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					                      Mortgage Concierge Program

         Welcome to the Ray Ochoa Team
I look forward to assisting you on your upcoming loan. I want to take a minute to in-
troduce myself. When we have exceeded your expectations, please feel free to tell
your family, friends, and colleagues about us!

                        Ray Ochoa is a Senior Loan Officer for Academy Mortgage.

                        Ray brings more than 15 years of lending experience both for
                        mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers.

                        A portion of his career has been as a local business owner in
                        Yuma for over 25 years who’s focus has been passionately serv-
                        ing the customer.

                     Ray attended the University of Arizona where his focus was Busi-
                     ness Management. Ray brings that same level of customer ser-
    vice and passion to his mortgage business. He has become a trusted advisor and
    friend to the many clients has served over the years. Over the years in mortgage
    lending, Ray has currently managed well over $124 million in his portfolio.

    His passion is helping homebuyers overcome the fears and challenges of pur-
    chasing and managing a home.

    Under promise, and over deliver is what drives him to reach the goals that sepa-
    rate him from today’s competition. He is hands on to ensure a smooth and stress
    free process for you and your family along with your loan closing on time every

I know that my team can offer the best service possible to benefit our clients. By utiliz-
ing the team approach, there is always someone available to meet your needs. I
look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you!

Ray Ochoa
     Direct (928) 246-5937    Ray Ochoa
MORTGAGE TIMELINE                 Mortgage Concierge Program

     SUNDAY                MONDAY                TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                 FRIDAY              SATURDAY
                      APPLY FOR LOAN                               YOU’RE APPROVED                                                      YOU FOUND IT
                      Meet with your                               Congratulations…                                                     Find the perfect
                      lender and take                              your loan is pre-                                                    home and make an
                      loan application.                            approved. The pre-                                                   offer.
                      Provide the items                            approval letter will
                      that are listed on                           be sent to you and
                      the “What Items                              your agent.
                      Are Needed” hand-

                      OFFER ACCEPTED        HOME INSPECTION        LOCK THAT LOAN
                      Your agent will       Time to order the      If you have not
                      forward the Earnest   home inspection        discussed locking in
                      Money Agreement       ($400?). Your agent    a rate with your
                      (sales contract) to   may have a good        lender, now is a
                      your lender for       referral if you need   good time to do so.
                      review.               one.

GREAT NEWS                                  APPRAISAL                                                            HOME INSURANCE         APPRAISER VISIT
Home Inspection                             Time for your                                                        Contact a home-        Appraiser to review
was completed.                              lender to order the                                                  owner’s insurance      home. The
Negotiate any nec-                          appraisal.                                                           agent and secure a     appraiser will be
essary repairs with                                                                                              quote for the          providing a value
seller.                                                                                                          premium.               based on compara-
                                                                                                                                        ble home sales in
                                                                                                                                        the neighborhood.

                                            APPRAISAL DONE                                 MISSING ITEMS?        FINAL REVIEW
                                            Appraisal returned                             Lender will request   Appraisal and all
                                            to the lender for                              any missing items     updated income &
                                            review.                                        that may be needed    asset documents
                                                                                           for final loan        reviewed by the
                                                                                           approval.             underwriter.

                      FINAL APPROVAL                               TITLE COMPANY           CASHIER’S CHECK
                      Final underwriter                            Title company will      Buyer brings in
                      approval! Lender                             work up your final      remaining down
                      will now order loan                          “cash to close”         payment and clos-
                      documents and                                numbers and sched-      ing costs in the
                      send them to the                             ule a time for you to   form of cashiers
                      title company.                               sign your loan docu-    check. Signs loan
                                                                   ments.                  documents at the
                                                                                           title company.

                      Loan funds and
                      records. Congratu-
                                                                                               that you will have be-       your first mortgage pay-
                      lations… You are                      FIRST MTG PMT                      tween 30-60 days before      ment would be due Nov
                      now a homeowner!
                                                            CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR            your first payment is due.   1st. Only 360 payments
                                                            new home. One of the nice          As an example, if your       and it is yours free and
                                                            things about buying a home is      loan funded Sept. 18th,      clear.

          Direct (928) 246-5937                Ray Ochoa    
                           Mortgage Concierge Program

                      Our Relationship With You

     The Mortgage                          The Mortgage                     The Strategic Plan
   Planning Package                        Needs Analysis                   We develop a strategic
 This helps you gain greater                 We prepare a                  evaluation that helps you
clarity around how your per-          detailed assessment in order      integrate the loan you select
 sonal financial situation im-        to expedite and streamline          into your over-all long and
pacts your home ownership             your mortgage process, re-          short term financial and in-
             goals.                    duce your paperwork and            vestment plan, to minimize
                                       create a greater certainty.      taxes, improve cash flow and
                                                                          minimize interest expense.

