friends of Roe Lee Park’, bowlers, park users and
local community.

The park has 2 ball court areas offering multi use sport provision, the height
of fencing has been extended to keep balls in the court area. There is a large
children’s play area and a separate skate park and youth shelter for older
children. The new play pathfinder area of the dell is a fantastic asset to the
park. The dell is now more widely used, as the paths have been resurfaced
and there is seating along the paths.                   The improvements have been
sympathetic to the natural surroundings of the dell.

                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

2.    History and Heritage

2.1    History of site
After the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Roe Lee Mill on July 10th,
1913, Duckworth and Eddleston, the proprietors, gave 16 acres of land to the
town for the purpose of making a public park.

Roe Lee Park was opened on the 30 May 1923 by John Duckworth JP and
John Eddleston JP of Duckworth and Eddleston cotton manufacturers at Roe
Lee Mills who gave the site to serve a growing population in the Whalley New
Road district. It occupied 16 acres of land which was intended to
commemorate the visit of King George V to Blackburn in 1913. Duckworth
and Eddleston granted their employees a half day holiday, and flags flew from
their mills. John Duckworth officiated, opening the pavilion with a gold key
handed to him by the Borough Engineer, which he later presented to the
mayor. The park had five tennis courts and three bowling greens and a
putting green.

Today, it has an area of 17 acres containing three bowling greens; 2 Multi
Use Games Areas providing facilities for football, basketball and tennis; a
children's playground, skate park areas and an area known locally as ‘The
Dell’ with a stream running through it, and which now boasts 3 pieces of

                                                                           Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

natural play equipment.                    The park is surrounded by a Municipal housing
estate and in this layout both the estate and the Park owe to each other much
of the resulting effectiveness of setting. Any necessity for fencing the park has
been rendered superfluous.

2.2        Heritage features
The bowling pavilion was built by Fecitt and Sons in 1925. It was well
equipped for tennis and bowls players, and it had refreshment rooms in the
middle. The four-dialled clock in the tower was visible all over the park.

Mayor Ramsay playing bowls after the officially opening the park in 1923

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

2.3    Site Usage
As with all parks in their heyday, Roe Lee was popular for bowls and was a
general open green space where mill workers could spend their time. Today,
however, usage of the park is slightly different. It is surrounded by residential
properties and therefore the park is utilised by all ages.

The bowling greens are utilised by local bowling teams which includes men
and women and a night league. League matches are also played, and
children’s ‘crown green bowling’ coaching sessions take place throughout the
Spring and Summer, in conjunction with the local school, Roe Lee Primary
School. Bowling teams from across the North West use the fantastic facilities
available at Roe Lee Park for competitions.

Toddlers and youths have a play area, skate park and youth shelter. The park
is very popular with dog walkers and Sunday ‘strollers’. Public Toilets are
also available in the Park.

Many events are held in the community/bowling pavilion. The Friends Group
and other Park users have been pro-active in organising events for the whole
community. A gala/fun event was held in August 2009 and the very popular
Halloween Night event was held in the Park, for the fourth year running, with
face painting, ‘ghost walks’ and lantern making. There was a ‘hunt the
chocolate egg’ event at Easter. At Christmas, 2009, Roe Lee Primary School
were invited, for the second consecutive year, to send their choir to sing
Carols in the pavilion, which was very popular with parents, local residents
and the wider community of Roe Lee. This will hopefully become an annual
event. The group are already planning more events in partnership with the
Neighbourhood engagement team and the Service Development Team.

                                                   Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

2.4 Current Site Issues
Security and anti social behaviour cause some difficulties in Roe Lee Park. A
great deal of thick, overgrown vegetation has been removed, to open up
views through the Park. This process continues during the winter months to
ensure that views and vistas remain clear.

The Council, friends group, residents group and the police have a close
working relationship. Any incidents are reported to the local Community Beat
Manager, Steve Maggs, and the support officers Mick Rhodes and Andy
Shuttleworth who have built up a relationship with local youths.                CCTV
overlooks the bowling pavilion, bowling greens and some of the paths.
Infrared lighting is also installed to improve night time images. The CCTV has
had a marked effect on the number of incidents of anti social behaviour in
Roe Lee Park. 7 incidents were reported in 2007, 2 in 2008 and 2 in 2009.
Footage of damage, by youths, to one of the bowling greens was viewed by
the local PCSO, who recognised one of the youths and subsequently spoke
to him about his behaviour.

                                                     Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

3 Management Plan

3.1     Introduction
The management and maintenance plan will help to identify the actions which
Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council plans to build on investments made
by the Council and external funding agencies.

3.2    Purpose of the plan
This plan is to provide an analysis of the features and facilities located in Roe
Lee Park. It will bring together all actions which Blackburn with Darwen
Borough Council intends to take and is already taking to ensure that the park
is being managed proactively to add the management and future
development of the site.

                                                     Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

3.3    Plan Format
The aim of this plan is to provide a working document where many of the
management themes for the Green Flag Award scheme are used. This plan
was written in August 2005, and is updated annually by the Service
Development Team with the help of Environment Department and the Friends
of Roe Lee Park.

3.4   Policy Context: Community Plan
In pursuing this vision, the Council will look to maximise the opportunities for
Roe Lee Park to contribute to the corporate aims of the Council and its
partners. These are expressed in the Borough’s Community Plan Priority
Themes, chosen by local people in their Vision for the Borough of Blackburn
with Darwen in 2020. These seven themes are shown in Table 1 together
with an explanation of how the Park might support these elements of policy,
which the Council shares with its partners through Blackburn with Darwen
Local Strategic Partnership.

 Decreasing crime        Success depends greatly on creating greater trust
 and promoting           between people who are otherwise strangers. Good
 community safety        parks promote good social contact between
                         communities. More directly, reducing disorder and
                         graffiti in the park will diminish any tendency to
                         crime, as will the use of the park by greater numbers
                         of people. Many activity programmes to be
                         conducted in the park will be aimed specifically at
                         young people. These can help to reduce incidence
                         of youth crime by giving young people a constructive

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Improving the local     Local economies are dependent on the perceptions
economy                 of prospective developers, employers and
                        employees on the quality of environment and access
                        to high quality leisure. Good parks can be so
                        effective at improving local economies that some
                        countries put the creation of new parks at the heart
                        of economic regeneration.
Building stronger and   Good parks appeal to the widest range of
more involved           communities, either local communities or
communities             communities of shared interests. Many
                        opportunities will be provided in Roe Lee Park to
                        involve communities in its management and
                        conservation activities. Friends of parks groups
                        everywhere are growing in number and influence.
                        Roe Lee Park has a very active Parks Supporters
Enhancing cultural      Parks are cultural artefacts embodying civic values
harmony                 and providing a venue for cultural activities including
                        outdoor performances of music and drama and
                        festivals. These are enjoyed by all populations
                        found in a 21st Century multi-cultural borough.
Improving health and    Health, mental, physical and spiritual, is enhanced
social well-being       by visiting a good park. Programmes for health
                        improvement are a feature of the activity promoted
                        in Roe Lee Park.
Improving and           The park is an outdoor classroom with many
promoting learning      opportunities to link to the national curriculum for
opportunities and       schools. Fresh air, healthy exercise and access to
achievements            natural surroundings all help to improve educational
Improving the           The development of Roe Lee Park will improve the
neighbourhood and       environment of the local neighbourhood and protect
environment             and enhance local wildlife and habitats

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

3.5    Local Agenda
Our aim will be to enhance the built and natural environment and promote
sustainability in all activities with which the council is involved. We will
develop a partnership approach with appropriate agencies, businesses and
the community to achieve new developments within the Borough. This will
involve looking at transportation, the built environment, health, education,
waste, countryside, conservation and so on."

3.5.1 Core Values
"Protecting the Environment, means taking into account the effect of our
policies and services on the environment. We will consider this effect when
we introduce new policies or services.

"Quality of Life means delivering services which improve your quality of life.
We will aim to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Borough of
Blackburn with Darwen by adopting policies which tackle issues such as
poverty, regeneration, housing, equal opportunities, community safety and
development." [from the Council's Vision & Values, 1997]

3.5.2 Corporate Priorities
Local Agenda 21 is the international initiative supported by the government
to ensure that we can meet the needs of the present without spoiling the
world and its resources for future generations, through a balanced process
known as 'sustainable development'. Sustainable development aims to
achieve economic security, social justice and environmental protection in an
integrated way, improving our quality of life now whilst providing for the future.
The Council has produced its own Local Agenda 21 strategy (March 1999)
which recommends that council services are audited on a phased basis to
ensure they comply with LA21, and that this should be done as part of the
Best Value review process.

