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					Healthy Living Tips

Tips on relieving pain canker sores:

   1. Avoid foods that have sharp edges, such as chips.
   2. Avoid beverages containing carbonic acid or flavor, such as orange juice.
   3. Use a toothbrush with a soft bristle brush.
   4. Brush your teeth carefully so as not to injure the gums.
   5. Apply the medicine that is causing the pain / pain in the right form of an ointment
      or gel on the canker sores.
   6. Because they thrush can be caused by a declining immune system and the
      drawback of vitamins and minerals, if necessary, you should also take a
      multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Tips to prevent thrush:

   1.   Maintain cleanliness / good oral hygiene.
   2.   Control regularly to the dentist, especially if you wear braces.
   3.   Do not eat food or drink that is too hot.
   4.   Stop smoking.
   5.   Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages.
   6.   If you are allergic to toothpaste or mouthwash particular, avoid the product.
   7.   Keeping the immune system by eating nutritious foods and taking a multivitamin
        if necessary.

Tips to avoid anemia:

Every person has the possibility of suffering from anemia. Here are some tips to avoid
anemia. Millions of people especially women and children are likely to suffer from
anemia. Many things can make people affected by anemia. Lack of vitamin B can be the
main cause. However, folic deficiency, vitamin B-12, B-6, too much use of drugs,
menstrual abnormalities and deficiencies of other body substances can also be the cause
of it. The most important to avoid anemia is you have to keep your diet . Keep the iron
and vitamins in the body in balance. Here are a few things you can do to prevent the
arrival of anemia.
1. Keep your food more varies. Include foods that contain lots of iron. Fruits such as
     apples, bananas, plums and apricots are good. Iron in vegetables can be found in
     asparagus, squash, yams, broccoli, vines, red beans, tofu and seeds.
2. Eat foods that contain lots of iron and vitamin C. This will help increase iron
     absorption. Consumption of vitamin C along with when you eat iron.
3. Avoid sugar or reduce your sugar intake. This will increase iron absorption. Avoid
     eating tamarind, it can inhibit the body absorb iron.
4. Consumption of food is also loaded with calcium, vitamin E and zinc in addition. But
     not at the same time as the consumption of iron. Substances on the good for the body
     but can interfere with iron absorption.
5. Add the dried fruits like raisins and dried plums to your diet. Reduce consumption of
   coffee and black tea. These drinks contain polyphenol and tannins that can interfere
   with iron absorption.
6. Excessive menstrual blood can drain your body. See your doctor if this happens. If
   allowed to continuously impact would be very unfavorable.
7. If taking medication for your illness, doctors try for reference. Some drugs can inhibit
   the entry of iron and B vitamins into the body.
8. If you are a vegetarian you should discuss your health problems with an expert.

Vitamin B-12 a lot of food derived from meat, vegans do not eat meat of course.
Attack of anemia can make your body balance unsteady. Anemia should avoid whenever

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