We do want to be The Mortgage Planner that
you can refer your family and friends to.
                                                                             The Complete
                                                                             Mortgage Plan
Our goal is to take such great care of you and                           We prepare a detailed spe-
your loan that we earn not only your loyal busi-                        cific step by step plan to ob-
                                                                         tain the right mortgage for
ness, but also your referrals to family and friends.                    you to help you achieve your
Our success has been built by referrals, one satis-                          goals and objectives
fied customer at a time

             The Client For Life Program                                       The Unique
         The Mortgage Management System                                   Mortgage Experience
                                                                         We provide a unique mort-
                                                                        gage concierge experience
 We have designed a loan tracking and management process to             designed to address any un-
 ensure that your mortgage meets your changing needs and you               foreseen obstacles and
 have the most competitive loan terms over the life of your loan.         facilitate the smooth and
                                                                        carefree closing of your mort-

               The Client Appreciation Program
We do provide ongoing communication, recognition, and added
 value to build and enhance our ongoing relationship with you.

         Direct (928) 246-5937    Ray Ochoa
                   Mortgage Concierge Program


    Your Loan                   We Order Credit               We Issue Your
  Application is               Reports and Obtain         Pre-Approval and You
completed and all              From You Any Miss-            Begin Looking at
  Pre-Approval                   ing Documents                Homes With a
Checklist Items are                                            Professional
    Collected                                                    Realtor

We Order Appraisal,           We Meet with You            You Find Your Home
 Title Reports, Your          and Determine the          and Your Realtor Pre-
 Hazard Insurance               Loan Structure           sents an Offer on Your
 Binder and Other              Based on Your Fi-               Behalf Your
      Necessary               nancial Goals and          Offer is Accepted and
     Documents                     Needs                   Closing Date is Set

 We Submit Your                  Final Approval Is            Your Loan is Clear
 Complete File for             Issued Any and All              To Close and the
 Underwriting For              Final Conditions or            Closing Documents
  Your Final Loan                 Stipulations are            are Sent to the Title
    Approval                      Collected and                    Company

Ray Ochoa And The              CONGRATULTIONS              We send You and
 Entire Team Stay in             You Go To the            Your Realtor a copy
  Touch and Imple-            Closing and Become              of the Final
  ment Our Trusted             the Owner of Your           Settlement State-
   Advisor For Life                New Home               ment for You to Re-
      Philosophy                                           view in Advance

  Direct (928) 246-5937   Ray Ochoa
                     Mortgage Concierge Program

       Here is a list of tips to help ensure an effortless loan process
      These TIPS will help avoid any delays with your loan approval

     DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments (on time)
     DO stay current on all existing accounts
     DO keep working at your current employer
     DO keep your same insurance company
     DO continue living at your current residence
     DO continue to use your credit as normal
     DO call us if you have any questions

     DO NOT make any employment or income changes
     DO NOT make any major purchases (car, boat, jewelry, fur, etc.)
     DO NOT apply for new credit (even if you are pre approved)
     DO NOT open any new credit card
     DO NOT transfer any balances from one account to another
     DO NOT pay charged off balances without prior discussion with us
     DO NOT pay collections accounts without prior discussion with us
     DO NOT buy any furniture
     DO NOT close any credit accounts
     DO NOT change bank accounts
     DO NOT max out or go over limit on any credit card accounts
     DO NOT consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 credit cards
     DO NOT take out a new loan
     DO NOT start any home improvement projects
     DO NOT finance any elective medical procedures
     DO NOT open a new cellular phone account
     DO NOT join a new fitness club
     DO NOT pay off any loans or credit cards without discussion with us

If you encounter any special situations that could affect your credit, it is
best to discuss it with us immediately so that we can help you determine
the best way to achieve your goals
    Direct (928) 246-5937   Ray Ochoa
YOUR CREDIT SCORE               Mortgage Concierge Program

                                            The subject of credit scoring has become an increasingly hot topic, and for good
                                            reason. For many years the general public only associated the concept of credit
                                            scoring with the need to purchase high-ticket items such as a new car or a home.

                 AMOUNT OF CREDIT           Today, credit scoring goes much further. Your credit score can affect your ability
                 CARDS THAT ARE IN          to get a good rate on commodities such as car insurance, cell phones, or even
                 USE IN THE US:             determine whether or not you get the job or promotion that you want and
    billion                                 deserve. Indeed, the financial snapshot provided by the credit score has also
                                            become a gauge for many employers, especially those who seek to place
                                            employees in a position of management or financial responsibility.