3.5.3 Environmental Stewardship

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

These reviews will also need to take account of the issues raised in the
Environmental Stewardship Audit, produced in March 1999 by our external
auditors, Robson Rhodes. This looked at how the council could adopt a
strategic and authority-wide approach to environmental issues, and especially
the four crucial areas of waste, energy, transport and water. It recommended
that each department should have an action plan of its contribution to carrying
out an environmental strategy, to be delivered through LA21, and that there
should be a process of environmental auditing to assess the impact of council
activities is based on environmental awareness.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council cares about the environment and
has a commitment to reducing the use of pesticides and peat. The Service
Development Team has developed strong links with the community groups to
encourage the recycling of green waste.

The use of pesticides is to be reduced to a lower level over the next few
years, and new alternative methods to be found to control weeds and pests
and diseases by best practice and knowledge. At present all staff that use
pesticides are trained by the NPTC to PA6 level. The contract states that:
‘All pesticides are to be applied with the approved equipment by a
trained operative with any necessary certification and in strict
accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. The contractor shall
provide and make available for inspection for measuring quantities of
pesticides. Spray equipment shall be fitted with guards to prevent drift
onto neighbouring plants and landscape etc. a pressure regulating
device and approved spray nozzles. Equipment shall be free of leaks
and shall be cleaned thoroughly before and after use.’

3.5.4 Performance Indicator
In order to ensure that sustainability concerns are fully integrated into the
Best Value review process, with its emphasis on performance management, it
is essential that the locally developed performance indicators reflect LA21
issues. In particular, sustainability is a key element within the cross cutting
review of whether council services succeed in improving the quality of life for

                                                         Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

residents of the borough.          Some possible Quality of Life performance
indicators for Blackburn with Darwen have been developed, but this is only a
starting point, which staff in each department will have the opportunity to
consider and improve upon through the work of their Best Value teams. Some
key themes in challenging the way services operate or are currently delivered
are listed in the following section.

3.6    Strategic Context
Blackburn with Darwen has a number of key strategic priorities, which support
the Borough’s Community Plan

3.6.1 Strategic Priorities
These priorities for 2010/2011 are:
 Key Strategic               Examples of Specific Contributions
 Neighbourhood Co-           Manage Roe Lee Park to develop and deliver
 ordination of Services      educational opportunities for pupils and students.
 Partnership                 Investigate how we can use electronic information
 Accessible Services         to advertise and promote Roe Lee Park as a place
                             to work, visit and learn.
 Partnership Asset           Investigate how we could reshape the use of the
 Management Strategy         Roe Lee Park buildings to add to the facilities and
                             programmes on offer in the Park e.g. educational
 Local Neighbourhood         Develop Partnership with senior community
 Renewal Strategy            development officers to offer facilities and
                             programmes targeted at specific communities.
 Crime Reduction                  •    Many Activity programmes will be aimed
                                       specifically at young persons.
                                  •    Continue to remove excessive growth and
                                       open up sight-lines in the park
                                  •    Increase visible staff presence.
                                  •    Develop partnership with police to reduce
                                       acts of crime and anti social behaviour.

                                                 Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Key Strategic         Examples of Specific Contributions
                         •     Work with the Police Architectural Liaison
                               Officer on design specific issues.
Citizenship           Involve children, residents and community groups
Programme             in the management and monitoring of the activity
                      and development of Roe Lee Park development
Community Cohesion    Develop programmes that actively involve the
Strategy              community.
                      Develop and build on the work undertaken by
                      Friends of Roe Lee Park.
                      Expand membership of Friends of Roe Lee Park
                      and involve the wider community.
Co-ordinated          Implement the marketing section of the
Consultation          Management & Maintenance Plan.
                      Community Consultation through the Citizen’s
Housing Market        Develop partnerships with Neighbourhood
Renewal Strategy      Engagement Officers to offer multi-use, multi-
                      functional facilities and programmes targeted at
                      specific communities.
Local Agenda 21 and   Conserve and enhance the wildlife which inhabits
Sustainable           Roe Lee Park, and foster an appreciation of
development           ecology and the natural world.
                      Community composting and recycling initiatives.
                      Engage local people, interest groups, children and
                      young people, disabled people, ethnic minority
                      people in the Development and Management of
                      Roe Lee Park.
                      Run educational programmes for schools,
                      Develop a ‘green’ transport plan for Roe Lee

                                                              Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

 Key Strategic                      Examples of Specific Contributions
                                    Reduce reliance on pesticides.

3.6.2        Additional Plans
Additional plans and strategy aims and objectives of the Council’s that
support the Management of Roe Lee Park is the Local Development Plan,
Local Cultural Strategy, Regeneration Strategy, Sport Recreation and Open
Space Strategy, Community Plan 2020 Vision – Borough Wildlife survey

 Plan or Strategy                   Examples of Specific Contribution
 Local         Development          •   Roe Lee Park is a multifunctional facility which
 Plan                                   requires protection and enhancement.
                                    •   Roe Lee Park provides a district area for play
                                        for children in the surrounding district.
                                    •   Roe Lee Park offers sport and recreational
                                        opportunities that are accessible by all.
                                    •   Provide multifunctional open space which is
                                        discussed below.

 Local                  Cultural    •   Roe Lee Park offers facilities where people
 Strategy                               can   participate    in   cultural      activity     e.g.
                                        Community Art, Events and Festivals.
 Regeneration Strategy              •   Regeneration of Roe Lee Park has acted as a
                                        catalyst in regenerating the surrounding area.
                                        The park will contribute to the “liveability” of
                                        the neighbourhood which in turn will improve
                                        the housing market around the area.
 Community Plan 2020                •   Roe Lee Park contributes improvements to the
 Vision.                                health and wellbeing of the people who use
 - Improving health and wellbeing
                                        the park. There are activities available for all
 - Improving neighbourhoods
 - Improving the economy                age groups. The feeling of pride in the park

                                                        Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

 - Achieving first class services   has contributed to a stronger neighbourhood
 - Delivering a fit for purpose
 organisation.                      as evidenced by the healthy membership of
                                    the Friends Group and attendance to the many
                                    events throughout the year.

3.6.3 Parks and Open Space Strategy
The Council has developed a Parks and Open Space Strategy in consultation
with CABE space, in relation to the new government planning policy P.P.S.17.
In which the guiding principles that have been established are:

    •     Urban areas should have a comprehensive and attractive network of
          open spaces and recreational facilities that are well managed and well
    •     Everyone should have easy access to good quality open spaces, sport
          and recreation facilities.
    •     Open space, sport and recreational facilities should be easily
          accessible by walking and cycling.

The park today provides multifunctional open space which has multiple use
and real value in the local neighbourhood. Roe Lee Park has a range of
active and passive facilities for all types of recreation.

The Park is still used mainly by locals walking, dog walking, along with the
bowling, and use of the children’s play area.

For the future it is hoped Roe Lee Park will centre its role as a diverse leisure
facility for those in the local and nearby community for both formal and
informal recreation, in addition to parks educational value.

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

4     Accessibility

4.1    Introduction
The impression the Council is trying to provide is a welcoming and equal
access for all members of the community. Roe Lee Park attracts a large
number of local residents, especially when local gala days or events are
organised throughout the year.

4.2   Signage
Good signage and the provision of information is a priority for Blackburn with
                                      Darwen Borough Council. The Park has
                                      brown tourist signs from A666 – Whalley
                                      New Road, Brownhill Drive and Emerald
                                      Avenue to the main entrance. In Roe
                                      Lee Park there are signposts and notice
                                      board next to the pavilion, which is
regularly updated by the Friends Group. A finger post has been installed to
direct people to the main features in the Park. There is a new Play Area Sign
to welcome people to the play area and skate park.                     The Service
Development team carried out a signage audit in 2009 in all of the borough’s
parks and are in the process of implementing necessary changes.

4.3   Physical access
There are three main entrances to the park. There is no official parking for the
park and due to this, no disabled car, parking facilities. However, there is
good off road parking outside the main entrance of the park.

A Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) assessment was carried out all park
buildings and play areas in 2005. The alteration of the bowling pavilion at Roe
Lee in 2005 provided disabled toilet facilities within the park. The footpaths
are of good quality and are regularly checked for damage.

