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Autism January


									                                                        Let me see that!

                                                         January 2008

Catalog Number: DVD419                                             Audience: Senior High
Title: My son Jack– Diagnosis: Autism
Imprint: Chip Taylor, 2002.
                                                                   Catalog Number: DS2182
Physical Description: DVD Video Disc, 30 min.
                                                                   Title: One on One: Working with Low-Functioning Children
Summary: This film is the continuing story of "Come back
                                                                   with Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities
Jack." It explores how Jack's autism has affected the family and
                                                                   Imprint: Aquarius Health Care Media, 1999.
how they cope with his disability as he ages. It also explores
                                                                   Physical Description: Digital Video Stream, 22 min.
the origins, diagnosis and treatment options for children with
                                                                   Summary: Describes author Marilyn Chassman's approach to
autism spectrum disorders.
                                                                   teaching children with low- functioning autism. Explaining how to
Audience: Senior High, College, Adult
                                                                   use one-on-one, visual-based instruction to increase communication
                                                                   dexterity, manage aggression, develop fine and large motor skills,
Catalog Number: DVD420                                             and build sensory tolerance, this program illustrates valuable teach-
Title: Autism: Far Away Eyes                                       ing strategies for reaching autistic children. An emphasis on sched-
Imprint: Chip Taylor, 1999.                                        ule, writing, and reward introduces methods for developing life skills.
Physical Description: DVD Video Disc, 15 min.                      Audience: Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High
Summary: This program introduces us to Charlotte Huntz-
inger, a teacher in a Children Behavioral Unit, who works daily
with autistic children.                                            Websites:
Audience: Junior High, Senior High, College, Adult                 Autism Speaks
                                                                   Autism Speaks' multi-year Ad Council public service advertising cam-
                                                                   paign stresses the importance of recognizing the early signs of au-
Catalog Number: DS2104                                             tism and seeking early intervention services.
Title: Asperger Syndrome: Living Outside the Bell Curve  
Imprint: Aquarius Health Care Media, 2001.
Physical Description: Digital Video Stream, 18 min.
Summary: Describes how children with Asperger Syndrome             Autism Society of America
act differently and how they experience the world. By examin-      The official ASA Web site provides a description of the disorder, its
ing one boy's life and the relationship between Asperger Syn-      causes, diagnosis, and definitions of relevant terms. Features a sec-
drome and autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and    tion to help families cope with raising autistic children; and links to
depression, this program introduces the unique qualities and       ASA chapters, related support and advocacy groups, educational and
the challenges associated with the condition.                      vocational rehabilitation programs, and other organizations and re-
Audience: Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High          sources.

Catalog Number: X850
Title: Growing up Different
Imprint: PBS, 2000.
Physical Description: Videocassette, 60 min., CLOSED CAP-
Summary: Alan Alda meets several kids who are growing up
different and the doctors and researchers who are trying to
mitigate the difficulties they face. Cochlear implants restore
some hearing to a profoundly deaf child, the latest augmenta-
tive communication technology gives speech to a child without
it, and new insights into the fundamental nature of autism may
have implications for treatment.

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