Living in New York City by chenmeixiu


									Living in New York City

      NYU Stern Pre-View
      April 17, 2005
Off-Campus Housing Agenda

   How to apartment hunt
   Finding a roommate
   The Neighborhoods
       Pros/Cons
       Price ranges
How to apartment hunt:
The Best Resources
   Online Listings
     (Most widely used)
     (Listings online Tuesday night
        before published)
   Newspapers
       NY Times (late Saturday night)
       Village Voice (weekly)
   Brokers/Agencies
   NYU Off-Campus Housing Office
       Apartment listings
       List of people looking for roommates
       Brokers
How to apartment hunt:
When do I start?
   The process can start now!
   If possible, take some time during Pre-View to get
    to know NYC neighborhoods and short list those
    that are most appealing. (Go both during the day
    and at night).
   Come back later this summer and give yourself time
    to look around.
   Listings for end-of-August move-in dates generally
    open up at end of July/beginning of August.
How to apartment hunt:
What else do I need to know?
   Be prepared at viewings! Always bring
    your checkbook, ATM card, and a photo
   Bargain! The market is soft right now,
    and rents are often negotiable. You can
    sometimes negotiate a month’s rent free.
   Make sure you look at several places
    before making a decision. There are a lot
    of great places available.
   Don’t bother looking at the Trump World
    Tower until you’ve got your great banking
    job lined up next year or you get cast on
    The Apprentice.
Finding a Roommate

   Look around! Pre-View is a great
    place to find a roommate!
   Admitted Student Website Forums
   NYU Off-Campus Housing Office
   Craig’s List, Village Voice
A special word for international
   Landlords will ask you for a larger deposit or
    a few months of rent in advance unless you
    know a US resident willing to co-sign your
    lease. Find someone who will sign for you.

   It may be worth paying a broker’s fee if you
    are under time pressure (i.e. spending
    money to stay at a hotel) to make sure you
    can see the maximum number of
    apartments in a short time period.
Off-Campus Housing Agenda

   How to apartment hunt
   Finding a roommate
   The Neighborhoods
       Pros/Cons
       Price ranges
The Neighborhoods:
Manhattan: The Village
   Pros
       Location, proximity to school
       Dining and nightlife
   Cons
       Can be expensive
   Price Expectations
       East Village generally cheaper than West
       Studio: $1400+
       1BR: $1600+
       2BR: $2000+
The Neighborhoods:
Manhattan: Downtown
   Tribeca, SoHo, Lower East Side
   Pros
       Location (short walk or subway to school)
       Dining and nightlife
       Good deals in Tribeca
   Cons
       SoHo and LES can be more expensive
        than the Village
   Price Expectations
       Similar to Village
The Neighborhoods:
Manhattan: Midtown and Uptown
   Gramercy Park, Chelsea, Midtown,
    Hell’s Kitchen, Upper East Side, Upper
    West Side
   Pros
       Location
       Dining and nightlife
       Cheaper than the village
   Cons
       A bit further from school
   Price Expectations
       Varies by neighborhood; great deals
        available in Upper East and Upper West
The Neighborhoods:
   Williamsburg, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Dumbo,
    Brooklyn Heights
   Pros
       Tight-knit Brooklyn community
       Cheaper and more space than Manhattan
       Target!
   Cons
       Has risen in price recently
       A bit further from school (though no farther than
        the Upper West and Upper East Sides)
   Price Expectations
       Studio: $900+
       1BR: $1100+
       2BR: $1500+
The Neighborhoods:
New Jersey
   Hoboken, Jersey City
   Pros
       More space
       Nightlife in Hoboken
       PATH trains make commute relatively easy
   Cons
       Getting home late at night can be difficult
        because taxis to NJ can be expensive
   Price Expectations
       Great deals can be had in Jersey City
       Hoboken comparable to Midtown
        Manhattan in price
The Neighborhoods:
Other Options

   Queens, Bronx, Staten Island
   Westchester County and Long Island

     Good Luck,
     Stern Class of 2007!

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