18 Jun0904 Undertaking 159 07 Waste Management Act Permit by ChristMoore


									2004-Jun-10     10 : 18       From-BC HYDRO BGS

         Date:              m
                    APR 2 8 2
          333 Dunsmuir Street
          Vmcouver BC V6B 5R3

          Punuslnr r W o n 13 of rhc Wosre Managcmcur Acr, Pamir PE47 278. issucd March 1, 1985
          and I a r amended May 17,1999. ip rhc name of BRI?1SH COLUWIA HYDRO ANP POWER
          A\ JTHW1TY i s hereby ternpmri l y amcndcd until flEcemb~r I. 2WX) for O e p ~ ~ o of k$~inf:
                                                                      I           h           s e
          modificjrions of the chIorinarion/dechlorinxrion system ra improve Lhc con-1 of chZorisc
          produced oxidant levels in the canling water discharge from rhc Burrad Genuaciry Srarian 10
          Bwrud W ~ T , described in yaw lewr dm December 21, 1999 enrirled "BC Hydro firmil
          PF-7178 Amcndmcnr Exmsinn_Emuesr". The tempwiry amcndmenu; c the p a r yic as
              1. S u b s d o n 1.3.2 (5): The totid residui.11 cblorinc 1-     of -'Q.Q2QmgL. maximuzd'. is
                 replaced by a rntal residual chlorine limir nf '-0.020 mgll., maximum daily average", w k e
                 the maximum daily average toral residual cbIorine limit applies to the flowgroporriond
                 cornpasire based on s minimum af five samples (fram each smpl ing p i n t ) .

              2. The following mwnces             ilre   added m the end of Subsection 2.2:   In r b e event rbsr any grab
                 sample of Lhc dis~.hargc   au\hu&rd by Sub~cuon cxceeds 0.03 ag/L of lord pesidual
                 chlorine, the chlorine loading shdl be decreased until the t~ralresidual chlonnc
                 c~ncmt.ratiuns bckw Q.020 r r r a . In cin-u~as~wcca h m ~ h c
                                  are                                      w         iutal rcsidud cbluriTIT
                 concenuarion exceeds the level of 0.020 m& the maniroring frequency of the coral residual
                 chlorine conccn~rations   Wl occur no lcss rhan cvcry 30 to 60 m i n ~ c s . ¶tc duration (in
                 minures) o f tbe excecdance sbd1 be reasonably eximared and documewd. fiemedial acrians
                 r a k n fa address the exwrtd,mcz shall dso bz documred.
2004-Jun-10    10: 18    From-BC HYDRO BGS                         6044698622

        This pemsir mendmenr may be appealed by persons aggrieved by rhis decisbn i~ a r d a n c e
        with Part 7 of the Wasia Manag~rwmAcr. No~icz. af rhe appe31 m w r (1) be in wriring, (2)
        include the grounds for appe4, (3) be dirccccd by rcgisrercd m d o persandy &liwcd to rbc
        Cbillr, EnvirrlnulmiJ ~ p y c a B o ~ d3@ moor 836 Yates Street, Victoria RC V8V 1x5,4 be
                                                 ,                                                   (1
        detivtrcd withm 30 days from d.le dxe notice of the d e c i ~i s given, snd ('5) bc &?cotnpaniedby
        a rcr rrT $25.IX), py a l r o h c Minisrcr of Financc and Corpsarc Relations.
                            4 hr

         R.H. Robb
         Awstanr Regianal Waste Marragc~

         anachmenrs: Lener dared March 11, 1999 from BIEAP writled "BERC CPR df 9m321KK)$; 3 C  3
                     Hydro - Eft'luenr Rcsidu~IChlorine Srudy kxrcnsion, BurmrQ Thermal Generacing
                     Planr.P Moudy Ann E N v l P Q W - W A I , PECD-
                            w                                                             arbd
                     lracr dved January I 8,2flo0 fsom BEAP.

         cc;        Ai Brotherscon @ax. 469-8622)
                    Briush C.olumbia Hydro and Power A u r h ~ r i v
                    691 1 Sourhpolnt Privc
                    Burniiby BC V3N 4x8

                    Janice Boyd, Environment Canada (Fax.666-7294)

                    Lee Nikl. Dept. of Fishcries and O c e Fpx. 666-6627)

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