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									Champion Realty
Listing Presentation

Prepared By:
Your Champion Sales Associate

Prepared For:
Champion Sellers

For Your Property:
                                   The Champion Mission Statement

The Champion Commitment to Excellence in Service Provides Our Customers
With a Superior Real Estate Experience, During Their Transaction and Beyond. It
Creates an Enduring Professional Relationship and a Customer for Life.

 Guiding Principles For Our Customers

                                       As A Champion I Will:
                                       • Be fully committed to providing you with
                                        Excellence in Service
                                       • Listen and communicate to better
                                        serve your needs
                                       • Give all of the information needed
                                        to assist you in your decisions
                                       • Conduct myself with absolute integrity
                                        and sincere empathy
                                            Our Goal

Our Mutual Goal is to Get Your Home Sold:

• For the most money

• In the shortest amount of time

• With a minimum of inconvenience to you
                                                               Areas of Influence

When we work together we create a
partnership to accomplish our goal.

                                      Areas of Your Control:

                                      • Property condition
                                      • Asking price
                                      • Terms of the sale
                                      • The time you are willing to commit
                                      • Accessibility to the home
                                      • Concessions to accommodate the buyer

Areas of My Control:

• Exposure to the market
• Counseling & expertise
• Access to current market data & trends
• Negotiation strategies

                           Areas Out of Our Control:

                           • Market conditions
                           • Interest rates
                           • The economy
                           • Comparable data
                           • External influences
                                                               Proper Pricing

Results in:

• Higher net proceeds
• Encourages multiple offers
• Sale in shorter period of time with a minimum amount of inconvenience
• Increased exposure to more prospects
• Generates interest from buyers’ agents
• Maximizes marketing results

 Role of a Champion in Pricing:

 • I bring the market…the market brings the sales price.
 • I will show you the range of prices being paid for homes in your area.
 • The market determines value…You and I will determine the listing price.
                                                    Market Activity

• Approximately 80% of your market activity occurs during the
  first 6 weeks of your listing.
• Longer market time usually results in repeated price reductions
  and ultimately a lower sales price.
• You risk losing prospective buyers by overpricing.
                                                                          Seller Equity

   During the past three decades, home values have increased an average
   of more than 6% per year .*

              Even though the market has slowed down and your listing price isn’t as
              high as it would have been a few years ago, you have still earned equity.

* Figure obtained from the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
                                                      Is your Price on Target?

Properties Sell when they are
priced correctly

                                                       In a normal market, only 12
                                                       percent of the homes sell for 90
                                                       percent or less of asking price.
                                                       In other words, properties sell
                                                       when they are priced correctly.

                         Showings But No Offers
                           = 4-6% Overpriced

                     Drive-Ups Only & Low Number of
                      Showings = 6-12% Overpriced

                  Drive-Bys Only = 12+% Overpriced
                                                            Seller Pricing Pitfalls

  The most serious pitfall of over pricing is that it usually
  helps the neighbors sell their home!

• I paid top dollar when I bought and I want to recoup my money -
    The current market conditions determine today’s price.
• I am moving up and need every dollar out of this house -
    Your next purchase price should not determine your listing price.
• I need a certain amount of money to purchase my next property -
    A purchaser’s offer will never be conditioned on the seller’s needs.
• I want to recover the money I spent in improvements -
    An improvement does not necessarily increase the value of a property.
• I heard my neighbor’s home sold for more money -
    We should not rely on rumors. Current market data and trends are a better guide.
  Let’s find out the facts!
• I need bargaining room because I think the buyer will offer less than list price.
    Bargaining room becomes unnecessary when your fair market value can be
  supported by facts.
• I am in no hurry. I can wait for my price -
    Prolonged marketing time negatively impacts your ultimate selling price. Your
  decision is - Do I want to stay or sell?
• I want to start high, I can always come down.
    Your over-priced property will not compare favorably to the other properties that
  are priced correctly in that price range.
                                                  Market Competition

                                        On the average… buyers inspect 30
                                        homes before choosing one to buy.

29 other homes are directly competing
against your property.
                                        Principle of Substitution

Value $450,000                        Value $_______

  $9,000 Well                            $20,000 Well

                        Water is Water
    Value is determined by what a buyer gets OUT of a product,
                     Not what you have IN it.
The Agent and
the Company
                                                  My Professional Resume

A professionally trained agent is the key
to a successful transaction

 • Licensed Real Estate Professional
 • Memberships:
   National Association of REALTORS®
   Maryland Association of REALTORS®
   Local County Association of REALTORS®
   Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS) Multiple Listing Service
 • Basic Course of Study:
   Principles and Practices of Real Estate
 • Advanced Course of Study:
   Champion Sales Mastery
   Champion Mentor/Student Series
 • Achieved the Following Designations:
   Licensed Real Estate Professional
 •My Personal Business Philosophy Is:
        “To keep in constant communication and do what it takes to get the job done.
 I will never give up and never quit trying until I get your property sold.”
                                                    Champion Realty, Inc.

