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									Lee County Library System
       November 17, 2009
  Sheldon Kaye, Library Director
   LCLS Mission
 Strengthening our community by
informing and enriching individuals.
Core Organizational Values
 • Ensure equal and open access.
 • Defend intellectual freedom and the right to
 • Ensure that an individual’s economic status does
   not deter library use.
 • Commit to meeting customer needs.
 • Foster a climate of mutual respect and trust.
 • Value and support individual initiative.
 • Promote cooperation, collaboration and
 • Promote reading and life-long learning.
 • Practice financial accountability.
 • Support the county’s vision, mission and values.
Major Core Programs & Services
     Collections        Facilities

     Circulation        Technology

     Outreach               Reference

Major Core Programs & Services
   Total Physical Collection :1,568,422
   Includes: 983,056 Books
   13,168 Books on CD
   142,964 DVDs
   36,943 Music CDs
   1,388 Playaways (Digital Audio Players)
   212 Assistive Technology Devices
   4,228 Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions
   30,645 Talking Books materials
Major Core Programs & Services
   Total Virtual Collection: 87,064
   Includes: 71,989 e-Books
   12,020 Downloadable Audio books
   578 Downloadable Music titles
   2,333 Downloadable Videos
   144 Databases
Major Core Programs & Services
Major Core Programs & Services
   On average 10,069 people a day
    visit the Lee County Library
    System facilities.

   Those facilities consist of…
6 Regional Libraries:

             Opening 12/5/09
2 Mid-size Branches:
5 Community Branches:
Library Administration
Major Core Programs & Services

  2 AMH                   28 self-check
  systems                 machines
Major Core Programs & Services
  Our Integrated Library System (ILS) is
  used to unify circulation, acquisition and
  catalog functions.
  518 public access computers
  (431 Internet access)
Major Core Programs & Services
   1,976,462 visits to the library website
     in FY2008/2009
Major Core Programs & Services
  Talking Books circulation – 77,447 (FY08/09)
  Books By Mail circulation – 23,107 (FY08/09)
  Bookmobile circulation – 30,089 (FY07/08)
Major Core Programs & Services
  You can ask a question by:
    Visiting in person at all locations
    Calling Telephone Reference
    Using e-mail
    Using chat
  In FY2008/2009,
    we answered
    305,853 questions
Major Core Programs & Services
State Mandated
State Aid Operating Grant Funding (s.257.17) criteria: Library Manager with an ALA accredited MLS
     degree and 2 years of FT professional experience; Library must: have one library or branch library
     open 40 hours per week, provide free service, expend funds centrally and in the manner
     prescribed by the Division of Library and Information Services, provide reciprocal borrowing,
     have a long range plan, annual plan of service and annual budget, and complete an annual
     application for grant.
Free library service (s.257.25) shall constitute as a minimum the free lending of library materials that
     are made available for circulation and the free provision of reference and information services.
Library Registration and Circulation Records are required to be confidential and exempt from the
     provisions of s.119.07(1) and s.24a of the State Constitution.

Comprehensive Plan required
Standards by 2010: Collection Size of 2.8 items/capita (currently 2.6/capita)
                     Building size level of .6 square feet/capita (currently .4 sq. ft/capita)
Accurate assessment of the information needs of various community constituencies: Survey
Fort Myers-Lee County Library serve as the central county resource for reference facilities and services
Programs of cooperation and collaboration with universities are established and carried out
Interlibrary loan programs enhanced through program expansion and automation.

BoCC Directed
Commitment to regional library development
LCLS services enhanced by support from:

12 Friends’ groups/organizations

Library Advisory Board

Library System Foundation of Lee County, Inc.

Community volunteers (1,425 individuals
  contributed 28,030 hours of service in
Five Year History
Five Year History
Five Year History
Five Year History
Five Year History
Five Year History
Five Year History
    Five Year History
Explanations of usage increase include:
- Availability of A-V materials
- Virtual access to library resources
- Wide use of computers in libraries/Wi-Fi at all
- User oriented collection development
- Economy
Declines in revenues have led to:
-Decreased size of staff
-Decreased spending on materials
-Decreased number of programs
-Reallocation of service hours
Where are we today?
Where are we today?
  250 approved positions
    (207 FT – 43 PT)

     4 positions are vacant
 Where are we today?
Recent cost reductions
Eliminated out of county travel
Eliminated individual membership fees
Relocated the Talking Books Library to
  Northwest Regional Library (formerly
  located in a leased location)
Decreased materials budget by 31%
Reduced use of on-call staff /Budget
  reduced by 71%
Decreased programming budget by 79%
 Where are we today?
Efficiency improvements
Installing Automated Materials Handling
  (AMH) equipment
Utilizing Self-Check equipment
Implementing Radio Frequency
  Identification (RFID) technology
Holding staff meetings online to reduce
  local travel expenses.
Staffing the new Northwest Regional
  Library with existing staff
Major Department Issues
 1.   Decreased staffing levels vs. library usage increases

 2.   Increased demand for remote use of library resources

 3.   Mastering/keeping up with technology

 4.   Public sentiment for upgraded facilities for North Fort
      Myers and Bonita Springs.

 5.   Monitoring population growth in order to anticipate
      future service needs.

 6.   Impact of e-government.

 7.   Reliance on reserves to offset operating expenses.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
Where are we going?

Maintain print resources.

Emphasize virtual resources
 including the LCLS web site,
 databases and downloadable
 Where are we going?

Exploit and expand efficiencies
 already initiated, such as off site
 monitoring of energy use and green
 building features.

Introduce floating collections –
  decrease use of courier service
 Where are we going?

Higher proportion of self check transactions.

Continued increase in circulation transactions.

Smaller service desks and roving staff.

Measure and increase use of virtual resources.
  Where are we going?

Keep up with latest information technology to meet
  increased public demand.

Continue to use technology to streamline workflow

Increase virtual presence.

Exploit and expand efficiencies already initiated,
  such as self-check, AMH, RFID.
  Where are we going?

Continue extending library services to populations
  that don’t have ready access to facilities. These
       Economically disadvantaged
       Individuals with disabilities
       Individuals developing English skills
       Senior Living center residents
       Incarcerated individuals
  Where are we going?

Continue to provide answers using both print and
  electronic resources to answer library users’ questions
  in person, by telephone, or on-line.

Continue to provide remote access to virtual reference

Teach customers how to use information technology
  resources independently.

Smaller service desks and roving staff.
 Where are we going?

Ensure that programs are designed
 to meet the needs of the
 Where are we going?
 To be valued by everyone as
 indispensable in providing
 connections between the
 community, its people, and

(BHAG from 2007-2012 Strategic Plan)
 Where are we going?
Options for enhanced/new revenues:
Match millage with operating expenses
Increase fines and fees
Apply for grants to support
Seek additional support from Friends
 Where are we going?
Options for reductions:
Further reduction in staffing levels
Further reduction in hours of service
Close facilities
Action Requested From Board
   Support the creation of a business
    plan to bring spending and income
    into alignment.

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