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

4.4     Social Access
Roe Lee Park has free access and is open at all times of the year. In terms of
public provision, toilets and bowling pavilion these facilities are open daily.
There are over one hundred households within the park boundaries. The park
provides facilities for all the local community and caters for all age groups.

5       Health and Safety

5.1 Introduction
It is paramount that all parks in Blackburn and Darwen are publicly perceived
as safe places to visit. Over the years parks all over the country have been
subject to vandalism, anti-social behaviour and a youth culture that usually
use the parks after dark. Many perceived dangers and park problems has
caused the public to view the parks negatively, reducing the number of people

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Through a change in management with the safety of the public in mind and in
partnership with other agencies such as Lancashire Constabulary and the
Youth Service, facilities for young people have been provided by way of youth
clubs and drop-in sessions. The Neighbourhood Team are also involved in
this and all agencies regularly attended the Friends of Roe Lee Park

5.2 Public Safety
Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has taken steps to make parks safer
and user friendly. Recent measures have helped to combat any vandalism
and nuisance from the park. Measures such as:
   •   Playground facilities inspected daily and maintained with accurate
       records kept.
   •   Lighting around the park is regularly checked.
   •   There is often a Council maintenance staff present in the park at
       different times of the day.
   •   Local Police Community Support Officers patrol regularly and are
       known to local residents including young people.
   •   A daily inspection of the park.
   •   The Friends Group members are all local residents, many of whom
       visit the park daily and they will often pick up on problems and report
       them to the Council immediately.
   •   Links have been made with the Local Police Community Beat Officers
       who also attend the Friends Group meetings and patrol the park
       regularly. This gives reassurance to visitors and helps deter potential

The links between Police Community Beat Managers and the Parks and
Open Spaces Section have proved to be very helpful and continue to have a
positive effect on lowering incidences of crime when problematic areas are

For many people, the feeling that they are safe and secure in their local park
is important. Roe Lee Park has successfully lowered the levels of anti social

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

behaviour with a consistent pruning programme. The removal or heavy
pruning of the trees and shrubs around Roe Lee Park has ensured that clear
sight lines can be seen throughout many areas of the park. The open aspect
creates more light within the park and allows the under storey to regenerate.

To help ensure that the enjoyment of the majority is not spoiled by the actions
of an anti-social minority the following provisions are included in the scheme
of management;

•   All staff working in the park must watch over the conduct of visitors in
    addition to their normal duties
•   Byelaws are placed, and will be reviewed during the life of the
    management and maintenance plan to ensure they meet the requirements
    of good conduct in the park.
•   Events will oblige the organisers to have full regard to the convenience
    and comfort of visitors.
•   Offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours. Damage and vandalism
    will be reported by staff as soon as possible to the appropriate persons
•   A log will be maintained of incidents and complaints, which will be
    reviewed by the Parks Supporters Group and Park Managers
•   Regular liaison between the Service Development Manager and the local
•   Biennial Health & Safety and Disability Audits will be conducted
    throughout the life of the management and maintenance plan.
•   Daily Playground Inspections

5.2.1 Risk Assessments
The Amenities Section must comply with all Health and Safety matter
required by current legislation and Council policy. To create a safe working
environment the Amenities section undertakes different safe working
practices and risk assessments.

5.2.2 Generic risk assessments

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

These are risk assessments already written and cover generic risks which are
the same for every job such as litter picking or using ride-on-mowers.

5.2.3 Site specific risk assessments
These cover the operation that is carried out or any unusual environmental
issues such as a steep banking or climbing an individual tree. These are
carried out by the individual undertaking the work. Records are kept.

5.2.4 Public risk inspections
These are carried out in high risk areas such as play ground and pathways.
Play areas are inspected daily to combat any hazards a member of the public
may face.

5.2.5 Safety Audits and Other Inspections
Safety issues in the park are addressed in a variety of ways. Playground
facilities are inspected daily and accurate records are kept via a hard copy
tick sheet and software system.

Equipment and facilities are regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe
and secure for the public to use. The children’s play area is situated in a safe
area of the park that is well used and away from roads and other hazards.
The park has a number of benches, which are enjoyed by many visitors. The
benches are all of the same design and are maintained by the on-site staff.

5.2.6 Summary of reporting and Emergency Procedures
If a defect is registered by any of the maintenance staff in the park a Defect
Report form is filled in and sent to the most appropriate member of staff who
will deal with the issue as soon as possible bearing in mind budget
constraints. Operators are aware of the procedure for reporting defects and
criminal damage incidents.

For any complaints made by the general public there is a Corporate
Complaints procedure (Document will be available on judging day) and a

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Defect Report Procedure to record any damage (Document will be available
on judging day). Both of these procedures the Council is bound to abide by.

5.2.7 Summary of Insurance Details
Please refer to the Councils site insurance, employee’s liability and public
liability certificated (Document will be available on judging day).

5.3 Compliance with Health and Safety at Work
5.3.1 Risk Assessments
Each employee has received training in the creation of risk assessments.
Each risk assessment is updated on an ongoing basis. This is also
complemented with a method statement handbook – each job described in
detail and a generic volume of health and safety documentation.

Each individual is issued with all the relevant P.P.E. (Personal Protective
Equipment) and trained in the correct usage of it.

5.3.2 Site and work inspections
As part of their supervisory duties, the service supervisor responsible for the
maintenance of the park will visit the area regularly to check all work.

5.3.3 COSHH Assessments
All chemicals used are covered by a COSHH assessment. In line with this all
operators who use the chemicals go through and induction and training
process. This training covers pesticides and all chemicals, which are used on
a day to day basis for grounds maintenance and building maintenance. For
every new product used, a new data sheet is requested from the supplier and
the COSHH register is updated accordingly which is kept centrally.

5.3.4 Training & equipment

                                                       Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Each year all operatives and staff go through an appraisal. From these
appraisals a training matrix is created to identify training requirements. Many
employees are now trained up to NVQ level 2 in Horticulture. A staff appraisal
is also carried out annually to seek employee aspirations and match these
with service requirements. In addition to this, there is a Service Interest Group
where members who work in the grounds maintenance section are able to
approach a manager regarding any issues and hopefully these are able to be

The amenity section, which is responsible for the maintenance of the park,
has created a partnership with a specialist plant hire company. This is to
ensure the safety, reliability, productivity and environmental economics of all
the equipment is the best that it can be. Each piece of equipment is checked
and if needed can be changed every year. If there are any changes in
legislation equipment can be updated to adhere to the current legislation. This
partnership provides the Council with flexibility and productivity of the service.

5.3.5 Reporting and monitoring procedures
All high risk areas such as children’s play areas and water courses are
inspected daily including weekends. For the playground a tick sheet and
software system records the time, date and any problems which occur on site,
the inspection and any remedial work that is carried out. To carry out play
area risk assessments an annual RoSPA inspection creates an action plan
which the council adheres to. If vandalism does occur this is immediately
reported to the service development team who report it to the police.

5.4 Review of Health and Safety Mechanisms
Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has a Health and safety team who
scrutinise all working practices, risk assessments and health and safety
documentation guidelines that the amenities carry out. A variety of guidance
is adhered to such as: Volume 1 health and safety regulations, Volume 2 safe
working     practices,   Risk   assessment   booklet    and      site    specific       risk
assessments i.e. ladders, arboriculture work.

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

All staff have been issued with their own Health and Safety information pack
which each member of staff are ‘signed up to’. This pack includes a Health
and Safety legislation and risk assessment booklet. All staff has now been
issued with a safe working procedure handbook.

5.5 Security
Maintenance staff is present at some part of the day, five days a week usually
between the hours of 9-5. Security issues are discussed at friends group
meetings and issues are generally dealt with in a diplomatic manner. The
council and Friends of Roe Lee Park have worked hard to build up links with
the local beat officers and ensure that the Parks are a high priority and part of
their beat, patrolling the park regularly. The Beat Manager also attends the
Friends Group meetings and tries to address police and security issues. This
provides reassurance to visitors using the park and helps deter potential
problems. In addition to this, CCTV cameras are installed. Infra red lights are
installed to enable images to be viewed during the hours of darkness.

6.0    Clean and Well Maintained

6.1    Introduction
An important part of the long term management of any public park is to keep it
clean and well maintained to ensure that the condition of the quality of its
features are maintained for the future. In turn this will attract more people into
the park and reduce the minority element that may cause anti-social

6.2    Grounds Maintenance
The grounds at Roe Lee Park are maintained by Amenities Section of the
Environment Department at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. Roe
Lee Park, like all Parks in the Borough has a maintenance schedule which
clearly details all the regular grounds maintenance tasks. (Available to view
on judging day).

