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SCHOOL:            Secondary

POST:               Business Manager (Leadership Team)

GRADE:              LMG1

RESPONSIBLE TO:         Headteacher

RESPONSIBLE FOR:        Finance Staff, Office Staff, Health and Safety Officer
                        and Site Management team.
                        All Associate Staff for personnel issues.

Main Purpose of the Job

As a member of the Leadership Team:
 To raise standards of teaching and learning by leading, managing and
   supporting staff.
 To ensure the effective management of the school’s financial and
   administrative systems and to ensure that resources available to the
   School are effectively used to support all students at the School.

To have shared responsibility for:
 Strategic planning – formulating the aims and objectives of the school
 Management – establishing the policies and managing staff and resources
  to realise these aims and objectives.
 Oversight – monitoring, evaluating and reviewing progress towards these
  aims and objectives.
 Promote – the school at public events held in school throughout the year.

Main Functions

Financial systems
 To create and maintain sound financial systems within guidelines issued
   by the Local Authority for both public and private funds.
 To assist in the preparation of the annual budget plan with members of the
   Leadership Team in line with priorities in the School Improvement Plan.
 To assist the Headteacher in preparing the annual budget for
   recommendation to the Governing Body.
 To make financial reports available to Governors and report regularly to
   Governors’ Finance Committee.
 To establish and maintain systems of computerised accounting. To
   evaluate and monitor new developments in financial software packages
   with finance assistant.

Control of expenditure and financial resources
 To maintain systems for proper control of expenditure and financial
  resources within the school.
   To oversee the operation of the accounts system (FMS and School Fund
    Manager) including requisitioning of goods and services and payment of
   To control and monitor spending within cost centres and report regularly to
    Headteacher identifying areas of under/over spend.
   To arrange for annual audit of School Fund accounts and make reports to
    Governors’ Finance Committee.
   To ensure monthly and annual returns are completed and sent to Local
    Authority by agreed dates.

Promote and market the school
 To explore possible sources of extra budgetary income and create
   opportunities of letting school premises to generate income.
 To liaise with local business and individuals in the community to promote
   use of school for community classes.
 To manage lettings.
 To ensure relevant policies and procedures are in place and monitor their

Contracts for goods and services
 To create systems to ensure LA guidelines are observed for the issue of
  contracts for goods and services
 To assist Headteacher in drawing up tender documents. To implement
  correct procedures for receipt of tenders and award of contracts. Make
  payments to contractors as stated in individual contract documents.
 To liaise with school meals provider over issues relating to the canteen.

Responsibility for Associate Staff
 To assist in recruitment and selection of Associate Staff
 To liaise with Children’s Services Personnel Department with regard to the
  issue of staff contracts, payment of overtime claims and staff sickness
  notifications. To assist staff with pay-related queries.
 To lead the team of Associate Staff and organise team meetings
 To conduct staff appraisals for those employees directly line managed,
  and identify and discuss training needs.
 To work with the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for CPD to
  develop and deliver the programme of CPD for associate staff based on
  the expert trail.
 To represent associate staff at Leadership Team meetings.

Premises Management
 To line manage the Site Team and monitor and organise work practices
 To line manage the Health and Safety Officer, with oversight of policies
   and procedures
 Oversight of the maintenance programme
 Day to day oversight of all building projects, acting as School contact with
 Work with Governors and the Leadership Team to innate and lead building
 To report regularly to the Premises Committee
After School Club
 To lead and manage the After School Club
 To line manage the staff employed by the After School Club
 Financial management of the After School Club

Equal Opportunities
 To carry out all duties in accordance with the Children’s Services
  Department’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

This job description sets out the duties of the post at the time it was drawn up.
The post holder may be required from time to time to undertake other duties
within the school as may be reasonably expected, without changing the
general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. This is a
common occurrence and would not justify a reconsideration of the grading of
the post.

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