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									December 2007

                            Autism Awareness
                                Newsletter of the Autism Asperger ACT Inc.
                            Helping people with ASD, their families and their carers.
                      From the President
As we approach the end of the year and the festive season it is a good time
to reflect on the happenings in Autism Asperger ACT since our AGM. We                         INDEX:
have been fortunate to have two successful fundraising events which                Fridge Door                     p.2
involved little or no effort for most members. The first event, the Golf Day       Lost & Found                    p.2
organised by Michael and Debbie McPherson and the Master Builders‘
Association has raised over $8,000 for the association. Our second fund
                                                                                   Holiday Tips                    p.3
raiser resulted from being the fortunate charity selected for the November         Book Review                     p.4
Music for Midday concert held at the Canberra Theatre Centre. Thank you            Government Allowance            p.4
to our willing collectors, Kathy Blair-Lewis, Amanda Harding, Paul Jackson         My Time                         p.5
Margaret Smith, Kerry Staples-Wray and Colin Wilson who helped me raise            RAID Aquatics                   p.5
$2047.75 in a couple of hours.
                                                                                   Cool Comics                     p.6
Our relationship with ReMax, the real estate firm based at Kippax is moving        Committee Contacts              p.8
on apace. We are trying to increase our profile in the community and as such
have commissioned a design firm to come up with a catchy, easily                                *****
recognised logo for us. We want a logo that has general appeal so that the
public will quickly associate it with our association. Hopefully we will be
able to launch this new logo early in 2008.                                                Monthly Meetings
                                                                                             February 6th
For Autism Asperger ACT to be able to increase its services to members we                    Topic TBA
need to employ staff, even one person would be wonderful, and in order to
do this we need a regular revenue stream. We are, in conjunction with
Anthony Mewton, the owner of ReMax, investigating a possible venue for a
fund raising evening to be held during Autism MONTH (May) 2008. If you
                                                                                   Regular meetings
have any contacts at clubs or with the catering industry please let me or one      AS Support Group 2ndThurs
of the other members of the committee know – apparently the most                   AS Games 3rd Sunday
successful fund raising events are heavily sponsored for venue and food as         RDI Interest Group TBA for 2008
well as with goods to auction. Please talk to your friends and see if there is     Sibling Group 3rd Friday
anything you can do to help – a business contact, someone with a connection
to Brumbies, Raiders, ACT Cricket etc who could donate a piece of sporting
memorabilia etc.                                                                   Please look at our website for more
The Federal Government through FACSIA has approached the association
to ask us to apply for up to $50,000 in non recurrent funding for initiatives to
assist families and carers by providing support, advice, peer support and to
provide information to the broader community to build support for families
of children with ASD. We are currently working on this submission which is
due on Friday 7th December.

I would like to thank the committee and ReMax personnel for their hard
work during 2007 and to wish them and all members and their families a
happy, relaxing and peaceful holiday period.

Gay von Ess        

1                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                         December 2007
FOR THE FRIDGE DOOR. . . . . . . .
Visuals Source
A box for visuals has been put near the library please help yourself and/or donate unwanted visuals

Web Sites
 - T shirts with autism logos
 - great website with schedules/social stories to download

Gay von Ess

    Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos for Individuals with Autism
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to inform you about a few products that I thought your association may be interested in. I have recently
started a business that sells identity products for the whole family. These include wristbands conceal the identity of the
wearer, shoe ID tags and the product that would benefit children with Autism the most, temporary tattoos. Please find
attached an image of the Autism tattoo. I recently had these on sale at the Royal Show in Perth and the feedback I received
was so positive I felt it necessary to make all Autism Associations aware of the tattoos.
The kit comes complete with 6 temporary tattoos, moisture wipes for application anywhere, Alcohol wipes for removal and
a marker for writing emergency contact number.
Please feel free to browse our website as we have many great fashionable ID products that
have potentially lifesaving functions. Also offer fundraising options, so that associations such as yourselves can also
benefit from our products.
First and foremost I believe in the products I sell. I began this business as I am the mother of a 6 and 3 year old and I could
not bear it if they were to go missing and had to endure the stress of being separated from us no matter what the length of
time was. However as I am a mum I know how difficult it can be to watch a child every minute of the day. I have included
below testimonials from parents who have purchased these tattoos for their children.

