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					Shipra's Baby Arrival Checklist

For the Baby

   Categories                                  What I need                     Best Brand/Type
 Newborn Clothes                         Small Sweaters/Jackets                  Wollen/Jersey
                                   Full Body Suits/Onesies/sleep suits              Hosiery
                                         Inner vests/Under shirts                Wollen/thermal
                                                 Payjamas                    Wollen/Thermal/Flannel
                                            Mittens & Booties
                                             Caps & Bonnets
                                               Infant Shoes

      Bedding                      Receiving blankets/wrapping sheets        Wollen/Thermal/Flannel
                                               Baby blanket
                                                Baby pillow                         Rye pillow
                                       Changing mat/massage mat                       Plastic
                                  Plastic waterproof sheet ( Momjamas)          Plastic, waterproof
                                               Sleeping bag
                                                 Baby bag

     Cleaning                          Baby face towels/napkins                     Towelin
                                      Tub for used nappies/towels                    Plastic
                                           Baby Face Wipes                           Pigeon
                                                Diapers                             Pampers
                                             Diaper Wipes                            Pigeon
                                              Cotton Balls                           Pigeon
                                          Baby Bath Sponge

        Bath                              Bathing tub/bather             Carter/ Fisher Price / Mothercare
                                         Hooded baby towels
                                     Basket for used clothes/towels
   Toileteries                          Soap                                  Johnson Baby
                                     Shampoo                                  Johnson Baby
                                         Oil                           Johnson Baby , Badam Rogan
                                       Cream                                  Johnson Baby
                                   Comb/Brush                                  Set available
                           Nail Cutter and nail Scrissors                      Set available
                                    Disinfectant                              Dettol/ Savlon
                     Sterile swabs for cleaning umblical cord                   MAK swabs
                                     Ear buds                                Pigeon ( Fine tip)
                                Diaper/Nappy Pins

    Baby Crib                          Cot                                        Wooden
                               Fitted Crib Sheets                                  Cotton
                                    Mattress                                    Sleepwell etc
                                      Pillow                                     Rye+ Polyfill

     Nursing                     Boppy Pillow                            From Mothercare, Lifestyle
                                 Privacy wrap                                  From Lifestyle
                                Feeding Bottles                            Avent ( Philips), Pigeon
                                Bottle Sterilizer                  Compact Steam sterilizer from Pigeon
                                Bottle Warmer                            Pigeon, Avent, Mothercare
                               Car Bottle warmer                              From Mothercare
                                                                With feeding set, or sold separately by Farlin,
                           Bottle and Teat Brushes                                  Avent
                                  Breast Pump                                      Pigeon
                          Milk Powder ( Formula Milk)                        Nan 1 or Lactogen
                             Milk Powder container                          Tollyjoy, Mothercare
                                  Bottle cover
                        Feeding Bottle washing detegent                Special ( farlin, Pigeon) or Pril

Medical essentials            Baby thermometer
                                 Baby monitor
                               Medicine dropper
                        At home medicines ( start up kit)            Crocin, Colicaid, Nasoclear, Heeng
                         Breast Pump and accessories                 Either Electric or Manual ( Pigeon )
Other furniture and
   accessories                    Baby almirah/chester
                                        Baby sling
                                    Carry cot/ car seat
                      Baby clothes drying stand, Nappy drying stands

    Baby Toys                     First 3 months rattles
                                         Play gym
                                        Cot Mobile                     Lifestyle, Dezine Kids, Mothercare
Hospital Checklist


    1                 Baby first frock/jumper
    2                  Receiving blanket(s)
    3                    Mitten/booties
    4                         Diapers
    5                     Other clothes
    6                    Hand Santizer
    7                         Wipes

   1              "Friends" Maternity Sanitary Pads
   2               Feeding nightie/front open tops
   3          Insurance cards and company HR details
   4                          Camera
   5              Thank you cards for hospital staff
   6                   Mom's own toilerties kit

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