 ERRORS SERIOUS ENOUGH                      The credit scoring model seeks to quantify the likelihood of a consumer to pay
 TO RESULT IN A DECLINE:                    off debt without being more than 90 days late at any time in the future. Credit
                                            scores can range between a low score of 300 and a high score of 850. The higher
                                            the score, the better it is for the consumer, because a high credit score trans-
                     THE OUTSTANDING        lates into a low interest rate. This can save literally thousands of dollars in

 10,637              BALANCE FOR HOUSE-
                     HOLDS THAT HAVE
                     CREDIT CARDS:
                                            financing fees over the life of the loan.

                                            HOW YOUR FICO SCORE
UNITED STATES:           674                IS CALCULATED
                                            The FICO score comes down to a constant flow of data between lenders, credit bureaus, and
                                            Fair Isaac’s scoring formula that answers one question: How risky are you? The credit scoring
                                            formula looks at the five criteria and assigns them certain weights according to the predictive
                                            value of those items. It wraps all that into a three-digit score between 300 and 850.

 659              AVERAGE CREDIT
                  SCORE IN ARIZONA:                35%     Payment History
                                                           Paying debt on time has the greatest impact on your score. Delinquencies within the
                                                           last 2 years carry more weight than older items.

THAN A 700 FICO SCORE:      64                                30%      Outstanding Balances
                                                                       This factor marks the ratio between the outstanding balance and available
                                                                       credit. Ideally you should keep balances as close to zero as possible, and
                                                                       definitely below 50% and/or 30% of the available credit limit.

              MISTAKES OF SOME KIND:
                                                                      15%      Length of Credit History
                                                                               This portion of the credit score indicates the length of time since a
                                                                               particular credit line was established. A seasoned borrower will
                                                                               always be stronger in the area.

                                                                             10%      Type of Credit and Recent Inquiries
  REACHED IN 2008:       972billion
                                                                             each     Having diversified credit can help maintain a decent credit
                                                                                      score. A blend of installment loans and revolving debts may
                                                                                      help maximize your score potential. In addition, too many
                                                                                      recent inquiries (credit pulls) on your report may reduce
                                                                                      your score anywhere from 2 to as much as 25 points.
          Direct (928) 246-5937           Ray Ochoa
                      Mortgage Concierge Program

     Items Necessary to Process Your Loan
We are genuinely interested in helping you obtain the financing necessary to acquire
the home you have selected or to refinance your current home without delay. In or-
der to expedite the processing of your loan, we request that you bring all forms and
information listed below to your appointment.

Initial Items Needed

1. Pay stubs covering the most recent 1-month period and showing the Year-to-Date
   earnings and deductions. (Computer Generated)

2. W-2’s for the most recent 2 years

3. 1040’s (Personal Federal Tax Returns) the most recent 2 years

4. Photo copy of a valid U.S. picture ID or bring the ID with you for photocopying

5. Bank Statements for the previous 2 month period (Checking and Savings)

6. Statements for any other Liquid Asset for 60 days (IRA/401K/Investment Accounts)

7. Bankruptcy Papers (if applicable) (bring all pages and discharge paperwork)

8. Divorce decree or child support court order (if applicable)

9. Initially determine who you will use for Home Owners Insurance (get a quote)

If self employed (additional information requested)

1. Business Tax Returns for the most recent 2 years

2. CPA letter documenting 2 years minimum self employed with positive continued
   outlook for business.

3. Two years business licenses (if applicable)

     Direct (928) 246-5937   Ray Ochoa
                         Mortgage Concierge Program

                          Shopping Around?
First: make sure you are working with an experienced, professional loan officer. The
largest financial transaction of your life is far too important to place into the hands of
someone who is not capable of advising you properly and troubleshooting the issues
that may arise along the way. But how can you tell?


1) What are mortgage interest rates based on? (The only correct answer is Mortgage Backed
Securities or Mortgage Bonds, NOT the 10-year Treasury Note. While the 10-year Treasury Note some-
times trends in the same direction as Mortgage Bonds, it is not unusual to see them move in completely
opposite directions. DO NOT work with a lender who has their eyes on the wrong indicators.)

2) What is the next Economic Report or event that could cause interest rate move-
ment? (A professional lender will have this at their fingertips. For an up-to-date calendar of weekly
economic reports and events that may cause rates to fluctuate, please call me directly.

