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My Big B-Day


									My Big B-Day

          The Big Thing in 1995
On February 2, 1995 people watched the
Discovery US. Space shuttle launch. The
spacecraft takes it's name from four of the
British ships of exploration. The Discovery
shuttle had launched the Hubble Space
She was born on February 2, 1977 in
   Barranquilla, Colombia. Shakira is
   one of the best Colombian singers
   and songwriters. She is a great
   international star and one of the top
   best Latin recording artists.
Shakira's fan's also call her “Shaki” and
   she is very widely known as a good
   spokesperson for Pepsi Cola.

Farrah Fawcett
        She was born February 2, 1947 in
           Corpus Christi, Texas and she is
           best know as Jill Munroe on TV's
           Charlie's Angels. Her hair style
           was fabulous and copied by
           millions of young women in the
           1970s and early 1980s.
                  In the Early 1900's
In 1913 New York's Grand Central Station
    opened and there were two levels, both
    below the ground, with 41 tracks on the
    upper parts. The station was named because
    there was a post office nearby and the
    name was “Grand Central Station.”
          Howard Johnson in Late 1897
Howard Johnson was born in Boston, Massachusetts.
    He was known for his famous hotel business. He
    only finished elementary school because he began
    to work in his father's cigar business. He began
    working in the hotel business in 1925. He owned
    hotels and restaurants in the United States and
 Have you heard of Baseball?
Baseball is the world's oldest professional team
    sports league. The National League was
    found on February 2, 1876 to replace the
    National Association of Professional Baseball
    Players. National League teams have won 43
    times and lost 62 times in the World Series
    played from 1903 to 2009. Some of the first
    teams were Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati,
    Hartford and St. Louis.

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