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									11545 W. Touhy Avenue     Chicago, IL 60666   ph: 773-462-2000   fax: 773-462-2199   www.alliantcreditunion.org

                                                        Contact: Jennifer Divelbiss, 773-462-2070
                                                        Director—Marketing & Communications
                                                        E-mail: jdivelbiss@alliantcreditunion.com


                 United Airlines Embraces Chicago Credit Union’s
                  Member Assistance Program For Employees
               Involuntarily Affected by Job Loss, Reduction in Pay
                        Program Garners 249 Applications in First Ten Days

CHICAGO, March 9, 2005 — Reinforcing its view of “neighbors helping neighbors,”
United Airlines’ officials are heralding a credit union program that has offered to reduce
loan payments by 30% for airline industry members affected from involuntary pay cuts
and pay reductions.

Unveiled at the end of February, the Member Assistance Program (MAP) announced by
Alliant Credit Union has already garnered 249 loans by affected United Airlines’
employees in its first 10 days. The program covers loans for new/used cars, recreational
vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and airplanes, as well as unsecured loans and loans secured
either by stock or shares.

“The Member Assistance Program offered by Alliant provides a valued benefit to our
employees who are members," said Lynn Hughitt, Vice President - Compensation and
Benefits, United Airlines. "The airline industry has gone through a very difficult period.
Realizing the impact on our employees, Alliant offered a program that recognizes that
people sometimes encounter hardships in their jobs."

The measure supersedes two previous Alliant payment reduction plans offered to its
airline industry members. The extraordinary circumstance of 9/11 prompted the credit
union to immediately respond to the needs of current United employees and retirees, who
comprise approximately 45% of the credit union’s 178,000 membership.

“As the nation’s eighth largest credit union, Alliant has the unique ability to be both
responsive and flexible to our members’ changing needs,” says Alliant President and
CEO David Mooney. He has yet to see another credit union demonstrate such genuine
concern for a member segment, he adds, reiterating that the program will be added to
Alliant’s umbrella of products and services.

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(Alliant Add One)

Immediately after 9/11, Alliant announced a Temporary Payment Reduction Plan that
reduced loan payments by 50% over a six-month period for United members who lost
their jobs. A Loan Repayment Assistance Program soon followed, reducing members’
loan payments up to 30% over a six-month period. Both measures were warmly
embraced by affected United employees, allowing them “breathing room” to re-examine
their household finances.

Alliant’s member assistance programs will not affect individuals’ credit ratings.
Qualifying members who take advantage of the program can make payments beyond
their new minimum amounts without penalty. Loans not covered by MAP include
mortgages, credit cards, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Mortgages
and equity loans aren’t covered by MAP because both feature extended terms (up to 30
years for mortgages, and 15 years for equity lines of credit). In addition, Alliant credit
cards currently feature a low 2% minimum payment. Those who enroll in MAP will be
considered for new Alliant loans, but these new loans won’t be eligible by the program.

Because the monthly loan payments are reduced, the term of the loan is extended, which
will result in additional interest over the term of the loan. Those who enroll in MAP will
be responsible for any additional finance charges.

In line with the credit union’s philosophy, “Once a member, always a member,” members
who have endured involuntary job loss or pay reduction will always be part of the Alliant

                                           - 30 -

Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit, independently operated financial cooperative
with over 178,000 members and nearly $4.5 billion in assets, making it the largest credit
union in Illinois and the eighth largest credit union in the nation based on asset size. As
a member-owned financial institution, Alliant exists to foster members' financial well-
being and to serve their best interests. Four guiding principles drive the success of the
credit union: safety and security of deposits; higher-than-average savings dividends and
low loan rates; operating cost efficiency; and competitively priced products and
professional, friendly member service.

Alliant is headquartered in Chicago and is an Illinois chartered credit union, and as
such, is under the supervision of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional
Regulation. Alliant is an equal housing lender and federally insured by the National
Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which is administered by the National Credit Union
Administration, an independent agency of the U.S. Government.

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