Please feel free to email me if you would like any further information

What people are saying about Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos for Individuals with Autism:

"May your business continue to thrive. I have a seven year old with autism and I'm very lucky he can tell you his name.
Autistic children are sometimes not able to tell you their name or anything about them. This bit of info would help a lot
with autistic kids. You are doing a great service to all parents by offering such a wonderful product. These tattoos are just
great!" M. Rivera
"Kids with Autism are constantly running off and most do not speak. So thank you for doing what you're doing. It could
really save lives! Thank you D. Baylor

Kind Regards
Tracey Birch
Phone: 0429 378 973

2                                                                                      Autism Awareness
                                                                                         December 2007
                    Holiday Tips for Families Living with Autism
The holiday period can be a stressful time for those on the autism spectrum because it is a breach in their daily routine.
However, if we anticipate the holidays and what they entail before they arrive, the person with autism can be made more
comfortable and at ease—ensuring joy for all throughout the holidays!
At ASA, all tips are transferable—pass them along! These tips can be easily adapted by a parent, a friend, a sibling or any
family member. Try them out with your loved one on the spectrum. A few tips can really pay off big.

―Everyone in the car!” Starting Off on Successful Outings
    To help day trips run more smoothly, travel in two cars so that one person can return home with your loved one on
      the autism spectrum if he/she gets distressed.
    Eat before leaving home or bring food with you.
    Bring a quiet toy, like a calculator, to a restaurant, during religious services or other social activity.
    ―We are going to Grandma‘s!‖ Tips for Social Gatherings
    When going to large social gatherings, arrive early to let the person on the autism spectrum get accustomed to the
      growing number of people.
    If he/she becomes distressed during a social gathering, pick a quiet place to go or take him out for a walk.
    When visiting someone‘s home, ask to remove breakables from reach; think carefully about visiting those who
      refuse to accommodate your request.
    Bring a preferred item, favorite toys or stuffed animals to a family gathering or other social event.
    Before going to a family event, look at individual pictures of family members and teach him/her their names.
    Before going to a social event, use ―social stories‖ and practice simple courtesy phrases and responses to
      questions, either verbal, with pictures, or gestures. (―How are you?‖ ―I am fine.‖ ―How is school?‖ ―Good.‖)
    Let trusted others spend time with your child if they volunteer.
    Ask for help if you need it. Families and friends are often eager to participate.
    ―Do we have to go to the mall???‖ Shopping Without Stress
    To help your loved one with autism get used to malls, go early before the stores open. Walk around, get familiar
      with the building, buy a snack when the stores open, and leave. Extend the amount of time at the mall each time
      you go.
    When shopping, be positive and give small rewards, such as a piece of candy, for staying with you.
    To teach your child not to touch things when shopping, visit a clothing store or another store with unbreakable
      objects; this gives him/her an opportunity to model behavior and minimize risk.
    When shopping, bring a helper to have an extra set of eyes and hands until you are confident of a safe experience.
    Provide headphones or earplugs to the person with autism spectrum to moderate the noise and activity around
    Going to Worship Services
    Talk with the worship leader about what he/she might expect and how the congregation might support the family.
    Arrange for a friend or neighbor to come with you to stay with siblings should the person with autism spectrum
      need to leave during the worship service.
    Bring a quiet object of concentration, such as a rubber band, pictures, books, or an object of visual focus, can be
      very helpful, particularly if it has religious significance to enhance the worship experience.
    Have the child or adult on the spectrum help out. Depending on their ability, they can:
    Greet people with a smile, and hand out service bulletins.
    Gather up the bulletins and papers left in the pews after the service, restoring order to the sanctuary.
    Assist in holiday volunteer activities of the congregation, such as the delivery of cards, toys or food.

For detailed tips for worship services, read our Living with Autism series"
Above all...
       Be Consistent. Remember to apply the techniques used to involve the person with autism in daily activities to these
          special activities.
       Discuss your expectations. Unwelcome surprises are never fun for anyone.
       Be prepared and stand firm. Accept well-meaning but unwanted advice with the phrase, “I’ll have to think about
          that,” and smile.
       Be safe and have fun!
       Enjoy the holiday season!