3) When the Fed "change rates", what does this mean… and what impact does this
have on mortgage interest rates? (The answer may surprise you. When the Fed makes a move,
they are changing a rate called the "Fed Funds Rate". This is a very short-term rate that impacts credit
cards, credit lines, auto loans and the like. Mortgage rates most often will actually move in the oppo-
site direction as the Fed change, due to the dynamics within the financial markets. For more informa-
tion and explanation, just give us a call)

4) What is happening in the market today and what do you see in the near future? (If a
lender cannot explain how Mortgage Bonds and interest rates are moving at the present time, as well
as what is coming up in the near future, you are talking with someone who is still reading last week's
newspaper, and probably not a professional with whom to entrust your home mortgage financing.)

Be smart... Ask questions… Get answers!

More than likely, this is one of the largest and most important financial transactions you will ever make.
You might do this only four or five times in your entire life… but we do this every single day. It's your
home and your future. It's our profession and our passion. We're ready to work for your best interest.

Ray Ochoa

       Direct (928) 246-5937       Ray Ochoa
                           Mortgage Concierge Program

                Shopping Around? (Part II)
Once you are satisfied that you are working with a top-quality professional mortgage advisor, here are
the rules and secrets you must know to “shop” effectively.

IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. But you didn’t really need us to tell you that, did you? Mort-
gage money and interest rates all come from the same places, and if something sounds really unbelievable, bet-
ter ask a few more questions and find the hook. Is there a prepayment penalty? If the rate seems incredible, are
there extra fees? What is the length of the lock-in? If fees are discounted, is it built into a higher interest rate?

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you are looking for the cheapest deal out there, understand that you are
placing a hugely important process into the hands of the lowest bidder. Best case, expect very little advice, ex-
perience and personal service. Worst case, expect that you may not close at all. All too often, you don’t know
until it’s too late that cheapest isn’t BEST. But if you want the cheapest quote – head on out to the Internet, and
we wish you good luck. Just remember that if you’ve heard any horror stories from family members, friends or co-
workers about missed closing dates, or big surprise changes at the last minute on interest rate or costs…these are
often due to working with discount or internet lenders who may have a serious lack of experience. Most impor-
tantly, remember that the cheapest rate on the wrong strategy can cost you thousands more in the long run. This
is the largest financial transaction most people will make in their lifetime. That being said – we are not the cheap-
est. Of course our rates and costs are very competitive, but we have also invested in the systems and team we
need to ensure the top quality experience that you deserve.

MAKE CORRECT COMPARISONS. When looking at estimates, don’t simply look at the bottom line. You abso-
lutely must compare lender fees to lender fees, as these are the only ones that the lender controls. And make
sure lender fees are not “hidden” down amongst the title or state fees. A lender is responsible for quoting other
fees involved with a mortgage loan, but since they are third party fees – they are often under-quoted up front by
a lender to make their bottom line appear lower, since they know that many consumers are not educated to NOT
simply look at the bottom line! APR? Easily manipulated as well, and worthless as a tool of comparison.

have any interest rate that you want – but you may pay more in costs if the rate is lower than the norm. On the
other hand, you can pay discounted fees, reduced fees, or even no fees at all – but understand that this comes
at the expense of a higher interest rate. Either of these balances might be right for you, or perhaps somewhere in
between. It all depends on what your financial goals are. A professional lender will be able to offer the best ad-
vice and options in terms of the balance between interest rate and closing costs that correctly fits your personal

lender rates and fees – this is a moving target on an hourly basis. For example, if you have two lenders that you
just can’t decide between and want a quote from each – you must get this quote at the exact same time on the
exact same day with the exact same terms or it will not be an accurate comparison. You also must know the
length of the lock you are looking for, since longer rate locks typically have slightly higher rates.

Again, our advice to you is to be smart. Ask questions. Get answers.

As you can imagine, we wouldn’t be encouraging you to shop around if we weren’t pretty confident
that we feel that we can give you a great value and serve you the very best.

Ray Ochoa
       Direct (928) 246-5937          Ray Ochoa
                                 Mortgage Concierge Program

                           What’s Your Rate???
Very Difficult                    Marginal               What's           Acceptable                 A+ Credit
        < 620                           620+                               680                    740

       Purchase or                  Purchase or                           Purchase or           Purchase or
        Refinance                    Refinance                             Refinance             Refinance

       Property Type               Property Type                     Property Type          Property Type
     SFR/MFH/CONDO               SFR/MFH/CONDO                     SFR/MFH/CONDO          SFR/MFH/CONDO

         Occupancy                  Occupancy                         Occupancy              Occupancy
      Primary/2nd/NOO            Primary/2nd/NOO                   Primary/2nd/NOO        Primary/2nd/NOO