Our philosophy is to provide
Excellence in Service that leads to a
Customer For Life.
                                                    Chris Coile      Jon Coile
                                                    Chairman      President & CEO

   Champion Realty, Inc., has been helping
   families buy and sell property in Anne
   Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay
   region since 1987. Whether you want to buy
   or sell a home or are seeking commercial or
   investment properties, Champion Realty,
   Inc., has 8 real estate offices throughout
   Anne Arundel County and Maryland’s
   Eastern Shore to serve you.

   “Real estate is about more than just buying
   or selling a home. It’s about your future. You
   need a trusted advisor with solid current
   marketing and transaction knowledge. At
   Champion Realty, we are committed to
   making sure you get what you need today to
   build a better future. Our success will always
   be measured by your satisfaction, your
   happiness, and your success in achieving the
   American Dream.”
                               -Jon Coile
                                                      HomeServices of America

Whether our customers are buying, selling or
just enjoying life in their home, HomeServices
is there to make each home ownership decision
easier, faster and more enjoyable.
That's what you deserve.

Champion Realty, Inc.                                                 Warren Buffett

Champion Realty is the exclusive partner company for HomeServices of America in the Mid-
Atlantic region. HomeServices of America is the second largest independent provider of real
estate services in the nation. It was formed in 1998 by people with the expertise, experience
and dedication to being the best in residential real estate. We had a vision that we could
develop an integrated system to provide a seamless delivery of core services to home buyers
and sellers. As a result of this commitment, HomeServices now has operations in 19 states
doing business under unique regional brand names like Champion Realty. We have over 20,000
sales associates in more than 375 branch offices. In 2001, HomeServices joined Warren
Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company, a solid testament to Mr. Buffett’s shared belief in our
vision and execution.

HomeServices has a distinct advantage when it comes to reaching customers and fulfilling
their product and service needs. First, through our highly recognized local brand name real
estate brokerage firms, we establish solid relationships with our customers as they buy or sell a
home. Second, we offer our customers an opportunity to streamline their home transaction
process. HomeServices' philosophy of one-stop-shopping covers contact to closing including
mortgage, title and insurance services and represents the company's dedication to streamlining
and simplifying the home ownership transaction.
          HomeServices of America

I will:
                                                              Agent Selection

   Select your agent based on the
   quality of service and the marketing
   plan…not by proposed list price.

• An agent has no control over the market, only over the Marketing Plan.

• Never select an agent based on their proposed list price.

• An agent with no marketing plan can only compete by inflating your price
  expectations, which doesn’t work in your best interest.
                                            Our Full-Service Advantage

By making it easier for our Buyers,
we make it “seamless” for our Sellers.

Champion offers Mortgage, Title and Insurance Services that
provide the convenience and security of one-stop-shopping.

•   Extremely Competitive Pricing
•   CDA, Rural Housing Development, Investment, Renovation, Reverse Mortgage
•   VA, FHA
•   Point-of-Sale Approvals
•   Instant Credit Reports For Pre-Approvals
•   Qualified Mortgage, Insurance and Title Industry Professionals
•   Title Attorney on Staff To Solve Title Issues
•   Multiple Settlement Locations For Your Convenience
                                       My Personal Promotion Program

 My marketing and promotion plan reaches the generational group most likely
 to contain your buyer.

  I will:
• Multiple list your property in MRIS (The Metropolitan Regional Information
   System) with exciting, informative, call-provoking remarks
• Create a multiple-photo slide show online
• Push your listing, using ListHub, out to the Internet to over 250,000 different
• Place your listing on, and other newspaper
   websites, the new online versions of the local paper.
• Place a distinctive yard arm for sale sign in the yard
• Place your listing on, a smart phone application
• Have a professional YouTube video created & posted online & on
• Through HomeServices of America and Leading Real Estate Companies of
   the World®, I actively promote your property to top sales associates globally
• Using Centralized Showing Service all showing appointments will be
   professionally scheduled & followed up
• Use Champion Realty’s bulk e-mail marketing system which reaches all

   I will never give up and never quit trying
   until I get your property SOLD
                                                           Let’s Get Started!

This comprehensive results-oriented marketing plan is just the first step in
getting your property sold for the most dollars in the least amount of time.
Get started today!

What do you need to get started? It’s simple:

 1.   Review the Competitive Market Analysis together,              At Champion Realty,
                                                                    you benefit from a
      and select the proper list price.
                                                                    complete team of
 2.   Complete the listing paperwork.                               marketing experts
                                                                    who will put this
 3.   Your key to success begins with your key!                     time-tested
      Provide me with the keys and access codes                     marketing plan to
      to bring buyers to your property.                             work for you.

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