Your friends at the Autism Society of America
3                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                       December 2007
                                                BOOK REVIEW

Look Me in the Eye has been purchased for the association‘s library and will be available for loan in 2008. Other new books
recently added to our library include:
It’s So Much Work to be Your Friend by Richard Lavoie
Voices from the Spectrum by Cindy N Ariel
The Autism Sourcebook by Karen Siff Exhorn
Game as Ned by Tim Pegler
How to be Yourself in a World that is Different by Yuko Yoshida.
We have also received a donation of three more books from Footprint Publishers. These books are currently being
reviewed; hopefully the reviews will be in the February issue of Autism Awareness.


                             New payment for carers of disabled kids
                                        Thursday September 20, 03:51 PM -- AAP

Carers of children with a disability will be given an annual payment of up to $1,000 to help meet the needs of the child.
Laws have passed the Senate to introduce a new payment available for carers of disabled children under the age of 16 who
are receiving the carers allowance.
The tax free payment can be used for early intervention and therapy, to provide respite care for families or to replace aids
and equipment.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Administration Richard Colbeck said the payment has been made
flexible for families. "This will help families provide whatever assistance they need," Senator Colbeck told parliament.
Senator Colbeck said the payments will begin this year. "(The assistance) will be paid automatically to eligible families in
October 2007," he said.
The Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Legislation Amendment (Child Disability Assistance) Bill 2007
passed the Senate without amendments.

(Please remember if you have not applied to receive the fortnightly carer’s allowance the Federal Government will not
know that your child has an ASD. All governments need accurate figures so that they can respond by providing appropriate
services – Gay von Ess)

4                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                       December 2007
                                                    ‗MY TIME‘
               Supporting parents of children with disabilities or a chronic illness
Noah‘s Ark is pleased to introduce Canberra‘s first ‗My Time‘ support group. These sessions will be held every Tuesday
from 12.15pm – 2.15pm and are available to mums, dads, grandparents and anyone caring for a child under school age with
a disability or chronic illness.

The focus of the group will be on giving the carers an opportunity to:
socialize and share ideas with others who understand the rewards and intensity of the caring role
     meet others in similar circumstances
     have fun and share experiences
     find out about available community support
     get extra parenting information and skills development
     make time for themselves while children play (childcare available on the premises at no cost)

For more information please contact the group facilitator Margaret Senior on 6287 1117.


                                        YMCA OF CANBERRA
Is Back Starting 18th October 2007

This program is suited to any person with a disability who wants to develop water confidence, water knowledge, and social
skills, improve physical fitness and have fun.

There are two sessions available cost is just the pool entry fee
Thursday 10:00-11:00 am
Lakeside Leisure Centre
Thursday 1:30-2:30pm
Canberra Olympic Pool

Bookings are not essential but it would be appreciated if you could let us know of attendance.

If you are interested or require more information

Please contact
Annette Brown
Community Recreation Officer
Special Populations
Ph: 02 62306224

5                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                       December 2007
                                                   Cool Comics
Cool Comics is a fun method to teach children constructive ways of responding to/in social situations. The main character
in the comic scenes experiences all sorts of challenges in the social world. The comics illustrate how to respond to these
challenges using positive self-talk.

Students are introduced to resolving social conflicts in a positive manner.

Resource consists of five comics centred around school scenes, eg: how to deal with bullying on the playground to asking
for help in the classroom, with prompts to assist with feelings, thinking and doing. Also included is a guide for adults to
further discuss comic scenes with students.


$11 (inc GST, P&H)


Dispatch order to: _____________________________________________________________________
___ Tax invoice required OR ___ Enclosed cheque/money order $____(payable to CARTER&SANTOMAURO)
___ OR charge Credit Card $____ (Visa/MC) No. ____/_____/_____/____ expiry __/___Signature________
Order by post: Carter & Santomauro, PO Box 293,The Gap Qld 4061OR
E-mail order to         fax: 07 33003823 any enquiries ph 07-33001543
ABN: 36657707966
12th to 15th May 2008
Keep these dates free in your PD Calendar now!