       Down Pay-                     Down Pay-                       Down Pay-                Down Pay-
       ment or LTV                   ment or LTV                     ment or LTV              ment or LTV

0%     3%     5%     10%        0%      3%     5%     10%     0%     3%     5%     10%   0%     3%    5%      10%

   Income Type                      Income Type                   Income Type               Income Type
 W2/Commission/SE                 W2/Commission/SE              W2/Commission/SE          W2/Commission/SE

      Debt/Income                   Debt/Income                     Debt/Income                Debt/Income
     Ratio Acceptable              Ratio Acceptable                Ratio Acceptable           Ratio Acceptable

 Quoting a RATE before getting answers to these questions is like a doctor prescribing medi-
 cine without diagnosing the problem. You and your buyers should demand better answers
         than just sales pitches. Expect a consultation and a total program analysis,
                           not just an internet rate or newspaper ad.

                Direct (928) 246-5937        Ray Ochoa
                            Mortgage Concierge Program

         5 Factors of Credit Scoring

                                 Credit Type
                                    10%                                        Payment History

                         Length of Credit

                                                       Debt Ratio
                                                     (Amounts Owed)

Payment History has a 35% impact. Paying debt on time and in full has a positive impact, and late payments, judgments
and charge-offs have a negative impact.

Outstanding Credit Balances have a 30% impact. Debt ratio of outstanding balance to available credit is important.
Keeping that below 50% is wise and below 30% even wiser. It is never a good idea to close an account; the debt ratio will
go up and the number of seasoned lines will decrease. Pay outstanding debt down as close to zero as possible and evenly
redistribute the remaining balance among the open lines. The increased interest incurred by moving a balance from a 0%
card to a 23% card will be minimal relative to what the increased mortgage debt might be with a low credit score. Hitting
the maximums of available credit can be very negative. It may be worth calling and asking the credit company to increase
your available credit to lower the debt ratio, provided they can do so without a hard credit inquiry.

Length of Credit History has a 15% impact. The length of time a particular credit line has been opened is important. A
seasoned borrower is stronger. Opening new credit cards will decrease the average length, and therefore hurt this portion
of the score.

Type of Credit has a 10% impact. A mix of auto loans, credit cards and mortgages is positive, rather than a concentration
in credit cards only. Careful, too, when getting credit at a store that is not a department store: the credit agencies frown
on cards for more specialized stores where you’re likely to only make one purchase, as they seem to show desperation.

Inquiries have a 10% impact. Hard inquiries for credit will negatively impact the score. Auto and mortgage inquiries
receive special treatment and 20 inquiries can be made in a 14-day period for auto or mortgage and will be treated as only
1 inquiry. The maximum number of inquiries that will reduce the score is 10. Any inquiries beyond that in a six -month
period will have no further impact on the borrower. Each hard inquiry can cost 2-50 points on a credit score.

       Direct (928) 246-5937            Ray Ochoa
                       Mortgage Concierge Program

                     How much can I qualify for?

This form with give you the beginnings of how much you should generally be able to
finance. HOWEVER, everyone's debt situation is different. Depending on the type
of debt and/or when that debt is scheduled to be paid off will change these num-
bers. Again, we recommend you sit down for a one-on-one for a true picture of
what you can afford and what program best meets your families needs.

Please list the following:

      Monthly Income                             Debt

Borrower__________________            Auto__________________________

Co-Borrower_______________            Auto__________________________

Other______________________           Other_________________________

Other______________________           Other_________________________
Other______________________           Other_________________________
Other______________________           Other_________________________

Total Monthly Income _____________         Total Monthly Debt _______________

Take 43% of you’re monthly income, which is the generally accepted maximum you
should use to qualify for a home.

Income ____________ X .43 = $_____________. Now subtract your monthly debt from
this total.

43% ___________ - Monthly Debt ____________ = Max Housing Payment _____________

Next we will work backwards to determine the suggested maximum sales price.

Take your Max Housing Payment ___________ /(divide) by 7 = ______________________

Multiply new number by 1000 = Suggested       Sales Price ________________
      Direct (928) 246-5937   Ray Ochoa
                       Mortgage Concierge Program

LOAN APPLICATION FORM                                   This is not a loan commitment form

BORROWER INFORMATION                             Are you ___ Married ___ Single ___ Divorced

Full Name ______________________________         Social Security Number _____________________

Current Home Address ______________________________________ Date of Birth ____/____/____

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

How long have you lived at this address? ___________________ Do you ____ own or ____ rent?

