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					Digital Camera High Technology

Digital Camera High Technology: Do you understand how to use it? Probably not,
especially if you use high-tech digital camera, because you just want to get a
vacation trip to dementias recorded only ...

For starters, it makes sense to know that the number of pictures you can take on
your camera depends on the file format you choose, and the storage capacity of your

The technology of digital cameras generally works with two major formats, JPG and
RAW files. The latter is to save as much as possible the original data per image, and
then adjusted on the PC. RAW format is of particular interest to professionals.RAW
images often need to be nearly 10 times as much storage space as JPG files, so that
casual photographers will generally choose to use a JPG.

However, your camera may give you the option to choose a high quality JPG or JPG
quality standards - the latter using less space, and most of the results are quite

The camera saves the image files on the card. 256MB card can sometimes hold
more than 80 standard size JPG image. If you are willing to spend more, a new
digital camera technology allows you to buy a card with 10 times more storage

Another aspect of digital camera technology that is useful to know about is how the
image was captured. The benefits of a good film with a film camera, digital cameras
have sensors with a light-sensitive silicon photosets (pixels) that captures the light

These sensors are often less precise than film when it comes to detail rendering in
shadows and highlights. Digital camera technology because it states that you must
be careful not to "explode" your highlights. If they were not arrested in the first place,
you cannot make adjustments later in the processing of your software.

To make sure you capture as much shadow and highlight detail as possible, and in a
balanced way, the technology of digital cameras offer the use of histograms. This
handy tool is a small chart that shows how the level of brightness is distributed in an
image. Many cameras show a histogram in real time, while you write your image,
giving you the opportunity to make exposure adjustments.

While the digital camera lens is basically "old technology", it is useful to know that
you can get excellent quality pictures of reasonably priced consumer cameras. This
once again to do with the sensors used in digital camera technology.

As the sensor in a point-and-shoots have a much smaller surface area than 35mm
film movie camera, the former can get a sharper picture and detailed than the film
cameras with the same lens, because a smaller focus area.

Digital camera technology has a major advantage of offering you the opportunity to
experiment with a stack of first-degree taking a picture, because you do not have to
worry about the costs associated with film cameras.

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