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									                          The Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Guidelines

Step to Securing the Guarantee
    1. Landlord or Certified Agency provides the Housing Authority of Portland (HAP) with the following
       documents within two weeks (14 days) after the tenant takes possession of the of the unit:
           a. a completed and signed Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Application;
           b. a copy of the Fresh Start LGF Referral Letter (provided by the sponsor agency);
           c. a copy of the Lease; and
           d. a completed Pre-Condition Report signed by the landlord, referral agency, and the tenant.
           e. a copy of the Fresh Start LGF Participant Intake Form
    2. HAP verifies the applicant is a Fresh Start Referral and issues the Guarantee. The Guarantee is in place
       for up to one year, beginning on the same date the tenant takes possession of the unit.
    3. A Confirmation Letter is mailed to the Landlord, Tenant, and Sponsoring Agency.

Eligible Reimbursement Costs
    1. The fund reimburses up to $2,000 for one-bedroom and smaller units and up to $3,000 for two-
       bedroom or larger units for the following expenses:
          a. Damages in excess of normal wear and tear to the unit and exceeds the security deposit;
          b. One and one-half months of non-payment of rent if tenant does not vacate apartment in good
          c. Court costs and attorney fees where necessary to terminate a tenancy and remove a participant
              for nonpayment of rent or for other serious and repeated violations of the lease or state law.
              Landlords seeking reimbursement under this provision must provide evidence that they took
              reasonable steps to avoid eviction and that a FED proceeding was necessary to avoid greater
              financial hardship to the Landlord.

Landlord Guarantee Guidelines (updated 9/1/07)
1. The tenant‟s income must be at 50 percent or less of local median income ($23,750/year for one person,
   $33,950/year family of four).
2. The landlord must operate rental housing (apartments, studios, duplexes, houses, SROs). The Guarantee is
   not for shared housing with the property owner or a sublet.
3. The Guarantee coverage is effective for a maximum of twelve months from the tenant move-in date
   reflected on the lease and/or rental agreement.
4. The Fresh Start LGF is not a substitute for screening rental applications. The Fresh Start LGF cannot pay
   rent or fees to keep the tenant in housing. It is the responsibility of the landlord to verify the applicant has
   sufficient income to pay the rent.
5. In the event the tenant moves out and the Guarantee is in place, the landlord may file a claim for the above
   noted eligible expenses. The landlord has 45 days (from the date in which they take possession of the unit)
   to submit the Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Claim Form to the Housing Authority of Portland.
6. The landlord can access a Claim Form by calling Suzanne Therrien @ (503) 802-8494 or by emailing
7. The landlord must provide HAP with a copy of the Move-Out Checklist documenting the condition of the
   unit at time of move-out. Landlord must first deduct any applicable payments, deposits or fees collected
   from the tenant. Upon request, the landlord must provide to HAP proof that they have deducted from the
   total claim any deposits, fees or pre-paid rent.
8. If need be, HAP must be allowed to inspect residences covered by the Guarantee when a claim involves
   damages. This may include an inspection prior to the Guarantee being issued by HAP. Inaccurate or
   falsified information will be grounds for denial of a claim.
9. The Guarantee does not apply to total lease „buy-out‟ costs resulting entirely from the tenant moving out
   before the end of a fixed lease period. LGF can reimburse a “lease breaking” fee equivalent to one months
   rent and can reimburse additional past due rent and/or additional one months rent resulting from the tenant
   not giving 30 days notice and/or not paying last months rent.

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