Home Phone # __________________________          Work phone # _____________________________

Cell phone # ____________________________        Email ______________________________________

If you currently rent what is your monthly payment? ________________________________________

Employment Information
Current employer __________________________________ Are you self-employed? ___ yes ___ No

Employer address ________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

Your title of job description _______________________________________ Years in line of work _____

How long have you worked for this employer? ______ years _______ months

Please describe your compensation ( hourly, salary, bonuses, commissions, etc.)

Hourly $_________________/ hour you work __________________ hours per week

Salary $ _________________/year    Commission $_________________________ terms _____________

Bonuses $___________________________ terms _______________________________________________

Please list previous and/or secondary employment on the following forms
 (we need two years total)

      Direct (928) 246-5937      Ray Ochoa
                       Mortgage Concierge Program

LOAN APPLICATION FORM                                   This is not a loan commitment form

CO-BORROWER INFORMATION                          Are you ___ Married ___ Single ___ Divorced

Full Name ______________________________         Social Security Number _____________________

Current Home Address ______________________________________ Date of Birth ____/____/____

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

How long have you lived at this address? ___________________ Do you ____ own or ____ rent?

Home Phone # __________________________          Work phone # _____________________________

Cell phone # ____________________________        Email ______________________________________

If you currently rent what is your monthly payment? ________________________________________


Current employer __________________________________ Are you self-employed? ___ yes ___ No

Employer address ________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

Your title of job description _______________________________________ Years in line of work _____

How long have you worked for this employer? ______ years _______ months

Please describe your compensation ( hourly, salary, bonuses, commissions, etc.)

Hourly $_________________/ hour you work __________________ hours per week

Salary $ _________________/year    Commission $_________________________ terms _____________

Bonuses $___________________________ terms _______________________________________________

Please list previous and/or secondary employment on the following forms
 (we need two years total)

      Direct (928) 246-5937      Ray Ochoa
                       Mortgage Concierge Program

LOAN APPLICATION FORM                                   This is not a loan commitment form


BELONGS TO ____BORROWER                   _____CO-BORROWER(if applicable)
Employer _______________________________________               ____ Previous   _____ Secondary

Employer address ________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

Your title of job description _______________________________________ Years in line of work _____

How long have you worked for this employer? ______ years _______ months

Please describe your compensation ( hourly, salary, bonuses, commissions, etc.)

Hourly $_________________/ hour you work __________________ hours per week

Salary $ _________________/year    Commission $_________________________ terms _____________

Bonuses $___________________________ terms _______________________________________________

BELONGS TO ____BORROWER                   _____CO-BORROWER(if applicable)
Employer _______________________________________               ____ Previous   _____ Secondary

Employer address ________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________     State ________________      Zip ___________________________

Your title of job description _______________________________________ Years in line of work _____

How long have you worked for this employer? ______ years _______ months

Please describe your compensation ( hourly, salary, bonuses, commissions, etc.)

Hourly $_________________/ hour you work __________________ hours per week

Salary $ _________________/year    Commission $_________________________ terms _____________

Bonuses $___________________________ terms _______________________________________________
      Direct (928) 246-5937      Ray Ochoa
                         Mortgage Concierge Program

LOAN APPLICATION FORM                                        This is not a loan commitment form
Checking Approx Balance $____________ Bank ______________________               ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo
Savings Approx Balance $____________ Bank ______________________                ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo
Retirement Accounts     $____________ Bank ______________________               ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo
Other: Describe         $____________ Bank ______________________               ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo
Other: Describe         $____________ Bank ______________________               ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo
Other: Describe         $____________ Bank ______________________               ___Borrower ___ Co-Bo

If you own your own home, what is the approximate current value? $_______________________

What year did you buy the home? _____________ What was the purchase price $____________

Are the insurance and taxes escrowed as part of the payment                  ____ Yes        ____ No

If you own a vacation or second home, what is the approximate value $____________________

What year did you buy the home? _____________ What was the purchase price $____________

Are the insurance and taxes escrowed as part of the payment                  ____ Yes        ____ No

What is the address? _____________________________________________________________________

If you own an investment property, what is the approximate value $________________________

What year did you buy the home? _____________ What was the purchase price $____________

Are the insurance and taxes escrowed as part of the payment                  ____ Yes        ____ No

What is the address? _____________________________________________________________________
**If you own other properties, please provide a detailed schedule of real estate owned.

I hereby authorize Academy Mortgage to verify my past and present employment earnings, bank ac-
counts, stock holdings, and any other asset balances needed to process my mortgage application. I
further authorize Academy Mortgage to order a tri-merged consumer credit report and verify other
credit information, including past and present mortgage and landlord references. It is understood that
a copy of this form will also serve as authorization. The information obtained is only used in the process-
ing of my application for a mortgage loan.