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

The maintenance schedules are updated regularly, to reflect the changes that
continually take place. Two new picnic benches, two new benches and two
new bedding areas at the Topaz Street entrance, were added in 2008. In
2009, 3 pieces of natural play equipment were installed in the dell.

6.2.1 Litter and Waste Management
A number of new litter bins have been installed all over the park to encourage
people to take an active role in maintaining their park. All litter bins are
emptied as required, at least twice a week, and more often if necessary.
Persistent litter and debris from amenity grass/bowling greens is removed on
a monthly basis. Litter in the toilets is removed every day and litter from the
ball court area every two weeks.

6.2.2 Graffiti
Any graffiti which is classed as being racist or offensive is removed
immediately through the Council’s Rapid Response team. Other forms of
graffiti will be removed as soon as practically possible by the site based
gardeners or one of the mobile teams. If the gardeners cannot remove any

                                                        Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

difficult graffiti, an order is issued to the graffiti officer who removes it usually
within a few days, but not longer than three weeks.

6.2.3 Damage and Vandalism
Any incidents of damage or vandalism are reported via the Defect Reporting
Procedure. The defect reporting procedure works as follows: If a defect is
registered by the maintenance staff in the park it is reported to the amenities
supervisor, who then assesses the urgency, and informs the relevant member
of staff or department of the problem (e.g. graffiti, damaged play equipment,
vandalism) If necessary, an order is issued for the repair/replacement of the
defect. All staff are aware of their role in the procedure, and all incidents are
recorded, and, where necessary, reported to the police.
A record of incidents is kept by the Service Development Team. If there is a
health and safety issue, it is addressed immediately. Problems are fixed
according to priority and budget.

6.2.4 Dog Fouling
The council has two dog wardens who are responsible for enforcing dog
fouling across the Borough. If problems are reported they will monitor an area
to try and catch current offenders.

Roe Lee Park is a popular location for local residents to walk dogs. The
Council has now provided dog bins in the Park. In addition, there are byelaws
in place for all parks and open spaces in the Borough which cover dog
fouling. Dog fouling does occur in the park but is not a major problem. The
park supporters give out ‘dog waste bags’ provided by the Council, to the
local dog walkers. The addition of dog bins has reduced the incidence of dog
fouling in the park.    The dog bins are emptied weekly and more often if

6.3     Normal Operating Procedures
A defect reporting procedure is in place for all defects and problems that are
identified. The ground staff report any problems they detect to their manager,
who will then complete a defect form, which details the exact nature of the

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

problem. The relevant department is sent the defect form and an order sent
through for the repairs/work to be carried out. For example, if an issue is
maintenance related the order will be sent to the Amenities Section of the
Environment Department. However, if the report is regarding a park buildings,
the Council’s partner, Capita Symonds, will engage a contractor to carry out
necessary repairs. The departments liaise very closely and the section
carrying out the repairs/works let us know when the works have been
For all grounds maintenance works, risk assessments are carried out and
annually updated to ensure that maintenance workers are aware of current
risk factors. This has been done in all of the Borough’s Parks and Open
spaces (Available to view on judging day)

Routine site inspections (Available to view on judging day) are carried out by
The Environment Department’s Amenities team. Records will be kept about
maintenance of the landscape, maintenance of equipment, building issues
and addition of any new graffiti and general upkeep of the park which are
found on the day of the site inspection. The issues are reported to the
Amenities section where repair work will be subject to maintenance contracts,
health and safety, priority and budgets.

6.4      Maintenance of equipment
The      maintenance   of   equipment/street   furniture   which      includes        play
equipment, seats and benches is regularly inspected by Amenities Section of
the Environment Department. Any problems are reported via the Defects
Procedure. In addition, an annual ROSPA inspection is also completed
(Available to view on judging day).

6.5      Maintenance of buildings
The Council’s partners, Capita Symonds, are responsible for the maintenance
of all park buildings. If a problem is identified, a defect form is completed, and
the information passed onto Capita Symonds with the priority of the problem
ranging from priority 1 (immediate response) to priority 3 (within 10 working
days).      The buildings are inspected regularly through the annual condition

                                                   Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

survey (Available to view on judging day). This survey will assess the
condition of the building and any defects are noted and reported.

Park buildings and structures are routinely repaired and maintenance is
carried out by service contractors. Contractors used for maintenance are on
an approved Council list and depending on the works to be carried out,
contractors must produce relevant risk assessments and method statements
before works commences. In addition, contractors must comply with current
corporate Health and Safety procedures.

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

7.0    Sustainability

7.1    Introduction
The Council has amongst its core values that of “protecting the environment”.
In 1999 it produced a Local Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development strategy
which outlined how the Council aims to take a balanced approach to future
development and delivery of its services considering economic, social and
environmental factors. This has been taken on now by the Neighbourhood
and Environment subgroup of the Blackburn with Darwen Local Strategic
Partnership which regularly meets to discuss issues, review achievements
and decide on priorities and targets to help the Borough work towards
sustainable development.

The long term sustainability of Roe Lee Park depends on an appropriate
management plan being produced and implemented, and involving
consultation with all the main parties involved in its use.

7.2   Energy and resource conservation
The Council recognises that all its operations and activities in Roe Lee Park
have an impact on the environment. The running of the buildings require
energy and other resources to be consumed and produces waste, whilst the
day to day grounds maintenance also have impacts on the environment.
Currently the Council is working on monitoring to determine levels of
consumption of resources or amounts of waste produced. The Council as part
of its LA21 strategy aims to reduce as far as practical, the negative impacts
these operations have on the environment. An awareness pack, from ‘The
Carbon Trust’, has been obtained with posters and stickers for use in the
pavilion to raise awareness of energy efficiency and to encourage people to
adopt simple energy efficient actions.

7.3    Recycling

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

The Department recognises the importance of recycling in the work place and
is now actively investigating introducing waste paper recycling bins and also
separate can/bottle bins in all the Department’s buildings. Implementing the
above measures will result in less waste being disposed of at Landfill Sites.

7.4   Pesticides
The Council is committed to a reduction in the use of pesticides throughout
the borough in all its parks and open spaces. In Roe Lee there is minimum
use of pesticides where required.

7.5   Peat use
The Council is also committed to reducing its use of peat for horticultural
practices. In Roe Lee Park there is only a small area of bedding plants, in
front of the Pavilion, and the plants used here are sourced to avoid using peat
if possible.   Bedding plants are grown at the Council’s nursery facilities in
Witton Park, Blackburn. The nursery staff ensures that peat use is kept to an
absolute minimum and have been reducing its use each year.

7.6   Waste minimisation
The Council is committed to a waste minimisation and increased recycling
policy throughout the Borough, including in its parks and woodlands. Green
waste is shredded and left on site.     Any woodchip is taken to a specially
made bunker in Corporation Park, Blackburn.

7.7    Arboriculture and Woodland management
The Council has a woodlands officer and arboriculture team of three men
which covers all the borough’s Parks and Open Spaces.
The arboriculture team have carried out a survey of the woodland in Roe Lee
Park during winter 2008 (Available on judging day). The recommendations
from the survey are continuing to be implemented, with dangerous and
diseased trees removed and made safe. Other works will be carried out
during the annual winter works over the next 5 years.

                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

8.0   Nature Conservation and Heritage

8.1   Introduction
The last Wildlife Survey done on the Borough was carried out in 1991. A
Wildlife Survey was been carried out in 2008 which is available to view on
judging day.

8.2   Flora
The site consists of parkland with mown amenity grassland (Perennial Rye
                              Grass and Daisy) and scattered trees (Ash,
                              Oak, Sycamore and beech). To the west the
                              trees become denser and form a canopy
                              including sycamore, Ash and Aspen with
                              Rhododendron, Cow Parsley and Yorkshire
Fog. Throughout the park shrubs and exotics such as Rhododendron,
Lawson’s Cypress, Guelder Rose, Privet, Holly and Cotoneaster form
ornamental hedges and borders. Formal bedding has been created in front of
the pavilion and two bedding areas created at the Topaz St. entrance.

