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									Will Global Warming affect Malaria

         Philip Keech
                        Aaron Wheeler
Frame question:
Will Global Warming affect the spread of Malaria Worldwide in the future?
Aim/ focus:
•To find out: How will the increasing heat of the Earth affect the spread of
Mosquitoes Globally?
•To research the spread of Malaria with the help of Global Warming over the last
20 years.
•How can Global Warming and Malaria be stopped from spreading.
•Background Information on:
•The spread and history of Malaria.
•How Global Warming can affect Malaria worldwide.
•How long will it take for Malaria to spread Globally?
•And make a Conclusion and Analysis of our experiment.
                      What is What

Global Warming: Global Warming is the
increase in the average temperature of the
atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses of
Earth. The planet has warmed (and
cooled) many times during the 4.65 billion
years of its history.

Malaria: Malaria is usually treated with
chloroquine, but does not really ever work,
except in parts of Southern America. It
rarely works in Africa because their
resistance is lower.
         Malaria is one of the world’s most
deadly diseases and kills millions of people
in Africa. Malaria is mainly found around
the equator, in the tropics.
               Malaria in Barking and Dagenham
        The total number of notifiable diseases reported in Barking &
                       Dagenham during 1993/1997

            Disease    1993     1994      1995     1996      1997
            Measles     46       89        62       25       38
            Mumps        2        6        4         1        2
            Rubella      5        4        3         5        1
            Malaria      4       10        11        6        7

Malaria is found even in MEDC's, though it is mainly found in countries
such as Africa and others that are in the Tropic’s. Malaria was in
Barking and Dagenham before we were even born and it still is today,
Malaria though is very rare but will visit us again in the future.
        The spread of Malaria can come from immigrants or travellers
that have been in the tropics. The future for Barking and Dagenham is
secure for many years until it becomes hot enough for the start of
Malaria to spread.

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