Iowa State Fishing Club Constitution by qingyunliuliu


									                         Iowa State Fishing Club Constitution
Article I Name
The name of this organization shall be the “Iowa State Fishing

Article II Purpose & Goals
Section One: The Iowa State Fishing Club is for the purpose of
bringing Iowa State students together to plan/organize fishing
tournaments with other Iowa fishing clubs and communities,
expand the size of the club and its resources, share fishing
experiences and knowledge, network and meet other students who
share similar affection for the sport of fishing and an overall
love of the outdoors, teach new individuals how to fish,
participate in competitive fishing tournaments with other
college fishing organizations, offer excellent opportunities for
leadership experience, participate in volunteer and community
service type activities, and most importantly go fishing.
Section Two: The Iowa State Fishing Club abides by and supports
established Iowa State University policies, State and Federal

Article III Membership
Membership shall be open to all registered students, staff, and
faculty at Iowa State University. All members shall attend club
meetings whenever possible and participate in club events. There
is no membership fee.

Article IV Officers
The offices include president, vice president, secretary,
treasurer, and SCC Representative who make up the executive
committee. These positions shall be open to all members annually
in the spring at a designated club meeting. Officers can be
nominated by other club members or themselves. Then the
candidates will be allowed to speak on their behalf before a
vote of the general members. Once given a chance to speak the
candidate will be put to a vote by all members of the club. The
position will be awarded to the candidate with the majority vote
of the members. All positions shall be held till the following
spring election. All officers must have a minimum cumulative
grade point average of 2.00 in the semester immediately prior to
election and must maintain a 2.00 GPA for all semesters during
the individual’s term of office. All undergraduate officers must
be enrolled in at least six credit hours and all graduate
student officers must be enrolled in at least four credit hours
at Iowa State University.
Officer Duties: The president shall preside over all meetings,
represent the organization on campus and the community, set up
meetings/events with appropriate University offices, coordinates
organization promotion and publicity events, maintain
communication with organization adviser. The vice president
shall assist in the president’s duties and preside over the club
as the President in his. The Secretary shall maintain an
accurate record of all organization meetings and post for
members, maintain membership directory, and correspond when
necessary with the University administration and other
recognized organizations. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate
record of organization transactions, develop and organize the
clubs budget, cosign organization checks along with the Adviser,
arrange fundraising opportunities for the organization, and
solicit additional funding if needed from the Student
Government. The SCC Representative shall ensure that the
organization is operating in conformity with the standards set
forth by Iowa State University and Student Activities Center and
represent the club at all required meetings and functions. The
Adviser shall maintain communication with the officers
regularly, be aware and give approval of financial expenditures,
and ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with
the standards set forth by Iowa State University and Student
Activities Center.
Officer Removal: Officers may be removed from office by ½ vote
of the other officers accompanied with a ¾ vote of the general
membership if actions are deemed inappropriate. The officer in
question must be notified of the clubs actions before the vote
and will be allowed to speak before the Executive Committee and
members previous to the vote. The officer in question shall not
be allowed to participate in the vote or deliberation of the
Officer Replacement: To replace an officer that has been removed
an election will be held. Candidates can either self nominate or
be nominated by a club member. The candidate will be allowed to
give a speech in front of the club. A ¾ vote will be required
from the members of the club for the position to be given to the
Advisor: The advisor of the club will help organize events and
manage club activities. The advisor will be appointed by a ¾
vote from club members and officers. The term length of the
advisor shall be one year. When the officers are elected in the
spring so shall the advisor. The advisor can remain in the
position so long that they receive a majority vote by members
every year.
Article V Finances
All monies belonging to the organization shall be deposited and
disbursed through a bank account established for this
organization at the Campus Organizations Accounting Office
and/or approved institution/office (must receive authorization
via Campus Organizations Accounting Office). All Funds must be
deposited within 24 hours after collection. The adviser to this
organization must approve and sign all expenditures before
payment. If the club is dissolved, the money shall be given
back to Iowa State University.

Article VI Amendments and Ratification
This constitution may be amended and subsequently ratified at
any time with the unanimous approval of the Executive Committee
and a simple majority of the general membership not counting
abstainers. The ratified amendments to this constitution must be
submitted to the Student Activities Center within two weeks (14

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