8.3   Conservation of landscape features and buildings
Roe Lee Park has two areas, ‘The Dell’ and ‘The Woodland Walk’, which are
more natural areas, in contrast to the more formal areas of the park. Felled

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

trees have been left in situ and are now habitats for wildlife. These areas are
managed to be sympathetic to the biodiversity of the Park. In 2009 ‘The Dell’
was chosen to be one of the new play pathfinder sites, with 3 pieces of
wooden adventure trail equipment installed. The scheme was managed to
make the most of this once underused area of the park, whilst being
understanding to the natural features of the area, including the flora and
fauna.      The original footpaths have been uncovered, and informal log
benches and boulders installed for seating.
The inside of bowling pavilion was refurbished in 2006 the exterior is an
important feature of Roe Lee Park and will not be altered.             The pavilion
provides an office, a kitchen, disabled toilets, general toilet provision and a
space for bowlers or members of the community to hold meetings or matches.

The Friends Group have received funding to enable them to have a statue
installed in the park. The bronze statue was a feature of the town centre prior
to it being removed in 2008 before the town centre regeneration works began.
There were no plans for the statue to be re-installed in the town centre and
local Councillor, Maureen McGarvey, was granted permission for it to be
situated in Roe Lee Park. The statue of ‘mother and child’ will be placed in
the park overlooking the playground and it will be a fantastic new feature in
the park.

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

9.0   Community Involvement

9.1   Introduction
Involving the community in any park, woodland or open space is vital, not only
to ensure that any issues or problems they may have can be addressed as
quickly as possible, but also to ensure that the needs and requirements of the
community are understood so that those groups and individuals who currently
don’t use the site, can be involved in making it more accessible to them and
others. A user survey was carried out Summer 2008 (Questionnaire available
on judging day). Questionnaires were delivered to 200 houses surrounding
the park.   A report on the findings from the surveys has been produced
(Available on judging day), and priorities identified. The Service Development
Team will carry out a borough wide survey during 2010 to assess the
importance of parks and green spaces to the people of Blackburn and
Darwen.     The survey will be published in the Council’s newspaper, ‘The
Shuttle’, which is delivered to every household in the borough.

9.2    Friends Group
The Council would like all parks in the Borough to have a Friends Group
which can be involved in making decisions and supporting the council in
improving the facility. For the last four years, a Friends Group has been in
place, which has raised various funds for events to increase park users in
Roe Lee Park.

Friends of Roe Lee Park have acted as a mechanism to debate and resolve
park issues and to bring in external funding. Friends of Roe Lee Park will
continue to work along with the Residents Association, police, neighbourhood
co-ordinators and Council officers.     Council officers regularly attend the
supporter’s group meetings, which are held in the pavilion.

9.3       Events and Activities
For the fourth year in a row, a summer family fun day has been held in Roe
Lee Park. Regular events take place at Roe Lee Park each year (publicity

                                                           Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

available to view on judging day). This is organised by the Friends of Roe Lee
Park , with support from the Council. Activities which have taken place in the
Park include bowling events, bouncing castle, bric-a-brac, tombola, children’s
activities and face painting. The annual Halloween event is always popular
and during the summer the Play and Recreation team visit the park and
arrange activities for children of the area. Christmas 2008 & 2009 Roe Lee
Primary school choir held a carol concert in the pavilion for local residents at
the request of Friends of Roe Lee Park, who provided coffee and mince pies
for everyone. The Easter Egg hunt is also a popular annual event for the
local children.

                    ROE LEE PARK EVENTS 2009
 MONTH       DATE             EVENT & CONTACT                             PARK & AREA
                                                                          TO BE USED
  April      Sat 10th April   Easter Egg Hunt – Contact is Kieran         Roe Lee Park
                              Almond 07745 690722                         1.30 to 2.30
   May      Sat 16th May      Burnley v Preston. Contact is M. Hart,      Roe Lee Park
                              5 Fairclough Rd., St. Helens (01744         2pm to 5.30pm
                              75100) or M Boyle, 31 Haston Lee
                              Ave., Blackburn, BB1 9QT
   June      Friday 26th      Presidents Day Bowling Competition –        Roe Lee Park – 3
             June             Contact is Ian McCrae 01254 582832          greens
   July      Thursday 23rd    Summer fun with the Play Rangers –          Roe Lee Park
             July             cricket, rounders, tug of war etc.          1pm to 3pm
                              Contact is Christine Preston 261044
             Thursday 30th    Summer fun with the Play Rangers –          Roe Lee Park
             July             cricket, rounders, tug of war etc.          1pm to 3pm
                              Contact is Christine Preston 261044
  August     Saturday 1st     Roe Lee Park Family Fun Day –               Roe Lee Park
             August           Contact is Kieran Almond 07745              12 – 5pm
             Sunday 2nd       Federation of Crown Green Bowls             Roe Lee Park
             August           junior competition. Contact is Peter        3 greens
                              Hodgkinson 01254 721190
             Mon 3rd          Play & Rec event – Contact is Juliette      Roe Lee Park 1.30
             August           Guerin 01254 298633                         – 4.00
             Thursday 6th     Summer fun with the Play Rangers –          Roe Lee Park
             August           cricket, rounders, tug of war etc.          1pm to 3pm
                              Contact is Christine Preston 261044
             Saturday 8th     North Lancs & Fylde doubles. Contact        Roe Lee Park
             August           is Peter Hodgkinson 01254 721190            2 greens
             Thursday 13th    Summer fun with the Play Rangers –          Roe Lee Park
             August           cricket, rounders, tug of war etc.          1pm to 3pm
                              Contact is Christine Preston 261044
             Mon 17th         Play & Rec event – Contact is Juliette      Roe Lee Park 1.30
             August           Guerin 01254 298633                         – 4.00
             Thursday 20th    Summer fun with the Play Rangers –          Roe Lee Park
             August           cricket, rounders, tug of war etc.          1pm to 3pm

                                                        Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                           Contact is Christine Preston 261044
            Tues 25th      Play & Rec event – Contact is Juliette      Roe Lee Park 1.30
            August         Guerin 01254 298633                         – 4.00
            Thurs 27th     Children’s Centre in the Park – Contact     Corporation Park
            August         is Julie Kennedy (698350) or Frances        1pm to 4pm
                           Tennant (506910)
September   Tuesday 15th   Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            Sept           Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
            Tuesday 22nd   Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            Sept           Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
            Tuesday 29th   Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            Sept           Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
 October    Tuesday 6th    Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            October        Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
            Tuesday 13th   Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            October        Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
            Tuesday 20th   Play Ranger Activities                      Roe Lee Park
            October        Contact is Christine Preston261044          5pm to 7pm
            Sat 31st       Halloween Event                             Roe Lee Park
            October                                                    6pm to 8pm
November    Thurs 26th     Bulb Planting – Contact is Jane Kay         Roe Lee Park
            November       585060                                      10am
 December   Sunday 6th     Pickwick Day with the ‘Peoples Brass        Roe Lee Park
            December       Band’ Contact is Kieran Almond              2pm to 4pm
            Monday 14th    Carols in the Park – Contact is Kieran      Roe Lee Park
            December       Almond 07745 690722                         10am to 12 noon

9.4   Appropriate provision for the community
Liveability funds were spent in 2005/2006 on the alteration of the bowling
pavilion to a standard that can be used for a cross-section of the community
as a community base. In addition, further funds were utilised by creating a
skate park, making the play area inclusive of a variety of age ranges and
extending the variety play equipment within the play area. The height of the
ball court area has been extended to provide a sufficient play facility where
balls can be kept in the ball court. Drainage improvements were carried out
on the Multi Use Games Areas summer 2008 and both areas were also
power washed to remove a build up of algae. The Multi Use Games Areas
are used for an annual football match between youths and police at the
summer family fun day. A trophy has been provided by the Friends Group for
this event and everyone joins in the fun. The current trophy holders are the
youths !

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

9.5    Educational Provision
Roe Lee Park Primary School have been instrumental in creating links with
the bowlers and have supported the friends group with events. The Bowlers
organise ‘Wuds 4 Fun’ sessions, which are attended by both Roe Lee Primary
and Holy Souls Juniors. A local artist, Marjan Wouda, involved Roe Lee
Primary school to gain ideas for the artwork she made for the park. Marjan
spent a week in the school and involved the children in making willow
sculptures and the children came up with designs of what they would like to
see in the park. Marjan’s artwork was completed in installed Autumn 2008.
A deer’s face, a willow boot, a horn and a friendship bracelet hang in trees at
the four entrances to the park. A sculpture trail has been made, with a leaflet
explaining the trail and the significance of each object to the Roe Lee area.
The Friends of Roe Lee Park and Roe Lee Park primary school have a close
relationship. For the second year in a row, pupils from the school helped to
plant 500 daffodil bulbs in the park.

