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									Organizational Needs Assessment–
What it is and how it works                     Volunteer Facilitators/Trainers
The Organizational Needs Assessment            are always needed to provide
is a 70 question survey designed to
help non-profit Boards to identify their
                                             leadership and lend their expertise           Leadership
                                                   to the non-profit sector.
strengths and opportunities for
growth. The survey takes 20 minutes to
                                                Do YOU
complete. We then provide a
detailed report outlining areas of         have what it Takes?
strength and areas for improving
                                           To share your skills by volunteering with       Building Strong
                                             Leadership Development Services
   Topics Available                                                                    Non-profit Organizations
                                                        call us today!
                                                                                       and Community Leaders
Contact the United Way to obtain a
copy of our current training calendar.

• Board Development & Support              Leadership Development Services
• Volunteer Management
                                                         Lisa Smith
• Human Resource Management
                                           Director, Community Leadership
• Effective Communication &
  Facilitation                                     & Learning Services

• Management & Leadership                  Email:
• Legal Compliance
• Plus other customized materials
What is Leadership Development Services?                                               Knowledge and Expertise
Leadership Development Services (LDS) is      Building Stronger Communities . . .      LDS volunteer facilitators are recruited
a flexible and affordable training and        Through Leadership Development           from various professional fields and
consulting service tailored to meet the       Services, United Way of Peterborough     complete a rigorous training program to
unique needs of the non-profit sector.        & District provides resources, support   bring you the right combination of skills
                                              and guidance to organizations,           and experience.
                                              helping them to maximize their

      Leadership                              organizational leadership.
Our program works with Board Members,
staff and volunteers to develop the skills      Development                            Training and Consultation Services

and knowledge needed to become                                                         • Organizational Training Needs
effective and responsible leaders.                                                       Assessment and Training Plans
                                              Benefits of Working with LDS
This service is available to all non-profit                                            • Community Workshops
                                              • Strategically respond to emerging
and voluntary sector organizations – not                                               • Customized Training Solutions
                                                community needs and trends
just United Way Member Agencies –
serving the City and County of                • Maximize your resources                • Management Assistance Program
Peterborough.                                                                            (Up to 6 months of customized
                                              • Become effective, efficient and
The United Way Advantage                        accountable
As a non-profit agency, we understand                                                  • One Hour Telephone or Face to Face
                                              • Enhance management of
the challenges of non-profit leadership in                                               Consultations
                                                volunteers and staff
an environment of rapid change and                                                     • Sample Tools and Templates
increasing demands for accountability.        • Strengthen Boards and
Our training programs feature proven,           Committees                             • Strategic Planning and General
nationally recognized materials developed                                                Facilitation Services
                                              • Plan and manage change
by the United Way of Canada. We                                                        • Onsite Organizational Assessments
possess a deep commitment to the              • Enhance marketing and promotion
community, your agency and your                 activities
                                 Get the best from your Board, Staff and Volunteers through
                                              Leadership Development Services

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