            Inclusive Learning Technologies® Conference 2008
                                                    12th – 15th May
                                                   Surfer‘s Paradise

                                           3-day Registration Fee ... $595
                                         Pre-Conference Workshops ... $220
                                     Complete 4-day package ... $795 (Save $80!)
          (Includes one Pre-Conference Workshop, Full 3-day Conference Registration AND Conference Dinner)

                                           Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa
                                                     158 Ferny Avenue
                                                      Surfers Paradise
                                                      Queensland 4217

6                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                       December 2007
                                 Friendly Reminder from the Library
Carmel, our wonderful librarian has asked me to remind all members that library loans are for ONE MONTH.
Although we realise that it is not always easy to get back to SHOUT to return books, DVDs etc. Please bear with us when
you receive a friendly reminder email once your items are more than two weeks overdue. You may receive a phone call
from Carmel if books become seriously overdue. Items in high demand will be limited to a 2 week loan.

                         KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP UP TO DATE
Autism Asperger ACT‘s preferred method of communication is via email. Email reduces paper, photocopying and
distribution costs and enables timely distribution of information, all of which enables us to provide free membership! Email
recipients also receive a great deal more information, eg: short notice of events / programs etc that is not feasible to
distribute by mail.

Please remember to let us know about any changes in your email and/or postal addresses. Email us on . Thank you.

                                                      Book Box Loans
Contact Trish O‘Neil or Robyn Fisher if you wish to borrow one of our community education book boxes. We have boxes
especially for child care, preschool, primary and high school aged children.

                                              SIBLINGS CLUB
                                              For children Yr1 – Yr 6

                                        3rd Friday evening of each month:

    A club for siblings or family members (son, daughter niece nephew or grandchild) of those on the Autism Spectrum.
                                     (Autism, Asperger‘s, PDD NOS and Tourettes).

  We will do fun activities and discussions. We will do some fun things we wouldn‘t always be able to do if our siblings
were with us. We will sometimes talk about what it is like to have a sibling or family member on ‗the spectrum‘ but mostly
 we will have fun and make new friends! There is a continuous intake of children to the group. New children are always

                                          Contact Bobbi via SHOUT 6290 1984

The Association continues to buy new books for the library. The Library is open for borrowing and returns before and
after the monthly meeting and during the week when the SHOUT office staff will assist you.

Please make sure that you have read the latest Library rules before you borrow books, videos etc from the Library.
When you return these rules and your details a borrowing card will be issued to you.

There is a small charge ($5) for borrowing the very expensive DVDs and videos as these items only have a limited life
span. Relevant items will be clearly marked.

7                                                                                    Autism Awareness
                                                                                       December 2007
                                 Autism Asperger ACT Inc.
                    S.H.O.U.T                                                              Telephone: (02) 6290 1984
                    PO Box 717                                                             Facsimile: 02 6286 4475
                    Mawson, ACT, 2607                                            


                                          Committee 2007 – 2008
    President                          Gay von Ess          0413 776922
    Vice President                     Steve Bittinger      0411 245
    Minutes Secretary                  Colin Wilson
    Secretary                          Margaret Froggatt             62318860
    Treasurer                          Paul Jackson
    Public Officer                     Robin Tobler
    Librarian                          Carmel Ryan
    Membership                         Roxanne Coghlan
    Book Boxes                         Trish O‘Neil
                                       Robyn Fisher
    Newsletter                         Gay von Ess
    Committee                          Morgan Bittinger
                                       Jim Coghlan
                                       Bob Buckley
                                       Tracey Haridemos
                                       Corinne Follett
                                       Henning Flatow

                       Autism Asperger ACT General Meetings
In 2008 we will be holding a general meeting, usually with a speaker on the 1st Wednesday of each month, with the
exception of January and possibly December.. Meetings are held in the large meeting room at SHOUT, Collett Place,
Pearce. The meetings are 7.30 for a 7.45p.m. start. There is time for a cuppa and a chat after the speaker.
A gold coin donation would be appreciated. The Association uses the money collected to buy an item for each autism unit
and special school in turn.

Autism Asperger ACT does not necessarily endorse the views and opinions expressed in the articles in this publication, nor does the
association provide them as advice, nor does the association take any responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the data within the
articles. These articles are produced for information only.
Autism Asperger ACT provides information on services for the information of members. Autism Asperger ACT does not endorse any
individual person or method of treatment.

This edition of Autism Asperger ACT‘s newsletter was compiled and edited by Gay von Ess

8                                                                                              Autism Awareness
                                                                                                 December 2007

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