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

9.6       Information on other user groups
Roe Lee Park has a significant crown green bowling group which includes
both men and women, with over 100 members in total. There are various
league matches which also take place in the park. The development of the
bowling pavilion has created facilities for other user groups within the
community, providing a facility during the winter months.     Friends of Roe Lee
Park hold all their meetings in the pavilion, local Councillors use the pavilion
for their monthly surgeries and the police also use the pavilion for their PACT
meetings. The pavilion is also used by a group of belly dancers to practice!
As payment, the belly dancers put on a show at the gala day events. In
January 2010, the Council’s Neighbourhood Engagement Team began a
‘Refresh and Energise’ course in the pavilion. It takes place every Tuesday
morning and is advertised to de-stress, relax and revitalise. This is very well
attended by local people, and the sessions will continue for the foreseeable

Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

10.0 Marketing and Promotion

10.1   Introduction
The marketing and development of Roe Lee Park is important to ensure that
people who live in the Borough are aware of the park and the facilities it is
able to provide. At present a range of methods are currently used to try and
promote Roe Lee Park. In the years to follow we are hopeful that we can work
with the PR dept to try and draw up a publicity plan. A marketing plan is
being implemented during 2010 for all the parks and green spaces in the

10.2   Leaflets

Roe Lee Park has its own leaflet with a map of the Park together with a short
section on the history of the park and details of how to join the Friends Group.
A local artist, Marjan Wouda, created sculptures to hang in trees at the four
main entrances to the park; a ‘Sculpture Trail’ leaflet is available for the public
and schools, which follow a set route through the park, explaining the
sculptures as you go along. (Leaflets available to view on judging day).

10.3   Websites
The Borough website provides information on parks and open spaces. It is
last updated throughout the year. Promotion of parks events is on each parks
web page and provides information about the Friends Group and their input
into the park.

10.4   Press articles
Any events which are carried out at the park are seen as an opportunity to
promote the park (Available to view on judging day). When an event is
organised the Council’s PR department is contacted and press releases are
sent to the local newspaper and the local neighbourhood newsletter. Publicity
regarding press articles may then be generated in this way.

                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

10.5   Park publicity
Blackburn with Darwen’s Green Flag Parks are promoted through the local
press, the council’s community newspaper ‘The Shuttle’ and the community
leaflets. This helps promote the Borough’s Parks and informs people of
events and improvements.

10.6   Signage
On-site provision of appropriate information generally good. Signs have been
installed at the main entrances and fingerposts are in place, to point people to
the main features of the Park. An audit of signage, in all of the Borough’s
parks, was undertaken in 2009.           The implementation of the audit’s
recommendations will be gradually implemented on a priority basis.

11.0 Management

11.1   Introduction
This management plan will be used as a working document to manage and
develop Roe Lee Park in the future. The management plan will be reviewed
and updated as required. As the plan is updated on a regular basis, it will
provide an ordered mechanism to control the management process. The
management plan is a working document, changed and updated regularly.

11.2   Staffing and staffing structure
A number of staff from across different Council sections are involved in the
management and maintenance of Roe Lee Park:
The Service Development Team are responsible for the overall development
of Roe Lee Park. This includes strategic planning of how the park needs to
change to meet the ever changing needs of the public and other agencies. It
acts as a link to all of the other departments to bring about changes to Roe
Lee Park. This may include new signage, new facilities, reducing crime and
disorder, creating new links with outside agencies and community groups,

                                                                       Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

  and highlighting areas where it is thought new development or alterations in
  working methods may be required.

  The Environment Departments Amenities Operations Team carries out the
  general grounds maintenance and upkeep of Roe Lee Park. They ensure that
  all grass is suitably cut; play equipment and playgrounds are inspected and
  kept to a suitable standard, that trees and shrubs are maintained, and that the
  overall cleanliness in the park is kept to a high standard. Other sections and
  departments involved includes, the Amenities Maintenance Section, Buildings
  Section and Neighbourhood Engagement. There are also two grounds
  maintenance staff based at Roe Lee Park. See below for Environment
  Department Structure.


                                                        TONY WATSON
                                                  Head of Environmental Services

                                                            ANDY WARD –
                                                             Green Spaces

                                                                                       Grounds Services Manager
                MARGARET KEIGHLEY
               Service Development Manager

                                             MIK INCE         Assistant Manager           GARRY                GARY
                                               Assistant           (Vacant)           BLACKSHAW              MARSDEN
                                               Manager                               Assistant Manager -    Arboricultural
                                             Cemeteries &                                 Amenities
                                                                                                            Team Leader

                                                                                                     Parks Ground Staff.
  EDDIE                 EMMA             JANE KAY             GRAHAM                MARION
MAXWELL               FIELDING            Greenspace          BARTON                ROBERTS
Corporation          Park Warden         Development         Green Space           Green Space
Park Manager                                Officer            Service             Development
                                                             Co-ordinator            Officer

                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

11.3   Implementation of the management plan
The implementation of this management plan relies on a number of partners,
internal and external to the Council, working towards the aims and objectives.
As outlined above, The Environment Department is involved in the
management of Roe Lee Park which requires good communication between
officers and sections involved.

Other organisations in particular the Friends of Roe Lee Park and the
Council’s community development team plays an important role in helping to
deliver aspects of this plan and ensuring that there is community involvement.

A significant factor facing all Parks on a national scale is the limited financial
resources available for the Park. Roe Lee Park is part of the Council’s
Parklands portfolio and it is hoped that with the increasing recognition of the
important role that public parks play in people’s lives and their quality of life,
sufficient resources will be available to ensure that this plan is implemented.
Inevitably this will also require external funding to be sought to deliver some
of the higher cost projects which will need a partnership approach from the
Council Departments and other organisations involved.

11.4   Review of the management plan
This plan for Roe Lee Park will be reviewed annually to assess achievements
made towards targets and ensure that actions and future targets are relevant
to the overall objectives of the management plan. This will also allow
consultation with the Friends Group and maintenance team over the year to
review and update any future management plan

                                                                                        Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                12.0 Action Plan

                12.1     Introduction
                This action plan clearly shows the development of the Park. The action plan is
                reviewed regularly at monthly Service Development Team meetings.
                12.2 Development and Action Plan – Roe Lee Park
                Development and Action Report 2010
                 Task/Project           Comments            2010            2011       2012          2013         2014           Finance
                 Thick vegetation     Thinning /       This work to
                 creating security    removal of       continue each
                 issues               vegetation has   year as part of
                                      created more     the Winter
                                      open aspects     Works
                                      and improved     Programme.
                                      the feeling of
    Welcoming                         safety for
     Place                            anyone using                       ongoing    ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                                      the Park.

                                      Artwork by
                                      local artist,
                                      Marjan                                                                                Maintenance
                                                       of these
                 Artwork at four      Wouda,                                                                                budget and
                                                       features and      ongoing    ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                 main entrances.      installed in                                                                          Parklands
                                                       promotion of
                                      trees at main                                                                         Budget.
                                                       the ‘Sculpture
                                      entrances to
                                      the park.
                                                       Begin the
                                      Prioritise and
                                                       process of
                                      begin to
                                                       installing new
                 Signage Audit        implement the                                                                         Parklands
                 undertaken 2009      recommendati                                                                          Budget
                                                       starting with     Maintain   Maintain      Maintain      Maintain
                                      ons of the
                                                       main entrance
                 Information signs    Dell &
                 at dell and          Woodland
                 woodland walk        Walk signage     Maintain          Maintain   Maintain      Maintain      Maintain
                                      installed in
                 Continue to
                 clean the existing
                 signs and ensure     ongoing             ongoing         ongoing    ongoing        ongoing      ongoing
                 they are free
                 from graffiti
                 Continue to
                 improve the
                 throughout the

                                      500 bulbs           ongoing         ongoing    ongoing        ongoing      ongoing    Parklands
                                      planted by the                                                                        Budget
                                      Investment in
                                      new plants
                                      and shrubs
                                      Spring 2009.
                                      Continue to
                                      invest in
                                      planting and                                                                         51
                                      replace any
                                      damaged or
                                                                                   Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                                     stolen plants.