Borrower Name __________________________ Co-Borrower Name_____________________________

Signature_________________________________Signature ______________________________________

Date _____________________________________ Date _________________________________________
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                           Mortgage Concierge Program

Mortgage Planning Questionnaire
We have developed this systems to evaluate your mortgage needs and assist you in determining the best mort-
gage for these needs based on qualifications, how long you expect to have the loan, initial expense, cash flow,
taxes and overall total cost of the mortgage.

We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. This advisory
service is much more than a competitive rate and points quote. Selecting the wrong mortgage program can cost
you thousands of dollars and no single loan program is appropriate for every person.

Financing and acquiring real estate should be thought of as an integral part of your overall personal financial
plan. To assist us in selecting the most appropriate and cost effective mortgage for your individual needs, please
complete the questions below:

1. How would you like us to stay in contact with you? (Check all that apply)
      _____email      _____Phone        _____fax        _____mail        _____cell phone

2. Is this financing request for your     ____primary residence _____second home          ____investment

3. How soon are you thinking of ___buying or ____refinancing? ___immediately ___2-6 months ___>6 months

4. If your primary residence, what is the best estimate for how long you might live in this home?
        ____1-3 years ____3-5 years _____5-7 years ____7-10 years ___10 years +

5. How many years do you think you will have this loan?
      ____6-12 months ____ 1-3 years ____3-5 years               ____7-10 years       ____10 years+

6. Do you currently have any plans for major expenses in the next 12 months:
       $_______________New Car                        $______________Home Improvements
       $_______________College                        $______________Rental Properties
       $_______________Health                         $______________Other:________________________

7. Please check the following if they are priorities as it relates to your mortgage financing.
       _____ Determine maximum purchase price and/or loan I can qualify for
       _____ Determine purchase price and loan amount appropriate for my income and lifestyle
       _____ Obtain a targeted monthly mortgage payment amount $_______________
       _____ Purchase a home within a specific budget, down payment and closing costs
       _____ Have ability to sell, pay down, pay off, or refinance home without penalty
       _____ Maximize tax benefits
       _____ Avoid mortgage insurance
       _____ Qualify for new home prior to, or without sale of existing home
       _____ Other_________________________________________________________________________

8. Please check the following goals if they are a priority for you currently.
       _____ Improve Monthly Cash Flow                     _____ Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan
       _____ Maximize Education Savings                    _____ Create a 6-12 Month Cash Reserve Account
       _____ Maximize Retirement Savings                   _____ Maximize Investment Contributions
       _____ Live Comfortably on One Income                _____ Maximize Asset Portfolio Performance
       _____ Live Comfortably on a Fixed Income            _____ Real Estate Investment Strategies
       _____ Tax Reduction Strategies                      _____ Asset Protection Strategies
       _____ Other________________________________________________________________________

       Direct (928) 246-5937            Ray Ochoa
                         Mortgage Concierge Program

9. If you currently rent, please provide us the name of your landlord and their contact information:

       Name__________________________________________ Phone ________________________________

10. Would you like to establish an escrow account for taxes and/or insurance as part of your loan?
      _____Yes         _____ No, thanks (unless required)

11. If applicable, would you like information about repairing your credit? _____Yes _____ No

12. Have you spoken with other lenders? _____ Yes      _____ No
       If yes, which loan program do you like best so far? ___________________________________________

13. Do you have life insurance? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, how much? $_____________         ___Term ___Whole

14. Please rate your current level of satisfaction in the following areas, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being
        _____ Attorney—Legal Advice
        _____ Estate Plan—Asset Protection
        _____ Insurance—Life / Auto / Home
        _____ Financial Advisor—Investment Strategy
        _____ Income Tax Preparation and Reduction Strategies

15. If we can show you ways of building wealth faster or becoming debt free more quickly, would you
    be interested? _____ Yes _____ No, thanks

16. Are you interested in buying real estate for investment purposes? _____ Yes      _____ No, thanks

17. Have you attended any of our seminars listed on our website?   _____ Yes _____ No, not yet
       If yes, what did you like most about what your learned?

18. What is the maximum monthly housing payment you would be comfortable with? $_______________

19. The Chart below illustrates the trade-off between fixed and adjustable interest rates. Please indi-
    cate the best match based on your preference between a fixed and adjustable interest rate, by
    placing an “X” in the appropriate box.