Action Plan
                 Task/Project         Comments            2010       2011       2012          2013           2014           Finance

                 Thin out areas of
                 thick vegetation    implement as
                 throughout the      part of                                                                            Parklands
                                                       continue   continue   continue      continue      continue
                 park and crown      ongoing winter                                                                     Budget
                 lift where          works
                 Provide dog         Continuing
                 waste bags for      project. Dog
                 the dog walkers     waste bags,
                 in the Park in      are distributed
                 partnership with    to the Friends
                                                       continue   continue   continue      continue      continue
                 the                 Group, who in
                 Environmental       turn, hand
                 Health Team.        them out to
                                     dog walkers in
                                     the park.
                 damaged and
                                     Ongoing                                                                            Parklands
                 failed plants                         ongoing    ongoing    ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                                     process                                                                            Budget
                 throughout the
                 Remove graffiti     The local
                 as soon as          PCSO’s have
                 possible.           been trained
Clean and Well                       in graffiti
  Maintained                         removal and
                                     have graffiti
                                     available for
                                     their use. Any
                                     incidents are     ongoing    ongoing    ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                                     reported to the
                                     police, and if
                                     the wipes
                                     remove it, the
                                     Health Dept.
                                     removes it.
                 Remove dead,        Woodland
                 diseased or         survey carried
                 dangerous trees     out early
                 and branches        2008. Priority
                 throughout the      trees were
                 Park.               made safe.                                                                         Parklands
                                                       ongoing    ongoing    ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                                     Other trees                                                                        Budget
                                     prioritised and
                                     being dealt
                                     with as an

                                                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Action Plan
                 Task/Project            Comments           2010          2011      2012         2013           2014           Finance
                 Work closely with     Criminal
                 the police, Roe       incidents have
                 Lee Primary           fallen
                 School and local      significantly
                 residents to          since CCTV
                                                         ongoing       ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
                 ensure that the       was installed.
                 progress in crime     Continue to
                 reduction is          monitor
                 maintained.           criminal
                                       This process
                 Continue to open
                                       is to continue
                 up the views and
                                       as part of the    ongoing       ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
                  vistas into the
                                       ‘winter works’                                                                      Parklands
                                       programme.                                                                          Budget
                 CCTV cameras          Ensure that
                 have been             cameras are
                 installed with        in working
                 infrared lights for   order and act     ongoing       ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
                 night vision.         on any
                 Carry out a
                 borough wide
                 survey, Spring        Collate the
                 2010, to gauge        results of the
                 how people feel       survey and
                 about their local     formulate                                                                           Parklands
                                                         Ongoing       Ongoing   Ongoing      Ongoing       Ongoing
                 park or green         action plan for                                                                     Budget
                 space. Survey to      each
                 be published in       park/green
                 Council’s             space.
                 newspaper ‘The
 Healthy, Safe   Make more use         Blackburn
  and Secure     of the 2 excellent    Rovers youth
                 Multi Use Games       coaches are
                 Areas                 looking to use
                                       the MUGA’s
                                       as part of a
                                       process to        Await
                                       engage and        results of
                                       work with local   funding
                                       youths. Local     application
                                       youths are
                                       looking at fund
                                       raising to
                                       to the MUGA’s
                 The pathways in
                 the dell have
                 been improved
                 as part of the
                 play pathfinder
                 scheme. The
                 entrance to this
                 area of the park
                 has also been
                 improved with         Await result of
                 new steps             funding
                 installed. The        submission
                 Friends group
                 have applied for
                 funding from
                 Awards for All to
                 improve the
                 paddling pond
                 area and desilt
                 part of the

                                                                                  Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Action Plan

                  Task/Project           Comments           2010      2011      2012         2013           2014           Finance
                                       ‘Switch it Off’
                  Carry out energy     stickers;
                  consumption          thermometer
                  survey. Ensure       given to the
                                                         Ongoing   Ongoing   Ongoing      Ongoing       ongoing
                  all pavilion users   group.
                  are aware of         Continue to
                  basic actions that   ensure the
                  can be used to       group are kept
                  reduce energy        aware of
                  consumption.         energy issues.
                  Reduce the use
                  of pesticides.
                  The Council is
                  committed to
                  continue to
                  reduce the           Ongoing
                                                         ongoing   ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
                  amount of            process
                  pesticides used
                  in all of the
                  borough's parks
                  and open
 Sustainability   Reduce the           All pavilion
                  amount of water      users have
                  used in the          been made
                  pavilion.            aware of the
                                       importance of
                                       water. The
                                       users check
                                       the taps and
                                                         Ongoing   Ongoing   Ongoing      Ongoing       Ongoing
                                       toilets to
                                       nothing is left
                                       on. They
                                       report to the
                                       team if any
                                       problems are
                  The Council is
                  committed to
                  reducing the
                  amount of peat is                      ongoing   ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
                  uses for

                                                                                         Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Action Plan
                 Task/Project            Comments           2010          2011        2012          2013           2014            Finance
                 Preserve and          The dell area
                 enhance the           was chosen
                 natural 'Dell' area   as a play
                 of the park.          pathfinder
                                       site. The
                                                         Remove silt
                                       have been
                                       sympathetic to
                                       the flora and
                                                         Remove                                                               Maintenance
                                       fauna that                      Maintain    Maintain      Maintain      Maintain
                                                         some                                                                 budget
                                       inhabit the
                                       dell. The
                                                         and create
                                       paddling pond
                                       will be further
                                       improved in
                                       2010 with a
Conservation &                         wetland
   Heritage                            created.
                 Install ‘Mother &
                 Child’ statue         Installation to                                                                              External
                                         take place       Maintain      Maintain    Maintain      Maintain       Maintain         Funding for
                                        Spring 2010                                                                               installation

                 Continue to            Priority trees
                 implement the            (dead or
                 findings of the         diseased)
                 woodland                have been
                 survey.                 dealt with
                                        during 2009.                                                                           Parklands
                                                          Ongoing       Ongoing     Ongoing       Ongoing        Ongoing
                                        Continue to                                                                           budget
                                        monitor and
                                       carry out other

Action Plan
                 Task/Project           Comments            2010          2011        2012          2013           2014            Finance
                 Continue to
                 assist Friends
                 Group to arrange
  Community      events each
 Involvement     year. 2009                                                                                                        Existing
                 events included                                                                                                  Budget and
                                       Annual Events      ongoing       ongoing     ongoing        ongoing       ongoing
                 Family Fun Day,                                                                                                    Grant
                 a Halloween                                                                                                      Applications
                 event, Easter
                 egg hunt and
                 Christmas Carol
                 Continue              Autumn 2009,
                 involvement with      pupils from
                 local school in       Roe Lee
                 park projects.        Primary
                                       planted over
                                       500 daffodil
                                       purchased by                                                                           Parklands
                                                         Ongoing       Ongoing     Ongoing       Ongoing       Ongoing
                                       the Service                                                                            budget
                                       Team. They
                                       were also
                                       involved in the
                                       Green Flag

                                                                      Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

The local School,
Roe Lee
Primary, have a
number of
children involved
                    The head
in the 'Wuds 4
                    teacher of
Fun' Bowling
                    Roe Lee
Scheme. A
                    school is very
number of the
bowlers are now
                    about the
qualified coaches                       continue    continue    continue      continue      continue
and hold bowling
                    sessions. The
sessions for the
                    bowlers and
                    school work
throughout the
                    very closely
bowling season.
2 more primary
schools, Holy
Souls and St
Gabriels, have
joined the Wuds
4 Fun scheme.
Involve the three
local schools in
making bat and
bird box making      Bat and Bird
                     box making
                      days are           Continue    Continue    Continue      Continue       Continue
                     planned for

Continue to         There are a
support the         number of
pavilion users      park users
and encourage       who regularly
more people to      attend the
become involved     Friends Group
in park issues      meetings and
and make use of     make use of
the excellent       the community
facilities.         facilities in the
                    These include
                    residents, Roe      ongoing     ongoing     ongoing       ongoing       ongoing
                    Lee primary
                    children, the
                    police, ladies
                    and men’s
                    bowling teams
                    and the three
                    hold their
                    surgeries in
                    the pavilion.
Continue to         The Park
support the Park    Friends Group
Supporters          Play a vital
Group and           role in all
attend meetings     issues
regularly.          surrounding
                    the park.
                    They hold
                    monthly             continue    continue    continue      continue      continue
                    which are very
                    well attended.
                    They have a
                    notice board
                    where events

                                                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

                                     The notice
                                     board has
                                     details of
                                     future Friends
                                     meetings and
                                     details of how
                                     to join the
                                     group. A
                                     attends the
                                     Friends Group
              An education
              pack has been          During 2010,
              developed by the       work along the
              Service                ‘extended
              Development            school co-
              Team in                ordinator’,
                                                        Ongoing      Ongoing   Ongoing      Ongoing       Ongoing
              conjunction with       based at Roe
              Lancs Wildlife         Lee School, to
              Trust. This can        implement
              be used both in        the education
              school and in the      pack.
              Carry out a            2010 publish       Publish
              borough wide           the survey in      survey and
              survey, to gauge       the Council’s      collate
              the importance of      newspaper          results.                                                         Parklands
                                                                     ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
              parks and green        ‘The Shuttle’.     Begin to                                                         Budget
              spaces and to          Collate results    implement
              highlight              and develop        necessary
              concerns.              action plan        changes.

Action Plan
              Task/Project            Comments             2010         2011      2012         2013           2014           Finance
              Continue to
              update the web         Update
  Marketing   site.                                     ongoing      ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing

              Leaflet for each       Update
              Park with map                             ongoing      ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing        existing
              and information.                                                                                           budget
              Create a
              marketing              Marketing
              strategy for the       strategy
              borough’s parks.       created in
                                                        Ongoing      Ongoing   Ongoing      Ongoing       Ongoing
                                     strategy 2010.

              Assist the
              Friends Group          The Friends
              when marketing         Group
              all the activities     appointed a
              taking place in        publicity
              the Park. E.g.         officer at their
              Producing              last AGM to
              leaflets, article in   improve and        ongoing      ongoing   ongoing      ongoing       ongoing
              the local              co-ordinate
              newspaper,             publicity for
              flyers to deliver      the many
              to local residents     events held
              and advertised         throughout the
              on the park's          year.
              web site.

                                                                                Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

 Signs are              Regularly
 installed at all the   check the
 main entrances         signs for
 of the park and a      vandalism and
 fingerpost also in     wear and tear
 the park pointing      and replace
 to the main            when
 features of Roe        necessary.       ongoing         ongoing         ongoing         ongoing          ongoing
 Lee Park. The          Advertise,
 notice board in        meetings and
 the park is well       events in the
 used and the           notice board.

Response to judges comments from 2008.
Roe Lee Park was not judged for the green Flag Award in 2009, as it had a
high score from the previous year. The judges’ comments from 2008 are
listed below, with responses that were included in the 2009/10 Management
Green Flag Applications 2008-2009 – Response to judges comments – Desk Assessment

Responses                     Judges Comment                                                Response            Timescale

                        1     Update Contents listing so that sections are on         Noted and
                              pages as specified.                                     implemented
                              Include the Dell on the map.
                        2     Include any evidence (eg incident report statistics     Noted and
                              or anecdotal evidence from local residents or park      implemented
                              users) which shows how these measures are
                              being successful.
                        3     Include information about the tree survey and           Noted and
                              arboricultural works (a key landscape feature),         implemented
                              now that they have been completed.
                        4     Consider introducing recycling bins for use by the      Carried out a trial in
                              public.                                                 another park, which
                                                                                      was unsuccessful.
                                                                                      Not implemented
                        5     Council wide approach tends to focus on generic         See above
                              council office activities – eg recycling waste paper.
                              Consider introducing recycling bins for bottles,
                              cans etc for use by the public.
                              Include more information about the woodland walk        Noted and
                        6     and the Dell: descriptions of the areas, the            implemented
                              species of plants. Consider interpretation of these
                        7     Invite the Supporters group to contribute               Noted and
                              information about their activities eg list of events,   implemented
                              statistics of numbers of people attending if
                              available, fund raising events and figures raised
                        8     Consider marketing the nature areas as                  Education pack will be    Spring 2009
                              educational features. A simple leaflet or trail could   ready to use in
                              encourage local schools to use this as an               schools by Spring
                              educational resource.                                   2009. Sculpture trail
                                                                                      also in place
                        9     Continue to develop the park’s success – develop        See above
                              the environmental education potential of the park

                                                                             Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Green Flag Applications 2008-2009 – Response to judges comments – Field Assessment


Responses                 Judges Comment                                               Response            Timescale

                     1    Consider installing welcoming signs at key entry        .In Spring 2009 the      Audit in Spring 2009.
                          points. Standard entrance signs are not                 Service Development      Implement in
                          welcoming and one had been vandalised.                  Team are carrying out    financial year 2009-
                          Welcoming signage should be extended to the             a signage audit in all   2010.
                          Dell area. Trail posts for the Woodland Walk and        the Parks.
                          the Dell could be part of an interpretation package     Recommendations
                          to encourage educational use of the two areas.          from the audit will be
                          Continue to improve pathways in the Dell – local        implemented.
                          residents recall the existence of paths which are
                          now overgrown – it may be possible to reinstate         Pathways in the dell     Play pathfinder due
                          these.                                                  will be greatly          to start Spring 2009.
                                                                                  improved as part of
                                                                                  the play pathfinder
                                                                                  scheme. Encroaching
                                                                                  vegetation will be
                                                                                  removed, and where
                                                                                  necessary, new
                                                                                  surfacing laid.

                     2    Toilets in the stone building on the edge of the        Toilet paper was put
                          park should be regularly replenished with toilet        into these toilets;
                          paper.                                                  however, it was stolen
                                                                                  every night.
                                                                                  Not implemented
                     3    An effort should be made to replace shrubs which        Funding from the
                          have failed in recent plantings.                        Parklands Budget has     Spring /Summer
                          Some corners of the wet pour play ground surface        been identified to       2009.
                          were lifting – maintenance required.                    assist with replacing
                          A locked gate to the play ground area appeared to       the failed planting.
                          be damaged and unusable – remove or repair.
                                                                                  Wet Pour surface of      Done
                                                                                  the play area has
                                                                                  been repaired.

                                                                                  Damaged gate has         Done
                                                                                  been repaired.
                     4    Introduce recycling bins for use by the public.         As an experiment, re-
                          Continue to reduce peat use.                            cycle bins, for public
                                                                                  use, were installed in
                                                                                  another park. This
                                                                                  trial was
                                                                                  unsuccessful, as dog
                                                                                  waste, household
                                                                                  waste and
                                                                                  commercial waste
                                                                                  was found in the bins.
                                                                                  Not implemented.

                                                                                  The Council is
                                                                                  committed to reduce
                                                                                  peat use. Continuing

                     5    Ensure that some areas in the Dell are left             The Dell is an
                          ‘neglected’ as this will improve the wildlife value –   important area of Roe
                          providing different habitats for insects and larger     Lee Park for wildlife
                          animals.                                                and plants. The play
                                                                                  pathfinder scheme is
                                                                                  sympathetic to the
                                                                                  current surroundings,
                                                                                  and will act to
                                                                                  enhance this natural
                                                                                  area. Mainly, the
                                                                                  majority of areas in
                                                                                  the dell will remain
                                                                                  untouched and
                                                                                  continue to be a
                                                                                  thriving habitat for
                                                                                  many species of

                                                                    Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

Responses       Judges Comment                                                 Response             Timescale

                                                                         plants, animals and
            6   Local residents and park visitors enjoy events in        Events are becoming        Events throughout
                the park – continue to provide events and                a focal point for all                2009
                activities which interest and attract a wide cross       members of the
                section of the community.                                community to come
                                                                         together. The Friends
                                                                         Group are already
                                                                         planning next year’s
                                                                         gala days.
            7   Simple signs or leaflets could help to interpret the     Signs to be erected at     Summer 2009
                Woodland Walk area and the Dell area.                    both the woodland
                                                                         walk and dell.
            8   With the inclusion of the Dell, this relatively small    Education Pack will        Spring 2009
                park is a perfect site to promote ideas about            be ready to use in
                nature conservation and biodiversity.                    Spring 2009. Will
                                                                         look at providing
                                                                         leaflets, to keep in the
                                                                         pavilion giving
                                                                         information about
                                                                         conservation and

                                                   Roe Lee Park Management Plan 2010/2011

13.0 Appendices

Items will be available to view on judging day
   •   Park publicity, press articles and photos
   •   Park events and minutes
   •   Corporate complaints procedure
   •   Maintenance Schedule
   •   Risk Assessments
   •   Site inspection reports
   •   ROSPA reports
   •   Condition survey for infrastructure
   •   Roe Lee Park Woodland Survey Report
   •   2005 Borough Wildlife Survey Report
   •   User Survey Questionnaire
   •   User Survey Report
   •   Sculpture Trail Leaflet
   •   Roe Lee Park Leaflet
   •   Health and Safety Booklet Volume 1 & 2
   •   Environmental Policy


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