        A                              B                              C
   Increasing Risk / Lower Interest
    Conservative                    Moderate—Predictable           Aggressive
    30 or 15 Year fixed rate        3 to 10 year ARM               1 month to 1 year ARM
    Long term – No Volatility       Intermediate Fixed             Lowest Market Rate

       Direct (928) 246-5937        Ray Ochoa
                         Mortgage Concierge Program

20. Do you have any children? ____ Yes ____ No IF yes, how many? _______ Age (s) _________________

21. What are your biggest challenges right now with respect to money?
      _____ Need to save more               _____ Too much spending
      _____ Need to make more money         _____ Too much credit card debt
      _____ I pay too much tax              _____ Other ____________________________________________

22. What is your current strategy for:
      (a) Affording college for your children? _____ 529 Plan     _____ Other_______________________
      (b) Having enough money to retire?       _____ 401K _____ IRA _____ Other ____________________
      (c Having the money to get through a financial setback ___ Savings ___ Other_______________

23. Please let us know who can we thank for referring you to us? ____________________________________

24. What did you like most or least about the last loan officer you worked with?

25. What else would you like to know about me/my company before you would consider allowing us
    to serve you?

26. If you and I were to meet after you closed your loan what has to have happened for you to feel
    you have saved time and money, gained greater peace of mind, and achieved your overall

27. Who else do you know that is thinking of buying or refinancing real estate?
      Someone who wants/needs to refinance? _______________________________Phone _____________
      Someone who wants to buy investment properties _______________________Phone _____________
      Do you know anyone who is renting? ___________________________________Phone _____________
      Anyone else who we may assist? ______________________________________Phone ______________


28. If property taxes are due, do you wan to incorporate them into the loan amount or would you pre-
    fer to pay them out-of-pocket? _____ in the loan       _____ out-of-pocket

29. If there are closing costs, would you like to incorporate them into the loan amount or would you
    prefer to pay them out-of-pocket?           _____ in the loan     _____ out-of-pocket

30. Do you want to receive any “cash out” as a result of this transaction (paying off credit cards, home
    improvements, investments, assisting family, etc.)? If yes, how much $__________________________

31. Would you like to set up a home equity line of credit as part of this transaction? ___ Yes ___ No,

32. Do you currently have a 2nd mortgage or line of credit secured by your home? ____ Yes ___ No
       If yes, do you wan this loan paid off as part of this transaction or do you wish to keep if possible
       _____ Keep it           _____ Pay off and close it              _____ Set up new loan/line of credit

       Direct (928) 246-5937       Ray Ochoa
                      Mortgage Concierge Program

New Home Profile
We have created this profile to help you find just the right home. With this vital infor-
mation your Realtor will use their computer database to narrow your search, provide
a list of homes for sale that match your profile, and help you find the perfect home.

Preferred Location
_____ Valley       _____ Foothills       _____Central      _____ North End
_____ Somerton     _____ San Luis        _____ Wellton     _____ Out in the County

Price Range From $___________________ to $_____________________________

Age Preference ____ New Construction ___<10 years old ___<30 years old

Preferred Number of Bedrooms             ___1 ___2 ___3 ___4 ___5 ___ more #____

Preferred Number of Bathrooms            ___1 ___2 ___3 ___4 ___5 ___ more #____

Preferred Square Footage                 Between _________ and __________ square feet

Preferred Property Type ___ Single Family ___ Condo ___Townhome ___ Mobile

Preferred Interior Features
___ Basement        ___ Finished Basement      ___ Hardwood Floors     ___ Tile Floors
___ Central Air     ___ Fireplace              ___ Laundry Room        ___ Workshop
___ Den/Study       ___ Formal Dining Room     ___ Natural Gas Heat    ___Ceiling Fans
___ Family Room ___ Great Room                 ___ Game Room           ___

Preferred Garage             ___ 1 or more     ___ 2 or more     ___3 or more

Preferred Exterior Features
___ Boat/Motor home storage ____Pool ____Spa ____ Desert Landscape ___Sprinklers

Preferred School District __________________________________________________________

Other Preferences? ______________________________________________________________

     Direct (928) 246-5937      Ray Ochoa
                                Mortgage Concierge Program

Fax Transmittal Form

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Senior Loan Officer

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The first step in the Mortgage Concierge Program is for you to review the attached Mortgage Plan-
ning Package. Please complete the confidential financial questions and overview and either fax it
to my office, drop it by my office, or scan and email it as soon as possible.

My team and I will then do a personal follow-up with you and schedule a convenient appoint-
ment with you for your mortgage needs analysis. This is the step in the process that is designed to
help you better understand the loan process and help us both determine which loan best meets
your financial goals and needs.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss your loan options in greater detail. I appreciate
and value your business.


Ray Ochoa
Ray Ochoa
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